Rumble To Face Extra Charges

Rumble To Face Extra Charges

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News u can lose

Roanoke, VA

#1 Mar 25, 2011
Rumble To Face Extra Charges
FRIDAY, MARCH 25, 2011

An Ogdensburg man accused of trading weapons for drugs threatened to kill a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agent while in jail awaiting trial, federal court records show.

John B. "Jack" Rumble, 56, of 305 King St., was charged in a seven-count superseding indictment Thursday with threatening to kill DEA Agent Timothy J. Sinnigen, falsifying gun records and selling guns to drug users, court records show.

Mr. Rumble reportedly made the death threats between April 2, 2009 and Dec. 24, 2010, the indictment says. The court filing did not indicate how he made the threats.

He has been in federal custody since April 2, 2009, when about 175 shotguns, assault rifles, pistols and revolvers, and more than 10,000 rounds of ammunition were found in a raid of his home.

His trial, which was originally scheduled for January, was postponed until April 25 before U.S. District Court Judge David N. Hurd in Syracuse. No date was set for arraignment on the charges.

"It shows the government's desperation," said Syracuse attorney George F. Hildebrandt, representing Mr. Rumble. "We were ready to go to trial in January. I didn't think it was a strong case. To come up with something else was pretty appetizing for them to beef up their case."

Mr. Hildebrandt said he did not know how Mr. Rumble reportedly communicated the death threats, but "I find it highly unlikely that they're creditable accusations."

The superseding indictment charges Mr. Rumble with three counts of selling weapons to drug users, two counts of making false statements in federal firearms license records and single counts each of threatening to kill a federal agent and being a drug user in possession of a firearm, court records show.

The indictment also calls for the forfeiture of more than 150 weapons seized during the raid on his home.

Mr. Rumble was accused of being involved in several straw purchases, an illegal transaction in which one person submits to the required federal background check for a gun that clearly is to be used by someone else, court records show. The weapons allegedly sold to a drug user were a 1919 Hesse rifle and an Uzi semi-automatic rifle.

Mr. Rumble was charged in April 2009 with trading in firearms made outside of the state while being an unlawful user of a controlled substance. Mr. Hildebrandt said he did not expect the trial to be delayed because of the charges filed Thursday.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Ransom P. Reynolds did not return calls for comment Thursday.

Geneva, NY

#3 Mar 25, 2011
Mr. Rumble was accused of being involved in several straw purchases, an illegal transaction in which one person submits to the required federal background check for a gun that clearly is to be used by someone else, court records show. The weapons allegedly sold to a drug user were a 1919 Hesse rifle and an Uzi semi-automatic rifle........Wonder who it was????Any guesses?

Geneva, NY

#5 Mar 25, 2011
Nope....Poor Russ gets blamed for ...J.B....>>>>
Fulton Road Brush Company

Roanoke, VA

#6 Mar 25, 2011
Over the Hill wrote:
Russ Finley
I miss brushing my gaybitch lover Jackie's 'nads.
Fiction Story Time

Oneida, NY

#8 Mar 26, 2011
Installment #2:

I have been to the police station several times to get MISTER PEEPERS in trouble, but no one would accept anything I alleged as a crime against me or my big, fat, foul-smelling wife, who never showers during the week---EEEEEWWWWWW! Also, I assured my family that I would kill MISTER PEEPERS if I got the chance at night; meaning, wearing black clothing and head covering gear at night, armed with a baseball bat I borrowed from the 1000 block of NY Avenue. My family said, "Let's go for it, kill MISTER PEEPERS." I've gone as far as trying to run him off the road with my beat up old truck. I drive by his home often with a menacing glare, and a burning desire to run him down. I know there is nothing MISTER PEEPERS CAN DO ABOUT IT. I can get away with it cause I'm related to other policemen. I know I make MISTER PEEPERS fear for his safety. Ha ha. i have even gone so far as to file a complaint so I could get an order of protection against MISTER PEEPERS. Ha ha. I like the idea that MISTER PEEPERS MUST LOCK HIS DOORS AT NIGHT so I can't get in and hurt him. I heard that most of my neighbors are afraid of my beat up old truck, and the incident where there was a stand-off I had with police when I brandished a compound bow with arrow drawn and aimed at police. did I fail to mention I am a thief and a drunk too.
On Store Brand

Oneida, NY

#9 Mar 26, 2011
This is a fictional statement made by a fictional federal officer, regarding a fictional criminal case. Any resemblance to any real person, living or deceased, is purely coincidental, as is the nature of the information. This affidavit is made public for entertainment purposes only.

