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Leaving Oakley

Antioch, CA

#25 May 1, 2012
Leaving Oakley becuase of people like you, Black is beauitful. Getto Blacks spoil evertying nice.

Since: Jul 10

Brentwood, CA

#26 May 2, 2012
Leaving Oakley wrote:
Leaving Oakley becuase of people like you, Black is beauitful. Getto Blacks spoil evertying nice.
Yes they do

Antioch, CA

#27 May 2, 2012
i guess you people have never really seen a ghetto because i grew up in one and let me tell you antioch or oakley are nothing compared to were i grew up so stop complaining!!

Since: Jul 10

Brentwood, CA

#28 May 3, 2012
tiffany wrote:
i guess you people have never really seen a ghetto because i grew up in one and let me tell you antioch or oakley are nothing compared to were i grew up so stop complaining!!
Im Not saying Oakley is a ghetto,Its not. Just dont want it turning into one
New Oakley Resident

United States

#29 Jul 9, 2012
Well, this doesn't sound good.
My wife and I just recently purchased a home in Oakley and reading this makes us worry.
We thought Oakley is a nice little suburb to live in and raise a family, but reading how it's turning into a ghetto worries us.

I hope things turn around soon....

Btw, why is Freedom high busing in kids from Richmond and Oakland of all places?? Do the leaders of the city have no clue??

Antioch, CA

#30 Jul 9, 2012
ALOT of the bad kids from freadom get bussed it from antioch! My daughter has told me that alot of the trouble kids live in antioch but are from oakland!

Oakland, CA

#31 Sep 26, 2012
I purchased a home in Oakley 2 1/2 years ago. It was a nice quiet block when I first moved in. Unfortunately since then many the foreclosures on my block have converted into Section-8's. Now I constantly have to clean up trash thrown on & around my yard & I was recently threatened when I confronted a Section-8 recipient for dumping shopping carts along the side my house. I'm afraid it won't be long before Oakley becomes another Antioch. Section-8's are nothing more than an epidemic.

Antioch, CA

#32 Sep 26, 2012
What did you think would happen when we elected a black racist community organizer as president.

Obama is dishing out reparations for his peeps faster than anyone thought possible.

The gross national debt has just hit $16 trillion!!!

Meanwhile the hard working people get stuck living next to welfare cases and their criminal baby daddies.

Just wait until the money dries up and we can't print any more money. The Sh1t will hit the fan when these newcomers lose their benefits.

Keep a gun handy cause the cops won't be able to get there fast enough to help you.
Jeff Burrows

Brentwood, CA

#40 Apr 1, 2013
I do not mind helping people when they need it, what I do mind is the goverment taking maoney from me to pay for other people. if you want to help everyone then only you and people like you should pay for it.
Possible resident

Lathrop, CA

#41 Mar 28, 2014
After listening to this, that there is section 8. I was going to be moving into the area but if there is section 8, then there is lazy ass, low life, thief s and scum that live here. I guess I will be looking somewhere else. Shame I liked oakley when I visited looking for homes.

Salt Lake City, UT

#43 Feb 26, 2015
Resident of Oakley wrote:
I can't believe you people, you're SO ignorant. Just because someone is a recipient of section 8 does NOT mean they are lawless deadbeats. Just because you have jobs you think you're SO superior. Just wait until you lose your precious job and find yourself in line at the food bank. The greatest percentage of Section 8 recipients are disabled or otherwise unable to work. In fact, most of them would love to have a job, but in this crappy economy (thanks to the likes of the Bush/Obama regimes and the greedy Oakley city council), that's just not possible. Jonny from San Jose: stay there, we don't need you in Oakley, go back to San Jose you have more crime in that city than 3 Oakleys put together. Ghettoh8tr: just who the hell do you think you are? One bigoted fool, that's who, we don't need the likes of YOU in Oakley, either. No fascists! The rest of you: get a life, get real and LEARN THE FACTS before you run your mouths off.
They have every right to speak their piece of mind rather right or wrong you want to take their freedom of speach away because you dont agree with their thoughts what a liberal way of thinking your SO stupid and wrong
The working man

