Longtime GOP Texas Gov. Perry wins another term

Republican Gov. Rick Perry has defeated Democrat Bill White to win a third four-year term as Texas governor. Full Story

Hondo, TX

#17717 May 14, 2013

Mountain Pine, AR

#17718 May 14, 2013

San Antonio, TX

#17719 May 14, 2013

Jonesville, SC

#17720 May 15, 2013
Looks like the old drunk Forand is in love with his own verbosity.Predictable thinking from a limited mind.What else would anyone expect, coming from Florida, the Texas wannabe state.

Hondo, TX

#17721 May 15, 2013

“Behave Yourself”

Since: Jul 07

Fort Worth, Texas

#17722 May 15, 2013
waco1909 wrote:
<quoted text> Evolution has never been the"nemesis"of religion.Obviously, someone such as yourself would believe that.I guess I see things a bit more clearly than you.Quantum physicists postulate now that there are multiple universes, and as many as eleven dimensions.That doesn't shake my faith, only reinforces it.Nothing is beyond GOD.
Not meaning to sound condescending here, however, it appears you miss the basic premise when it comes to evolution versus creation as there is evidence to support evolution, while there is none to support a supernatural being that allegedly created everything. From a logical standpoint, something that has evidence to support its claims will always be a problem for something that cannot back up its claims other than presenting scriptures written by persons unknown.
Bernard Forand

Cape Coral, FL

#17723 May 15, 2013
Defiant1 wrote:
<quoted text>
You are a frigging Democrat
normal liberal.
Ha,ha. Knew that one sentence would stir you. Now I know you Partially read what I wrote even though I told you not to. As predicted you fail to comprehend it.
1] Unemployment dropped from the 800,000 per month that was handed over to Obama from the republicans FAILED deregulated financial economy. As proven by Pedro’s studies. Which you once again have no knowledge of.
2] IRS issue is still under investigation as to its accuracy. We have to take into account it originates from republicans Tea Intoxicated false leadership. Low creditability there.
3] Brings back our troops from harms way. Something republicans never could do and they never had any exit strategy, did not obtain any objectives. Obama achieved objective in less than 2 years without INVADING the host nation, with huge fighting force that cost $ Trillions in debt. Now why did Romney want to GIVE 2 $ Trillion to the Pentagon’s coffers.? Hmmm We surly would be in a pickle now if that accrued.“OR” are you referring to when the republicans refused $ 300 Million that Obama was asking for to shore up the embassies overseas. Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan leading the Tea Party Charge on that infamous vote NOT to Increase securities to our Embassies.
4] Billions to Green Energy; well why not? Time to get off that Toxic Fuel scenario. His buddies? Yeah more from your Tin Hat protected dysfunctional brain. If you can’t see that Wind power has already outpaced the coal industry in expansion and production. Then as stated before None so blind that choose not to see.. Solar is on its way and knocking, knocking on the Toxic Fuel industries Mansions and serving notice that when their lease are up. Ta, Ta for our taxpayers no longer want the republicans giving them our money for a failing industry.
5] Lied ! Link, link. To that hogwash. Obama was straight forward on Health Care since day one. You on the other hand, wellllllll…Hmmm Sinking the economy? Your long term forecast of your illusionary speculation stands in contrast to what Obama has recently achieved by reducing the budget to a point that its no longer a threat. Try obtaining your info from another site other than your Fox’s Den. Behind the Times. Try catching up.
6] All his time on three issues? False he is more talented than republicans and handles about 50 issues every day and then has time to go dancing and a round of golf or two. The little bit he expends on those three issues keeps Tin Hated herds so busy that they think that’s all there is. LOL GOP’ers that supported Guns will soon have to face the voters again. Majority of voters and some republicans wanted gun reforms. Lets see what that will cost them in 2014. Gay Marriage. So what’s your problem? You want to dictate your bigot ideologies to everyone to embrace? Don’t think you will have many takers on that one. You’re a dying false majority as education and communication increases. Economy is secured your still thrashing about in the old archaic propaganda of yesteryear.
7] Have no idea what you are alluding to. Have not kept up with my tabloid readings. My fault. Furnishing guns to the cartels? Perhaps you are referring to Arizona that has loose Gun Laws. So much so that an 18 year old can purchase all the guns they want and what he does with them is nobodies business. One week this 18 year old buys $ 5,000 worth and the following week $10, 000 and the following week $ 20,000 Hmmm Ahh what the heck, no law against that. The kid is an entrepreneur.
Is that productive? You bet. You can take that to the bank.. LOL Democrats rule in productivity for the past 80 years and Obama is exemplifying the success of Democratic policies in spite of an Obstructionist, dysfunctional republican party.
Here is where you bay your Nay, Nay, Nay, Nay, LOL, LOL,LOL
Bernard Forand