I, Store Brand, being duly sworn, hereby state: I am a employed full time as a detective with the
Sheriff's Department, and my current assignment is with the Mattsberg Resident Office of the DEA/ATF/FEMA/AFLCIO/SEIU/PEF/N EAAFT/CSEA. I attended but flunked out of the 6-week Sully's Police Academy in Wonton, NY, and received instruction in the investigation of various types of crimes. I know what probable cause means.

At approximately 7:30 A.M., on April 2, 2009, Seinfelden observed Wan Assholy make a telephone call to MISTER PEEPERS at his residence. the purpose of the call was to lure MISTER PEEPESaway from his home some we could execute a groundless search warrant without an armed confrontation.

We waited to execute the groundless search warrant until a gray haired man wearing a green jacket and a jets cap left the PEEPERS residence. He had been there since about 9:30 A.M., but we have always failed to inform the federal judge or US attorney about the truth of his existence and potential testimony. We cannot intimidate him no matter how hard we try.. We did not testify about him at the Utica or Syracuse federal court. We don't want anyone to know that he got past our observation teams, and was in the residence for approximately 5 hours that day. We knew he was an honorably discharged veteran, intelligent, and outspoken regarding the inherent and inalienable rights of citizens. We will get him though, even if it takes years; we can make stuff up later, a judge will eventually sign it, because haters exist against this guy.

At 1:20 pm on April 2, 2009, agents detained MISTER PEEPERS by tackling him to the ground unnecessarily and brandishing weapons, including loaded and cocked pistols in close proxcimity to his head, even though he was un-armed, compliant, and docile.

Inside the house, I noted a rifle with an obliterated serial number, of course, I'm just making this up cause it sounds good on TV and reads welll in the newspapers. Besides, I owe Schmuckie a favor or two.

We also interrogated MISTER PEEPERS AT 1:50 pM AT THE DUANESBERG Police station, and we decided to violate his MIRANDA RIGHTS. A fedral judge eventually upheld that our actions were imporper and unjustified, and all the stuff we coerced out of MISTER PEEPERS could not be used at a trial. Damn it!

We also discovered a triple beaqm balance scale that we put marijuana residue on so we could use lab work to further our case.

We also had cooperating witnesses and cooperating sources we knew held a grudge or resentment against MISTER PEEPERS, so we felt we could guide them into making strong statements against him. it was much fun.

Based on the foregoing information contained in this affidavit, i feel and believe that probable cause exists to substantiate the claim that I am a __________ ashole. I lied and I will continue to lie at trial and under oath. I will do anything in my power as will my law enforcement colleagues, to ensure that our asset forfeiture of MISTER PEEPERS gun collection $550,000 stays in our custody so we can divy it up later. It's really all we want anyway.

Geneva, NY

#10 Mar 26, 2011
Oh plz another story.......its just getting juicy.
ECF Filing System

Oneida, NY

#13 Mar 28, 2011
Welcome to the FAUX PACER:

The identities of government witnesses are no secret; their names may be found in the government's COURT-ORDERED QUESTIONNAIRE filed for trial on the ECF system--law enforcement knows this fact. As I understand it, anyone who establishes a PACER account, and/or accesses said account, may obtain such witness information together with other detailed information from the filings of any pending federal government case--unless a court order exists. In addition, leaks of information from numerous law enforcement officials to potential government "witnesses" more than tends to spillover to the public--case in point--the mouthy and arrogant Kyacks. Equally, leaks were done with media outlets as well--just to smear the name, character, and reputation of a citizen.

