During the recent storms we had in July, I had the largest tree in my yard hit by lightning splitting the mid portion of the tree and falling on power lines causing a power outage in the entire neighborhood...which later Duke removed from the lines but left a huge mess and dangerous situation with a large section barely attached to the tree and the height of the tree remaining. That happened on July 18th. The following Friday, the 27th, another storm came through with strong winds toppling the upper half of the tree towards my house. My son and grandchildren cut up that large portion and stacked it, but couldn't finish due to on and off rain.
On Monday, the 30th, a fella, with Tree Service on his T-Shirt, and two helpers in a pick-up with a small trailer came knocking on my door and offered to cut down my dead and downed trees, stack the wood and remove all the debris. He gave me a price of 300.00 for which I agreed...and seemingly to be in a hurry and me not really inspecting the job as I should have r/t not feeling well went to the bank and took out 300.00 after he was refused cashing the check. The work he did was done in about 50 minutes. I called the number he gave me and a woman answered Tree Service and I told her my problem with unfinished work. I called back later and the fella, Wade Bruffett, answered in an almost incoherent voice. I told him the problem and he said he would get to it, but never has. They said they were from Harrison, Ohio, but the pick-up had a KY license