who is bernie decastro

who is bernie decastro

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jose c

United States

#1 Oct 5, 2012
More than 50 years ago, Bernard F. "Bernie" DeCastro started on a path that led from his home in a low-income suburb of South Miami into a life of addiction, crime and incarceration. In 1976, he was adjudicated a hardened criminal and received a life plus 30-year prison sentence for armed robbery.

In August of 1981 Bernie had a life-changing experience when he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.
DeCastro was paroled in 1984 and came to Ocala to start a new life. Ten years later Bernie stood before Governor Lawton Chiles and the Florida Cabinet and they were so impressed with the radical change in his life that they granted him a full and unconditional pardon.

In 1987, Bernie DeCastro founded Time for Freedom, Inc.,(TFF) a faith-based, Florida non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization to preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ to prisoners and to provide transitional reentry services to ex-offenders.

Bernie DeCastro is a unique individual. In spite of his checkered past, Bernie is respected all over the State of Florida. In 1998 Governor Jeb Bush publicly proclaimed “Bernie DeCastro is one of my heroes…”

Today, Bernie is a single dad of 5 children from 13 to 22. He is the CEO of the Reentry Center of Ocala, a private 132-bed work release center for men who are transitioning from prison back into society. The prisoner has now become the Warden. God is good! Since his parole from prison in 1984, Bernie has dedicated his life to keeping Florida’s citizens safe by helping inmates and ex-inmates live productive law-abiding lives.

1. 2010 Ran for U.S. Senate
2. 2008 Founded the Florida Ex-Offender Reentry Coalition —Ran for the Florida House of Representative
3. 2006 Appointed by Governor Bush to sit on the Statewide Governor’s Ex-Offender Task Force. Ran for Governor of Florida
4. 2005 Opened a 100-bed private work release center under contract with the Florida Department of Corrections.
5. 2003 Appointed by Governor Bush to The Governor’s Statewide Faith-Based Advisory Board
6. 2002 Opened 40-bed residential transitional aftercare center for men being released from prison. Appointed to represent Florida’s faith community on the Governor’s statewide Drug Policy Advisory Council. Elected to the Board of Advisors on the newly formed Addiction Technology Transfer Center.
7. 2001 Nominated by U.S. Congressman Cliff Stearns to represent Florida’s sixth district at the National Faith Based Summit in Washington DC. Founded and served as Executive Director of The Florida Faith Based Association.
jose c

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#2 Oct 5, 2012
Opened 20-bed residential transitional aftercare center for men released from prison. Helped pass Senate Bill 912 that funded faith-based ministries providing transitional aftercare for inmates being released from prison.
8. 2000 Appointed by Governor Bush to sit on the Governor’s Task Force on Self-Inflicted Crimes.
9. 1999 Planned, organized and hosted statewide Restorative Justice Ministry Network conference.
10. 1998 Planned, organized and hosted statewide Restorative Justice Ministry Network conference. Founded Restorative Justice Ministry Network of Florida. Served as editor and publisher of The Restorative Justice Journal. Co-founded Restorative Justice Ministry Network of North America.
11. 1996 Developed, directed & produced ministry video,“The Manhood Series”©. Developed, directed & produced ministry video,“Hope For The Hopeless”.
12. 1994 Ordained as a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ by Grace Christian Fellowship.
13. 1991 Developed, directed & produced Award-winning drug prevention video,“Decisions”©. Developed, directed & produced “The Trauma of Transition.” A video series to help inmates being released from prison understand the issues of transitioning from prison to society.
14. 1987 Founded Time for Freedom, Inc. and serves as president & Executive Director.
15. 1986 Elected to the National Board of Directors, Kairos International Prison Ministry.
Bernie DeCastro is a unique individual. In spite of his checkered past, Bernie DeCastro is respected all over the State of Florida. From his troubled teenage years until his spiritual rebirth in 1981, Bernie spent almost 19 years locked up in Florida’s criminal justice system for mostly drug related crimes culminating with a life sentence in 1976 for a series of drug store robberies. Bernie was paroled from prison in 1984 and 10 years later he was given a full pardon by Governor Lawton Chiles and the Florida Cabinet. Since 1984, Bernie has dedicated his life to keeping Florida’s citizens safe by reducing recidivism. Bernie has impacted the lives of tens of thousands of inmates, ex-offenders, at-risk youth as well as many family members whose loved ones are caught in the vicious cycle of addiction, crime and incarceration.

