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#102 Sep 4, 2013
My 2003 Trailblazer has been giving me a lot of problems lately...Once I took it to the mechanic everything seems to be breaking down...Check engine light is flashing now what could be wrong after all the maintainance...HELP!!! My car is dying the engine shakes now :(
DeAnna Weatherspoon

Moreno Valley, CA

#103 Sep 8, 2013
I've been having the same problems please let me know about the class action lawsuit [email protected]
Wayne Dalton

Charlotte, NC

#104 Sep 8, 2013
Need your help???? How much does it cost to fix/service ETC system an 2003 Chevy Trailblazer? Where can I find it it in my onwer manmuel?
Wayne Dalton

Charlotte, NC

#105 Sep 8, 2013
ETC system on a 03 Chevy Trailblazer need to be replaced. What will it cost me and who can fix it beside the Dealership?
ricky newsome

Kenner, LA

#106 Sep 10, 2013
i have all the same problems with the reduce engine power light. please email me about the law suit
[email protected]

Antioch, TN

#107 Sep 10, 2013
I too have had some of these problems, but I replaced the water pump and I put the most expensive gas in it and my problems have got better. My car is a one owner and it is a 2004.
pulling hair out rapidly

Russell, KS

#108 Sep 11, 2013
I have a 2003 TB, 1st tranny went out # apox 87k, new Jasper put in & it went out with less than 50k on it. I had that tranny rebuilt since warranty was expired.I now have about 5k on it & the solenoids were all replaced last week. This week it has started the following; I am @ cruising speed on interstate when it suddenly looses power. I have foot on pedal & RPM shoots up but no power. I have to pull over & either put it in park or turn it off to return to normal. Or I will be at a complete stop, step n gas to go & nothing...inches forward & sounds like engine roars but barely moves. The engine light will come on when it does this & then back off when issue stops. My cruise control went out at the same time. Any ideas other than just blowing the ^&^&^&^ up?

Jersey City, NJ

#109 Sep 19, 2013
I also have the check engine and reduced engine power light and the car only runs on 1st and second gear. I took it to two mechanics and a car electrician they all claim its the transmission. The only thing that comes on when the check engine gets checked is the accelerator position sensor. I dont know what else to do please help and I would also like information on the lawsuit my email is [email protected]

Lora Jones

Roanoke, VA

#110 Sep 19, 2013
I have a 2004 chevy trailblazer that has started doing the same thing. I was turning into on coming traffic and the truck shut off, engine power loss light and service engine light came on. Luckily I was able to get out of the middle of the road before being hit. I turned the truck off and restarted and it worked fine for about 1month. Now it seems every 30 days the truck either shuts off when I stop or when I am slowing down. any info on why this hasnt been recalled?? [email protected]

Flushing, MI

#111 Sep 19, 2013
03 trailblazer has trouble with the throttle body sending unfired gas through to the cat convertor where it is leads to cat failure and reduced power. Clean/replace throttle first then check the cat.

Joplin, MO

#112 Sep 21, 2013
We just had our transmission rebuilt (2004 TB) and when we picked it up it immediately started bogging down on city driving, seems around 40mph. And at stop lights, it would stall out or run very rough with the a/c running. Did some research and found blogs saying that when the battery is disconnected without the codes being saved, all these symptoms start happening. I have cleaned the throttle body, so now it does not stall while the air conditioner is running. But, it still seems to be bogging down. Is this going to damage my car? What is going on? I was told it could just be an O2 sensor which is about a $50 fix. Any thoughts?
Abe dossantos

Jackson, MI

#113 Sep 22, 2013
Been have the same problems with my TB please email me about any information in the law suit class my email is
[email protected]
It's a shame that haven't had a recall in the so many similar problems

United States

#114 Sep 25, 2013
I got my 03 trailblazer in Feb. Right before it was time for me to make my 6 month payment the reduced engine power light came on and my car just stop moving. Took it back to the dealership and they told me they fixed the problem. Well it did it again. Ended up taking it back to them 4 days in a row where they finally admitted that they just turned off the check engine light because it wasn't doing it when they had it. Well they ended up changing the accelerator sensor. Car drove fine up until about a couple weeks ago. Made arrangements to take it back to them for today. Welll Monday my car just died. Won't start rolling while in park. Now not to mention I have put at least $100 dollars in gas. Because when it does it I have to cut the car off and start it back up and notice that my gas is gone. This is very dangerous because I'm afraid I'm going to get in a horrible accident and my children are in the car with me the majority of the time. They came and got the car today. I'm just trying to figure out has anyone figured out how to resolve this problem before I snap!!!!!!

