"Amish" heaters and EdenPURE heaters-...
Arnie slab

Canton, OH

#510 Jan 2, 2013
I have an Eden pure heater for the second floor of my townhouse, it more than heats 2 bed rooms and bathroom up there, after 30 minutes it turn those rooms into sweat boxes and has cut my heating costs.

Mooresville, NC

#511 Jan 3, 2013
Caleydog wrote:
Nope. Didn't just get off a bus, but apparently you just got run over by one. Go to the Web site addy I posted. Go to FIREPLACES in the left nav as instructed. Read the page. It says FUSION. I can't help it if Edenpure hires idiots to write and proofread copy, but those ARE the company's words. Not sure I'd trust a company that can't tell the diff between fusion and diffusion. And what's in it for you, anyway? You're a little to rabid about the wonders of this product ... any disclosures you should make?
Always a "leg up" on those who drink the Kool-Aid!
<quoted text>
I give up.....what does Obama have to do with this? Fairly sure your political beliefs have nothing to do with heating your house .....good to know you haven't let go of your anger from the election, though.

Ridgedale, MO

#512 Jan 4, 2013
Off the Eden Pure topic, someone should do a review on the ATI brands.


Said to be a better brand for less money then the Eden.
Dennis Stewart

Plaquemine, LA

#513 Jan 23, 2013
I have 2 of the edenpure heaters and have been impressed by the quality and quantity of heat from them,but have just started having a problem with one,and after staying on hold 20 minutes they want copy of reciept from 2 years ago I cannot fathom because they keep your warranty card when I ordered it,and you have to ship it and wait for repairs and return. Not impressed with warranty for 400$ item
Ed Taylor

Brevard, NC

#514 Jan 23, 2013
Arnie slab wrote:
I have an Eden pure heater for the second floor of my townhouse, it more than heats 2 bed rooms and bathroom up there, after 30 minutes it turn those rooms into sweat boxes and has cut my heating costs.
If I am ever in Ohio again I will drop by, I just have to see this!
Jeannette Cameron


#515 Jan 26, 2013
I have the Edan Pure & I feel it was a big waste of money. Used it for about a year it never put out the heat I expected. It was put away for about a year. Last week I went to use it it will not evern turn on. Junk, junk, junk

Ardsley, NY

#516 Jan 27, 2013
"Amish heaters" make nice book cases / the heating units are cheap Chinese junk that break down or do not work right out of the box / don't be scammed by the bearded old guy with the friendly face / buy a $25-40 Walmart unit works even better / these are good for heating up only 1 room folks / no magic
my heaters are best

Mount Gilead, OH

#517 Jan 29, 2013
I do not have a eden pure or any similar fakes
I have 6 elect heaters I have run on 400watt setting 24/7 on a 24 hour timer on 12 hrs off 12 hrs
in a 2,000 sq ft mod home my elect bill will be about $300.00 this month january to feb 2013. My propane furnace goes on periodically.
enenpure user

Anchorage, AK

#518 Jan 29, 2013
i have run my edenpure gen 3 1000 for six months straight, for 24 hours a day, monthly cost a whoping $327.86 that is what it costs to heat an entire 1356 sqare foot house. one heater running all the time, average temprature -10 degrees Farenhit, This was my electric bill total average over the 6 month period, the only reason eden pure will lower heating costs if you use it as advertised for zone type heating, which simply means turn the heat dowm in you house and only heat the rooms you are in. the daily cost is between 9 dollars to 10 dollars a day if all you use is the edenpure heater, I have done it and I know the truth, My reason for the test was to see if i could heat the entire house without using any gas heat, yes it will heat the entire house no problem. very expensive when compared to just use the regular heater in your home.
Have the Answer wrote:
Cost to operate is easily calculated. For an example we'll use 1000 watts and that you pay 10 cents per kilowatt hour.
If you run it for 10 hours per day, EVERY day, the unit would use 10,000 watts or 10 kilowatt hours per day. If you did that every day (there is usually 30 days in a billing period) it would use, 300 kiowatt hours per month times the 10 cents per kilowatt hour =$30.00 per month. It'll vary on how many hours a day you run it, how many days in the month you use it etc.
The hair dryer example is mis-leading. Yes, many hand held hair dryers do have a range of 1500 watts BUT they are only on for about 5 minutes per day.
You can do this with any appliance. Everything has a name plate. On it it will tell you how many watts it pulls. Some cases it doesn't give watts but it does the amps. If it only gives amps multiply the amps times the voltage the appliance operates on 120v or 240v and the answer is watts.
A dryer (an example only) pull 20 amps and operates on 240v = 4800 watts x 2 hours a day x 30 days = 288 kilowatt hours per month x 10 cents =$28.80. If it ran 4 hours per day average it would double the cost to $57.60.
You have to take a W.A.G. on some appliances as to how long they run daily and or monthly.
Just a tip.
Jump City