Cape Coral, FL

#17724 May 15, 2013
waco1909 wrote:
<quoted text> Calm down Bernard.We are merely exchanging opinions.I'm not attacking evolution at all.Evolution is nifty.Entropy and the arrow of time are also beautiful.I have no need to denigrate you for your beliefs.I'm not attacking atheists, or atheism. You and I have traveled different paths, and arrived at different beliefs.You are quite intelligent, I have no personal criticism of you.I believe in a CREATOR.You've chosen the path you think best for you.As have I, for me.I'll not preach to you Bernard.My relationship with GOD is unique to me.There is more to this, perhaps than we know.
I’m calm. Why would you think otherwise? Yes we are exchanging opinions. Thus when one disagrees with yours and how it was stated and defended; You reply to avoid any question or defend your thoughts. You implied that evolution was acceptable to your religion and or god. I refuted that and you choose not to refute me. Issue has been resolved. Evolution is the NEMISIS of religions, STANDS!
You believe in Hocus Pocus and I do not. True…. Hocus Pocus is achieved through deceptions. Your relation to god is not unique. Same as countless millions that go before their magicians to proclaim their adorations.
Problem with that ; some of these Magicians are mentally handicap and pass on their illusions to their hypnotized herd. Thus corruption emerges into Zealot Zionist scenarios that the rest of us have to endure the damage that this forces upon us. Stronger regulations will be required.

Falls Church, VA

#17725 May 15, 2013
Blah blah blah blah same artificially intelligent bullshit as always. Barney you are just a legend in your own mind.
Bernard Forand

Cape Coral, FL

#17726 May 15, 2013
Defiant1 wrote:
<quoted text>
You call your worthless propaganda "facts"?. LOL
Who cares how you get lifetime coverage?. I'm almost willing to bet on you being a retired college professor dweeb from some worthless third rate LIEbral arts college. Commie puke.
As a child that doesn’t want to eat its spinach you now squim and squirm so as not to eat your DD-214. Emulating your patriot Rush that said he would leave the USA if Obamacare passed into law. Then he Squims and Squirms just like you and remains. Creditability of such entities lacks appreciation
Bernard Forand

Cape Coral, FL

#17727 May 15, 2013
Defiant1 wrote:
<quoted text>
OK, so you're an expert on evolution. So, tell me MR sexual intellectual, did Communists like you evolve from monkeys or did monkeys evolve from Commie F-Tards like you?.

No not an expert any more than you are. Trying to ride my shirt tail. Raising the status of your opposition so as to claim just how hard you are working is callow sophomoric strategy. I do know enough, that we DID NOT evolve from monkeys.{“IF} LOL; you were try to examine how evolution actually accrues, as we presently understand it, try reading and researching it. Think of why do people often refer to a tree as symbol in tracing their ancestors Have fun..

