who's better in bed short women or ta...

who's better in bed short women or tall women

Created by HOT ASS on Jul 29, 2010

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short women ya

tall women ya


Hyattsville, MD

#23 Jun 12, 2013
This is really offensive to tall girls. First of all, we don't fit in with the crowd, now this, short girls have it easy.

Birmingham, UK

#24 Jun 15, 2013
I personally prefer short women I just think they are better and they also have bigger bums

Reading, UK

#25 Jun 24, 2013
Not wrote:
<quoted text>.
WellI hope you know that you just ruined my day, was feeling so confident until your butt came around... HATE YOU!
Ahh I just love being described as a circus freakshow type being.. I feel like the guy who wrote it is short/insecure. I'm not saying short guys are bad; in fact one of my favourite exes was about 5"7, and he was great in bed... Forgotten where I was now. Oh yes, this amazon ain't happy.

Ardsley, NY

#26 Jul 9, 2013
Not wrote:
<quoted text>.
WellI hope you know that you just ruined my day, was feeling so confident until your butt came around... HATE YOU!
she's a bitch. I'm tall and I read her rude comment and feel horrible. Models arnt pretty, they look like tall boys?!? Wtf no they don't. She's just jealous.

Mount Pleasant, MI

#27 Jul 25, 2013
I prefer tall women. I am a tall big guy and can be rough. The short women I have been with are more fragile and delicate. I also can't get enough of the long legs.

San Salvador, El Salvador

#28 Aug 14, 2013
I've been with girls from 5ft 1 to 5ft 8.
I don't think bed activity is linked to height.

However, think about aging, short girls make later short women, and if they get even just a bit fat they look like a ball.
Tall women always have some classy presence even with a bit of fat.

your choice, i go for tall ones ;)

Palmer, IL

#29 Aug 14, 2013
This is actually Bs. Height has to do with genetics and the level of proper nutrition you receive as a child . Also the same things that effect how attractive you become. They are dominant not masculine features that related to how healthy and prime of a mate you would be. Also Marilyn Monroe 5'5 while average height now was rather tall for her day as people evolve they become taller. Its not a mystery why some of the woman considered the most beautiful in the world are tall . Ms. Universe, super models , ect... tall people (men & women) also test with higher IQ scores on average. The person that wrote this bashing tall people is obviously short and discruntled but not to worry there are also men that prefer short women because it makes them feel confident to tower over their mate.

Palmer, IL

#30 Aug 14, 2013
I'm 5'7 wear natural 34 D bra have large eyes ,high cheekbones and long legs. What's masculine about that? Actually tallness is a dominant feature not a masculine one. Height has to do with genetics and the level of proper nutrition you receive growing up. That being said I think beautiful woman and woman good in bed come it all heights. Its just a matter of preference and luckily not everyone prefers the same things. No sesnse in anyone getting insecure about it. Certainly no sense in taking jabs , that's not pretty no matter what your height it as it shows insecurity even more so.

Halifax, Canada

#31 Aug 16, 2013
At least one of the perks of being a tall woman is you can eat a lot more than most short women and not gain weight, or not so noticeably. Because sex might be great but you can't deny that food is the other main joy in life :-P

Silver Spring, MD

#33 Sep 8, 2013
Michelle wrote:
At least one of the perks of being a tall woman is you can eat a lot more than most short women and not gain weight, or not so noticeably. Because sex might be great but you can't deny that food is the other main joy in life :-P
That's crap. I'm 5'3 with ridiculously high metabolism. So much so that I eat all the time and still have never breached 130. It's all based on genetics and how you take care of yourself.

