Foreclosure Woes Hit North County Church

Foreclosure Woes Hit North County Church

There are 25 comments on the NBC San Diego story from Apr 30, 2008, titled Foreclosure Woes Hit North County Church. In it, NBC San Diego reports that:

A North County church may need some divine intervention when it comes to finances.

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Recipe for Disaster

Barstow, CA

#1 May 1, 2008
Recipe for Disaster
1. Senior Pastor sleeps with Associate Pastors wife (Hispanic)
2. Associate Pastors wife becomes pregnant.
3. Baby is born (blond hair with blue eyes)
4. Associate Pastor questions fatherhood.
5. Associate Pastor divorces church-employed spouse.
6. Senior Pastor publicly smears departed Pastor from the
pulpit on 3/5/2006.
7. Church members begin to question motive and request DNA.
8. Childs mother stays on payroll and is 'restored' to pulpit
duties by Senior Pastor.
9. Finally junior leaders request DNA test from Senior Pastor.
to quelch rumors and mass exodus of church members.
10. Senior Pastor remains aloof, withdraws from contact with
non-leadership members of the congregation.
11. People leave and take their tithes & offerings with them.
12. Church goes into foreclosure because of PRIDE.
paul felenczak

Maywood, CA

#2 May 1, 2008
Not even worthy of comment.
To Recipe for Disaster

San Diego, CA

#3 May 1, 2008
Sounds like meritless and unfounded rumors to me...

I believe Christians are instructed to pray for people, not slander them.

And, let those who are without sin cast the first stone.

I think I am going to let go and LET GOD!
Old Testament

San Diego, CA

#4 May 1, 2008
It is interesting that people believe that a building represents someones success or failure. We have all experienced situations or read stories in the Bible and history where something at first seemed like a failure on the surface and then turned out to be the very thing God used to turn things around.

We know that the church of the living God is made of the assembly of believers joined together in unity.

Although, AFC, is going through a situation with their building here are the facts of how the Spirit of God have been moving in the church:

1. Weekly on Sunday services people are coming up to the altars and repenting of sins and getting saved.
2. People are getting filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.
3. People are getting healed in their bodies.
4. People are being delivered of demonic oppression and strongholds.
5. There is a fresh and renewed commitment and loyalty from the members towards the things of God and service in the house of God.
6. Teams of leaders in the church have taken responsibility and have been experiencing renewal, revival and releasing strong dynamic preaching.
7. Every Saturday, AFC members have been going into 3 neighborhoods (Super Sabado) in Oceanside and ministering to the children there for over 5 years. Kids are learning how to respect authority, be obedient to their parents etc. In addition, they are being saved, healed and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Jesus is alive and well at AFC! He deserves all the credit! We are excited about what God is doing and we are keeping our eyes on Christ!

And, if you would like to see some clips of the power of God in demonstation go to youtube and you will see posting from the service and Super Sabado.
paul felenczak

Maywood, CA

#5 May 2, 2008
Following a character lacking, worthless, trustless adulterer does not seem to be a logical path to God.

Victoria, TX

#6 May 6, 2008
One of the spirits of the area that the church failed to address in the ealry years is adultery. We beat to death pride and divination. The situation is indeed biblical, I see David, Abraham, and Saul all over it. I have 3 former pastors who fell in North County to adultery. The desire for a son overruled morals. Pride continues to keep true repentance from occurring. I pray especially for Terri every day. I know what she went through was more than any woman could handle, all for her daughter. I do not worship Barry, I pity him. I had a position there & what I saw behind the scenes was sickening.
So Sad

San Diego, CA

#7 May 7, 2008
I was a member for over 10 years. And what "Recipe for Disaster" said about this church pretty much sums it up. I was in leadership, so I did get to see the behind the scene, associate pastor wife closer to Barry (senior pastor) than to her own husband (at that time). Barry protected and defended Carolyn (associate pastor wife) more than he did his own wife -how sad. Terri did cover for Barry, but I think it may have been out of fear that it may jepordize her relationship with her daughter. Barry is a Master Manipulator -who knows what all he is capable. I know that he is a womanizer -all men in that church -protect your wives! He controls by acting as the "poor victim" -everyone out there is evil and out to get him. In reality, everyone out there has had their eyes open and are walking in freedom -but he deceives people by defaming them once they leave his church. Now he is hiding. It may be better for him to leave this county -or state for that matter! I would not be surprised if he leaves town, takes Carolyn with him. HA...they both deserve each other. I do pray for their salvations -and hope they both repent and get right before God -so this matter is not repeated at a different location. This is not slander, it is facts.