Falls Church, VA

#17728 May 15, 2013
You actually wear a shirt monkeyboy?
Bernard Forand Lie Alert

United States

#17729 May 15, 2013
1. More people became unemployed than employed in the period you speak of. The labor Department shuffles the unemployed into an "unemployable" status after they fail to find work in the normal 90-day period, for which they are eligible for unemployment benefits. During the election, Obama and the Democrats kept extending the 90-day limit on unemployment benefits for the purpose of juggling unemployment statistics and to garner the vote of your everyday lazy, welfare Democrat bum that just does not like to work.

2. It was the Administration's own Inspector General's office that exposed the IRS targeting of Tea Party and other conservative organizations for auditing, delays and harassment. Even the President's Secretary of the Treasury has admitted the illegal practice and promises to punish those responsible.

3. Obama's promise to bring back our troops has not yet been achieved. His reluctance to come to grips with terrorism threats around the world was the reason that he acquiesced to the murder of four diplomats at Benghazi. He had the means and the ordinance to stop the attack on the Benghazi Embassy. There was a special terrorist unit nearby, but they were told to "stand down," as per "higher-ups." Obama was willing to allow the murder of our diplomats in order to give the illusion that there were not terrorists in the Muslim-Theocracy country he had just helped in their revolution. Terrorists worldwide see Obama as weak and naive and they are, no doubt, planning many more attacks at home and abroad before he leaves office. We have seen nothing yet as to the scale of terrorist acts yet to come.

4. An outright lie. It will be another century before coal is replaced as a primary industrial energy source, here or abroad. The cost of wind power has not yet proven it is a viable sourced of energy.

5. Another outright lie. Obama is not straightforward about anything. Obama-care would never have passed Congress without his bribes, such as the Cornhusker Compromise and the Louisiana Purchase. Bribery and political patronage are as corrupt and un-American as the Marxism that Obama espouses.

6. We are $16 trillion in debt and the bill is climbing by millions daily. Obama is the only President in recent years to have our national credit rating lowered. Obama has not proved that he can"handle" anything yet. Most of his actions will cause us to suffer for years to come like many of those "reforms" that Jimmy Carter got passed into law. Obama is setting a record by printing up dollars,not based on our GDP, that are causing inflation and the price of everything to go up.

7. Obama has proposed no law that would take firearms out of the hands of criminals; instead he tries to punish the law-abiding citizens. This is the same practice he follows in immigration reform. He wants to reward the lawbreakers and punish those who wait in line for years for a legal visa.

8. You are a chronic, pathological liar with no intent to do valid research or seek the truth. That makes you a typical "Obamacrat." You would probably like to become Obama's "Joseph Goebbels," but you are not near as clever or good at spreading lies or disguising the truth as Goebbels.
Bernard Forand

Cape Coral, FL

#17730 May 15, 2013
Spandau wrote:
Looks like the old drunk Forand is in love with his own verbosity.Predictable thinking from a limited mind.What else would anyone expect, coming from Florida, the Texas wannabe state.
Don’t drink alcohol. Love is an arbitrary term as measured in degrees of tolerance. You will have specify to just what are you trying to say??? Limited minds facilitate predictability and subject to manipulation. So what is your point? Now off to some hypothesis to Florida and Texas. Have you ever considered to seek medical assistance? They can treat this attention deficit problem you are exhibiting here. Good luck..

Jonesville, SC

#17731 May 15, 2013
Forand your boy is a damn crook.How's it feel to know that Obama ain't nothing but a lowlife? The BLACK NIXON! HA HA!

