I Will Always Love Gary Indiana

I Will Always Love Gary Indiana

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Bobby D

United States

#1 Aug 19, 2008
Crime can happen in many of our states. If that be the case?,, Every city or state would be bad.Right??
As a young kid, I grew up in Gary.
I am traveling around the world as a respected Music Dj/Producer now at age 36, and I have come a mighty long way! I will still never ever forget my roots. My mother Mary Francis Findley Is from Gary as well as the rest of her siblings. May she rest in peace.
Even as I am typing this, My mind wonders back to the days of my late grandfather,Hayward Findley "Mr. Findley" as the neighborhood kids would call him as he drove his ice cream truck all over different parts of the neighborhoods of Gary to sell ice cream.
And I believe that someday things will get straightened out! God Is A Very Merciful God!!!!
aunt wendy

Merrillville, IN

#2 Oct 7, 2008
hi bobby you crazy...dont be grsteful for gary it really does SUCK, love you
Aunti Ivy San Jose CA

Berkeley, CA

#3 Oct 10, 2008
Hi Bobby,
I agree with you about Gary, and I too am glad Gary still exist. Like you I have fond memories of growing up in Gary.
I have lived in many other states, and unfortunately crime is very random and has a lot to do with economics.
But like u, I have faith in God, and choose to believe that all things are possible. I know of far too many success stories, including you, me, aunt Wendy, grandpa, your mom, and many others.
Stay positive, and keep the faith.

Clinton, MD

#4 Oct 11, 2008

United States

#5 Nov 16, 2008
It is also the place of my birth, and I cannot believe it could be sooooo bad. I think Michael J and I were born at the same hospital. Peace to you all.

United States

#6 Nov 18, 2008
I was born in Gary back in 1959, and I know how Gary WAS back then, it was a GREAT city and was on its way to even greater things!! So what changed Gary???? That is VERY easy to answer, when Gary changed from being a majority WHITE city to BLACK, when the "people" of Gary elected Richard Hatcher,( notice I didn't call him Mayor!) after that,, it was ALL DOWN HILL FROM THERE !!! Hatcher and his partners in crime BLED THE CITY DRY !!! and they are STILL trying to steal every $$$$$ they can !! thank you Post Tribune for reporting on those Government officials that waste taxpayers money !!!
Drive around Gary today,, and you see the abandoned houses,, boarded up stores, gangs, drug dealers, hookers, murders EVERY day !!
Yes, other citys have this problem too,, but not to the degree that Gary has had, year after year after year !!!!
Shame on the Government leaders of Gary!! Mayor King WAS making a difference,, too bad he quit.
But other than Mayor King, its been the same old game,, they just want to fill their pockets and get rich while the city and its people suffer !!
Shough Girl

Johnstown, PA

#7 Nov 20, 2008
There is a special place in my heart for Gary as well. I was raised in downtown Gary and spent my teenage years in Miller. My family still lives in Miller and I love visiting them, going to the beach, going to the Aquatorium, eating Miller Pizza, and seeing Father Marquette’s statue.
Yes, there are several factors that have been destroying Gary and its reputation, but it seems that no one is doing anything about it; nor do they seem to care. I too feel guilty at times thinking maybe I can contribute something to Gary.
I'll never forget our counselor in high school (Emerson V.P.A.) telling us that when we graduate college to please come back to Gary and help our city grow...How many of us did that?
I'll be going back to Gary for years to come and when I do; I'll see the good and the bad, but it'll always be home.

Austin, TX

#8 Apr 6, 2009
I was born in East Chicago Indiana and lived in Gary Indiana. I have lived in every state in the nation, yet I can never forget the great times I had in Gary Indiana. I agree with Carl concerning Mayor Richard Hatcher as the first black Mayor. It seems now that he is trying to put his daughter Ragan in office. This child does not have what it takes to be any type of Government leader. It seems as if she is as mean as a snake. Ragan you need to go and buy yourself a Backbone! Your Daddy robed the whole city so that you could go to the best schools and you are still
a looser. Why not find your self a husband with some class. You will never be a Government Leader in Gary, You will only destroy what is left of Gary! Now your poor old Daddy is against the Gary Airport. You both are loosers. Put him in a Nursing Home.
ralph villamil

Chicago, IL

#9 Apr 18, 2009
I lived in gary, on 5th ave and burr st.
it was the best time of my life. i still have gary in my heart.
ralph villamil

Chicago, IL

#10 Apr 18, 2009
i went to school at brunswick elementary school in the 60"s anyone out there please write.

