Thinking of moving to Lake St. Louis
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Moscow Mills, MO

#21 Dec 11, 2009
They have so many really silly rules that infringe on the rights of Americans that it is nothing more than oppressive. The only time you can get around their rules is to pay your way past them.

Ask Darain Atkinson about his pool. He paid them to break their rules on the CA controlled part of his land. And then there are the rules on fences- but don't think of letting your pets run free- just find a way to control them- like on a chain. Chains have been shown to promote aggressive behavior. And of course the city has their own rules, some of which really don't match with the CA.

ANd why should a homeowner have to get approval of the CA to have work done on the house. Not a safety issue, but nothing more than an issue of it not looking to the standards of the Arch. Committee.

And then the CA spends - I forget exactly how much- to buy the edgewater point land- without ANY communication to the membership. Just what I wanted- give my required annual fees to the CA so they can wildly spend it to limit development and taxes for the city. Then they claim they need to raise the fees to pay for things. Maybe if they didn't waste the money on the land and let other taxpayers move in, then they would not need to suck more money from the homeowners.

Moscow Mills, MO

#22 Dec 11, 2009
Then there is teh CA rule about No concrete shall be exposed on any elevation facing a lake.

With the widespread amount of termites in the ground in the CA areas, they are setting things up to provide termite damage to MANY structures in the CA controlled areas. an only for the reason of- it looks better.

They do not allow clotheslines- meaning the CA as a whole does not support a green outlook. They require the harming of the environment by forcing the use of fossil fuels to provide what the sun will do for free with better results. Hopefully the Missouri legislature will follow the lead of many other states and outlaw this type of rule.

Moscow Mills, MO

#23 Dec 11, 2009
in the past teh city adn the CA did not allow signs to be put into yards to support political candidates. If you exercised your rights to free speech in this manner, you were subject to a fine from the city / CA or both.

That was challeneged and found to violate the Constitution.

Shall I continue, or does this show some of the oppressive ways of the CA?

Dothan, AL

#24 Jan 5, 2010
Now I will come out and say that while I know very little about Lake St. Louis, the Lake St. Louis CA, the bylaws, rules, covenants, and regulations and other local City ordinances.
I will respond with this.
1) Perhaps Darain Atkinson applied for a variance for his pool. After the board reviewed his variance application, it was approved. I am sure he did not pay to get around any rule as you state. If he did pay, what was the dollar amount? I’d like to know.
2) I am not exactly sure what the deal is with fences? Are they not allowed thus you can’t let your dog outside? There are other options besides using a chain to let your dog out. You can buy these so called “invisible dog chains”. This is nothing more than a collar around your dog’s neck, when your dog goes as far out as to where the underground line is buried, the dog will feel a slight zap and will back off from the line. This is really more of an “invisible fence” than an “invisible dog chain”. Wrap one of these underground lines around the perimeter of the back yard, and it should solve the problems. It will create the feeling of having an open back yard open, and the backyard will look clean since there is no physical chain being drug across the grass, thus killing the grass.
3) Homeowners would need to get approval of the CA to have work done on a house, even if not a safety issue, to ensure the values is upheld of that house. This is to protect your investment. I certainly would not want my neighbor do something to his house that will hurt the value of my investment of my house is all this policy is getting at. You should feel slighted or agitated by this, since this policy is to protect your investment and have your best interest in mind.
4) I don’t really have a comment about edgewater point land since I do not know what the purpose or intent of it. Do you have any additional details about no communication to the membership about it, the required annual fees to the CA so they can wildly spend it to limit development and taxes for the city so they can claim they need to raise the fees to pay for things? Do we know for sure that they wasted the money on the land and prohibit other taxpayers from moving in? That is a bold statement; I’d like to hear more about this! How much more money are they sucking from homeowners? What was the dollar increase per family year after year, numbers please.