In 1987, Bernie DeCastro founded Time for Freedom, Inc.,(TFF) a faith-based, Florida non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization to preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ to prisoners and to provide transitional reentry services to ex-offenders. In 2005 Bernie was awarded a contract with the Florida Department of Corrections to operate a 100-bed private work releases facility known as the Re-Entry Center of Ocala (RECO).

Florida Governor Jeb Bush was so impressed by Bernie’s transformation and his reputation as a leader in Florida’s faith community that he proclaimed Bernie as “…One of my heroes,” and appointed him to the Task Force on Self-Inflicted Crimes, the Statewide Drug Policy Advisory Council, the Faith-Based Advisory Council and the Ex-Offender Task Force.
jose c

United States

#3 Oct 5, 2012
Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has an excellent track record to prove he is a poor judge of character. In fact he himself is known to have conspired with for house speaker Tom Feeney to have Clint Curtis of NASA invest the vote fixing software which the Republicans still use today to elect their hand picked state and local candidates. Also see Jeb Bush criminal involvement with “coingate.” Turnpike Tolls for Jeb Bush and his well connected friends,

Remember Bush’s Fl Dept of Corrections Chief James Vernon Crosby Jr. Born: Aug. 15, 1952 - Education: Bradford High School. Bachelor's degree in journalism, University of Florida, 1973.- Now serving time in a Federal Prison? Well, he was another one of Jeb Bush’s HEROES! In fact with Jeb Bush’s full knowledge Crosby and other Bush friends were working around the clock to Privatize the state prisons when the kickback scheme of Crosby and Clark come to light. Friday, September 16, 2005 -The FDOC Wall of Silence is definitely cracking. Crosby and Clark's hauteur is slipping. I'm getting swamped with calls from FDOC personnel who want to see the cleanup. This morning a meeting was held in Crosby's office where Crosby turned a brown paper wrapped bundle of files (believed to be Mr. Clark's records) over to Lou Vargas, Gen Council. Many believe that Crosby is going to go for Clark's throat to save himself, although they've both been in this mess together for years.

Prosecutors seek reduced sentence for former DOC chief James Crosby who took kickbacks!
February 9, 2012 at 7:11 p.m.

Federal prosecutors have asked a judge to reduce the prison sentence of the former head of the Florida prison system by 15 months because he helped agents make a secret recording of a co-defendant. No date has been set for a judge to make a ruling on the request.

In 2007, James V. Crosby Jr. was sentenced to eight years in federal prison after he was convicted of accepting kickbacks while he was secretary of the Department of Corrections.

Federal prosecutors said that for nearly two years in the mid-2000s, Crosby and another another high-ranking prison official, Allen Wayne Clark, were paid off by Edward Lee Dugger and Joseph Arthur Deese.

According to federal court records, Dugger and Deese were handing $1,000 to $14,000 a month to Crosby and Clark in exchange for allowing them to establish a business relationship between the state and with Keefe Commissary Network of St. Louis. In 2004, Keefe was granted a contract to provide canteen services for visitors at all Florida prisons.

At the time the four men cut their deal, Crosby’s state salary was about $124,000 a year and Clark’s was about $94,300.

All four men were convicted and sentenced to federal prison. In April 2007, Crosby was given the longest sentence - eight years. Clark received, and has completed, a 31-month sentence. A month ago, Dugger was sentenced to 26 months in prison, and Deese was sentenced to 14 months.
jose c

United States

#4 Oct 5, 2012
The reason prosecutors gave in the court filing for requesting a reduction in Crosby’s sentence was that “Crosby’s cooperation is deserving of substantial assistance recognition” for a “surreptitious recording that Crosby made of his conversation with Dugger in May, 2006.”
Bernie DeCastro has served over one third of his life behind prison walls. He was originally sentenced to life plus thirty years for his crimes of armed robberies of drug stores! Now that he wants to become a politician (and he has run for every office imaginable) media sources lament on how his crimes are all drug related. When you stick a gun in someone’s face and rob them that victim immediately believes they are going to die and if they are lucky enough to survive they will never forget that incident the rest of their lives.

