2003 Chevy Trailblazer-CHECK ENGINE L...
teddy roberts

Brooklyn, NY

#233 Apr 5, 2014
I have the same problem and the solution was quite simple,there is two ports for cigarette lighters under the dash and both are controlled by fuses ,one of my fuse was blown.

Bethesda, MD

#234 Apr 6, 2014
I have a 2003 TB EXT, check engine light has been on ever since I can remember. it has 230k miles on it and I have to un-hook the battery cable and re-connect it to go through emissions. Mechanic says vacuum leak, but can't find where. Sucks! I like the truck, but this problem needs to be recalled.

Haslet, TX

#235 Apr 7, 2014
They say nothing is wrong wrote:
I have a 03 trailblazer and it done this to me yesterday I have not replaced anything bc they have told me nothing is wrong. The light went off after I restarted it and ran fine. When the ligjt came on I had the gas to the floor and it barely done 47. I know something is wrong but they insist nothing is wrong aby help?

I have 2003 trail blazer. When a/c is turned on car loses power and dies out. My mechanic says throttle body needs to be replaced. Does this sound correct?

Crofton, KY

#236 Apr 8, 2014
Ivan wrote:
I have a 2002 trailblazer and it has the same problem with the reduced engine power and the service engine soon" i live on minnesota...
my sis has the SME problem we replace throttle body and still getting the same ole tps code and power lost

Hamilton, OH

#240 Apr 23, 2014
My 2004 chevy trailblazer is doing the exact same thing! Someone please help

Honolulu, HI

#241 Apr 30, 2014
Brittany wrote:
I have a 04 trailblazer. we paid on it for 5yrs with no problems at all with it. the week after we paid it off my husband hit a deer the deer took out my passenger light and cracked my grill but it still drove great. so we had to wait to replace light and grill. it has been a few months now with no headlight but everything was fine. driving down the road going 60mph and my rpm just drops to 0 all the lights come on and i lose power. i shut it off crank it back up and it doesnt want to start. after 3-5 tries it turns over but shacks and my rpm are slowly dropping to 0 again. i may can run it a mile before it shut down again. we are struggling with money right now so we cant take it to be looked at. can anyone help me with what my problem mite be?
This happened to me. As soon as I paid it off, it completely broke down the exact same way. I've changed the spark plugs, ignitions coils, and fuel pump. The reduced engine power light is on and it sounds terrible. I have had this car sitting in my driveway for over a year now. I'm ready to dump this piece of crap.

United States

#244 May 16, 2014
Does anyone know anything about a class action lawsuit? I also have 2003 trailblazer and have had similar problems for years. We replaced the fan clutch twice, the gas tank, the gas cap. My check engine light is always on and the reading comes back as a vacuum leak. None of the gages on my dash work (speedometer, gas,temperature, etc.) I haven't had A/C in years because the louvers keep breaking. They were replaced once when it was still under warranty but broke again. Told them about the popping noise in the speaker then and thought there was an electrical issue but the said they couldn't find anything. This has bar far been the worst vehicle I have ever owned. I wonder why if there are so many problems there hasn't been recalls?

Colorado Springs, CO

#245 May 20, 2014
I have had my 2003 TB LT EXT for 2 years now. A few months after I had it I went to use my AC and the truck instantly lost power and would hesitate to accelerate or bog when I stopped at a light. After a while it was working fine. Then not even a year ago while pulling up to a stop light the truck lost all power and died out and that was first and only time the Engine power light came on. The service engine soon light has gone off and on for over a year. Just these last 2 days as I was driving to work the truck would not go when I pressed the gas. It did not die out, lights were still on and I had to shut ignition off after I pulled over. When I tried to start it again it acted as if wanted to start but engine would not turn over, took about 4-5 tries and 5 min before it started again. First 2 times it started nothing happened when I would push gas pedal and then gauges went down and it died, also first time the "check gauges" light has ever came on.. Finally it stayed started and I was able to get around the rest of the day with no issues. This is very confounding and according to the posts I have read I am not sure if I even want to put any kind of money into it. was told could need my fuel pump replaced. I have had the ignition switch replaced and new wiring cause my brake lights went out and new brake switch did not solve problem. That's almost $500 already.Please respond if you have had similar issues, which sound a little different than what I have read. Any info would be appreciated.

