I am not mentioning any last names out of respect for the deceased. I would like to know what you think of a woman (Corinne) who in early 2009, possibly prior, was living with a married man (Jim). This is just fine and happens all the time, however, the estranged wife(Karen), allegedly committed suicide April 2010. This was just a couple months before the finalization of the divorce from Jim. The estranged wife, Karen was beautiful, 47 years old, had a master’s degree, as well worked as a volunteer for a church,and volunteering at animal shelters. This is a true story. A woman in Parker, CO., Corinne who is 45 years old had the estranged wife’s husband Jim, 52 years old, living with her, during the entire period of Corinne's bankruptcy this was in 2009 and finalized the end of 2009. Corinne was claiming to be broke with NO assets-she however somehow acquires a new 2009 Harley Davidson as a “gift”, but she is broke and she failed to report this to the Trustee of bankruptcy. Corinne already had a Subaru baja and a Harley, she needed more. Having said that, Jim the man who paid Corinne's bills and supported her, and filed for a divorce from his estranged wife Karen. Now approx.. 3-4 months before the divorce is finalized his estranged wife Karen commits suicide, Corinne is at Karen's house, the deceased estranged wife, in 2 months time from the divorce and Corinne is selling everything – placing an ad “everything must go! for crying out loud the girlfriend (Corinne) is selling this poor woman’s things. Next thing is the husband who is still residing at the girlfriend’s(Corinne), in Parker Colorado. allows his own home , which was owned by Karen and Jim to be foreclosed on-doesn't give a damn about his own credit. Shortly there after this Corinne, someone with no job in years, she had very little income from the VA, ends up with 2 brand new Mercedes Benz's, among other things, and has moved with the Jim to San Diego, California. Oh, did I fail to mention Corinne now works in a hospice(probably won't last),and had been an intern at hospices during the time frame of Karen's alleged suicide.
The deceased obituary never mentioned the husband (Jim) at all. What are your thoughts? A little more than suspicious wouldn’t you say? Was there life insurance? Probably, and we can see where it might have gone to.
Just saying it's a bit odd - would love to know your thoughts.