2003 Chevy Trailblazer-CHECK ENGINE L...

Pittsburgh, PA

#62 Jun 2, 2013
Have 2003 Trailblazer V8 with 95000. I had the famous Clutch fan changed 3 years ago and 2 years ago changed my air filter and service light came on and has stayed on most of the time since(code for mass airflow sensor) no matter what I do light stays on. Now I have the reduced power light problem and I have to stop and restart to get going. Don't want to waste more money chasing the issue. Doesn't seem class action is going to happen might be time to trade this in...

Jackson, TN

#63 Jun 5, 2013
I'm also having the same issues with my 05 trailblazer. Please add me to the class-action suit email list. I'm at [email protected]

United States

#64 Jun 5, 2013
well, after two months and 3 different mechanics, the last one being the dealer, my traiblazer is fixed!First mechanic replaced the accelerator pedal and nothing, second mechanic gave up and the dealership replaced the ECM, they returned it to me "fixed" and 4 days later it did the same thing again, reduced engine power and service engine soon lights came on and lost power, only accelerated to 30mph then 10mph. It did this twice! went back to dealer and had GM original part accelerator pedal replaced and has been ok for a week now. Hope this helps!!
Elizabeth Ciano

Ocala, FL

#65 Jun 24, 2013
My engine light stays on I took mine to Auto Zone and there computer diagnose it, said " knock sensor."
If you guys have the information on the class action sue, please email me [email protected]
Thank you and God Bless
Cheri Kwekel

Oklahoma City, OK

#66 Jun 27, 2013
Same old bull as everyone else with the heavy trail blazer , we have already spent 1700.00 . It is now in shop again for same time reduced engine power.they just replaced the fan clutch and a few more things can't wait for that bill. WHEN IS THE RECALL! Any information on law action suite count me in please. Email me [email protected]@aol.com

Phoenix, AZ

#67 Jun 28, 2013
These same issues are going on with my 03 trailblazer which ha 150,000 miles. The pedal sensor was replaced, the vehicle seemed ok but it's happened again and it is getting more frequent. Please forward me information as well. [email protected]
ceeja malmkar

Atlanta, GA

#68 Jun 29, 2013
Our 2004 trailblazer has the same reduced engine power.:( add us [email protected]

Mount Vernon, WA

#69 Jun 29, 2013
2004 trailblazer. Been having the same problem. Reduced engine Power and Service Engine lights come on, and then guess what you go no where! It is a computer problem which cost over $500.00 to replace. Had a vacuum leak and that was fixed. This is the first time I have had any problems in the 9 years I've had it. I was told that this had been a major problem with the trailblazers. I'm going to look into this.
Reduce engine power

Dallas, TX

#70 Jul 3, 2013
The 03 trailblazer . The problem was the oil sending unit . Located right above the oil filter . Codes pointed to Acceleration position sensor , I replaced the throttle body and the gas pedal Just the parts were $400. The whole time it was the $40 Pressure sensor.
Reduce engine power

Dallas, TX

#71 Jul 3, 2013
First thing I would do is replace the oil sending unit sensor. Codes will not lead you there trust me. Because the oil gauge was working I thought there's no way that could be the problem. So I replaced the throttle body then the Acceleration gas pedal position sensor. Soon as I replaced the oil pressure sensor problem was fixed

This was a 03 trailblazer 4.2 6 Cylinder
Ronald Willard

United States

#72 Jul 3, 2013
I have a 2003 trail blazer check engine light stays on. Now none of my windows would work turned it off then all the window's worked except the driver's window rain storm rolling in then I hit the lock button as it locked the door's the drivers window went up an inch. I then tried the window button again nothing the only way I could get my window up was to continuously push the lock button the window went up an inch every time I hit the lock button got it rolled up right before the rain storm hit it has 171,000. Miles I just paid after taxes and ins.and plate's $4,600 for this truck I really like it but I want it right when things are right it's a nice truck I am guzzling gas also as far as power I drive like a grandpa. To many bills for a ticket so I don't really tromp on the gas but I'm getting very bad gas mileage

Westfield, MA

#73 Jul 5, 2013
Hi. I just had this same problem for the first time yesterday. Freaked me out. I have a 2004. Hope this isn't going to be an ongoing problem. I happened to be sitting in dead stop traffic for 50 minutes when it happened.

Westfield, MA

#74 Jul 5, 2013
Let me add that the only thing that lost power was the gas pedal. The engine was running and everything worked except the gas pedal. Had both the service engine light and reduce power light on.

Cambridge, MA

#75 Jul 8, 2013
I have a 03 trailblazer and ad of yesterday my truck stopped workin. We replaced my battery and the truck started again. However my service engine soon light came on as well as my reduced engine power light. Also we could not get the truck out of park. We had to take the center council out and trip the lock mechanism to be able to shift the truck. Now my truck will not go over 30 mph. The codes that we received we all in regards to my abs and traction system. And I'm told it could be my computer. Dose anyone know what I can do to fix this. Please help email me with suggestions and or advice. At [email protected] put trailblazer in subject plz

Indianapolis, IN

#76 Jul 14, 2013
03 trailblazer 6 cylinder 4x4 [email protected] or @Yahoo.com same problems I'm in for the lawsuit, second onwer 168000 miles now, New step father of 4 and only vehicle in family...please help

Johnson City, TN

#77 Jul 15, 2013
I have a 2002 Trailblazer and mine has done this 3 or 4 times. So far I have had to replace 3 of the 6 coil packs on the spark plugs. There are 6 packs in all on mine, so I just replace them as they go out. It causes the same problems when they go bad... the engine misses really bad, slow to pick up speed from stop, and doesn't really reach full speed at all. Plus, service engine soon light comes on. I have learned to recognize the sound and feelso I know when to just take it on in.

Newington, CT

#78 Jul 17, 2013
I have a 2002 Trailblazer with 147k miles on it. The service engine/reduced power light started coming on several months ago. The first code p1515 indicated the throttle position sensor. Replaced that week later lights back on. I took it to the Chevy Dealer where I bought it they had it a month and were unable to find the problem. I am interested the class action lawsuit? I can be reached at [email protected]

Mobile, AL

#79 Jul 23, 2013
Steven wrote:
I am also having some of these issues with my 03 trailblazer. The check engine light came on today and then starts flashing around 35 mph. I can tell at least one cylinder is not firing. I have not had the reduced power issue yet. After reading am the posts on this forum I am not sure where to start with fixing it. This is the first issue I have had since I bought it 5 years ago. It only has 114,450 miles on it. I haven't spent any money yet but if there is a law suit I am in.
I would like to join a class lawsuit also so anyone with info email me at [email protected]

Springfield, MO

#80 Jul 24, 2013
I too would like to have my name added to this lawsuit. I am the third owner of a 2003 Trailblazer (230k) and within days of driving it from Michigan to St. Louis, I am experiencing the same issues with acceleration/power. My email is [email protected]

United States

#81 Jul 30, 2013
dan scribner wrote:
my 2003 trailblazer has a lot of the problems you guys trailblazers have had. I have replaced the fan clutch, water pump, serpatine belt, coolant sensor, and still i have a service engine light. and every time I take off, the RPM wind out, like I am climbing a really steep mountain. Talked to a mechanic, he said I probably need to put a GM clutch fan on my trailblazer, which is about 450.00. My wife and I just made our last payment on this rig and now all this starts happening, just my kinda luck.
Put an electric fan instead of replacing fan clutch. Did this to my 03 trailblazer and works great less niose from fan plus a couple extra hp and better gas

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