Should Sex Predators Have Identifying...

Should Sex Predators Have Identifying License Plates?

There are 73 comments on the WMTV Madison story from Mar 12, 2007, titled Should Sex Predators Have Identifying License Plates?. In it, WMTV Madison reports that:

A Republican lawmaker in Madison introduced a bill today that would force child molesters and sexually violent offenders to place bright green license plates on their vehicles.

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Madison, WI

#1 Mar 13, 2007
This is a ridicoulous idea. Vehicles are sometimes family vehicles, so whomever drives the vehicle would be targeted. What prevents the molester from driving other peoples cars? How about special plates for adulterers, or thieves or owi offenders, or tax delinquents or people behind on support payments or whatever

Madison, WI

#2 Mar 14, 2007
You say ridicoulous? Your from Madison!! Madison should be a gated city, to keep all the lunatics from getting out, not to mention the most corrupt government Wisconsin has ever seen. Oh, the government whose going to restore ethics!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha HA
YEA, I SAY TAG THOSE PEDIPHILES WITH THE GLOWING GREEN PLATE. Once a child is molested, something is taken away from them. their life is ruined not just for a few years, but forever.
And why do you want to protect pediphiles?
Oconomowoc Mom

Oconomowoc, WI

#3 Mar 14, 2007
I think it's a step in the right direction. Parents and innocent children need to have a greater advantage to protect their chidren against molesters. Madwoman shouldn't drive a car that belongs to a sex offender, if the plates would bother her. They are also including that it would be illegal for a sex offender to drive someone elses vehicle.
Madwoman thinks that driving a vehicle, owned by a sex offender, is more important than protecting children from violent sex offenders. I guess we all know why she's called madwoman. Take a bus, to reality.
Oconomowoc Mom

Oconomowoc, WI

#4 Mar 15, 2007
They have defined it. It is "Violent Sexual Child Offender" who has committed and been convicted of a 1st or 2nd degree, violent sex crime against a child.

I believe Hillary Clinton once said it takes "a community" to raise a child. I disagree. If you leave your children to "the community" they will become victims.

I believe it only takes two, loving, caring, devoted, parents who are willing to put their child's needs - above their own. It's not easy, but it is needed.

NO. 1
Parents need to talk with their children. Not just about "Strangers" but ANYONE who touches them innapropriately. Children learn about some things at school, but it is the parents who need to be responsible and make sure the child understands and that the lines of communication are open between child and parent in these matters. The best way to do this is by talking about these difficult subjects with their child in a gentle, but important way.

Parents need more information on "how to protect their children" and who and what to watch out for. They also need information about what to do, if their child tells them about abuse.

Parents need to familiarize themselves with sex offenders in their area through the registered sex offender's website. You can search by zip code or name and see their photos here:

None of this is easy for a parent and least of all an innocent child, but we cannot afford to live in denial. It DOESN"T always happen to "someone else". It is happening more and more. The last statistics I read said 1 out of 4 girls and 1 out of 7 boys, has been a victim. That was in 1989.

I believe, it is better to BE PREPARED and have the information that empowers us and our children so that we are able to recognize a bad situation, and hopefully prevent it. But when it happens, we also need to know how to deal with it.

Psychiatrists, psychologists, and many other organizations have been studying the behaviors of sexual predators for many years, as well as the effects it has had on children. They need to share that information in a way that will help parents, children and those who work with children to effectively protect the children.

The green license plates may not be a solution to the problem as a whole, but it's a start. They said it would also be illegal for a convicted violent child sex offender to drive someone elses vehicle. We NEED to make it difficult for violent child sex predators, to escape with a child. Many crimes use a get-away car. Violent sexual child predators DO NOT need a get-away car. Violent sexual child predators need to be stopped. License plates may help law enforcement catch a violent sexual child predator, before it is too late.

Education, communication, and removal of the threat, are the keys.

Lack of education, lack of communication, changing the subject, looking the other way, keeping quiet, and burying our heads in the sand has allowed this problem to continue and escalate.

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Instead of putting down other peoples' efforts, share your own ideas to BENEFIT others, volunteer, donate some of your precious time for the good of mankind. Help make this world a better place for those little footsteps who follow in ours, those little hands that hold ours and are in need of direction, those little eyes that look to us for help. Make it better. Get off your "couch" and Make a difference.