Philadelphia, PA

#246 May 20, 2014
I had all the same issues and my husband and I drove it to auto part store because we read rhe forum and we dont have money to keep putting in to the truck which we have a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer initially it read that there was a misfire in cylinder 6...which made since because I.hadnt had a tuneup.After we replaced truck still did the same lurking and shaking...we waited until check engine light came on again which only took a few minutesand it read we had another misfire on cylider 3... truck did same thing ...I finally took to shop and found out I needed coil for #3and the throttle body cleaned...Truck is now running great its beenabout 2 weeks

La Paz, Mexico

#247 May 27, 2014
Reduce engine power wrote:
First thing I would do is replace the oil sending unit sensor. Codes will not lead you there trust me. Because the oil gauge was working I thought there's no way that could be the problem. So I replaced the throttle body then the Acceleration gas pedal position sensor. Soon as I replaced the oil pressure sensor problem was fixed
This was a 03 trailblazer 4.2 6 Cylinder
I have this Reduce Engine Power light thing happening right now on my 2006 v8. do you know if the v8 has the same issue? Did you hear of anyone else trying this fix and being successful? I am from wisconsin but living in Baja Mexico so I have to sort the problem out myself. I did get the codes and it was for the pedal sensor or the throttle body sensor.

Tucker, GA

#248 May 28, 2014
I own a 2003 trailblazer check engine light stayed on my fix after 1000.00 woth of parts that the odb code reader said to replace .none of which were the problem. 1.cam accuator solenoid. .and a small vacume leak in the evap system .light out no more problems .the solenoid was 63.00 dollars and vacume leak was a gas cap.runs like new now..

Houston, TX

#249 May 31, 2014
Did anyone find out about the lawsuit please let me know
Dat Gurl

Denver, CO

#250 Jun 10, 2014
I have a 03 Trailblazer I have replaced my water pump, Fan, and Serpentine Belt, My check engine light has been on I have taken it to the the shop and they put the code machine on my truck. They told me there was nothing wrong and couldn't figure out why my light was on. Just recently I started to hear a knocking sound in my engine the oil has been changed before the knocking sound can you please enlighten me on what my problem may be with my vehicle

South Lyon, MI

#252 Jun 19, 2014
I have a 2002 tb have all the same problems as above it has 186000 miles

Snover, MI

#253 Jun 29, 2014
I have a 03 trail blazer after going to dealer. 750.00 and another 400.00 still same problem on cruse it will drop to passing gear changed speed sensor still the same that are saying computer now it throws a code ebcm nobody knows what it is can anybody help
april decker

Brunswick, ME

#255 Jul 3, 2014
i cant even go up a little hill going 20 mph! this truck has no bag!!
april decker

Brunswick, ME

#256 Jul 3, 2014
and when you try to step on the gas going up a hill it just bogs down and blats... still owe 7 grand on this blazer...

Brunswick, ME

#257 Jul 3, 2014
Txt me at 2790839

Brooklyn, NY

#258 Jul 7, 2014
I have an 2004 Chevy Trailblazer. This summer for thefirst time when I turn on my a/c after a few minutes the reduced engine power lightcomes on then the car stalls. Once I turn the a/c off the trailblazer runs fine. It stalls only when I stop the truck. When it's moving it doesn't stall. Can anyone tell me what the possible problem is?
RC Carter

New Orleans, LA

#260 Jul 19, 2014
I'm having this issue lol today!!!! GMC ENVOY 2002 LT I have noticed while driving I'd have to take my foot off gas then re apply and lights and guage would go off then all go back to normal. Well my air was not blowing ice balls so I tried to give antifreeze boost when I when I cut my truck off and cut it back on I noticed that I had a
Come up and said check engine and low engine pressure I proceeded to put my truck in drive and nothing happened it crank up but no acceleration. It would go in reverse but drive not so well I got a ride home to come google and I'm soooo lost I'm away from home and clueless to what I should do without causing more harm trying to move my truck . I took the negative wire from battery and plan to hike back to it latter to see if sensors would go off. Please if anyone can offer me a solution

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