OK so Lawton Chiles and the Florida cabinet gave DeCastro a full pardon and restored his civil rights and he is legally allowed to run for public office. Just like his victims of his armed robberies this man spent 19 years in prison and you can not erase that experience from his mind either.

In 2008, Bernie DeCastro founded the Florida Ex-Offender Reentry Coalition as a non-profit 501 (c)(3) statewide, grassroots organization whose purpose is to develop, organize and promote the prisoner reentry initiative to confront and attack the vicious cycle of addiction, crime, incarceration and recidivism.

If you ask Bernie what his most important role is he will tell you it is to be a good father to his five children (from 12 to 22) and to see that they grow up with a love for God, for themselves and for others as well as a love and appreciation for the United States of America and an understanding of our Constitution and the history of this great nation.

If Bernie DeCastro is truly a born again Christian and not just an opportunity taker like most prison ministries are that is a wonderful thing. There is probably plenty of offices he could hold to help the people he claims he wants to help. But, being the elected sheriff of Marion County is not a do gooder job! It is a job which demands the holder is a law biding citizen with the intestinal fortitude to make decisions which are many times not popular with the employee’s and the public at large. Our present Sheriff just had to make some of those decisions this week.

Bernie DeCastro in the office of Sheriff of Marion County if nothing else would attract every criminal lawman with a checked past looking for a job in the USA and probably South America as well. As you can see with the attached article about Florida’s Dirtiest Cop, once you get them you can not get rid of them.

You can’t get rid of dirty cops! We sure as heck don’t need a born again Bible Thumping convict that served 19 years in prison for robbing drug stores for the Sheriff of Marion County, Florida.

Chris Blair Supporter

United States

#5 Oct 5, 2012
I think we need to getthe Republican Party of Marion County to support putting Chris Blair back up for Sheriff.

I just head on the tevevision that they have 7 days to put up a new candidate. Chris Blair worked at Marion SO for 35 years and he run strong against Kuhn. We don;t have time to screw around we have to put someone up to beat this career criminal or we will be like Lake County is with their homo sheriff and a department full of little funny boys except ours will be even worse we will have every career criminal with a law enforcement certificate toting a gun and a badge selling dope from the patrol cars and running prostitution rings from our county paid cell phones.

Once a criminal always a criminal. Just because a guy is pardoned by criminal governors and cabinet members and become "my hero" to known criminals like Jeb Bush with a little born again Christian thrown in for good measure don't make them sheriff material.
no wonder

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#8 Oct 7, 2012
No wonder former Florida Governor Jeb Bush was so impressed by Bernie’s transformation and his reputation as a leader in Florida’s faith community that he proclaimed Bernie as “…One of my heroes,”

JEB's daddy is Mr New World Order himself. That's was got him beat by Clinton who is also a New World Order (Trilateral commission - CFR member)
But Clinton had better sense than mention NWO and Carl Rover told little George to never say those words. We suspect JEB is right in the middle of this set up!
We want Open Meeting

United States

#9 Oct 7, 2012
Roy Abshire REC Chairman says he is going to make the selection of Kuhn's replacement at a private closed door meeting of the Republican Executive Committee. He says the people vote in private and these 46 REC members chould have the same right.

Well Roy we the people do vote in secret ballot but we the people demand transparency from our government officials who we now know for a fact are 100% crooks and we the people know exactly what our so called representatives on the County Commission, School Board and state representatives and Senators. Now they vote in our behalf is public information. How in the hell do you think we know who we want representing us and who we do not want?

It appears Roy Abshire is one of those Marxists that has infiltrated the Republican Party.

We the Republicans of Marion County want the people who claim to be working in our best interest to do so in the sunshine. We don't give a damn that the Tallahassee lawmakers give you the big shot a choice to make this decision in public or private. If you go behind closed doors you are hiding something. We the people of Marion County have been screwed over enough by the likes of you and your Jeb Bush pocket friends.