"Lt. Col. Queeg please check the fruit storage locker, I feel and believe or is it "upon information and belief" your strawberries are missing."

The potential "witnesses" gave bs statements quoted in the newspaper, and there are the posted hostile comments on the internet.

So, on January 1, 2008, who is fearful for their lives? The 5 known haters on King Street? Known only bc they love to spout shit.

"Personally, I feel and believe after conversing with MISTER PEEPERS, he is mentally stable, and incapable of injuring or harming, physically or mentally, anyone. As a Moffler Kyak, I just don't feel it necessary to lock my doors and windows
Many of those "testifying" (ha ha)for the government have been quite public about their desire and willingness to be government witnesses against MR PEEPERS. Unfortunately for the government, witnesses abound regarding their "haters" activities on April 2, 2009 on King Street (ha ha).

If you feel intimidated by this literary exercise, please seek and receive mental health counseling forthwith. Oh, and while you're about it, read the March 2, 2011 Supreme Court Decision regarding Fredom of Speech and Freedom of Expression.

Na NA nanana! Bon Chance!
I like cheese

Oneida, NY

#15 Mar 29, 2011
Basketball sized quantities of MJ placed in hockey bag with dryer sheets to cut the smell or odor and destined for Philly, PA, VT. what can you believe it, 650 pounds delivered in 12 trips by our favorite convicted felons and witnesses and cooperating sources. How nice!
Bundles of $5,000 bills separated in stacks
Grand Marquis and White Bonevilles are my favorite vehicles
I think the names of Janet and Laura and Nicole and Jamie and GEENIE are beautiful. So are Russel, Dave, Bill, Brandon, Gary, and Randy--Dana and Ranse too.
Who has disks of infomation?
I love to manipulate numbers and alpha numerics don't you? 1589204791208323591308, stg44admadr205898518256323
I like Burkett pig food, ever had it? Free Willie?
Small 8-ball size METH quantities, and found 2 kilos of cocaine.
STEN submachine guns that fire 30 rounds on one trigger touch
Who stole the $30,000 motorcycle from __________
Mushrooms in the freezer? PC barand has too many small pieces and stems.
What's in the box of teabags in the pantry?
What's the significance of Waterman Hill near South Colton?
Did you ever notice how nice it is on March 18-19th each year?
I love my rights

Oneida, NY

#16 Mar 29, 2011
It will just keep coming until justice is done.
insane in the membrane

Geneva, NY

#17 Mar 29, 2011
Keep it coming.......justice is good.

Long Eddy, NY

#19 Mar 30, 2011
Well thats half the story,seems you know a lil bit.
Wow wee

Oneida, NY

#20 Mar 30, 2011
Jack will be released on Friday; see you on King Street

North Creek, NY

#21 Mar 30, 2011
Ultimately he will be heading to Prison!
Try Again

Oneida, NY

#22 Mar 30, 2011
If wishes were horse, and if pigs could fly
Ogd citizen

Taberg, NY

#23 Mar 30, 2011
Jack Rumble has been, is, and will be in the future ONE TWISTED SOAB! Anyone associated with him is also quite suspect!! This man is deranged and thank GOD he has been removed from our streets!!! The only problem that I have with this arrest is was it illegally done???? Our Government has been and is getting out of control!! This man does have rights and they need to be protected as a violation of them will effect us all!! Remember they came for my neighbor and I said nothing!They came for my friend and I said nothing! Now they are coming for me and who will say something??

North Creek, NY

#24 Mar 30, 2011
2 years and ....rot f'er, rot
Is he

Utica, NY

#25 Mar 30, 2011
Wow wee wrote:
Jack will be released on Friday; see you on King Street
Released for real or a set up for a April Fools joke?

Long Eddy, NY

#26 Mar 30, 2011
For real......All you cowards that plan on testifying the 25th are welcome to join the festivities!!

North Creek, NY

#27 Mar 30, 2011
where do you see any festivities in his release (if it was true). He served 2 years. And I laughed every minute of it! I know two more men who are next on my list

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