Tara Grinstead- still missing

Kathleen, GA

#245 Nov 8, 2007
Ocillian wrote:
another fine example of stupidity here direck from crime libary. One poster was trying to make peace with the rest and do the write thing and the other comes in and screwss itup beyond hope. this person cannot want Tara Grinstead found: 1. I frequent these boards and I want Tara found with all my heart BUT I do think we as posters have done a great deal of harm to the case, as well as hurting a poor family that had enough pain without us adding to it.
I won’t repeat what was said in private but not all of Tara’s family have a negative opinion of the boards, only the opposite.
2. We have hurt good people that were only trying to help find Tara. Well said with the admins of another board who have spent endless hours helping with this case being the most targeted.
3. The word on the streets were against LE and GBI and people got scared.
I wasn’t on the streets but the CB board was full of it. As well as the private searchers
4. if you alienate LE and GBI
Who alienated the LE more that the private searchers and Tara’s sister. They didn’t get along with the GBI or the LE.
5. The media even shuns the Tara Case now, what we got together to do, we have killed by our actions.
Reporters are interested in reporting the news and the truth. Sadly AG made many statements that were untrue and/or contradicted something she had already said sometimes on the same show. Your kidding yourself if you think this message board had anything to do with the media shuning Tara's case. Besides some people don't want the media anyway.
6. to use my abilities that have been helpful to this Site.
So you’re not in the group you pointed out above. You’ve been helpful to the very site that you claim has done so much harm. Kind of funny GaC and I don’t think I’ll be the only one to disagree with ya.
7. This is the legacy I want for Tara. This is the legacy she left.
GaC we each are responsible for the legacy we leave. Tara’s goodness will stand throughout eternity with out one input from you nor can this board take it away.
8. I do not post often and probably will continue to stay quite on this board.
Again you’ve added so much to this dreadful board that has caused so much pain and suffering you’re gonna to continue to stick around. Interesting
9.. I will add that I do not have a positive POI in mind.
I’m sure MH and his family is glad to know you’ve changed your mind. Maybe you and the Gomer Piles will zero in on the right person one day. BTW I don't have one certain poi either but a case were a lady is missing. And I'm not Gomer Piles either
Your intitled to your opinion and so am I. IJM
This makes absolutely no sense at all, are you drunk ?

Adel, GA

#246 Nov 9, 2007
Just checking back in. I guess that this time lapse answers the above question, huh? ooooohhhh, my aching head ! LOL

Dayton, OH

#247 Nov 10, 2007
Does anyone think maybe M.H. got in TARA GRINSTEAD's purse and got out H.D's business card and planted it in the door? Thank You.

Douglas, GA

#248 Nov 10, 2007

United States

#249 Nov 10, 2007
Another NO.
Optimus Prime

United States

#250 Nov 10, 2007
Wimpydodo, since I have not heard any denial regarding HD's presence around Tara's home that weekend, I would presume that the card was placed there by HD himself...and FWIW, I don't think that either MH or HD is guilty. Just my 2 cents.

Dayton, OH

#251 Nov 11, 2007
Thanks all three of you.

Eddyville, KY

#252 Nov 12, 2007
Been reading posts and need to know who H.D. and M.H. are. Sorry about Tara, remember case from watching Greta. The other post mentioned A.G. giving different info to media who is this?Thanks

Mississauga, Canada

#253 Nov 13, 2007
jen wrote:
Been reading posts and need to know who H.D. and M.H. are. Sorry about Tara, remember case from watching Greta. The other post mentioned A.G. giving different info to media who is this?Thanks
Hope this helps, Heath Dykes, Marcus Harper, Anita Gattis (Taras sister)