We know you and JeB Bush really want Bernie DeCastro to be the next Sheriff. Party politics means nothing to you corrupt people it's all about achieving your personal goals.
jose c

United States

#10 Oct 7, 2012
Derp wrote:
Please, Bernie mentioned "New World Order" no less than 3 times when he addressed Lockheed-Martin the other day.
What a nutbag.
heres the coop on the picking

the problem is

United States

#12 Oct 10, 2012
Do we know how many we have in a coma? At least e got the marxist George Soros look alike Roy Abshier to have an open meeting. Jeb Bush wasjust going to tell Roy who to pick so either way DeCastro orthe Repub Bush would have the sheriff in his pocket. Geb Bush put a f*ag pedophile in the sheriff's off in Lake County and they can't get rid of him so who ever we get we'll be stuck with. Living proof Abshier is a marxist when he was able to get the man from Silver Springs arrested for telling him the truth! That man man on threat except to say the poeple were going to work to clean up and clean out the REC if they refused to work in the sunshine.

We don't need a recycled bible thumping convict for a sheriff. We need an honest law man that enforces all thelaws equally against everyone. And by the way we need a real prosecutor and not this pot head Brad King also.
Investigate Brad King

United States

#14 Oct 11, 2012
Based on revelations from statements made last date by our State Attorney Brad King it might very well be possible that he demands to totally control law enforcement is actually in the back pocket of Brad King instead. And if they are not he goes to great lengths to get rid of them and find someone he can control.
While it should be totally unethical for any of these elected officials to endorse each other for public office, Brad King endorsed his former assistant State Attorney Dan Kuhn for the Republican candidate for sheriff of Marion County. As most people in central Florida know by now he was forced out the office and the sheriff’s race due to the surfacing of an extra marital affair last week.
Yesterday in an unprecedented move by State Attorney Brad King publicly attacked the history of investigative results while Chris Blair was Marion County Sheriff’ Major over Major Crimes Investigations. In an obvious last minute attempt to dissuade The Marion County Republic Executive Committee from selecting Chris Blair as the fill in candidate to replace Kuhn as the Republican candidate.
State Attorney Brad King Marion County's top prosecutor expressed reservations about the possible selection of Chris Blair, the former lead investigator into the worst crimes handled by the Sheriff's Office.
Brad King said he was troubled that some criminal investigations managed by Blair, the former head of the major crimes unit, had holes that risked prosecuting suspects who could have been innocent, or letting the guilty go free.
King said Blair mishandled "several" cases but could not give a definite number. But he said it occurred often enough that he went to Sheriff Ed Dean with his concerns.
"It was disconcerting to me that we were not being told the facts. We had to go back constantly and find out what we're being told was not actually being said," King said. "It really concerned me." "That attitude and method of doing business flows down hill," King added.
Blair responded that he could not recall any specific problems with investigations he handled. He attributed issues that did arise to "conflicts" between investigators and prosecutors, or inexperienced detectives or to training issues. Blair also believed any problems had been ironed out.
"We had a 95 percent clearance rate. We had one of the strongest major crimes unit in the state. We built a helluva team over there. And when I left we were rock solid with the State Attorney's office," Blair said.
The solution negotiated between King and Dean was to allow Jim Phillips, a retired prosecutor who worked with the Sheriff's Office's cold-case unit, to review the files before the meetings and then present them to King.
"I had no information that led me to believe that the investigations were being short cut," Dean said. "However, I wanted to do everything I could to give Brad assurances that the investigations would be satisfactory to him."
Investigate Brad King

United States

#15 Oct 11, 2012
Dean described Blair as "aggressive when given a mission," but noted that he never had to "rein him in," or take action because it appeared a suspect's constitutional rights were jeopardized.
Phillips, a 24-year veteran of the state attorney's office, said prosecutors and detectives will disagree at times.

He, too, could not recall widespread shortcomings but said they likely resulted from the detectives under Blair not being familiar with procedural rules or still trying to learn the job.

"All I can say is that I worked with Chris and was very impressed with everything he did," Phillips said.

