Abusing Food Stamps??
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Wharton, WV

#1 Oct 2, 2011
im just putting this out there, i work at a gas station and everyday i see people come in and buying all kinds of junk food and red bull with their foodstamps. im the last person on earth to judge what people buy or to even tell them what to buy with their foodstamp card, but seriously 20 $ worth of soda, chips, and candy. cant you find something better to buy? like a decent meal? go buy some meat and veggies and eat instead of snacking on crap. im just saying your getting help with meals not junk...

Summersville, WV

#2 Oct 3, 2011
Energy Drinks are not allowed to be purchased with food stamps. So if you're selling it, you're breaking the law. But you're right about people buying junk food. IMO, food stamps should not even be allowed to be spent at convenience stores. This is just another example of people taking advantage of a system designed to help them.
Welfare Rats

Oak Hill, WV

#3 Oct 3, 2011
What about women that wont work and get food stamps and then they get married and they dont report they got married so they are still raking in the food stamps in the same amount they were getting before they added in the extra income to the house hold? Is that not welfare fraud? Is there a way to report people that abuse welfare like that?

Summersville, WV

#4 Oct 3, 2011
Yes, that is welfare fraud and you can report it anonymously by going to the following website: https://www.wvdhhr.org/oig/mfcu/secRepFrd/

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Since: Jun 11

Oak Hill, WV

#5 Oct 3, 2011
Welfare Rats

Oak Hill, WV

#6 Oct 4, 2011
penguy wrote:
What happens when you report it? Nothing? Do they have to pay any of the tax payers money back? You know those of us that actually work for a living and don't sit on our asses and milk the system? Just a question because you have welfare fraud going on all over the place around here.

Mount Hope, WV

#7 Oct 4, 2011
i couldnt agree more rats..the ones who does bust there ass each and everyday and pay our taxes when we do hit a hard stop we cant get help...and i think that is bs ...i think all the ppl on welfare should get tht drug test and if they fell it then they should lose there benefits....over way over half will fail..cause of half of theses parnets dont use the fs they sell them for money for pills or sum other kind of drugs..what gets me the most is when u are working at a convience store you see the parnets come in blissed out of there mind buyin them muchs foods...and the next day the kids ill come in and ask for a lil deb care of a candy bar or sumthig small n smiple..they snatch it up out of there hand n say ..i dont have the money...its like hello u had it last nite when u was blissed out of ur mind buyin it for urself..i bust my azz everyday for my kids by the time i pay my bills i bearly have money to but grocerys for the week until my husband gets paid ..i ask for help its oh u make to much...wtf..hows that ...im broke.all the time...pay bills buy groc and buy gas for work its a awful cause u have to choose between buyin gas to get to work or groc to feed ur children...so i buy the food to last then my last dollas go in the tank.. then u have the ppl who seat on the welfare u milks it acts like they are the shitz and get on here and talk mad shit...

United States

#8 Oct 4, 2011
This is true i hate seeing people who just sit on their ass n do drugs get everything handed to them. I believe they should get drug tested to get beneifts i also belive you shouldt get benefits unless you are a full time student or work then maybe people would stop having kids they can not afford and get off their ass and do something!

Fayetteville, WV

#9 Oct 4, 2011
I work a full time job and I'm trying to raise 2 kids on my own as a single parent. I can't get any help from them. They tell me I make too much, but I can barely afford to pay my bills, much less buy food. I do make sure my kids eat, but I do without things I need, like decent clothes to wear to work. I have to have business casual clothes so no blue jeans, and those cost money. I can't understand how people who sit on their asses get food stamps, a medical card, even the adults, and a check and I can't get crap because I work and try to support my kids. These people drive around in a new car, paid for by welfare, and have a cell phone paid for by welfare...tell me how that shit is fair. The whole system is corrupt.

Summersville, WV

#10 Oct 5, 2011
For starters, Flordia recently began drug testing welfare applicants and SHOCKER 90-some % of applicants PASSED! Secondly, those welfare phones are bare minimum, very limited and the new cars are a result of back pay. Other than that, those living on checks barely make ends meet and do without a lot of priviledges. It's really no life worth living.

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Since: Jun 11

Oak Hill, WV

#11 Oct 6, 2011
Say what you like about the drug testing but I still would like to see it implemented in WV. I would fuss and rant a LOT less about those who are on the system if I knew that drug testing was enacted.