United States

#34 Sep 10, 2013
Im really short and have have small boobs and a small butt so all short women dont have big boobs and butt

United States

#35 Sep 10, 2013
Who cares how tall or short i think tall women have those beautiful long legs and short are petite and cute :)

United States

#36 Sep 12, 2013
Bla bla bla stfu eat a cookie
tall beautiful

Corpus Christi, TX

#37 Sep 27, 2013
JOHN wrote:
<quoted text>
Height is a msculine trait, not feminine!
Most women in the&#65279; world are below 5'7"! models arent known for beauty! they look like 7 foot tall teenage boys.Look up marilyn monroe,vida guerra,kim kardashain,shakira,jessica simpson,mulher melao,mayra veronica,coco austin,Sarah lime,Monica santiago,Arab,latina,italian,a rmen­ian,etc women! all these women are not tall I listed either!! actually, shorter women have more estrogen which explains &#65279;curves! ppl need to stop with these ugly crackhead 7 foot tall models!Shorter women have more estrogen because estrogen halts bone growth! thats why men having more testosterone are taller than females! women who are more feminine have more estrogen(wide hips/big butt/breasts/feminien features,etc)
which is known to be in shorter women. Most women in the world are not tall either! I wouldnt want an unfeminine circus attraction!
You sound upset. For you information this isn't 1960 Marilyn is dead tall is amazing beautiful short girls look like little ass kids and where I am guys don't like short girls we laugh at them for lookin like toddlers be real long sexy legs are in curves are in to and I'm blessed. You sure did take a lot of time writing this so I would assume your short and insulted youll be okay little one xD
prashant chauhan

New Delhi, India

#38 Oct 1, 2013
im 6 feet and always like tall girl..even on bed...or on road.......
short girls better in bed

Casablanca, Morocco

#39 Oct 2, 2013
..tall girls are,(sticking to the subject discussed)
- Heavy, difficult to physically manipulate in bed, in woman on top positions they ll make you workout a lot,
- Slow, when given full control due to the length of their limbs all their movement are slow even the frequency of strokes of anything you can imagine,
- LOOOOSE VAGINA, tight pussy are on tight bodies that's a fact,
- Rigid, less acrobatic anyway in acrobatic sex positions they look ridiculous not cute at all..( like an octopus on land trying to reach water again :p )
- difficult to reach, a combination of face boob feet and groin parts at the same time is practically impossible...to reach easily all sexual parts with hand mouth or sex part is important, with tall women you always have to readjust your body position and make compromises to what you should choose to play with and whatnot all this thinking process is a mood/erection killer sometime..
- a lot of sex position where the man feel that kind of power let's call it dominant positions like lifting positions for instance are neutered out because a tall woman is not small you feel like you are fighting another huge body not dominating (sexy but huge) anyway that feeling is canceled dead..

a woman's body is always sexy no matter how tall or small it is that not the issue here, but being practical and knowing that attraction ultimately lessens gradually,
being pretty fun in bed is a HUGE DEAL and being not that good can be a deal breaker :/

San Salvador, El Salvador

#40 Oct 4, 2013
Another interesting point is, do tall girls consider having sex with smaller guys ?
short girls better in bed

Casablanca, Morocco

#41 Oct 7, 2013
LilGuy wrote:
Another interesting point is, do tall girls consider having sex with smaller guys ?
you have to understand the dynamic behind this, this whole short guy seeking relationship with tall girls...
it not actually based on preference but instead it is based on the fact that a short guy have a harder time dating a tall girl,, and not succeeding in testing what it's like, what i mean is that:

if short guys found it easy to date taller girls they wouldn't seek their attention more enthusiastically, yes the majority of short guys are stuck in this state of mind.....of WANTING TO TRY what a tall girl is like.....and not having the chance to compare with their other shorter dates...what could happen if they fulfilled their fantasy of dating taller girls more easily is likely to forget about it because it's not worth all the trouble....

on the other hand girls do not want to date shorter guys because:
* they do not want to dominate their partner in appearance, and feel like a giant weakling asking protection from a smaller partner, so they are more self conscious than you think.....also based on their perception of their own body they have built in their mind a certain warped perception of how an adult male body should look like....and smaller guys tend to not fit in that...
* they also think that, which is false, that taller guys have bigger penises...and that is false assumption, because penis size do not have any correlation with any other part of the body, simply because the main cells constituting the penis are specific to that area and are nowhere else found on the body, having that in mind, saying that a tall guy always have bigger penis is like saying that a tall guy always have a bigger nose..(check out shortymac pornstar)

anyway the rejection stems mainly from these two points but the source of the problem is the unwillingness of the girls not the guys....
because the guys only want to have some fun and FULFILL A LIFE FANTASY and those girls with their appearance based expectations make it impossible because they are seeking to socially look good WALKING BESIDE A PARTNER...

