Arrest made in Oconomowoc murder of K...

Arrest made in Oconomowoc murder of Kim Smith

There are 60 comments on the Fox6 story from Nov 19, 2009, titled Arrest made in Oconomowoc murder of Kim Smith. In it, Fox6 reports that:

Justin Welch is in custody for the Oconomowoc murder of Kim Smith. He was captured outside of Wisconsin.

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Milwaukee, WI

#1 Nov 19, 2009
The truth will prevail! I hope this Justin can come clean and provide closure for Kim's family and friends and pay for what he did to her!

Milwaukee, WI

#2 Nov 19, 2009
I'm not one for "two wrongs make it right"...But, in cases like this- No concideration for another persons life ...they, should not have one of thier own!

Milwaukee, WI

#3 Nov 20, 2009
It is so sad my heart goes out to her family. my niece is a friend of her neice, they went to school together. We will be praying for the family.

Eau Claire, WI

#4 Nov 23, 2009
I am also praying for the family of Jackson, Kimberly's son. I work with his paternal grandmother and they have been through hell the past few months. That poor little boy with grow up without his mommy.

Jackson, WI

#5 Dec 3, 2009
My heart goes out to all the families involved but especially to the little boy, Jackson. He will lose both parents if Darren is convicted. We have to be sensitive to all involved. There are families on both sides that are hurting. This is a devastating time for all the families involved. Our thoughts and prayers need to go out to all!!!!

Brookfield, WI

#6 Dec 4, 2009
I have no sympathy for the perpetrators families, especially Darren's. NONE! He is what he is, allegedly involved/responsible for the murder of the Mother of his Child, Kim. Their hurting! Give me a break. Maybe if they wouldn't have allegedly supported his anger, hostility and blame towards the mother of his child, and put their grandchild/nephew first and helped to facilitate a parenting relationship between the two who brought him into this world, this all could have been averted. Kim did everything right, for the sake of her child, everything! They are all scum of the earth in my honest opinion!
Shocked at comment

Jackson, WI

#7 Dec 5, 2009
Dear Seriously:
You have no sympathy for the perpetrators families, especially Darrens. That is really sad because the Lord says he will not forgive us if we do not forgive others. Darren's family is hurting too. He is not guilty until proven guilty. Never the less Darren's family are people who I am sure love their child too. They can not be blamed for anything that has happened if Darren is proven to be guilty. You are one Heartless person. Have some compassion for people. A whole family can not be judged for what one person does, if he did it.
You are so full of hate that I don't know why I am even responding to your msg. It is this kind of hate that facilitates the anger that you say Darren's family harbored. Take a good look in the mirror.

Brookfield, WI

#8 Dec 6, 2009
Love their child.....what about their grandchild who has potentially lost both of his parents? He is the real victim in all of this. My compassion and heart goes out to him fully and completely. The truth will prevail in regards to all involved and those who have been truly heartless when it comes to human life. Yes, I am angry, at the senseless tragedy and tremendous loss, for the child and family, of the beautiful Mother, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Niece, Cousin, Fiance and Friend. Anyone who knew her was truly blessed.

Jackson, WI

#9 Dec 6, 2009
Dear Seriously:

I am sure you are angry at the senseless tragedy and tremendous loss. We all are. You are a member of Kim's family I think or a close friend to her or them. Don't ever say what about their grandchild. I know as a fact the grandparents loved their grandchild. Jackson loved loved them and his dad. They are horrified by all of this. Do you think they ever wanted Kim to die? They are devastated for her family and are doing all they can to get through the day. You know nothing about Darren's family. Darren was real well liked in school, had lots of friends, and was funny, a kid who would never hurt anyone. If he did this he had to of had some kind of breakdown or something. If he did this I will never understand why but there is his family. They are nice hardworking people. He has a wonderful brother who is having to deal with all of this too. I'm sure if this was my Kim I would have a very very hard time forgiving but with my church family I know in time I would but that is no reason to bash a family who loves their child, misses their grandbaby terribly. Darren's family were good parents. They had children who caused them no trouble. They were real role models for their children. I only hope that Jackson is able to see his grandparents and uncle because he loves them and some day the way things are kept on the internet he is going to read all of this and how do you think he is going to feel. As for Darren, like Kim, he loved his little boy. He did everything with him. Jackson loved his dad too. That little boy needs to be everyones first consideration because the road ahead is going to be very hard. He misses both Darren and Kim. This is all so sad. I'd do anything to change all of this. It breaks my heart for both families. I can't imagine being a parent who has a child that is taken from them as she was. I can't imagine being a parent who has a child that goes to prision for the rest of his life, only to maybe be beaten or raped or who knows what. This to me would be the worst. Never any closure. The parents and siblings on both sides I just pray can get through all of this because right now they are barely able to get through the day. We really need to have compassion, anger gets you no where, just a bitter heart that does not help anyone. I had a wise aunt say to me take a deep breath and let all the ickys go. She is so right.