Mom of six, Grandma of 3... and a Survivor

Education cannot always prevent child abuse, but it can certainly make a difference.
Wisconsin News

Oconomowoc, WI

#5 Mar 15, 2007
I applaud these officials and their efforts to DO SOMETHING, rather than complain!!!
State Rep. Joel Kleefisch (R-Oconomowoc) said at news conference Tuesday March 13,2007 in the Waukesha County Courthouse: "Many crimes against children are committed by offenders using their cars," Kleefisch said. "I believe these brightly colored, green license plates will provide a proactive measure for families and help further protect our children and our communities from our most egregious perpetrators."
Kleefish said. "I'm not interested in the civil liberties of a pedophile. When you rape a child, you give up those rights."
The bill would require individuals convicted of first-degree sexual assault of a child, or second-degree assault of a child where force coercion or violence is used to only drive a car with this type of license plate.
"I believe protecting the rights of innocent children is paramount," Kleefisch said, "and I hope my colleagues in Madison will agree."
Law enforcement, state and county officials and community activists joining Kleefisch at the announcement were state Sen. Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin), state Reps. Jeff Stone (R-Greendale), Mark Gundrum (R-New Berlin), Scott Suder (R-Abbotsford) and Don Pridemore (R-Hartford), Waukesha County Executive Dan Vrakas, Waukesha District Attorney Brad Schimmel, Waukesha County Sheriff Dan Trawicki and representatives from Citizens for a Safe Wisconsin.

If you want to make a difference support the efforts of these officials with your letters of support, volunteering time, or financial support.
With the way things have gone in Wisconsin the past few years, I've been seriously considering moving out of state. I was raised here, but I've lived in other states that don't seem to have the magnitude of problems that Wisconsin has. Wisconsin has claimed to put Children First for years. Time to stop the talk and walk the walk.
Our children's futures depend on us.
Madison News

Oconomowoc, WI

#6 Mar 15, 2007
madwoman wrote:
This is a ridicoulous idea. Vehicles are sometimes family vehicles, so whomever drives the vehicle would be targeted.
Did you let a family member borrow your vehicle this week? Is it green or grey? Does your family members' description, match the description of the man who tried to entice 2 girls in Madison this week?
Wisconsin Law

Oconomowoc, WI

#7 Apr 3, 2007
I looked at the registered sex offenders website for Wisconsin:

I found THIRTY registered sex offenders in Oconomowoc. I am SHOCKED!

One child sex offender who was convicted in Nov. 2006 is already living in Oconomowoc?!!

Something within our judicial system seems very "FISHY" they seem to be using the "catch and release" method to deal with child sex predators.



Since: Apr 07


#8 Apr 5, 2007
I think that One: to label any particular segment of a population is heading for a lawsuit, after someone is targeted by vigilante group(s) and murdered or dismembered
Two: what about all of the multiple offender DUI/OWI's? It has been said on Topix, that once is a "mistake", but more than once is simply not giving a damn about anybody else on the road.
Third: Once labeling starts, where does it end? I believe that a better fit for child molestation would be mandatory castration, but at what age should the line be drawn? What about the 16 or 17 year old who has consent from his 16 or 17 year old girlfriend? It is still statutory rape under the law...
I happen to know of one man who has to register for the rest of his life, because his 17 year old girlfriend's mother got mad at him and then called the cops.(but it was ok before the mother got mad...) For my own thoughts I think a good age to draw a limit would be 14.

And before anybody claims or asks why I would protect a pedophile, I don't or won't, but I am interested in protecting everybodies civil rights that some people would let do of (for "safety") Our liberties are being trampled on by this Gay Old Party administration that is in office right now, and too many people just don't give a damn.


Since: Apr 07


#9 Apr 5, 2007
I agree with Oconomowoc Mom's comment
"Education, communication, and removal of the threat, are the keys"

What better way to remove the threat of first degree or Second degree with violence than by complete castration?
I like eggs

Madison, WI

#10 Apr 6, 2007
Why stop there... let's brand them on their foreheads! Let's see... star of david's been used... scarlet letter too... swastika.... hmmm. And why not stamp a color on regular criminals too. How about homosexuals too! This is a great idea! MARK 'EM ALL!!!!

Oh wait... no, this is a terrible idea. This is a very dangerous step to take. Please put down your pitchforks and torches.


#11 Apr 8, 2007
For those of you who are concerned about teenagers being targeted by laws designed to prevent sexual predators from molesting children, most states have with it called a 'Romeo and Juliet' law.

