Stacy Larock and Chris Lotti

Chatham, NY

#21 Apr 21, 2013
Stacy your cheating on me u bitch lmao as long as I can still spank u ill allow it lol

Pittsfield, MA

#22 Apr 22, 2013
now im jealous..u forgot about me guys

Utica, NY

#23 Apr 22, 2013
Hahaahaha u guys are great. That's why we all leave yes. By love I mean, we r all in the "work wives" group... lmao
uh recent ex employee

Utica, NY

#24 Apr 22, 2013
i can see why people would perhaps figure he was cheating or at least trying to because i have seen it myself and i worked there for a pretty long time and have seen his hands all over numerous women, i dont know and certainly dont care if it lead to cheating but i can see where his wandering hands can make someone think something like that, again i could care less but its in plain sight and can be mistaken for something it may not be

United States

#25 Apr 22, 2013
Wow really u must have not been a recent employee Bc he actually stays to himself now an b4 it was all fun an games an the girls usually started it u just obviously like to cause problems I work with him everyday I see everything that goes on an if anyone should b suspicious don't u think it b me.... I just think everyone needs to grow up Bc u cant cheat on someone if front of their face I think its called cheating when its a secret an I'm not there to witness it but I could b wrong
uh recent ex employee

Utica, NY

#26 Apr 22, 2013
your not there every second of the day natosha and i know that for a fact, defend it however u like to but the facts are facts and like i said i could care less

United States

#27 Apr 22, 2013
Then y open ur big mouth I got tons of freinds who work there my mother in law works there do u really think hes that stupid...I know the facts we ho everywhere together if he was cheating on me he would b leaving home all the time he deffenly wouldn't b sharing a cellphone shere I could pick it up ag anytime and being ur a x employer keep it that way if not mind ur business or write ur real name

Boston, MA

#28 Apr 22, 2013
Chris def keeps his hands to himself. I've never seen Chris even attempt to touch someone inappropriately. Natosha doesn't have to be there every second of the day, everybody knows there together & the way the rumors spread like wild fire there, if there was something really going on it would def get back to tasha so nice try. Chris & Tasha are good people so leave them alone & get a life
Pls say

Utica, NY

#29 Apr 22, 2013
Okay Stacy that's why on break outside all us other cnas see it and laugh your hands are on him, so Natasha can keep defending you but I hope she blast your ugly a**

United States

#30 Apr 22, 2013
"Pls say" whoeva u r I'm not defending anyone but they don't take breaks together!!!! What don't u understand she switches breaks with me u idiots and when hes on break its in the break room where I see him an hes normally with condo Corbin's or rose bouchy shows how smart u r go ruin someone else's life u dirtbags! Tell me ur name if u suposevly c it tell us ur name so Chris can confront u or me u gotta cellphone take pica Bc I don't believe u!!!!

Boston, MA

#31 Apr 22, 2013
Pls say wrote:
Okay Stacy that's why on break outside all us other cnas see it and laugh your hands are on him, so Natasha can keep defending you but I hope she blast your ugly a**
Say what u want, Ur making urself look like an ass & were all sitting back laughing. 1) Chris doesn't go outside on break 2) I always go to 1st break & he always goes to 2nd break. Trust me, if tosha was even the slightest bit worried I think she wudve done something by now. She's not dumb, everyone knows there's nothing going on with Chris with any of us up there. U just love starting drama because clearly u have nothing better to do. So keep running Ur mouth behind a screename, Ur so cool!

United States

#32 Apr 22, 2013
Stacy I'm not conserned believe me I know what's the truth an not don't let it bother u were not egnore the scumbags

Boston, MA

#33 Apr 22, 2013
Eh don't bother me, I find it hilarious. I just love how people hide behind screen names, can't get facts straight but like to start drama. It kills me Lmao. That's ogdensburg for Ya. Love Ya tish! & all the other work wives!:) can't forget the boys <3
donut king

Ithaca, NY

#34 May 17, 2013
And eric is huge your right, huge as in a fat ass lol

Fulton, NY

#35 May 19, 2013
dammit girls, didn't i tell you all when you dont share it creates a hostile work environment. lmfao if you guys seriously think chris is going anywhere you need your eyes and your brain checked. chris and tosha are gonna be one of those together forever types. they have built thier family and are happy where they both are. i work with them both enough to know and see whats up and its definitely not an affair at work

United States

#36 May 20, 2013
I love u Kara:) ur great u can join us anytime lol

Dexter, NY

#37 May 20, 2013
Wink wink wrote:
Stacy how can a married msn be your boyfriend? It's all about where Eric parks his truck at night! Your just another girl a uh he knocks remember that
Christopher Walkin

Ithaca, NY

#38 May 20, 2013
Natosha, Steph, Stacy, Chris, and Victoria are all ignorant, uptight, wannabe's. They need to learn some Respect. Surprised they are still working at UH for how they treat the other CNA'S. If something doesn't go their way they make everyone else feel bad about themselves and depressed.

United States

#39 May 29, 2013
Àctually all the CNA's like us u can ask almost everyone we treat our people right maybe not u Bc ur probly a bit## I'm not mean to anyone never have been never will be I love my residents an my job so grow up an get over yourself!!!!!!

Medford, MA

#40 May 30, 2013
Tasha & Chris are both very good at their job and tray the residents very well, the same cant be said for Victoria & Stacy tho they can't even clean themselves properly

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