King, a Republican, had endorsed Kuhn in the primary contest. Kuhn, a former prosecutor, had also worked for King for several years.
King said if Blair becomes the nominee, and eventually sheriff, he could work around their past differences. For one thing, Blair would not bring the cases himself.

Secondly, King said his office would have to "double" its vigilance in handling the cases that do come forward. Beyond how individual cases might be affected, King worried about a broader loss of respect for the criminal justice system.
"That's why I'm very particular about the cases I bring. We don't want to go forward with a case that can't be proven against somebody who was probably innocent," King said.

Blair countered that King's concerns were "politically motivated." "He has to lash out at me because he endorsed Dan Kuhn and his choice didn't work out," he said.

Many insiders question why Brad King chose to attack the most viable candidate for Marion County Sheriff at the eleventh hour?

One has to question the motive for these comments that the powerful decider of who is prosecuted and who is not has made at the last minute to dissuade the REC selection of this man.

If Brad King’s concerns were so important to him at the time why didn’t he bring this up when Chris Blair was running against the candidate he endorsed?

Many people believe this is nothing more than a panic reaction from Brad King. Obviously King and Jeb Bush and some others would prefer the Constitution candidate who Jeb Bush knighted his hero after serving 19 years in the state pen for armed drugstore robberies over a man with thirty-five years experience as an aggressive crime fighter.

These remarks by State Attorney Brad King have started a firestorm in Ocala and Marion County. Why would the prosecutor go to such great lengths to stop this man from becoming sheriff? Many people are beginning to entertain their options on how to handle this obvious abuse of political power yielded by King.

Neither the present Sheriff of Marion County who like Brad King also originally endorsed Kuhn nor King’s former assistant now retired Jim Phillips, a 24-year veteran of the state attorney's office would back King up in these allegations.
Investigate Brad King

United States

#16 Oct 11, 2012
For one who knows anything about what is actually going on around the fifth judicial circuit of Florida you would have to question yourself as to why King is attacking Chris Blair over this. After all an elected sheriff is an administrative position and surely if the professional prosecutor Brad King finds fault with the criminal investigation coming from the Chris Blair administration as grown men they could work out those differences as Brad King claims he and the present sheriff did.

If Brad King is so against Chris Blair becoming the Sheriff of Marion County because he doesn’t like his investigations why then doesn’t Brad King have a problem with Lake Sheriff Gary Borders?
Surely with Kings great investigative team he must know most if not all of the truths about the years of sexcapades of Gary Borders all the way from Osceola County over thirty years ago; his twenty years with he and his friends running the Green Isle Boys Ranch and the well documented testimony about Borders sex with Lake Jail and inmates and jail employee’s as well.

Sure Brad King knows all about this. Especially the reports over the years of rapes and other abuse of the little boys at Green Isle Ranch. Brad King could never see any wrong for any of the abusive acts committed these boys. In 2000 he could see no wrong in the multi-rapes of a nine year old boy. He even knew Borders friend Don Brown lied to the victims parents and encouraged them to return him to Green Isle which they did and both Green Isle employee’s and fellow students raped him again.

In 2008 State Attorney Brad King with the help of Sheriff Borders and his crew whitewashed an investigation into Green Isle once again. This time it was over child abuse because the school management was found to be feeding the boys rancid food including frozen maggots. Once again Brad King could find no wrong.

On November 21, 2009 when the Green Isle Executive Director learned of the five little boys who have been raped by the then seventeen year old little friend of Borders he immediately called 911 and reported the crimes. Gary Borders in his dual role as 20 year Green Isle Board member and as the Sheriff and Chief Law Enforcement Officer of Lake County stopped any and all actions on these cases and did not arrest his friend the rapist. On February 3, 2010 when the facts of the rapes of these little boys was leaked to the media Gary Borders put his Detectives into gear for an extended cover up of these crimes. Insiders say they faked an arrest and prosecution by Brad King’s elite we don’t really want to prosecute anyone team and took him before Judge Takac for a secret sentencing. Obviously no probation or registering of a sex offender because just months later he was back in Citrus County Court for a dating violence injunction filed against him by a much older male lover.

