Who is Kasey Lajoie ?

Albany, NY

#1 Nov 16, 2012
I know my opinion on this lying, cheating sl#t. Just curiouse what everyone else think of her.
I like how she acts as if she is Terry Henry's best friend in person and online but once tge chance, Kasey is out banging Terry's husband Scott. When is Terry going to come to her sences and oper her eyes? I hope Terry is ready for a step child, only a couple weeks to go. Kasey, you can have this deleted but im going to keep reposting until you and Scott tell the truth to Jason and Terry.
Not so

Ardsley, NY

#2 Nov 16, 2012
Trista you and jeorji can stop the bullshit, you guys are just jealous that Kassey and Scott are happy with their lives and you two skanks aren't happy at all. Everyone knows it is you guys posting this shit and are the only ones who cares. Give it up already. They know shit on both of you guys where you both can lose your jobs

United States

#4 Nov 16, 2012
This is just rediculous. I know both Scott & Terri and Kacy & Jason. They are all married with children and they are all very happy. They dont need your ignorance behind a computer screen writing trash about them. Dont you know the consequences of your actions can be you fucktard? There is two marriages, four jobs, and 8 babies you are jeopardizing because of your bullshit. Man/Women up and confess who you are and take the beaten that you deserve. I hope that the two individuals mentioned above are not the ones involved because i would be very disappointed if they are and i can guarantee that they will be hearing from me. Dont worry Kacy-bug, i got your back hun .
Terri Henry

Utica, NY

#5 Nov 16, 2012
Ok.. I really don't know what you think your doing dragging my family's name into your immature high school crap.. My husband is not a cheating loser like half of this damn town or a druggie loser like other husbands that Im sure Mrs. "sickening" knows about! no one believes you and that is why this trashy ass site is the only place you can post and say this bull shit.. I dont go on here but I have some very good friends who do so you better cut the shit.. I dont care how many times you repost it, it does not make it true and I will NEVER believe you.. i dont care how many pictures or how much proof you claim to have you are a lying sack of crap and you know it.. whatever your beef is with Kasey or anyone else leave my kids, my husband and my name out of your mouth.. because If it continues I WILL have this traced and you will be arrested and it CAN be done.. so back the hell off.. I trust my husband and I alwaqys know what he is doing.. we do commuinicate with each other.. I know my kids have played with Kaseys son a time or 2 so if my husband and Kasey were together in anyway.. my kids were there too and ya know what I know about it.. so you better get a new hobby real fast and grow up.. and dont even tell me I need to wake up or come back and say I need to open my eyes because you are a liar plain and simple.. we know who you are so knock the shit NOW!!!.. and just for the record.. Thank you for making me famous because I have never mad Topix before... and I am already a step mother and I like it ver much.. get a fucking LIFE!

Utica, NY

#6 Nov 16, 2012
I want this to be known that I also do not approve of this site and feel that it should be banished.I found out from a family member that my name was brought up on here and I can care less what people in Ogdensburg think of me its not the end of the world. But I am not going to get on this childish site and bash someone else. Also if I have something to say about Kasey or anyone else for that matter I would go to them about it. I am quite able to tell a person how I feel about them with out having to put it all over this stupid site. What she does with her own time is her own business and I could care less. People that work in that place spout off so much shit they don't know the truth from their own ass. How my name got brought into this I would also like to know. I have my own family who I am very happy with as well. I wouldn't want to split up a family. Thanks but I was brought up better then that. So you can stop pointing fingers as me and try to point them at the next person on your list if you do however feel it necessary to keep all this childish bullshit going.

