An ancient civil engineer who stopped by to discuss water supply mentioned the demolition of Vista's Lake Henshaw dam 35 years ago. He said that reservoir captured more pure free rainwater than all San Diego County households use before it was partially destroyed.

When we asked for details to post he scanned our threads and declined, saying members of this forum don't care enough for him to bother going through old files. "Water supply obviously does not interest them" he said, "and most wouldn't understand the water game in progress anyway".

We pointed out that this deliberate waste explains how we've been forced to pay more than $5,000 per home yearly for imported water and services-facilities we did not need. He agreed but said his facts aren't suited to this forum and we'd probably be suspended for discussing it anyway.

It does look like our watershed management planning is of little interest to most folks hereabouts, even though it is the primary tool for extortion of their wealth by the private sector. Auto expenses may cost us more but at least we get something for our money.

His words; "Water would be nearly free and we'd never run short if public servants didn't throw away three times as much as we use" are true but he also appears correct in saying too few of us care enough to fix the problem.