Fort Bragg, CA

#519 Feb 11, 2013
If you haven't actually used one of these heaters in your house, then you don't know what you are talking about. The heat IS different. I think the important difference is that the heat surge device produces a low-steady heat over a longer period of time for substantially less than the cost of a conventional electric heater. The cumulative effect of low heat over a number of hours is much more efficient then the intense heat of a conventional heating element, which uses 4 times the electricity in a substantially shorter period of time.
When I moved into my house it had (and still has) electric wall heaters in most of the rooms. They have a heating element that glows red and put out very intense heat. But they use a lot more electricity in a very short time. I tried using them along with the wood stove, in order to keep my back rooms warm, but after back-to-back $600 monthly electric bills, I stopped using those heaters because they were just too expensive to run. I would turn one on and go look at the electric meter and find the dial just flying around. Turning off the heater caused it to run about four times slower.
I relied on wood and bought an oil stove for the back of the house.
About two years ago I bought a heat surge unit and put it in the bathroom for my wife's comfort. I was surprised to discover that I could run it at the low setting, which barely affects the speed of the electric meter, and take the chill off the bathroom and both of the adjoining bedrooms. I ran it for hours a day, every day.
Keep in mind that we have no commercial natural gas service here. We use an electric water heater, cook stove, washer and dryer, and we have six computers, two big screen TVs, a big microwave oven, two refrigerators and a stand up freezer. All of those appliances use enough power on a continuous basis to make the electric heat almost negligible except in the dead of winter.
Last year I bought a smaller heat surge unit and put it in the living room. I use it instead of the wood stove on less-than-freezing evenings and now I am using a third less wood.I am also using substantially less oil because I tend to light that stove hours later - turning on the electric heat in the late afternoon instead.
Our electric usage has NOT substantially increased with the addition of the second heat surge heater.
So you can believe whatever you please, but my EXPERIENCE tells a different story.
Ed Taylor

Brevard, NC

#520 Feb 11, 2013
Heaters that use proportional control rather than just off/on bi-metal thermostats do offer better comfort and can keep some from reaching for that thermostat during the low point of the cycle. Cadet's new EnergyPlus wall heater is such a heater. One could build a simple frame for it and use it as a free standing heater. Home Depot has it for $178 a far better buy than those units that make claims that defy the laws of physics. I haven't tried it but what I read here makes sense;

Enoree, SC

#521 Feb 13, 2013
wow what a bunch of kids. listen to the things they are saying about each other personally. and we expect to teach our children to "play nice" hahahaha. bottom line if you like it fine if you don't fine.

Chico, CA

#522 Feb 20, 2013
We have used the Eden pure as our only heat source for the past four winters in No. Ca and we have a little less than1000 sq feet. It's. Not 75 but we are warm in the main rooms and this is an old 1940's house not much insulation. Before we tried using other heaters from Walmart had 3 running not nearly as warm and way more $$. True it costs about $2.50 a day but we have no complaints...
The New Cool Warrior

Bryan, OH

#523 Feb 24, 2013
This shit has been here for the past five years!

United States

#524 Feb 25, 2013
Was ready to buy but I've changed my mind after reading all neg. comments. Shame on you Amish stoves

Rochester, PA

#525 Feb 26, 2013
Ive got one they work very good
The Duke of Hazard

Bryan, OH

#526 Feb 26, 2013
Why does anybody still give a shit about this?
Frigid in Iowa

Mason City, IA

#527 Mar 11, 2013
I've owned an Eden Pure for 4 years now. Best money I ever spent -- it has saved me a ton of money on heat bills. I have furnace thermostat set at 55 just in case something should happen, but rarely use more than 20 therms per month. I did send it in for repairs while it was under warranty, but only needed to pay the shipping. Not had any problems with it for 3 years now .... HIGHLY recommend one. If mine ever dies -- I will cetainly be buying another one!
Frigid in Iowa

Mason City, IA

#528 Mar 11, 2013
On average I spend about $30 -$60 more per month for electric compared to other months (depends how cold it is outside). Considerably less $$ than my "92% efficient" gas furnace would take to heat it.

Clarksburg, WV

#529 Mar 18, 2013
We were without a major heat source this winter (2012-2013) and the Eden pure got us
through the winter. It's made for a supplement heat source, but it was the major one for us and kept us warm. We also had a small oil space heater for our bedroom.
This winter it's been down to single digits as well. Not sure what model others are using but ours is great.

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