all of this "short guys seeking tall girls story" is only the result of an unfulfilled fantasy and doesn't have anything to do with quality time experienced with a tall woman of any kind...and its also harmful to the tall ladies...because this is contributing to letting them think that being tall is an advantage which lead them to use it as an asset in choosing a mate....but it's unstable because something that inflated in value tend to burst imminently when valued...so tall ladies do not think that by being tall makes are hot....because being tall to a fantasizing man is only a novelty perk and not a hotness stable factor....

Neutral Bay, Australia

#42 Oct 11, 2013
small women are better because you’re the little spoon: No man wants to cuddle with a beast. We all love to hold that girl between our arms after some good sex, but it’s kind of hard when your girl is twice the size of you. No matter what magic trick you pulled off to have sex with this tall woman, there is no way that cuddling with her is fun or enjoyable. Most of the time you’re just going to end up on the inside of the spoon.
Hand jobs from her are the most emasculating thing: Monster hands are scary. Especially on a woman who is about to jerk you off. Once she puts her hands on your penis, it almost makes your johnson look nonexistent. Your penis looking like a mini egg roll in her palms can’t be good for anyone’s self esteem. It is almost frightening to have a big woman jerk you off — for fear that she may somehow break your penis.
in every photo she has to bend down to your level: Taking photos next to a tall girl isn’t fun. There will be plenty of occasions in your courtship where you will be required to take photos. Either you need to be on a higher platform or she needs to slouch down to get on your level. This leads to a lot of awkward photos. If in every photo she is slouching down and looking weird, then there is a problem — and the problem is that she is too damn tall.
Even flirting requires a step stool: Okay, so you bought her a drink and now you want to actually spit some game. Well you should’ve reconsidered because whispering in her ear is impossible. Now you’re stuck trying to talk to her because you already spent money on the drink. Standing on your tippy toes all night long, trying to have a conversation, is not sexy. Now you’re out of luck. On top of that, it looks comical if every time she speaks to you, she has to hunch down to your level.
No one likes ass in their solar plexus while dancing: After a few drinks and a few conversations, there always comes that time when you’re drunk enough to bust a move on the dance floor. However dancing with tall chicks is annoying. Instead of getting a good booty grind, you will spend much of the time getting acquainted with the back of her knees while her butt is rubbing up against your chest. At least you will get an A for effort, but in the long run that sh*t isn’t fun. Who wants to dance with a set of knees anyway?
When kissing her goodbye, there is a good chance you get collar bone: You have been dancing with her for some time now and things are slowly starting to heat up. You must make your move. You know there are not platforms around you and she’s not going to just kneel down and kiss you. So with all your might you stretch to try and touch those sweet beautiful lips and all of a sudden you realize the highest you can get is her collar bone. Not so great. While you’re busy kissing her collar bone, she is making out with the top of your head. Nothing like a make out session with a tall girl.
Reaching her hair during doggy style is almost impossible: If you can’t reach her hair and pull on it while giving her doggy, then there is an issue. If this occurs when you are having sex then you know that this girl is too tall for you. What can you do? We all like to get a little rachet when it comes to the bedroom and what woman doesn’t like to have her hair pulled? In a way it kind of defeats the whole purpose of doing it doggy. If she needs extensions just for her hair to be long enough for you to pull it during sex, then she’s too tall.
Because looking like a referee during missionary position is a no go: On top of doggy problems, you’ll look like an NFL referee while in the missionary position. There is no reason your arms should be flailing in the air like a goal line referee as you try to secure her ankles and give her the business. Just know when to cut your losses. Finish up and try not to have this experience repeat.
You know what they say about women with big feet…massive vaginas.

Jackson, OH

#43 Oct 26, 2013
general response wrote:
<quoted text>
well nobody likes a b i t c h, tall or short
Well nobody like an a**hole either. And she wasn't being a b****?

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