God Bless all the families involved and my the Lord give them strength and courage to get through the days and weeks ahead and I pray the families someday can get together and do what is right for Jackson which is letting him be involved in both grandparents life. He needs to know he is loved by everyone and the grandparents on Darren's side need to see their grandbaby. They were good to Jackson and LOVED the time they spent with him. I really believe in my heart that my Lord will see that everything will work out for the best for everyone involved.

United States

#10 Dec 10, 2009
Stay out of the bars, nothing but crap.
We all need prayers

Jackson, WI

#11 Dec 10, 2009
Sorry I don't drink. All said is the truth. If you can't accept that there is nothing I can say that will help. I truly feel sorry for you because you have to be miserable which in turn makes other people miserable. We all have choices and the attitude you have is your choice; you have to live with it. We all are going to have to give account someday for what we think and say. I honestly can say I care about everyone involved in this tragedy, all the families are hurting not just one family. They all have losses. Have some compassion. If you were to ask Kim now that she is in heaven she would say, "forget all of the hate and do what is right for Jackson" which is seeing both sets of grandparents and not being withheld. She would not want all of this bitterness because she is with the Lord and all she has is love for EVERYONE. Kindness gets you everywhere, bittness gets you no where. It is like a canker sore that eats away at you slowly until you have nothing but hate in your heart.

Waukesha, WI

#12 Dec 13, 2009
Byron Center,

Not doubt, you know the Wold family. Darren had two sides and you keep writing about the nice side. He wasn't all that! Did he REALLY love his little boy??? If so, why did he move 1,000 miles away? Did he REALLY do everything with him? Not at all! He hasn't even seen his son in over a year...that's 1/4 of his sons life! A long time for a little one. Did he REALLY "love his son so much" and did he REALLY "do everything for him"? Is his son REALLY "missing his dad". Not at all!!! Say it like it REALLY is! Darren was a dead-beat dad!!! He owed almost $9,000 in back child support! He didn't respond to many of the court orders!!! Even the one as simple as "where do you live". He was in contempt of court more than once! If he was so wonderful as you describe, why did he tatoo his 2 year olds arms with skull and crossbones? Why did he tatoo his arms with snakes wrapped around daggers? There are pictures if you need your proof. Oh yeah, did you ever get the displeasure of reading his warped e-mails? Texts? Phone calls? Didn't think so!

Begging for compassion is the Wold family way of dealing with their own guilt as they all turned their heads and kept saying "poor Darren". There was never a "poor grandchild" or "poor Kim". Byron Center, sounds like you've been out of the family loop for a while. Tell you what, how about if the Wold family starts coming to court to hear how gruesomely Kim was hacked up...then blog that he was a nice guy and that we need compassion!!!!!!!!!!

Written proudly by a dear friend of Kims!!!!

Jackson, WI

#13 Dec 13, 2009
I don't even know how to respond to such a hateful individual. Do you really think what you wrote is helping Jackson? What is wrong with you? I honestly feel sorry for you. All I can say is my thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope for you to get over this unspeakable anger and move on with your life. The Wold family is not begging for compassion. They are just trying to get through the days ahead. I doubt if they even read these blogs. They have much more important things on their minds as do the Smith family like trying to survive the biggest tragedy in their lives. You better get some counseling because what you just did just hurt your friends family and many others. You are making things worse. Think about that!!!!