Utica, NY

#7 Nov 16, 2012
Wow id like to know who this is who has all this time that they can bash people on here. i mean really i know everyone involved including my wife jeorji....ok first off, just because someone works harder, is more popular, is better liked, is better looking, or any other reason, doesnt mean come on the computer and bash the hell out of them. I am pretty sure i know who is starting all this and i can tell you its not Jeorji. Terry: dont feed into this crap we all know u are a sweetheart. Scott, u know as well as i do jeorji has nothing bad to say about you. and Casey, even though I have a personal problem with some of the things that have gone on,(and you know EXACTLY what that is) you have never been blasted on here on anywhere else publically by myself or my wife. i mean hell arn't u and jeorji friends? Trista on to you, although i dont know you that well i can safely say that you are no skank, and are a pretty decent person. and last and least Not so from the united states, you are the same person who started a thread about my wife hoping it would be a bash session about her to make urself feel better about being the jerk off u really are. im willing to bet you are one of the jack offs at walmart who stands around all day bitching about everyone else instead of getting your work done. ive got an idea instead of being a little twat and posting stuff on here about people why not try saying it to their face, although im sure no one would mind if u walked into your room and blew your brains out, and please do,because the world would be a better place without people like you tring to start stuff from behind a fake name on a site like this. Oh and if this is who i think it is feel free to tell me to my face what u think of this post EVERYONE knows where i live including casey terry scott trista and half of walmart. so please get off the puter and ur ass and come speak with me id love to set you straight.

Utica, NY

#8 Nov 16, 2012
oh and OMG good use of my word (love the word fucktard) but if u think ur going to harm my wife over something she DIDNT do, step through me first

Utica, NY

#9 Nov 16, 2012
and now that i think about it look at the location of the tag. united states, the same person who tried to start a thread about my wife...idiot.

Utica, NY

#10 Nov 16, 2012
I am sorry if it is not her.. I just wish whoever was doing it would stop ya know .. I think Jeorji is a good person from what I have seen.. Thanks don I try not to feed into it but I have been hearing this everywhere.. So whatever pathetic person is doing this needs to stop already! I will worry about my own life!

Utica, NY

#11 Nov 16, 2012
Terri if u figure it out before i do let me know and ill do the same, we can all get togeather and have a good ol' fashion beat down on em. We've known each other a long time, your better then this and my wife agrees. no one deserves to be blasted on here. but when i find out who the orgionator of this is, be assured i am going to make sure it stops. espically when they are willing to let my wife take the fall... some people can't seem to get over themselves. in all honesty its probaly someone who either A, wants scott and is using casey and topix as their catalyst, or B, has no life at all and gets off on making other people miserable. and honesty if casey's husband was that worried about it he could always get a DNA test done on his kids, but im sure that would be a waste of money. but people could learn from you (worry about their own lives instead of everyone else's)
nothing better

Utica, NY

#12 Nov 16, 2012
The site is full of people that literally have nothing. Their sole form of entertainment is writing on here about anyone they can. They sit and giggle to themselves like crazed tards when people respond. It's really a sad and sorry life.

United States

#13 Nov 16, 2012
If everyone stops commenting, the thread will go to the bottom of the list and people will forget about it. Also, the "United States" location just means the person is posting from a cellphone.
Terri Henry

Utica, NY

#14 Nov 16, 2012
I will not be posting on here again because I have made my point.. and I ask all parties envolved to stop posting on this so whoever this lowlife scuzball is can go find a life or a job or a hobby.. I have made my point and I will not be worrying about this anymore.. I have 6 kids and a job and many more important things to deal with to worry about this useless drabble.. I know for a fact it is not true!
nothing better

Utica, NY

#15 Nov 16, 2012
Creepie wrote:
If everyone stops commenting, the thread will go to the bottom of the list and people will forget about it. Also, the "United States" location just means the person is posting from a cellphone.
Usually it's a cell but lately a lot of TW customers are showing up as United States.
who cares

Long Eddy, NY

#16 Nov 19, 2012
I know Scott and Terry fairly well i heard a while back that people were saying scott was gonna be a father to someone elses baby time will tell i hope not they seem like a very happy couple and remember if you love each other enough it will all work out!!

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