But as it has just proved Tuesday, West Virginia is too liberal to pass anything like that. True Blue...:(

Pineville, WV

#12 Oct 6, 2011
I agree with Penguy, I to would feel alot better about how my hard earned tax dollars are being used, IF drug testing for DHHR recipients was done! What I don't get is this: Why in the hell do some people continue to have baby after baby knowing damn good and well they can't afford another child?? If they already have 3 kids and work at a minimum wage job then you know damn good and well they are getting foodstamps and a medical card for each child, but you will still hear them say how they aren't on Welfare,LOL. I know this one single mother that has 4 kids and ready for another one. She will only work at a regular job when she thinks that welfare is going to put her ass to work, and she does it just long enough to get them off her back and then she quits. If DHHR would start limiting the amount of food stamps to these people that keep popping out kid after kid then it would eventually stop!! With a mother and only 2 kids they get $500 bucks in stamps, so you can only imagine what it is for a mother and 4 damn kids already, and another already on the way!! Free rent, well over 500 bucks in foodstamps, medical cards for all (including the prego mother AGAIN), WIC, and the list goes on and on!! Hell, life so to speak has been free to people such as this!! If DHHR would cut her goody bag off, then hell yes she would have no other choice than to work and put a stop to the baby making machine!!

United States

#13 Oct 7, 2011
Every one I know who gets food stamps trade them for pills or gas I think everyone who gets them should ne drug tested I've been with a guy who gets food stamps and he can go into the stop and go and get cigarettes and has with his food stamp card and two other guys I know trade them for oxycodone pills every month, the system is a joke
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Beckley, WV

#15 Oct 8, 2011
U know u heared about that a long time ago.That isnt right at all.Why cant i get something for free?
working people


#16 Oct 9, 2011
I agree with all of you guy's bashing the welfare asses,I think these elderly people should be the only one's to get them.It bullshit how this system works if you know a case worker she will hook you up,i do work in retail oh my god the 1st of the month and 3rd is like a circus in town we get to eat,you can always tell when they come to the register with 2 or 3 carts of junk you don't even have to ask ebt it is this lady had 692.00 total and after she slid her foodstamp card it said bal due is 1.92 she she what i don't have 1.92 and i have already drank this monster drink i thought you low life sob and then to beat it all off she still had a balance of 622.00 hello now,she get's more in stamps then i do working all month go figure.there should be a limit ofter the second child get a dam job you couldn't feed the other ones what the hell.yes i do no someone who got a car phone hud wic claims 7 people are in the house i don't no...................
working people


#17 Oct 9, 2011
they should make them get off after a certain amount of time no wonder they don't work if they get all that then y work,then they still all there other shit that stamps won't buy that was the worst mistake putting them stamps on a card everyone knows everyone's pin so give me 100.00 in foodstamps and i'll buy you some pills or beer, they are all proud of that new wv ebt bridge card they never new how to swipe a debit card they even act so proud..............oh my blood pressure is up i'll tell you....
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Bluefield, WV

#19 Oct 11, 2011
I work in a grocery store & its unbelievable i work my ass of & no one will help me but all these people come in with iphone 4s & coach purses & their nails done is really irritating. They get 6 or 7 hundred dollars worth of food stamps & dont even need em cuz they sell em or trade em for pills. Not to mention all the other stuff the dhhr gives out furniture checks cars & computers it must freakin be nice

Peytona, WV

#20 Oct 11, 2011
stop worrying about it the government won't touch this subject but I know people that work and still gets stamps so they are also paying taxes and is unfair to put people down just because they get stamps but i know what some of you are saying about some people working the system and has been on public assistance since the day they were born and will be til the day they die. just saying that all people that gets stamps are not losers. and no i dont get any kind of assistance just in case you wanted to know.
love my kids

United States

#21 Oct 11, 2011
pinkbroom wrote:
stop worrying about it the government won't touch this subject but I know people that work and still gets stamps so they are also paying taxes and is unfair to put people down just because they get stamps but i know what some of you are saying about some people working the system and has been on public assistance since the day they were born and will be til the day they die. just saying that all people that gets stamps are not losers. and no i dont get any kind of assistance just in case you wanted to know.
I agree with you completely, yes majority of people that get assistance don't deserve or need it,but some people do need it n they really try. But with everything costing as much as it does now days some people working n getting assistance both still barely get by. So its not right to put everyone in that "group" of abusing the system. But its sad that the ones that do abuse ruin it for the ones that do need it.

“Flyin Friendly”

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Since: Apr 10


#22 Oct 12, 2011
They should open up a shelter for abused food stamps!

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