dollar general store
innocent bystander

Louisville, TN

#41 Jul 23, 2012
real wrote:
are you the one i saw getting arrested there? probably. get over it. thats her job. i did witness someone getting caught stealing from there a few days ago. 2 women. 2 men were outside waiting for them but the women got caught inside could it be possible(likely) this was your boyfriend your referring to being asked to empty his pockets? contact the police dept for a list of arrests. if this was not you im referring to, youll at least know the trash that helped put you in this situation, and maybe you understand why she spoke with your boyfriend. from expierience in lawenforcement i can tell you accomplices are outside of businesses to be lookout, to store the stolen merch, to provide "speedbumps" for their accomplices to flee and so-forth. so my suggestion would be to let it go. youll be embarresed many more times in life. mistakes can happen. i stopped law enforcement to study law. which you know i cant disclose my name for legal reasons. youll see no money. if you do attain a lawyer for this case which is doubtful, their hourly rate is all thats on their minds. just saying.......
From what I have read so far, your boyfriend definitely has a case not only against the employee that stopped him but by Dollar General Corporation as well. I don't know what the policy is at the Dollar General but I can tell you that I have worked several jobs for different stores (Wal-mart, JC Penney and Sears) and we were never ever allowed to stop someone unless we knew for a fact that they had something. We had many staff meeting when this was always brought to employee's attention. If you actually see a customer pick up an item put it in their pocket, purse, totebag whatever and you see them go directly outside then we were allowed to stop them If we saw them pick up merchandise and they walked around the store and had an opportunity to put the merchandise down, then we were not to approach them. I am sure that the Dollar General has their own policies on this. I personally think it is wrong for any employee of a store to stop someone and ask to see in their purse or pockets unless they are absolutely sure that they have stolen something. I believe this young man has every right to sue this employee and the store. Good luck to you. I hope that you get reimbursed for your embarassment, harassment and having your character questioned. Let us know the outcome of the case. I want to know what happens.
secret shopper

Pineville, WV

#42 Jul 23, 2012
Well, i think it's total bull$hit that you're being such a crybaby...she was only doing her JOB. Y'all should've stold some tissues for your crying a$$es...GET OVER IT ALREADY!

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Since: Jul 12

Oceana, WV

#43 Jul 24, 2012
Well, I'll never join your class action lawsuit - I guess I'll be the only person left in town still broke enough to have to shop at the Dollar General.
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the keen observer

Gilbert, WV

#45 Jul 24, 2012
Look I know for a fact that dg has a lot of shoplifters and people that try to u need to get off of the employees they do the best they can do until you walk a mile in their shoes you people shouldn't open your mouths on the hard working people at dg
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Oceana, WV

#47 Jul 24, 2012
They are hidden cameras in the store and 2 people saw you in the store and witnessed what happened So...take it to court,dumb head! You are in for a big surprise!

Statts Mills, WV

#48 Jul 24, 2012
___MrsMurphy___ wrote:
From all that I have read from Marlboro Man, she has a definate someone owes me something attitude. Most likely you look like trash, you most likely acted like an idiot in the store to draw attention to yourself, and most likely deserved to be called out like she did. You have no legal case, you could have told her no when asked to empty your pockets and waited for the law. You blew it and ignorence of the law is no excuse. You want money, earn it instead of trying to screw companies out of it.
awww hell go pull up depends mrs murphy and go have a boob lift and get off ur rump
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Williamstown, WV

#51 Jul 24, 2012
who will pay the lawyer after you lose?

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Oceana, WV

#52 Jul 24, 2012
I really like the Dollar General - I think I will sue Marlboro Man for talking crap about it.

