Since: Dec 11

Lenexa, KS

#1063 Oct 12, 2013
The people who posted the the landfill was given permission to expand were wrong. Extensive research by Representative Jerry Costello II states no expansion. With our group lobbying no expansion will occur before the people of Marissa and Lenzburg are relocated. Both Federal and State Government officials assure us.

Big thank you for all the letters, call, and e-mailings to law makers and regulators.

Houston, TX

#1064 Oct 14, 2013
You Gene are so ridiculous. Jerry Costello isn't going to do anything to help the likes of you. He is a smart man and he won't be led into your ignorance. There is nothing wrong in Marissa or Lenzburg that is stemming from the landfill. You are the biggest liar I have ever heard. What you have are a bunch of mindless little followers like the Jim Jones Cult that all killed themselves because he advised them too. In this world you will always be able to find weak minded people to follow a screwed up person. That is exactly what has happened with you and the 15-20 people that think you are some kind of money machine god.

Saint Louis, MO

#1065 Oct 15, 2013
thesameoldnwise wrote:
The lord guides my life. Thank you for your prayers. Your correctly depicting my legal actions. Do me wrong I will come for justice in court. Violence is unacceptable.
You live in the landfill gases. You don't notice a lot. It is living in a oxygen deprived environmental filled with neurotoxins and carcinogenic gases. Those who don't leave will become zombies fighting cancer.
You are nothing but a repetitious hypocrite. You still have yet to prove a damn thing and it's been over a yr and a half since this insane thought leaked out of your fat melon head and spilled onto this site. Give it up loser or get some mental help cause you are clearly insane. Being a convict and unliked by 99.9% of people you know must have left you damaged and institutionalized. I think a lobotomy is the only cure for you

Since: Dec 11

Overland Park, KS

#1066 Oct 15, 2013
Our numbers of activists grow daily as does the numbers of victims of the Cottonwood Hills Landfill and the employees of Waste Management.

The anger and hate of the landfill fallout area is caused by the gases. People prone to violence are going to be effected as expected.

No one wants more than what they had before the landslides at the landfill started this chain of events. Your rants about money are misguided. What people want most is their health and the health of their families back.

Wish I was the god of money. Could get the people who can't afford to leave the landfill fallout area out of the landfill fallout area.
teacher teacher

Olathe, KS

#1067 Oct 18, 2013
The smell inside the Marissa Grade School was terrible today. Your children are in great danger. I could see my students become increasingly difficult today in as the smell got worse Parents should move their children away. I am getting a different job. So long Marissa people. Don't send you children when the wind is blowing from the Northwest. Your house in Darmstadt is safe but your children are getting sick from the air at school.

Arnold, MO

#1068 Oct 20, 2013
teacher teacher wrote:
The smell inside the Marissa Grade School was terrible today. Your children are in great danger. I could see my students become increasingly difficult today in as the smell got worse Parents should move their children away. I am getting a different job. So long Marissa people. Don't send you children when the wind is blowing from the Northwest. Your house in Darmstadt is safe but your children are getting sick from the air at school.
I sure hope you're a 1st grade music or art teacher because your grammar is horrific. It's obvious you don't have a very high IQ because you believe that old lowlife convict.

Since: Dec 11

Kansas City, KS

#1069 Oct 21, 2013
Bad air for Marissa today and Wednesday for days. This is what makes you sick. Long term exposure without a break. Spring and fall gives you lots of exposures.

Overland Park, KS

#1070 Oct 24, 2013
Leukemia. I'm the 9th person in the landfill fallout area with leukemia. The employees at the dump knew what they were doing to us. Few dollars for killing the people of your home town. Some are so stupid they have not left. The smarter moved like Donna Stewart.
jack n ball rub

United States

#1071 Oct 24, 2013
And who's these 9? And sorry for ur sickness but has any of the 9 docters linked it too the dump? I'd like to believe but have never seen any proof. And old n wise how was meeting at city hall? Just want proof
jack n ball rub

United States

#1072 Oct 24, 2013
Where the proof it from dump?? Has ur doctor linked it to dump? And old wise how was the meeting at city hall? U never said much after that!