In Brad King’s zeal to “not forward with a case that can't be proven” the facts are well documented and so voluminous regarding the cases he has whitewashed or failed to prosecute with his lame excuses.

Brad King refused to prosecute the sister and brother-in-law of John Couey who did not tell officers who knocked on their trailer door that Jessica Lunsford was in the closet alive. Couey later took her outside and buried her alive. She would still be alive today if they had told the police she was in their closet. Brad King could see nothing wrong with their actions. Bill O’Reilly attacked Brad King over this and to this day O’Reilly continues to be a major supporter of other states enacting Jessica’s Law.

Investigate Brad King

United States

#17 Oct 11, 2012
Heather Wendorf recruited her boyfriend to come to Florida and murder her parents. When the crime was over she left the state with the murderer Ferrell. Her relatives and friends had communications to prove she was guilty of recruiting Ferrell to commit the murders, Twice the sheriff at the time tried to take the evidence of her complicity before a grand jury for and indictment. Brad King was adamant she would never be charged with a crime. He was reportedly friends with grandfather an attorney for the Billy Graham Ministry. King even threatened the sheriff with legal actions if he ever tried again to prosecute Heather Wendorf.
This is the same sheriff that Brad King took before a grand jury to investigate his policy of disposing of sheriff’s department vehicles. The grand jury could find no wrong doing on the part of this sheriff with his vehicle disposal policies (in fact the present Sheriff Gary Borders is reported to have purchased one of these vehicles) however, Brad King charged this sheriff with perjury because King said the sheriff’s testimony did not match the testimony of two other witnesses regarding the same incident.
And let us not forget the governor once appointed Brad King as a special prosecutor to investigate the absentee ballot fraud of Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and some of his Democrat friends. Brad King took the case before a grand jury and got an indictment on Buddy Dyer. Red faced Dyer was forced to step down and was replaced by former convict Vice Mayor Earnest Page (he had been convicted of stealing IBM typewriters from city hall served his sentence and then elected again)
After Brad King got the indictment from the grand jury on Buddy Dyer and well before any real prosecution of the crime was under way Brad King single handedly decided that he had made a mistake and the Buddy Dyer was really innocent because he had no criminal intent when he was doing the absentee ballot thing- low and behold just like his unprecedented remarks from yesterday he dropped the charges on Buddy Dyer like a hot potato.
So since Bernie DeCastro the convict who served 19 years in the Florida prison system and who is Jeb Bush’s hero is probably about as qualified to be the Sheriff of Marion County as Gary Borders the one Jeb Bush appointed Sheriff of Lake County six years does this mean Brad King supports the most morally challenged persons available to run for sheriff so he can control them?

Even though Brad King tried hard to keep Chris Blair from once again becoming a candidate for Marion County Sheriff he failed. Blair was nominated overwhelming last night. Brad King is not the sharpest knife in the drawer to begin with. His former boss Ray Gill said the biggest mistake he ever made was not terminating Brad King when he (Gill) was elected to state attorney.
Chris Blair will be on the chopping block with the spoiled brat Brad King if he’s not careful. E can only hope that enough people will rise to the occasion, watch carefully and document every action of Brad King. We now live in a lawless society where people like King and his so called law enforcement friends spend more time covering up they cover ups than they do performing the jobs that was created for them to do; the jobs we really pay them for.

When someone like Brad King goes to all the trouble he went too yesterday to discredit a man he obviously has no dirt on whatsoever that means the culture of corruption in Central Florida is afraid of this man. Good luck Chris Blair and watch your P’s and Q’s if they can’t control you you are in dangerous territory.
Investigate Brad King

United States

#18 Oct 11, 2012
We have allowed this culture of public officials who believe they are untouchable to propagate. Someone in Ocala questioned why no one ever runs against King; that’s because number one you have to be a lawyer. Number two if you dare run against this organized culture of corruption you will never work around here as a lawyer again. Everyone knows there is really nothing the people can do about this except educate themselves and work to protect the victims when possible. That is why so many actions by law enforcement end up as civil actions because that is really the only place the victims have a chance of finding justice.
Bernie DeCastro Sucks

