Longtime GOP Texas Gov. Perry wins an...

Longtime GOP Texas Gov. Perry wins another term

There are 23479 comments on the El Paso Times story from Nov 2, 2010, titled Longtime GOP Texas Gov. Perry wins another term. In it, El Paso Times reports that:

Republican Gov. Rick Perry has defeated Democrat Bill White to win a third four-year term as Texas governor.

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Canaan, NH

#17809 May 17, 2013
west texas law dog wrote:
Todo la Raza con Perry.....guey
just heard it's official OBAMA (OH GO DO ZO AKA OH GA DOZAH) IS GETTING IMPEACHED. Impeachment proceedings against obama start next week.

Deer Park, TX

#17810 May 17, 2013
<quoted text>just heard it's official OBAMA (OH GO DO ZO AKA OH GA DOZAH) IS GETTING IMPEACHED. Impeachment proceedings against obama start next week.
Hope so.
Zip Gun

Sevierville, TN

#17811 May 18, 2013
Someone likes to lie.No one is going to impeach Obama.
Jack Sarrtin

Sevierville, TN

#17812 May 18, 2013
Texas is the place to be.

Sevierville, TN

#17813 May 18, 2013
Had sex with my dog.

Since: Feb 13

Location hidden

#17814 May 18, 2013
Bernard Forand wrote:
<quoted text>
Bumper sticker evaluations limit’s the perimeters of a more precise knowledgeable comment.“IF” your ability to follow a fuller account of what is, is what it is. I can’t help you there. Seldom can a bumper sticker comment address the issues efficiently. All I can suggest is that you start to build up your muscles for reading. Try something; reading from more than just one book. Minimize TV. Good Luck…
AS to your god; Do I follow blindly, without a rational respect, I gave that up years ago when flaws and inconsistencies presented themselves. Now I question all… Not a puppet. Have removed those shackles for Truths…
Or, you could just get to the point, if you are capable of summarizing your opinion.

Aren't you capable of "wrapping it up"? I can say in a few words, what you take a page to express.

Are you trying to relate to the people, or get a good grade in your English class?
Zip Gun

Sevierville, TN

#17815 May 18, 2013
Even crazy Truth is better than the psycho nutcase Forand.


#17816 May 18, 2013

100% PROOF Pope Francis is ANTICHRIST_______


United States

#17817 May 18, 2013

Deer Park, TX

#17818 May 18, 2013
bababooey wrote:
This completely derailed necrotic topic has been brought to you by... Completely NUTS!
You know when you buy a can of COMPLETELY NUTS, that ALL your going to get inside the can are PURE 100% NUTS!
And our other sponsor... 3 mil thick Disposable DOUCHEBAGS!
Because the last thing you want is a bag full of used douches ripping open and falling all over the front lawn while you're carrying out the trash!
How many mil thick disposable bag was used to cart Hugo Rafael Chávez to his final resting place?. After all, we don't want Socialist trash strewn around either. We have enough in Washington DC.
find me

Morristown, TN

#17819 May 18, 2013
Find me

Morristown, TN

#17820 May 18, 2013
I can find you

Montréal, Canada

#17821 May 18, 2013
I can I can.
come and get me

Franklin, NC

#17822 May 18, 2013
Come and get me bang bang

Paris, TX

#17823 May 18, 2013

Greenville, SC

#17824 May 19, 2013
Bernard Forand

Fort Myers, FL

#17825 May 19, 2013
Defiant1 wrote:
<quoted text>
Just what the hell are you babbling about now?..
Tin Hat hath returned. A study has identified that Tin Hats are determental to your health and mental abilities.
IRS Use is nothing new. Nor is it for political activism and social groups. Little to nothing at present linking Obama with fore knowledge of this recent interest of the IRS’s investigations, to enforce Federal Tax Code 501 [c][4].
F.D.R. used it against it Sen. Huey Long of Louisiana and Hoover’s Treasury Andrew Melton.
Nixon against all those on his “enemies list‘. Boasting on the Watergate tapes to his aids of his use of it. Assigned George Schultz to investigate Hennery Kimmelan private business man that backed McGovern. Stating “ What’s he trying to do? Say that we can’t play politics with the IRS.
Eisenhower against the communist party.
Kennedy against nonprofit organizations. Hmm similar to what Obama is being accused of.
Carter’s IRS director Jerome Kurtz ended tax exempt status to private Christian schools.
Clinton had the IRS audit the Heritage Foundation and the NRA.
George W. Bush against the NAACP for urging his defeat in 2004. Languished in the courts for 2 years. IRS alleged improper political activity. Civil Rights argued it was a victim of political bias.
True as far back as F.D.R. Use of the IRS has been a bipartisan thing said Bruce Barllett, a tax official of Ronald Reagan and H.W. Bush.“BUT” this one of Obama’s seems to have originated from the bottom up rather than from the top down.
IRS’s duties are to weed out organizations that qualify for tax exemptions and those that do not. Tax exempt organizations cannot show any bias to any political candidate or party.
Number of applications for tax exempt status doubled to the pre elections of 2012. Fueling that rise was derived by the Supreme Court’s decision of 2010 {Citizens United} obscuring differences of political activism, mainly from the right, from social welfare groups. Promoting lawyers’ to find loopholes. Said Historian Stephen Hess.
This amounts to nothing more than republicans redundant strategy of red herrings for their herd. If IRS did not investigate, then republicans would charge them of being guilty for not performing their duties as defined in 501 [c][4]. Typical ploy of extremist right wing.
Red herring being served at this time is to distract their herd from recognizing Obama’s achievement in reigning in the deficit in record time. Which they will soon be serving ominous warnings the deficit is decreasing the debt TOO FAST and will prove disastrous.
GOP { Get Obama Persecuted } at all cost . Venomous deceitful character of republicans. Has been and is continuously being illuminated.
Bernard Forand