The "Romeo and Juliet" law provides for penalties when a teen younger than 19 engages in voluntary sexual intercourse, sodomy or lewd touching with a teen between the ages of 14 and 16 (provided the teens are of the opposite sex).

I don't undertand why some people are against laws to protect children. They seem more interested in preserving the rights of sexual predators. Why?

United States

#12 Apr 26, 2007
accusing opponents of this proposed bill of protecting child molesters is not the issue. once a convicted felon serves his time, his debt to society has been paid, hasn't it?? Otherwise, what's the point of the sentence if an offender still has to pay society after serving his time? This doesn't say much about our justice system. Why aren't released robbers, murderers, extortionists, etc. "marked" when they are released? Don't they harm their victims for life too. For example, a child murderer's victim is certainly harmed for life----he's DEAD!!!
Mike Knight

Chilton, WI

#13 Apr 30, 2007
Some are mental or pretend to be mental and don't even drive. They should get tattoos and all should be registered with the state. Not just the ones after 1993 under Wisconsin law. One such offender Danial Belan continues to prey on children.

Backus, MN

#14 May 5, 2007
Hey JJJ your contempt for Madison is laughable. geez its the only fasting growing area in the State and pretty much the U.S., so stay in Janesville and watch your property values drop or annex yourself to Illinois where politics are so clean.
Wisconsiin Dad

Milwaukee, WI

#15 May 9, 2007
While I do agree with much of your statement, the fact is that some of these sick people do have families and the affect of tagging their (ususlly father) would be injurious to the children of these men and not just to the offender. Identificationa and severe restrictions, yes. However, plates will do little to reduce the instances of pedifiolic activity.

Wisconsin Rapids, WI

#16 May 15, 2007
Do all of you remember what a lynch mob is?

We are heading back in to pre 60's era where discrimination was acceptable and practiced everywhere.

So if you are going to label sex offenders, I want a really bright plate for all the drunk drivers that kill more and more people on the road every year. Why does it take a drunk driver up to 8 times to get incarcerated? Why aren't they thrown in jail after the first or even second offense?

Why don't parents want to know if there are drug dealers cruising their childrens' streets? Why haven't they labeled them, more children and adult for that matter are harmed and for life scarred by drugs and alcohol. Why don't they want to label them? As they say once an addict always an addict, or are they? Apparently law makers don't believe that.

Why are we so hell bent on punishing people versus trying to prevent it from happening altogether? They showed us what happens if you have sex too early in 6th grade when they told you about girls getting their period... they showed you crashes and fatal accidents when in driver's Ed. Why not try preventing the offense to begin with?

I think that society is for getting that most sex offender need only take several steps across the hallway in their home to commit their crime.

Also, don't forget about the vigilantes out there. Let's just say that a sex offender's family has only one car... And their child who is of driving age takes the car out one night to do whatever. they are driving down a Wisconsin back road... All of a sudden they are spotted by one of those beefed up trucks with the gun racks in the back window. The truck's passengers see the green licence plate. They decide to 'rid this world of scum' and take the law into their own hands. they proceed to chase down, terrify and run the child off the road and the result is the death of the child and whoever was their passenger. Exactly HOW does that help the children that you CLAIM that you are trying to protect?


BTW, I was also a victim...

Milwaukee, WI

#17 May 16, 2007
I think that this is crazy idea!! What is marking the cars that sex offenders drive going to do?? Can someone explain that to me? If people want to know who is living next-door to them there are ways of finding out. Some of these sex offenders have done there time for their crime, when do they get to move on with their lives??

I also was a victim and don't expect the person who is responsible to pay for the rest of his was 21 years ago. He made a mistake and did the time. Let him start his life over!

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

#18 May 16, 2007
No-that would be a invitation to muder.
I suggest A implant. mirco chip into the penis-when the person gets aroused- a loud alarm will go off, and cause the person a shock to the genital area. This will keep him in line.If that don't work put him to sleep for life.

United States

#19 May 17, 2007
Outstanding OMG!

Milwaukee, WI

#20 May 17, 2007
Okay, fine OMG. But what about the female sex offenders???? And what about the 18 year old male who's girlfriend is 16 and the parents are the ones who press charges, that 18 year old is going to grow up and want to start a family and move on with his life. I think you need to rethink the whole implant thing!!

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