Chandler, AZ

#8 May 7, 2008
So Sad and Recipe for Disaster speak the complete truth, not slander or gossip - FACTS. Now we all know why the divorce of BC and TC was blamed on stress! YA THINK there was a little STRESS with THAT going on????? Enough walking around on eggshells about what has happened and people sticking up for things they don't even know about. THERE YOU GO, Recipe for Disaser - THAT is exactly why everyone left and let's not forget NO REPENTENCE and the continued lies from the pulpit.
I also was directly behind the scenes and in leadership for more than 10 years. Listed above is your 12-step program to adultery, completely.
DNA will prove that, but runner's dont stick around long enough to get that far. it's called FEAR and PRIDE. it would have been much easier to just admit his mistakes, apologize to the HUSBAND (VL) of the mother, apologize to your own WIFE and daughter, take what comes, and DEAL with the sin. RL thought he would get away with his 'sin', too BUT that didn't happen nor will it for BC. Liars lie to cover up embarrassing situations and continue in their selfish ways, but this one is no longer hidden. My question is: When will the child support payments start?? So Sad was right - men, protect your wives... this is NO JOKE, please don't think it can't happen. BC knows what he's doing - I saw it right in front of my eyes and it was sickening.
Unless he repents, he should not be in ANYONE'S pulpit - this is not the actions of a man that God would have represent His Word. I pray that the supposed leadership that is taking over for AFC believes in what we are all trying to say and requires him get this DNA test done - prove to the world, BC, be that MAN you preach about... Dare ya! or shut up and leave the pulpit to those more capable of following the Word of God, but be HONEST to yourself and those listening before you hurt MORE people.
Very Very Sad

Escondido, CA

#9 May 7, 2008
All I want to know was she worth destroying Gods house over? Then he hides letting other people take care of the church and continue to lie for him. He is not even man enough to stand with them and try to get the church back on track Barry is only thinking of his self like always. He has no fear of God and the people that have cover for him have no fear of God. I feel sad for them because they are going to have to stand before God one day and they better pray that they don't die before they get it right with God.
Recipe for Disaster

Barstow, CA

#10 May 8, 2008
To all and in particular Old Testament, I have no reason to doubt that the spirit of God is moving at AFC at this time. What I and what I feel most write about is not the church itself or much about the building. The main focus is the lack of moral leadership, lack of charcter, lack of integrity, manipulation of innocent people and spiritual abuse of others by the senior pastor, Barry Cook. All the things happening at AFC now are wonderful... however let's take a realistic look at some of this. The statements of renewed commitment by AFC members and accompaning videos posted on YouTube were strategically place there by your church leadership. No one from your congregation just happened to submit those words to the atmosphere or send them in to YouTube and other video outlets. You all are continuing to be manipulated by media department.
As far as the 'teams of leaders'who are taking responsibility, that is a misconception that you have also unfortunately bought in to. The only reason team is being utilized at AFC to misdirect throw off any real responsibility of what is truly going on. If you hide behind your team, no one can truly blame you for what is going on. The only true team at AFC is Barry, Ron and Carlton at 1602 and Carolyn from where ever she is.
Thou all of them are responsible for the deception and Barry as the leader is the main culprit and master-mind. I will say this in fairness of the two men, their financial stability and incomes are directly tied to Barry's fate. I am in no way condoning their major participation against the people of God, I do see how they can continue this charade on this point.
Their pride is another major factor in their decision to perpetuate Barry lies. Where else could Ron go and basically go from the church secretary and in four years be an Elder? Where else could Carlton go and get to preach and lead 90% of all the songs at praise and worship and solos? See Barry locates your hot buttons and exploits them just as he did when he seduces and commited spirtual incest with Carolyn.
If your dentist, hypnotist or doctor took advantage of you while under anesthesia there would be a police investigation. If this person employed a team of caretakers to work on you during this time it would be even harder to figure out which one actually did the molesting, it is quite simple really.
Gotta go for now, I will address Super Sabado in my next post. Blessing to all.
Believe it

San Marcos, CA

#11 May 10, 2008
Sad wrote:
One of the spirits of the area that the church failed to address in the ealry years is adultery. We beat to death pride and divination. The situation is indeed biblical, I see David, Abraham, and Saul all over it. I have 3 former pastors who fell in North County to adultery. The desire for a son overruled morals. Pride continues to keep true repentance from occurring. I pray especially for Terri every day. I know what she went through was more than any woman could handle, all for her daughter. I do not worship Barry, I pity him. I had a position there & what I saw behind the scenes was sickening.
Some may ask, "Why would a man who seemingly have everything be so careless to lose it all?" The answer lies above. Cook's wife became barren in her mid thirties. Cook wanted a son and he did what he had to do to get one. He got what he wanted. The cost was too great....hence the foreclosure.
From Scott blog

Barstow, CA

#12 May 10, 2008
Taken from the Union Tribune Article from yesterday: In 2005, the same year Ambassador moved into its new two-story home, Carolyn Limon, a church office worker, filed for divorce from Vincent Limon, a former assistant minister. According to court records, a paternity test revealed that Limon was not the father of the coupleís young child.
Wow, if the court records are true, why did BC bash VL from the pulpit on 3/5/06 so bad and more importantly how and why would CL sit there and allow it to happen with out standing up and saying she was responsible for her husband leaving her. BC said that VL left his wife and children several times during that sermon, I believe he knew at that time that Ricky was not VLsí child and now we all know that CL knew it also.
Proves to me that BC and CL had something between them that does not fit into any category of íspiritual coveringí in my book. Why would this pastor bash the male in the family for leaving and coddle the female without balancing out the story with her indescretions, if he was going to tell it publicly at all. BC told this as if CL was a victim of heartless no-good husband.
How devastating it must have been for VL to read the results from this paternity test, that the child his wife carried inside of her body for nine months, went through the pains of child birth with, a child he held in his hands, loved on, supported and cared for was from the seed of another man. A lot of men I know may have done more than just leave her. BC may not be the father but one thing is for sure, he donít want to take the chance of proving that he is! He may not be the biological father of her child but he at least participated with CL in the cover-up of her adultery, the real reason her husband left her and the smear campaign of VLís character and career.
This reporter did an excellent job of pulling back the curtain and exposing more of the truth. SG much love to you and your entire family, please keep us informed on the progress and release of your sonís book. Iím informing and taking pre-orders for my family and friends back here in the midwest already. You keep standing!
Just wondering