Dothan, AL

#25 Jan 5, 2010
5) The CA rule about no concrete being exposed on any elevation facing the lake is there for lake side appeal and to enhance the overall look of the community. I don’t see this as a problem and it will keep the value of the houses up. By not having concrete exposed is not the cause of the widespread amount of termites in the ground in the CA areas. I am not sure that they are setting things up to provide termite damage to any structures in the CA controlled areas for the only reason of “it looks better”. Couldn’t you just put some sort of siding over the exposed concrete? Termites won’t go for that since termites usually like soft wood aka pine wood.
6) Clothes lines create a cluttered looking yard, and I am sure that policy is in place for curbside appeal. Not to mention, who knows what people might hang on clothes lines. The statement about not supporting a green outlook is far out there. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for being green myself but on the same hand, do I want to look out the window to see some underwear hanging from a line? No thanks. We can be green in other aspects of this world.
7) Many cities have sign permits; want to have a sign in your yard? Oh, by the way, you will need a permit for that. I don’t see this as a problem, the signs supporting political candidates are usually all clustered in one area. I always question do you really need to have 30 of the same signs all within 50 feet of each other? Perhaps they could exercise the use of being green, by only posting one sign where it is allowed. More is not always better. The intent here is to curb the curb side appeal on the up and ups. I would not want to have my investment ruined by signs littered all over the place. There are other ways you can support your candidate, how about a bumper sticker? Your bumper is naked without one. Again, this complaint is far out there in my books. Your exercise of right to free speech is not being hindered in this manner. Sorry, try again.
Overall, I feel there were no “silly” rules that infringe on the rights of Americans in any of your examples and I wouldn’t even say they are oppressive. Again, let me know how much you have to pay to get around their rules. I’d like to know. Feel free to continue if you shall.

I want to know what the oppression rules are as I am thinking about buying a house there.

Thank you, Keith
TO Kieth

Troy, MO

#28 Jan 5, 2010
A comment about your post(s).

The courts have ruled that disallowing singage to support candidates is an infringment- thus you are wrong on that issue. The City has been required to allow them, but can limit them to just 14 days (I think) before the elections.

And you made a comment about 'curbside appeal'. That is a very subjective concept. Some people find the appeal of a clothesline in the backyard to be something simliar to a neighborly chat at the fence post. But of course- there are no fence posts in Lake St. Louis. What some people claim to be a 'eye-sore' may be another's ideal location.
As an example- some people think the New Busch Stadium is great- but many who frequent Fenway Park would never consider a new stadium.... eye of the beholder kinda thing. Neither is more right than the next, just differing views. Too many subdivisons and cities have become cookie-cutter look-alikes that limit the freedom of expression that many desire.

And yes- in most cases an electric fence is a suitable alternative. But they do not and will not contain all breeds. They are limited in the effectiveness with many larger breeds.

And the CA recently suffered a huge defeat on their proposal to raise the dues from $450 a year to $750 a year with an annual increase of 4% every year after that. Not sure if those number shelp you but there they are.

If you do move to the area- your home purchase may or may not be in the CA designated area. Either way- I do live in Lake St. Louis and enjoy the community. No plans to move until I retire- then somewhere warm sounds good!
Potential Resident

United States

#29 Apr 6, 2010
We have bought a house in Lake St. Louis and are thinking of joining Lake Forest Golf club.
They are currently running a pretty good special for groups of four or more who join.
So, suffice it to say, I am looking for 3 other interested parties to join with in order to qualify for the special. Any takers?
Send an email to [email protected] if you are interested and I'll be in touch.
To Potential resident

United States

#30 Apr 6, 2010
Welcome to Lake St. Louis. I moved here from the east dies a couple years ago. You'll love it here.
Potential Resident

United States

#31 Apr 6, 2010
Thank you, I appreciate the welcome and look forward to living in LSL!

Saint Louis, MO

#32 May 26, 2014
We are a gay couple thinking about moving to Lake Saint Louis. We are pretty normal other than for being Gay. I am a physician and my partner is a nurse. Is Lake STL somewhere where that will be a problem? Or do people pretty much live and let live?

Saint Peters, MO

#33 May 27, 2014
You guys should be fine, most will be more concerned you'd take care of the yard and follow all the rules.
another potential move

Alton, IL

#34 Aug 2, 2014
How are the property taxes? I am trying to get away from my current $6000 a year. We are paying that on a $230000 home.
another potential move

Alton, IL

#35 Aug 2, 2014
We lived in New Town at one time so we are use to oppressive rules and cliques

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