Springfield, OH

#254 Nov 13, 2007

The week-end gatherings (EVENTS) of October-20-21-2007 to Honor TEACHER " TARA GRINSTEAD" was supposedly all about TARA.
The person who is Responsible for TARA being Unaccounted for, is responsible for these past EVENTS.
Your bad deed is responsible for the GOOD DEEDS of the People down around Ocilla, GEORGIA.
To think how TARA worked for her Accomplishments and the Respect and Admiration of her Peers, is Admirable.
TARA could draw a crowd around herself. Some of us Envy that.
To realize that you caused these crowds to be drawn the week-end of October-20-21-2007 and it is the only way you ever achieved (if you will) this much control of this many People, is Sad.
This was your -2-year anniversary also. But you are still the LOSER.
TARA is Definately a WINNER, even though she was not at these EVENTS.
I read something about making Deals. I can't make any deals, but I offered to help an OHIO man who was in trouble (serious) and tried to get him through to him before he was charged, to consider TURNING himself in, well he lost all credibility, when they charged him, and his BUDDY started (SINGING), turned on him, and his Wonderful LAWYER still went home every night. OHIO man went off crying and Litterally SCREEMING,(-250-lb'er).
You could have Stolen the Show October -21-2007 by Turning yourself in to Authorities and retained that little bit of diginity and credibility. That's all lost when they have to come and get you. GONE.
What bothers me, is you are taking advantage of your family, friends, and aquaintenances as well as TARA's People when you prolong this.
I'll guarantee you, when they come for you, your BUDDY will turn on you -100-%. It's too late then.
Saturday and Sunday, October -20-21-2007, I knew you were Squirming.
Like I said you could have Stolen the Show and Turned yourself in and Started over.
Like I told the OHIO man, your Lawyer doesn't care about you.
If you don't believe me, just wait and see, like he Bravely did.
What goes through your mind everytime someone looks at you?
Don't expect these people at these (EVENTS) to come running to you when they (AUTHORITIES) CLAMP down on You. You have already been deceitful to them.

Dayton, OH

#255 Nov 14, 2007
Happy Birthday to "TARA GRINSTEAD".

Dayton, OH

#256 Nov 15, 2007
I also would like to know who MHu is. Thank you!.

Perry, GA

#257 Nov 17, 2007
wimpydodo wrote:
I also would like to know who MHu is. Thank you!.
I appreciate your previous post wimpy. Thank you.

MHu is Maria Hulett. Tara's best friend from Tara's home town.

Prayers for Tara today. fep

Dayton, OH

#258 Nov 18, 2007
Thanks FayeP. I really appreciate it.

Boynton Beach, FL

#259 Nov 18, 2007
Did any of ya'll get interviewed this past week? I heard that a tv show crew was in the area.
dan rathernot

United States

#260 Nov 19, 2007
i think the interviews were just for one side of the story as usual. maybe it will get better ratings than haunting evidence. better yet, maybe it will do some good for Tara instead of those being interviewed and attempts at tv fame...lol

did u come down from the bellsouth tower to get some airtime? lol

Dayton, OH

#261 Nov 19, 2007
Would some one please tell me how many sides there are. Is it M.H. vs. H.D. vs. TARA's Family vs. the Policemen's families or Roughly what?

Thank You!

Broxton, GA

#262 Nov 19, 2007
I do not know if there are "sides" but if you do not agree with Tara's sister or her goons you are not considered importent. They think they know what happened and have tried desperatly to "make it fit" for a long time. They have acheived nothing but making people frustrated at their ignorence.

Mississauga, Canada

#263 Nov 19, 2007
wimpydodo wrote:
Would some one please tell me how many sides there are. Is it M.H. vs. H.D. vs. TARA's Family vs. the Policemen's families or Roughly what?
Thank You!
John... sides????? Is Taras case about sides ?:( John...are you reading at CL and TT and WS? Taras case is not about sides.....

Dayton, OH

#264 Nov 19, 2007
I was basing that question on what Dan said about interviews being about one side of the story, which is usual. Maybe a story only has one side, I don't know. Yes I am reading at C.L.. a little, I not familiar with TT and WS, what are they? I agree, it just that I am trying to understand what these people are trying to say.
Thank You!

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