Since: Apr 09

Crown Point, IN

#11 Apr 20, 2009
Love is blind and bias and so is ones' love for Gary, Indiana. I too have fond memories of this city, but I have come to grips that it is over. Names such as Rudy Clay, Vernon Smith, Charlie Brown, Earline Rogers, Richard Dick Hatcher, Roy Pratt, Elosie Gentry and others are still running the city. People wake up it's been over 40 years! The young talent are leaving and never coming back, instead they post comments with the rest of us.
Just a woman

Saint Louis, MO

#12 May 7, 2009
would someone please rebuild the Methodist Church?
It was a beautiful Church at one time.
Kathy Jones Boulier

United States

#13 Aug 15, 2009
Memories of Gary from the 50's and 60's!I lived across from the Village Shopping center. At age 3 I watched it being built! Rexall Drugs, the Bakery,Leath Furniture. Oscar Meyer visited in his weinermobile in 55 or 56, for the opening.
There was Krogers (step on the mat and the door opened! Fascinating at 3 years old); the Millinery shop where my mom bought hose, turn right, there was a shoe shine chair, and the restaurant! Fredericks' Beauty Salon. Troxells' Jewelry the corner.(Not as good as Comay's downtown.) Three Sisters, JCPenneys, Kresge's, Marshalls, Tittles, a Toy Store, & later, Wards.
South of the Village was Dr.Ornelas office. He had white uniformed nurses with dull needles.
Across the street was the Village Pump and Riss Sales. There was SaveMore and then Tittles built a large store there where the Dr office used to be. When Tittles first started in the Village, it was primarily only a large meat counter where you took a paper number.
I went to Immanuel Lutheran Church, originally on Washington street, building in disrepair now but still there smack in the middle of a residential block, somewhere around 41st I believe. They then moved out to 53rd and I think Harrison with a big new beautiful building in the early 60's but I went there on Washington from about 56 on.
I attended Daniel Webster school, then Bailly Jr. High (2nd class to attend in that new school) then on to Lew Wallace High, graduating in 70. I lived till age 11 on Grant Street, 3585 to be exact then moved to 3753 Fillmore. Daddy worked at Inland Steel, retired in 71 or 72.
We would ice skate in the winter where IUNW now is in Gleason Park. I remember well freezing then going into some little shack out there with a wood stove and have hot chocolate! Gilroy Stadium, oh the Hornets Victories there!! All Hail the Black and Gold!!
By the time I was in High school, we would go to Ponderosa, Pizza Hut, Macs'(MacDonalds)- cutting out of lunch hour to hit that fun spot; BK, Roma's and my favorite, Luigi's Pizza, just a couple blocks from my Fillmore residence. My very very first pizza was at age 15 there and boy was it greasy and great! Balls of sausage on thick mozzarella! Started going to St. Marks with friends, turned at age 18, married there at 19. I loved St. Marks. They had dances in the summer! Gary was magical then. My friends and I would hop a bus on Broadway in Glen Park in the summer and head downtown. Azars' Big Boy was down there! You could change buses on 5th and Broadway and get to the beach from there. Marquette or Miller Beach, it was all good!
Swimming lessons at Lew Wallace - Girl Scouts, 6th grade. I remember is the chlorine smell that lingered hours.
Going to the Y drivein, KiddyLand up north on Grant Street or Broadway, not sure, I was really little. Mr. Peanut store downtown had a life sized Mr Peanut statue. Goldblatts rocked! Wicker Park (west on Rt. 6); so many memories! Hope I jogged a few! Write me! [email protected] and make sure you put Gary in the Subject line.
Hail to Lew Wallace!
Just had to add that. I miss the choir director from Lew Wallace, Alfred J. Fissinger (Mr. F) and everyone from Mikado, HMS Pinafore from late 60s', Broadway 66 Here and Now (the musical review, my first HS stage production! I was the 1970 Senior Music Award Recipient at Lew Wallace, and after many soprano lead parts and much guidance from Mr. F, that was the highlight of my HS days. Thank you to my HS sweetheart, Pete, you will always be my bestest love!
Best, Kat

Scotts Valley, CA

#14 Aug 16, 2009
It is easy to blame Hatcher as, after all, he was the mayor during its fall. But this just overt generalization and unadulterated paralogism.

The fall of Gary had many factors with the more significant ones bleeding not just Gary, but many, many cities in the rust belt.

Currently, if you want to affix blame on politicians, look a bit farther to the south and think Crown Point and Indianapolis.

I am not a fan of Hatcher, never have been and never will be, but in truth he wasn't any more crooked or incompetent then most of predecessors in Gary's heyday.

Unless the county seat and the state work in concert and pull all oars together in the same direction, things just aren't going to get better. And frankly, I just don't see that happening any time soon.

The county seat is definitely pulling its oars against any recovery and the state just seems to want to ignore the problem.