Fort Myers, FL

#17826 May 19, 2013
The Waco Kid wrote:
Dude,.What a complete sniveling piece of garbage he is.
waco1909 wrote:
Bernard doesn't understand that both parties are part of this mendacity, he chooses to think that the dems are all light and sugar.
Mendacity in politics is an argumentative point. That both parties make use of it is to expected and required. It is one of the nature’s of the beast of politicians. How I evaluate our political parties is not by some blind allegiance. Did that once, as a republican, which exposed to me the errors of blind alliances to any party or individual. I base my support to those that I perceive to be the greater good for our humanity.
Distributions of our laborers productivity is one example of how I measure the parties or our leadership. Those advocating Austerity policies raises a red flag . Those that advocate total equality, raise a red flag. Liberal International Free Trade Markets will be the future. Responsible well regulated capitalism will be a major component. It will NOT be the only factor that will be the eventual unified globalization of our humanities.
Observing both parties for the past 80 years on these measures and responsibilities exposes as to which party here in the USA has been the most beneficial to those measurements. Sponsoring a mature path to our equality and inequality. Presently republican party has accelerated to far to inequality producing insecurity. Here and abroad. That is not to say ALL republicans. There are some that retain the vintages of the Grand Old Party. Some I still have voted for.
Now the statisticians at Pedro Santa Clara and Rosen Valknaov have evaluated the two parties on various factors for leadership for the past 80 years a couple of years ago Each president is evaluated and reduced to the numbers. Republicans did not fair well for the most part. Especially in the last 40 years. I have a book in my library on that subject. If your interested. Good reading. I was surprised, as were the statisticians’ were, in what they discovered. Think of it, as a who done it, murder mystery novel…. Leave your emotions back on the dock. Sail out into the light crystal clear blue oceans of reality.
Here is a thought; Examine a well regulated capitalist system and compare it to ours. World Bank does it. Start with Sweden, UK, France and most Scandinavian countries.“IF” memory serves me, the World Bank rates USA as 37th in being a well regulated capitalist system
Bernard Forand

Fort Myers, FL

#17827 May 19, 2013
Positive wrote:
<quoted text>
That means YOU
So who Created this evil spirit? Archeology has proven the civilization that we are descended from is far more older than the Bible’s 6,500 history of Creation. It also has found that there was no Nazareth in 1 AD. Site was known as the seven wells. In addition no cliffs, high mounts for Jesus to be threaten to be thrown from. No religious institutions existed there at that time, for Jesus to be educating the rabbi’s for three days. That we evolved from Adam and Eve would require that incest was the foundations of our evolutions. DNA proves that to in error. Your teachers have no more knowledge of the afterlife than you or me. Just their way of herding their sheep. Beliefs are not facts. Merely indicates one’s indoctrination to accept whatever they are told. Sent his son? Why he couldn’t handle the evil he created?
Artifacts found is of an epoch of time just as they find artifacts of the tale of the Odyssey and various other ancient writings. None of which prove anything about a god. Quite the opposite. Indicates man created god.
Satan a deceiver emulating mans ideologies . God won they what are we fighting for? Deceiving one another. Giving us time to reach as many love one’s? Can’t handle that can he. Doesn’t know which one’s are which. Hmmmm. Truth? Who’s truth? Yours, mine, preachers, rabbis… Yeah right they are still grappling with that world is round and does orbit the sun. Now as we discover more earth like planets how are they going to handle that? We are NOT the center of the Universe!
Incantations to what? Petition our gods. For surely they require our assistance in running this hocus-pocus creation. Yeah right…
Zealots, Zionist two birds of the same feather. Truth’s bias for religion is taught at an early age as the Taliban have and are demonstrated, as the Christians were infamous for. Only in the last century, have they lost that title to the Islamic. Yet there are still in there punching it out… Problem with both of them; is their lack of facts.
Notice how religions put the burden of proof for their fables, myths and folk lore on others to prove it is true. Over 6,500 years of their mystical ideologies no proof or fact can they muster forth for their gods that created the evil they claim to be in opposition. Odd at times the same gods are claimed by the warring factors for some political declaration. Warring for peace is as much a paradox as balling for virginity. Warring for an all powerful god is a paradox. For which breath did Hitler breath that god was not aware of? Hitler had purpose; for this almighty god to demonstrate? Then in the next breath they boast of our free will! Note “Free Will” is never mentioned in bibles. Little wonder, that existence emulates confusion of reason and rationality, as so ordained.
All religions hold their Zionist universal soldiers. They have discovered that they hate not only their enemies but everyone who does not share their hatred, and they want to fight and force others to fight. They turn their churches into recruiting stations and their vestries into munitions workshop.
They persecute with their profession of horrors, at the blunt utterance of their own opinions. Behind the scenes, anyone with any genuine religious sensibility finds these atrocities revolting, BUT the thing is done. Governing classes have made it so , only the law against blasphemy is not applied to themselves and strongly approve of said persecutions. Enabling them to represent their own privileges as the religion of their herd.
Therefore martyrs of all times and their persecutors remain subject to the same ideology. Fate impressed upon them, by their minority Zionist. No sense of common value for humanity. Amusing themselves with killings. Making any silly-clever gentleman or messiah, as one to be idolized. Such are the idols that are imposed upon the various herds.
Bernard Forand

