I like your statement that overly rasist comments are not published! What about the continual racist comments of your
Democratic candidate for President! Rev Wright an outright racist with great hatred for the
I like your comment that no racist comments are printed-Obama's campaign has been nothing but racist!Democrats are
using white hatred to gain votes. Connecticut has become another Massachusetts. No mention is made by your paper of the hordes of Acorn voter registrants with fictitious and illegal
addresses. Acorn paid by the federal tax dollars to deceive and
create chaos. Your reporters , You Democrats deserve to get
what you have dishonestly sought -a president like Obama who will lead this country toward a marxist, socialist republic . Your media has what it wants -but there will be hell to pay for yyour devious propaganda.newspaper. May you all suffer from yyour blatant disregard for the truth about your Obama-You can fool some people all the time-but we shall see the disaster you encouraged the American people to vote for. Obama will be the motivating factor of moral, economic political decay of this country./