San Leandro, CA

#44 Oct 5, 2015
Hey everyone, I lived in oakley for 25 years, was also a boyscout for the longest time in oakley. yes crime is rising. Im working 12 hour day night shifts out on the delta right now, reading all these comments.. it is without a doubt oakley is getting ghetto.. I can honestly say it bothers me. Oakley is the town i grew up in. Its still a quiet small city to me but when ever im going to the store, or waiting in line to deposit my check. I notice the changes over the years. Hell maybe i need to be more involved in our city council meetings. They sorta sprung up that section 8 apartments near raileys out of nowhere. I have a high school friend who moved into that place and its just bad news. place is infested with roaches. feel sick just being in that building.. My rig has never been messed with parked outside but, i always keep a close eye on it there. the building was poorly built, looking down the hallways and it looks like an "S" .anyways Im like any other working man trying have a decent living and working hard. Not trying to get fucked with in the mean time living here.
In gods hands

Antioch, CA

#45 Sep 5, 2016
What! Sick !!! They need to take all these sites down,Now I see and respect the football player for not standing for the national anthem or flag. smh.For Liberty and justice For All not just for rich or poor,black or white

Antioch, CA

#46 Apr 21, 2017
Resident of Oakley wrote:
<quoted text>

Itís a pity that there are still such clueless, uninformed people like you walking around. Donít you have any conscience at all; donít you care about anyone except yourself? You must be an immoral and greedy republicrat who only thinks of him/herself and absolutely no-one else. Didnít your parents (if you had any) teach you that itís a virtuous thing to care about those less fortunate than oneself? Obviously not. How can you live with yourself and your ignorance, you should be ashamed of your dreary self. What you need is a giant slice of humble pieÖin fact, you need the whole pie stuck smack onto your face.

No, Iím not a ďsocial assistance leechĒ; quite the opposite in fact. Iíve worked all my life, including 15 years at non-profits for homeless services and drug-and-alcohol abuse assistance; that is, something useful and selfless. What do you do? Line your pockets with pieces of silver while stomping everyone else into the ground on your way up? Well, the higher you go, the harder may you fall.
And you must a F liberal that thinks that the world is pink and full of flowers, look around you, can you see or hear about the crime? Go back to Antioch or Richmond and leave Oakley alone.

Antioch, CA

#47 Apr 25, 2017
Jonny wrote:
Why is the city council turning Oakley into a Ghetto? They put up tennements right at the begining of the city,They look nice now but give it another year.Ive noticed alot of ghetto fabulouse people moving into the neighberhoods. We moved to Oakley to live in a quiet nice place,If I wanted to live in an Antioch I would have moved there.Our city council needs to go.The city planners cant even plan there way out of a wet paper bag.Our schools are going to suffer and we ( who work for a living)have to pay for these people. I guess I have to move back to the penninsula where our police keep everything in check.
Liberal political corruption and bad policies , liberal california politician vote pandering, High East Bay ,South Bay , SF and San Jose area real estate prices and neighborhood gentrification by the nouveau rich tech peasants and RE developers,spec buyers , open borders and so on .
Spoiled White People

Oakley, CA

#48 Apr 28, 2017
Lol white people steal america from native americans and mexicans now you guys act like you are the victims LOL! Classic white victims that probley never socialize with people not white.

Antioch, CA

#49 May 7, 2017
This has to be a shame to see.
MisdirectedSecti on8Hate

United States

#50 Jul 26, 2017
garbage guru wrote:
<quoted text>
you must be a piece of sh-t social assistance leech that we mention?!
Well im on section 8 and all my neighbors love me and my family. I work everyday, and I make sure all my kids are very respectfull. Even the Oakley police know my kids and not because they are trouble makers. All people on section 8 are not bad people. And I think that its very disrespectful to say bad things about section 8. Its a good program for those of us who really need it. My wife passed three years ago from breast cancer. So im taking care of a 15 year old who gets good grades in school and all of her teachers love her. And if it wasnt for section 8 I would have to move.because I would not be able to stay in my hm. So please just judge the people that abuse the system. I dont even get free lunch or anything. No food stamps or anything. Why because I WORK!!

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