Ocala, FL

#20 Oct 11, 2012
None of you know Bernie DeCastro. He is a liar. He is in this business of prison ministry for the money. Has anyone looked to see how much DeCastro makes per year off that little prison ministry? You would be shocked! And really people, do we want a convicted felon, who has no experience in law enforcement, protecting our community? What a joke!! His Christian beliefs come and go as , needed. Which is a direct insult to our religious community. He is not respected in Ocala. In fact, very few companies wish to do business with him, and the religious community despises him! Just ask around. Anyone that knows DeCastro knows he is lying, cheating, scamming loser. Dig a little deeper Ocala. Please get to know your candidates. Do your homework and keep this convict out of office!
to early to tell

United States

#22 Oct 12, 2012
Derp wrote:
<quoted text>
He believes in nutbag conspiracy theories, thats enough for me not to vote for him,
Problem nowadays is we have an over abundant crop of "nutbags."

We even have liberal nutbags that believe Joe O'Biden won that debate last night.

I tell you one thing with the high possibility that the criminals who control our government today will fix these elections to keep the lawless obama and Holder in office so they can continue to rape the taxpayers don't be surprised if Jeb Bush and friends in the sack with obama and with those Clint Curtis voter chips don't elect Bernie DeCastro their next sheriff. They sure as hell elected a known pedophile sheriff in Lake County.
dip shet

United States

#24 Oct 13, 2012
Derp wrote:
<quoted text>
The only thing you're telling me is that you're a nutbag, too.
Hey Derp if you just want to get in the name calling business you had better pack a friggin lunch. Facts are Facts kuckin futs like you obviously don't know your hole from and arse in the ground!

You are just an amatuer when it comes to this shet.Get your head out of your arse and get you some fresh air and sunshine it's good to cure rectumcranial inversion.
Not a workable tactic

Gainesville, FL

#26 Oct 13, 2012
I am against a candidate for any elected official position that spends 95% of his/her public speaking opportunities to make futile attempts to bash the other candidate instead of speaking of his own merits. You Mr. Castro have done nothing so far but to almost literally say your early life of crime and "turn around" means you should be a Sheriff. Almost anyone is a better candidate than an excon, no matter how long ago. You are a convict that uses his still to this day con skill to win others over. Yes it may have worked on the weak minded but not the citizens.
Hot Topics

United States

#27 Oct 14, 2012
Listen up dude! No body in their right mind wants to see the likes of Bernie DeCastro in the powerful position of Sheriff of Marion County.

Get yourself an education. Politics today is run by those who are well taught at the basics of BS.

Everything they say is 180 degrees from the truth.

In December 2013 the USA will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the FEDERAL RESERVE ACT. That act ws the result of the Rothschilds (Bank of England and everyother workd bank now) Who pays the US government about $230. per million to use our printing presses and then they loan the monye back to the government.

Ask yourself if the Federal government owns the Federal Reserve who do we pay all this interest too?


Big Brother under Obama is spreading its grasp all over America and the people are sick and tired of it. IF YOU ARE DUMB ENOUGH TO THINK OBAMA WENT FROM THE BOTTOM TO THE TOP WITHOUT A RESUME OVER NIGHT W/O THAT BECING A CONSPIRACY YOU ARE ARE NUTS!

I was there, I heard him say it, I have it on video, the guy is a nutbag, and so are you for believing in conspiracy theories. YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID! IF YOU ARE DRINKING THE KOOL AID THEIR IS NO CURE FOR THAT!

Bernie DeCastro is saying all the things American Patriots want to hear. His statement that he will dut off the DUI checkpoints goes to the fact that is the way Obama funnels federal funds through the FDOT to local sheriff's so they will be available to drop the hammer for him if and when he is reelected and has more flexibility and declares MARTIAL LAW. And YES FEMA Camps are possible the US Supreme Court has already ruled American's can be held without probably cause they have committed or even might intend to commit a crime.

I bet you think FEMA camps, chemtrails, etc are real as well.


You and others like you had damn well better wake up and smell the roses beofre they are covered in manure!

Lady Lake, FL

#28 Oct 14, 2012
^another nutbag rant.

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