Why  is Oakley became So So DARK.!!! 

It is no wonder Oakley crime rate continues to climb. Is it me or when the sun goes down. The street lights either are not nearly as bright or just not on at all. Coupled with continued stories of certain Oakley  officers waging personal vendettas against citizens. Not all Oakley law enforcement are bad not even alot of them are bad. It's just seems to be the K-9 officers that are not wired right. 

  But why is it seem that the street lights are not on any more? Has the city not payed the power bill? Has Oakley been hit copper thieves? I travel threw Oakley almost every morning from Disco bay. It just seems a lot darker! Every morning no street lights . Police that only worry about certain individuals instead of laws being broken. If I were a jobless out of luck lowlife looking for a community to begin looting, robbing and vandalizing. Oakley is by far ripe for the picking. So to all come get your little slice of the prize before it is gone.