Jonesville, SC

#17732 May 15, 2013
Forand your boy also put his IRS thugs onto orgs that support Israel.bye!
Bernard Forand

Cape Coral, FL

#17733 May 15, 2013
Have already answered those questions and they stand. As to you and the rest of your comrades, have not answered to the numbers that Pedro came with on your failing republican ideologies; Nothing but crickets chirping. All of your dysfunctional opinion’s are just that.
A mathematical investigation was produced by the statisticians Pedro Santa Clara and Rossen Valkanov that exposes the superior performance of the stock markets under democrats. That this is but one example of the democrat’s superiority, as there are more.
Their study encompasses 80 years. Study demonstrates systematically and positively surprised by democratic policies. Comparing the stewardship of the two parties. They calculated each economic indicator as an “annual average” during the democrats and republicans of their economic stewardship of their 40 years each. Turns out to be a landslide for democrats providing beneficial returns to the nation. One example; Democrat’s presided over a very respectable average annual compound return of 9.60% during their 40 years where in as republicans averaged a dismal 0.58%.
Consider this; a 401K plan invested in stocks and had a value of $100,000 at the beginning of the 40 years. Democrats would accumulate in compound interest $ 3,912,210 where in as republicans would only produce $126,027 . Another example; “IF” an employee were to invest $5,000 per year into their 401K for 40 years in a democratic stewardship the employee would have $1,985,526 in the bank. Where as the republican would produce a dismal $224,375.
That republicans advocate that they are good for businesses is false as compared to the democrats
Another interesting fact emerges within the statistical study. The income gap between the 99% and the top 1% has widened considerably under republicans. Averaging .49% as compared to the democrat’s .41% That is to say under republicans the income gap in 40 years, widened by 19.6% and narrowed 16.4%. Resulting in a 36% difference.
LOL on debt republicans increased debt by 2.5 times greater than that of the democrats. Republicans $7.1 Trillion vs. the democrats $2.8 Trillion.
GOP’s Self-Proclamation for economic dominance; in fact it is a misnomer to call the GOP a fiscal responsible party and or a smaller government, when in fact the contrary is true.
Obama’s administration indicates he sought the great leaders on these issue. Eccles and FDR, Reagan and O’Neill to do what is most productive for our nation.
Edthirty , Texas and DJ can now pass on this one small example of the fallacies of the republican’s erroneous policies and deceptions.. Three stars that twinkle and sparkle in a dim republican lone star state.

Bernard Forand

Cape Coral, FL

#17736 May 15, 2013
impeach wrote:
Forand your boy is a damn crook.How's it feel to know that Obama ain't nothing but a lowlife? The BLACK NIXON! HA HA!
Impeach actually remembers a little bit of history. Notice his dysfunctional memories of Nixon. Perhaps this naïve attempt to educate, require I should only try to aid in his callow sophomoric demise of the present existence that plagues “THE IMPEACHABLE”
Could be too much for such a fragile entity.

Adam Smith’s invisible hand and inequality.
Adam can be considered the father of modern economics. Theory was markets would self regulate as if by an invisible hand. Alas 1929 and 2008 proves is theory is not accurate. Bankers self interest, brought on the fall of Free Markets, as well as to their own demise. Deregulation is now recognized as the nemesis of Free Markets. Regulations a bitter pill for them to accept.
Free Markets unregulated soon dissolves into corruptions, that all of our communities suffers, at the disruptions to commerce. Just as workers and investors are required to align to Free Markets. Then it is obvious Free Markets must as well align themselves to the laborers productivity.
Inequality suffers to markets as well as to their laborers. Mandating the need to address inequality with far more stringent measures than what has been produced up to the present.. From the 1980’s began the deregulation to our Free Markets. Regulations that were imposed by the Great Depression. Next three decades financial, crisis intensified and accumulated in the 2008-2009 great recession.
Republicans are still proclaiming to deregulate and cut taxes to the higher echelons of our society, which once again will increase inequality measures. Thus intensifying and aggregating a return to the cycle of deep recessions and or depressions. Austerity has and is being proven everyday of its failure. Simply due to the inequality that is manifested by its domains.

Jonesville, SC

#17737 May 15, 2013
BF? more like BS.The whole rotten corrupt bunch of crooks is going straight to prison. Obama did this to himself with his bully boy tactics and his incipient paranoia.2014 elections will wrest control away from the criminal administration.

Hondo, TX

#17738 May 15, 2013

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