Enterprise, AL

#115 Sep 26, 2013
My 203 trailblazer does not start sometimes and the head light don' work except high beams was told it was in the PCM. Anyone have this problem

Enterprise, AL

#116 Sep 26, 2013
My 2003 trailblazer doesn't start sometimes and the head lights don't work except the high beams. Was told it was in the PCM. Any one have his problem and can help me.

Hartselle, AL

#117 Sep 26, 2013
I purchesed my 03 TB New and drove it until last year 2012 with only having to do the normal upkeep. Last year things began to happen:(Brake Master Cylinder, Catalytic Converter, Would not start meaning engine would not turn over and had it towed and when the care was at the mechanics place he put the key in the ig and it started. After several months passed it failed to start again and I watched several YT videos and followed the instructions, it started and it happened several more times, the last time I was out of town and wife stranded, she had to rent a car to get home, I was on my way home that evening and stopped and eventually was able to start the vehicle, it happened again at the house, I then replaced the starter switch, it worked fine for two months, this morning it did not start, the security light was on constant from the time I put the after market starter switch in it and it still comes on, it will not start as it did in the past. I was told there are the following that could go wrong: the starter switch, a 4 pronged module,(that was not my problem), a sensor switch on the transmission, or the computer. We eliminated the sensor switch, the module and the ignition switch, put it will not start, the instrument panel lights up and the security light stays on and the check engine light stays on.

It is not that most of us mind replacing old and wore out parts, we just want to know exactly which one and the truthful answer to the question WHY, not maybe this or that or that it works when it does not work. I had rather have an honest answer, Sir Mam We don't know, period. These are all the things that affect starting your vehicle, and if they are all replaced will it Run and continue to Run.

Now, it is my understanding that unless the after market mechanics want to dignose and repair these older vehicles they must pay mega bucks to buy software for their service computers. It seems that there should be a consumer protection law that requires the after market service provider the right to have access to affordable means to service their products as they grow older and repairs are needed.

It seems to me that we are headed toward the age of throw-a-vehicles, Buy One, Drive It, Ditch it, Start over.

Neosho, MO

#118 Sep 27, 2013
My 2003 first while going own a highway slows down like you had your foot on brakes then the light for reduced engine comes on. We have replaced fan clutch before this and water pump. Of coarse while you're paying on it, it runs good. Then after this happened it just seems like a big truck running, your brakes are on, makes noise and power isn't as strong. So if you come p with a plan please let me know. [email protected]
Carrielgagne wrote:
I have a 2003 Chevy Trailblzer that has been nothing but problems. I just spent $1,253 on it with 3 differnt mechanics that can not fix the problem. The reduced engine power ligth comes on and I lose power. I have to pull over, put hazzards on and turn off car and re-start it. I can't even pull out of my driveway w/o this happening. Please help! I have been pulling over every trailblzer I see on the road and most have the same problem. I am ready to start a class action lawsuit. I replaced the gas pedal sensor, the camshaf sensor, throttle body unit, computer, fan clutch, fuel filter, mechanics have checked every wire and they still cannot fix. I have about 6 others phone numbers with the same problem. Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated. If you are having these problems, please email me: [email protected] Please put Chevy Trailblazer in the subject. Lets get our vehicle fixed or be compensated for the Lemons that we all have. By the way all the trailblazers I have pulled over are from 2002 to 2007 and all have similar problems. Please HELP! if you know what will fix it, please also let me know. I'm very frustrated!

Neosho, MO

#119 Sep 27, 2013
I think that chevy should get us all new cars for all the problems

Lake Ozark, MO

#120 Sep 29, 2013
I have a 2004 Trailblazer. Mine started off with the check engine light on and running really ruff just out of the blue. Took it to get a diagnostic done on it. It told me that it has low compression on the second interval. changed the headgasket and the sprk plugs. then bought some exspensive restore stuff for the oil to clean up the rings & what not. Now the reduced engine power light is on and the check engine light. O yeah and found a vacuum hose leak and fixed it. It runs healthier now but new diagnostic says 22 things wrong with it. talked to another mechanic and he said if their was 22 it would not run or start. Well it starts and you put it in drive and she will not go any faster than 20 floored but when you put her in neutral she will peg out... Anyone have any ideas plz let me know or my husband at [email protected] Would greatly appreciate it!!!

Concord, CA

#121 Oct 2, 2013
Yoli wrote:
My 2003 Trailblazer has been giving me a lot of problems lately...Once I took it to the mechanic everything seems to be breaking down...Check engine light is flashing now what could be wrong after all the maintainance...HELP!!! My car is dying the engine shakes now :(
your car needs a tune up, change your plugs especialy

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