In Oregon loving Gary

Portland, OR

#15 Aug 16, 2009
I agree with all that has been stated. As a Black woman, Gary was a great place to grow up in the 50's through 70's. Having Black role models in top keep positions--crooked or otherwise--provided me with the knowledge that I could become anything that I wanted to be. Especially in an era when a different message was being sent to Blacks across the nation. For this sense of self I am eternally grateful.
Also I grew up around many adults with access to gainful employment (mostly the mill) which produced a large pool of working class people. Watching them I learned that homeownership was a possibility (which many Blacks across the nation could not do in the 50-70) and again that Blacks could be successful.
My opinion is that one of the biggest problems in Gary is no main industry exists and the people still there do not have access to affordable wages in any significant number. Without economic empowerment you loose money to support your family, healthcare, and the tax dollars needed to improve the City, personal wealth, and many other things that improves individual quality of life.
Why can't the airport take off or some there business that will be a true resource for the economy? Also until honest people get involved in Gary nothing will change. It is not over but people who can have to get involved.
In live in Oregon, but I will always love Gary Indiana.
Another factor

United States

#16 Aug 16, 2009
Does anyone remember Roma's Pizza or Miner Dunn?
Living by Faith

Phoenix, AZ

#17 Aug 17, 2009
I too was born in G.I. my grandmother lived in Miller P.J.'s and my Mother and siblings lives in Aetna, Glenpark and miller. I thank GOD she had the will and insight to see a better life for herself nd children. Yes, G.I. will always have a special placein my heart but truthfully I only return for family passings. This place is a dead end, and I would encourage anyone with a dream or even a desire for a better life to GET OUT. For our family the endless cycle of incarceration of males and the undereducated has been broken. The first male to ever attend college and with a great chance to be a part of the NFL and live his dream is my lil bro. May God be with him always and allow him to show how wonderful and awesome GOD is through his talent and faith. GO Sundevils!!!
Living in NY Missing Gary

United States

#18 Sep 1, 2009
I miss it much! I'll never 4get it. I lived there from 88 till 95 and most of my heartfelt memories were generated in Gary. Gary stand up!
Kathy Jones Boulier

United States

#19 Nov 8, 2009
amk wrote:
Does anyone remember Roma's Pizza or Miner Dunn?
Yes Yes Yes
Since I lived at 3753 Fillmore, and walked EVERYWHERE in Glen Park west of Broadway from Gleason Park,IUNW campus and Gilroy Stadium (and the winter ice skating in the park), all the way up to Lew Wallace, Broadway to the Village Shopping Center across from my first remembered address 3585 Grant Street (lived there till age 11 in 1963 moved to Fillmore)(saw them build the Village as a 3 year old) I frequented all the shops, restaurants, coffee houses, etc. The Miner Dunn had great coffee. Pete and I went there frequently. Romas' had great pizza but Luigi's at Broadway and Harrison was my fav hands down. That greasy sausage with double cheese still makes my mouth water. Put a silver crayon heart on the brick outside it facing Broadway, small heart with Pete and Kat inside. Still saw it years later. The restaurant in the village was super too. Fredericks' Salon was up there, the Millinery where mom got her hose; the tall tall shoe shine chair, remember it all. LOVED St. Marks, especially in the winter with the snow melting off peoples boots in the warm church, the old ladies with their lace caps, the anonymity of it as a young girl soaking in the pomp and circumstance, incense and peppermint, etc. Married there in May 72, not my sweetheart, cried my way down the aisle aching for Pete while I married my parents' choice. Good came of it only in my 4 children, as the man self destructed in 85 when my youngest was 2. All 4 are happy, healthy adults now, have great lives, 6 grand babies between them. Gary is very very very special to me. Lew Wallace, bow down before the black and gold! So I guess I have a little bit of the Gary crazies in me, I think it is just a special side of me with so many memories, never forget a one of them. Live just north of Port Huron, Michigan now, love the Blue Water Bridges to Sarnia, Ontario, Lake Huron, the St. Clair River, the Thomas Edison statue and RR station all are gorgeous especiacially in summer. But still can see Father Marquette and the Pavillian, the little snack place on the beach at Miller where we got our pop and ice cream while frying our backs and foreheads by Lake Michigan. The freedom and innocence and passion of our youth - try and re capture it a little today! In light of the holiday season, Peace be in your hearts and minds. Best, Kat

Hobart, IN

#20 Nov 9, 2009
It is nice to have memories, but the truth is the truth. Gary is in shambles. At this point, it does not matter how it got there, just needs to be fixed. Gary is so far gone, that unfortunately the only solution now is to put up a wall and let them kill themselves off. Then we can go in there with a bulldozer.

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