First Company Blue Sky Remodeling., Juan Sanchez the owner of the company did a patio cover. His workers were good and knew what they were doing no complains about Juan's workers. Juan Sanchez the contractor left a big mess. I keep calling him to come back and cut the concrete mess he left behind.. I had some skylights installed. Juan left the sticky paper on the windows. They are about 30ft off the floor so I do not have a ladder to remove the paper myself. I had six-French doors that were installed too tight.. Juan would not fix the doors. I had the brand new roof tile powered washed along with my existing tile. The power washer Juan sent did not know how to walk on tile and broke 50-tiles. I asked Juan to fix the tiles that his worker broke. Juan did not fix the tiles instead he send someone to put gobs of thin set on top of the new tile. I had to call a roofer to remove the 50-tiles.

I keep calling Juan and he does not return my calls or text messages.