Visalia, CA

#13 Jul 8, 2008
Does anyone know what happened to Terri Cook? Is she healing? Is she preparing for more ministry in the future? What church is she now going to? Is she still in the area? Did she keep her married name or go back to her maiden name?
I was there

San Francisco, CA

#14 Aug 8, 2008
I was there as a single man for sometime as a core part of the church and part of the leadership. Being a close personal friend of Vince it was hard at first to understand why he had turned a cold shoulder toward me. I had been friends with him for more than five years before he even knew Barry Cook and he had never been that way. The more I was exposed to the core group of the ministry and the lil clicks and BC I realized that BC had a major control issue and was manipulating a lot of people to have his way. When I shunned this behavior and refused to conform Barry Cook resorted to publicly insulting me any chance he got, and warned his lil puppets to stay away from me because I was a rebel... more like a threat. As transparent as he was no one was getting it. I was kicked out of some of the church members houses, I was threatened, I was manipulated into believeing that I was a sinner because I didn't agree with BC or his views. I was even told point blank to my face that church leaders would pack my bags for me a escort me out of town. Ain't that something when all you want to do is serve God. To all who choose to turn a blind eye to this whole mess and refuse to accept that even leaders make mistake, lookout because you are knee deep in it and are perpetuating more problems. Do yourselves and BC a favor and stand up for yourselves cause no one is holding your hand any longer. Get on with your life, grow up and move on. As far as Terri Cook she can be found on try as you may, she may not be ready to open up and communicate. If care anybit about her and Joy, just pray for her and let her be.

United States

#15 Aug 9, 2008
Thank God this Church is coming to an end. Its harmed so many people with its fundamentalist creed. I pray and hope that the building is taken from them and that the government investigates these individuals and brings them to justice. Christianity, like all religions, is simply a means of taking money from the productive section of society and bestowing it on the parasites.

And when they trespass upon my property to insult me I have physically assaulted them using whatever means necessary to attain retribution against their disrespect. I don't know how many times my fist has smashed a proselytizing mouth at the first insult. My yard is literally strewn with the teeth of people who would come onto my property to tell me and my children how we will be tortured unless I believe what they believe and give them money. Well I give them something better than my money, I give them free knuckle sandwiches and they leave with their clocks cleaned. Do not come onto my property!!

Thank you.

El Dorado Hills, CA

#16 Aug 9, 2008
I'm with you George. When someone comes to my door to tell me my religion is wrong and that their's is right I immediately let my fists to the talking. I find nothing wrong with treating rude people to a taste of their own medicine. They come uninvited and leave with their teeth loose.
praise the Lord

Lake Jackson, TX

#17 Dec 9, 2008
bless the lord everything i knew in my spirit was correct

i knew in my spirit, all the things everyone is saying, the lord told me in my spirit. its amazing how the lord warns you of things... then you leave, then it happens...
i hope barry repents and finds Jesus...
God bless...
delilah p

Helena, MT

#18 May 16, 2010
i belonged to afc for several years and many good things came out of that church many !!
we must not judge what has happened , yes it is devistating but we are all human and fall harder than others may at times.
pastor b. cook will be held accountable as carolyn will too. but we are not to pass judgment, leave that to God.

Wetumpka, AL

#19 Mar 26, 2011
To Recipe for Disaster wrote:
Sounds like meritless and unfounded rumors to me...
I believe Christians are instructed to pray for people, not slander them.
And, let those who are without sin cast the first stone.
I think I am going to let go and LET GOD!
Three years after your post: Barry Cook takes a leadership position in Montgomery, Alabama where he is arrested for sexually torturing and sodomizing a 12 year old boy. Let go and LET GOD? How about some old fashioned Church discipline to keep these predators out of our pulpits?

Wetumpka, AL

#20 Mar 26, 2011
I'm very concerned about this whole ordeal. I know God will judge each and everyone of us at the end of our physical life (and our body dies), when we join him in heaven. But, here on earth, for EVERY choice God has freely given us to make, there IS a consequence. Are you trying to tell me that this man should not face the consequences of his choices? Are you saying that when you break the law, you don't have to do time? I'm all about forgiveness, that is not the issue here. Murders, child abusers, adulterers, drug addicts, alcoholics, etc. can be forgiven. ANYONE can be forgiven of their sins. But, here on earth, each action you take, will ultimately have a reaction, good or bad. And THOSE actions always affect more than just you.

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