United States

#53 Jul 24, 2012
The only one embarraced seems to have been the employee and what of the discrimanation deal....her ugly and you pretty? The so called lawyer,,,,they get a cut of a settlement, so sure he'll latch on to this.
Sounds like a good excuse to play the system and I and others have to pay for it. I laugh at how embarrsed you make yourself you should be.

p.s. excuse my embarresed.
billy roy

Mullens, WV

#54 Jul 24, 2012

Independence, WV

#55 Jul 24, 2012
___MrsMurphy___ wrote:
<quoted text>Not that it is any of your business but my breasts are wonderful and exactly where they belong. No need to waste money. Does welfare pay for yours?
if welfare pay for sex change lmfao

Ardsley, NY

#56 Aug 5, 2012
The employees there DO NOT STEAL from there...I was gonna keep my nose out of this but you're talking about women who are like family to me....they work their butts off each and every the pay isn't fantastic but they are some one the best people you will meet.....

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#57 Sep 30, 2012
Has Marlboro Man received his large settlement from being sued over an employee asking him to empty his pockets?

Pineville, WV

#58 Oct 1, 2012
Who is the hateful looking older woman they just hired?? Her face would crack if she smiled!!!
big mac
#59 Oct 1, 2012
Sounds pist cause bout got caught. Next time don't panic n keep the goods onya. They figure ur too smart to try it again.

Pineville, WV

#60 Oct 5, 2012
who wrote:
Who is the hateful looking older woman they just hired?? Her face would crack if she smiled!!!
I'm related to this hateful so called person u speak about and we may not never get along but she is nice to others. U must have been rude to her for her to be like that and then again I still don't believe it because she's not like me, I speak out and she holds things in..........SO GET A LIFE AND STAY OUTTA HERS!!!!

Virginia Beach, VA

#61 Oct 5, 2012
Dollar General Corp. is owned by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co., Goldman Sachs and Citigroup. They employ more lawyers than you can count just for frivolous lawsuits. They would bury you in court.
Cindy to marlboro man

Derby, KS

#62 May 8, 2013
I believe you. The same thing happened to me today. I've been going to this store in Oklahoma since it's been opened;more than 10 years. It was only my intent to just brouse around to kill some time while I waited for my husband who was at the doctors office. As usual I did buy some things for my granddaughter. As I walked out of the store this teenager apparently had been waiting for me outside the door and she directly told me I put something in my shirt. I said oh really? And you saw me put something in my shirt? She replied no, an old man (a customer) said he saw you put something in your shirt. I said No I don't think he saw me doing anything. And I asked her if this was her reason for accusing me of stealing? Seriously? So your going to accuse all your customers of stealing because a customer said they saw someone stole something? I expressed to her that you cannot accuse anyone of stealing unless you have proof they stole something. The only thing I put in my pocket were my keys and cell phone. That idiot did this in front of customers and in front of my child. I was mortified. I started to leave in my car, and decided to go back into the store to get their corporate telephone number and her managers name and number. I called their corporate office and filed a complaint. I will be contacting my attorney as well. I informed that girl to tell that manager to have their servalance video on hand for my attorney. And yes, I can sue them for humiliating me in public, falsely accusing me of stealing, defamation of my charactor and embarrassing me. I've never been accused of stealing and I have never stole anything in my life.
only me

United States

#63 May 9, 2013
marlboro man wrote:
I don't know what that long nosed bitche's problem is but I am sick and tired of her ugly ass. She followed me and my boyfriend around in that store like we were going to steal something. We didn't buy anything and left the store. The big nosed ugly witch came up behind us and said she saw us take something from the store. She asked my boyfriend to empty his pockets which he did. The only thing in his pocket was his keys and some change. Now this bitch is going to have to answer for harrassing us. I am contacting someone who has a higher position than her. I am going to sue Dollar General store AND this bitches ass. Hey, next time I go in I am taking my daughter's diaper bag, let the bitch stop me when I leave. She will get the Sh!t knocked out of her if she thinks she is going to embarass me and make me open my baby's diaper bag. BEWARE PEOPLE BEWARE
honey you must hot something she wouldn't have followed you just saying

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#64 May 12, 2013
I don't think they have the right to check your purse.

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