It has come to my attention that my seventh grade child was interviewed and questioned by a Brunswick County Deputy inside the school without me or my wife even being notified let alone giving consent to do so. My child is twelve years old and a straight A student. My child was questioned about another students possible drug activities. The deputy had evidently looked at the other students Facebook page and evidently saw something of suspicion. I DO NOT WANT MY CHILD INVOLVED IN ANY OF THIS AND IF THERE IS NO LAW REGARDING CONSENT THE LEAST THE SCHOOL SHOULD HAVE DONE IS NOTIFY MY WIFE OR MYSELF. I also find it a little disturbing that the sheriffs department is A. Actively trolling middle schoolers social media pages and B. TRYING TO RECRUIT NARCS FROM THE FRIENDS LIST OF THE PERSONS SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES. Again I don't want my child involved with any of this. After my child was questioned they were told not to say anything. I feel that this is a little overwhelming for my twelve year old and completely uncalled for. Brunswick middle school should not allow this to even happen. I don't condone drugs but neither do I condone tattle tailing either. Which could endanger my child. We have not been here very long but in the short time we have I've silently been concerned about some of the goings on at South Brunswick middle and South Brunswick High school as well. I don't feel I/we are being irrational about this matter. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions my mind is open. God bless.