Waukesha, WI

#14 Dec 13, 2009
Byron Center

Truth hurts doesn't it! Does kindness get you everywhere like you said???? Kim was the kindest person I had ever met, look where it got her.

I think it's time you stop writing. Your own "love Darren and the Wold family...let's move on" is getting quite upsetting to those that really care.
Cruel Helps No One

Jackson, WI

#15 Dec 13, 2009
You don't care or you would not of wrote what you did. It was one of the cruelest things a person that supposedly cares could write and I think you know what you did was terribly wrong for everyone involved. I don't know how you sleep at night being so unbelievably cruel. Kim to have a friend like you sure didn't need any enemies and that is the truth. Grief is NO EXCUSE for how you are talking to people.

Waukesha, WI

#16 Dec 13, 2009
Anger would be a normal emotion when your friend or loved one is brutally slaughtered. I'm sure the Smith family is now sleeping a lot better since Wold and his accomplices are behind bars. They are the only hateful, cruel, and evil people in this whole mess. God bless the Smith family, my prayers are with them.

Pylesville, MD

#17 Dec 15, 2009
We need to stop the HATE. Iknew Kim Darren and Jackson Loved them all. When they lived in Maryland. Kim was allways a perfect Mom theres no better. This is a HORRABLE way to go! Darren must have lost his mind. This is not the Darren we knew.We are all in shock. How could it have gotten so bad? My heart goes out to all the Families and friends that had the pleasure to have met Kim. She was funny and beautiful and loved Jackson and everyone she met. Our hearts are broken. I just want justice done to whoever was involved with this Horrific crime. We love and miss you Kim
Responding to Donna

Jackson, WI

#18 Dec 16, 2009
To Donna in Georgetown: PA & MD
I guess the thing that surprises me the most is how Darren is the only one mentioned in all of this. There was Jack Johnson, the supposedly middle man, and Welsh. He was the one who murdered Kim so viciously. Did it ever occur to anyone that Darren could of borrowed money to Jack Johnson for something else and he didn't tell Darren what it was really for? I don't believe that but it was possible. The court of law will find out all the truth so we all know. Darren like you said was a nice person. Did he crack under the pressure of job loss (if that was the case) and two years of court battles? I don't know. All I do know is Kim is dead and if Darren was involved I hope he gets some help because he had to of lost his mind. Like I said before God has a plan and what it is he is the only one who knows. I just feel so sorry for all the parents and siblings. I know from the Wold side only and they are having a real hard time dealing with this. That's why if you want to be angry with the perpetrators that is normal in these circumstances but the poor parents and siblings it has got to be something none of us can even realize fully unless we were in there shoes. Friends, distant family members, etc., can't even imagine what they are going through. You have to be them. It's so heartbreaking. I will always love Darren because if he did this horrible thing I know he was not right in his mind and hope they can get him help. I can't turn love off and on like a faucet. You can love people and hate what they've done. I wasn't going to write anymore because I tried to help all the people involved but failed but I wanted to respond to Donna in Georgetown because she knew both Kim and Darren and also knew this was not characteristic of Darren. My heart goes out to you and Darren and Kims friends too. God Bless, you sound like a real nice caring person. They were lucky to have known you. It really sounds like Kim and Darren had some nice friends. Thank you for your comments I'm sure they are appreciated by all the people reading these blogs.

Lubbock, TX

#19 Dec 16, 2009
"Did he crack under the pressure of job loss (if that was the case) and two years of court battles?"
Darren was fully employed and well paid, making payment was no issue, unless he spent unwisely.
Unanswered Questions

Jackson, WI

#20 Dec 16, 2009
I don't know but I do know he just moved to TX in June or July and according to court records he was unemployed before that. He had to be behind on all things and it takes time to catch up. Where did he work ? You look at all things possible to try to make sense out of all of this. I guess that doesn't really matter now. I just wanted to thank Donna and her friends for being such good friends to Darren & Karen. They have been kind to everyone. Sounds like a nice group of people. I would like to ask, did you work with Darren and how did he seem to you? Did he seem depressed? There have been so many bad comments that I'm kind of distrusting and wonder if this even came from TX. Sorry.

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