Fort Myers, FL

#17828 May 19, 2013
Zip Gun wrote:
Someone likes to lie.No one is going to impeach Obama.
Evident that callow sophomores have infected this site.
Ahhh lets not forget the huge deficit that the republicans stuck us with. Baying of their heard rose above their stench with Nay, Nay, Nay..

U.S. Budget Deficit Shrinks Far Faster Than Expected

The Congressional Budget Office said the 2013 fiscal deficit would fall to about $642 billion, or 4 percent of G.D.P., about $200 billion less than it estimated just three months ago.
WASHINGTON — Since the recession ended four years ago, the federal budget deficit has topped $1 trillion every year. But now the government’s annual deficit is shrinking far faster than anyone in Washington expected, and perhaps even faster than many economists think is advisable for the health of the economy.
The agency forecast that the deficit, which topped 10 percent of gross domestic product in 2009, could shrink to as little as 2.1 percent of gross domestic product by 2015 — a level that most analysts say would be easily sustainable over the long run — before beginning to climb gradually through the rest of the decade.
"Revenues have been strong as the economy has outperformed a bit," said Joel Prakken, a founder of Macroeconomic Advisers, a forecasting firm based in St. Louis.
Over all, the figures demonstrate how the economic recovery has begun to refill the government’s coffers. At the same time, Washington, despite its republican political paralysis.
Republicans say perhaps too successful. Given that the economy continues to perform well below its potential and that unemployment has so far failed to fall below 7.5 percent, many economists are cautioning that the deficit is coming down too fast, too soon.
“It’s good news for the budget deficit and bad news for the jobs deficit,” said Jared Bernstein of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a left-of-center research group in Washington.“I’m more worried about the latter.” OOOHHH scary..
Now Obama is showing his democratic colors of success in financials. With the government running a hefty $113 billion surplus in the tax payment month of April, according to the Treasury, analysts now do not expect the country to run out of room under its debt ceiling.
The $200 billion reduction to the estimated deficit comes not from the $85 billion in mandatory cuts known as sequestration, nor from the package of tax increases that Congress passed this winter to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. The office had already incorporated those policy changes in its February forecast.
Republicans want Congress to agree for this year to serving as a partial brake on the recovery, cutting government jobs and preventing growth from accelerating to a more robust pace, many economists have warned. The International Monetary Fund has called the country’s pace of deficit reduction “overly strong,” arguing that Washington should delay some of its budget cuts while adopting a longer-term strategy to hold down future deficits. Typical, small minds for small growth..
CBO is revising its estimates for the current year, the budget office also cut its projections of the 10-year cumulative deficit by $618 billion. Those longer-term adjustments are mostly a result of smaller projected outlays for the entitlement programs of Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, as well as smaller interest payments on the debt. The C.B.O. has quietly erased hundreds of billions of dollars in projected government health spending over the last few years.
It did so again on Tuesday. In February, the budget office projected that the United States would spend about $8.1 trillion on Medicare and $4.4 trillion on Medicaid over the next 10 fiscal years. It now projects it will spend $7.9 trillion on Medicare and $4.3 trillion on Medicaid. Republicans “Chicken Little” is dying. Serving red herrings will return to the menu for their herd.

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