Since: Dec 11

Lenexa, KS

#1073 Oct 24, 2013
The meeting was a great success. 40 new activists and an organizational meeting set up for the group. The number shocked even me. We expected 12. The time of day was impossible for day shift people. Each person told Jerry how the landfill fallout gases are effecting their health and their families.

I have offered my documents from my doctors connecting my health issues to the landfill for years. Several showed Jerry medical records doing the same at the meeting. The location of the sick people draws a ring around the landfill..

The next meeting is at The World Shooting & Recreation Center near the restaurant in the main building. November 7, 2013, at. 7:30. Health issues will be discussed. The name of the public action committee will also be determined. Officers of the group will be elected. Petitions for moving our schools, continues air monitoring, and an evaluation warning systems' exact wording will be determined also.

The size and effectiveness of our people will increase each and every day.
jack n ball rub

United States

#1074 Oct 25, 2013
So wat big Jerry next move?? Not much said about that, just he listen to ppl claims of sickness from landfill. It just confuse me when therr putting new roads into dump! I'm not sure the proof u guys have is facts, I think alot of it in ur guys head

Houston, TX

#1075 Oct 25, 2013
40 Activists my butt. Your nuts as always. Meeting was not a success, you are a LIAR!!!!!

Since: Dec 11

Lenexa, KS

#1076 Oct 25, 2013
The landfill will not close by government estimates for 45 years.

The people who want normal quality and quantity of life must go. For most people in the landfill fallout area it is too late. If you have been there from when the landslides occurred till now. I'm sorry to tell you but you're future medical care in troubled. Those people just aren't going to last. Kids too.

Some long term air monitoring devices are being installed next week according to Costello's office.

The reports on the extent of the landslides damages is also to be provided within two week from 10/23.

Call Costello's office regularly. The activities and the victims do.

Requests for help from the Super Fund will also be discussed at the group meeting November 7, 2013 at the World Shooting and Recreation Complex Restaurant Court Yard.

The schools in Marissa must be moved stupid violent children are the products of sever air pollution and oxygen deprived environments.

Houston, TX

#1077 Oct 29, 2013
Oh Gene, you silly goofball. You are hilarious. I love the entertainment I get from reading your ludicrous crap. You should have gone into the entertainment field instead of the illegal pharmaceutical line of work.

Lenexa, KS

#1078 Oct 29, 2013
Facts are in Gene is correct. He has been all along.

Houston, TX

#1079 Oct 29, 2013
Nice try Gene (Purplehed).

Since: Dec 11

Lenexa, KS

#1080 Oct 29, 2013
Purple is that Smith boy. Not worth the trash his family threw him away with. Most likely drunk.

Rain is going to really get the gases going.

The violence coming from the young adults is a product toluene. Predicted and occurring as expected.

Rest of America becoming less violent. Marissa going the other way. You have not seen anything yet. Wait until the babies of 2009 become teenagers.

Chicago, IL

#1081 Oct 29, 2013
thesameoldnwise wrote:
So what is in the smell that has made so many sick? Methane was not high in the smell last night.
Still 7 hospitalized. What is in the smell. It is removing oxygen from the air is what you tried to say. That's the problem.
If you want anyone to belive you say your name.
Gene Triefenbach. are so retarded with this sh!t.....stop f*cking bothering people with it.....and stop hounding people's facebook...give it a f*cking rest man

Since: Dec 11

Saint Louis, MO

#1082 Oct 30, 2013
Please pray for Dennis Kinzel and his family. Another cancer victim of the landfill fallout.

How long until it effects your family?

You stand in the rain you will get wet.

Breathe neurotoxins and carcinogenic gases and your life qualities and quality will be reduced.

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