Beware of Oak Hill Animal Hospital!
Lost without my pet

Camp Creek, WV

#63 May 5, 2012
Jeremy is an uncaring jerk who let my pet die. Still broken over this. He did not care and acted like an *ss.

Oak Hill, WV

#64 May 5, 2012
I don't have a lot of experience with the newer vets, but I really really don't recommend Swank.
mold monkey

United States

#65 May 6, 2012
My experience with OHAH has been that, usually, Swank is very knowledgable but has no bed side manner usually. Jeremy was very caring and comforting when our Flat Coat Retriever had cancer.

My only real complaint is that when a TRUE need for an emergency call arises its so hard to get a return call and to get them to come out to the office. Had a dog bleeding badly for some unknown reason and it took over an hour just to get a call back. Then, I think they try to scare people with the emergency call out fee but that didnt matter to me cause I knew my house would look like a murder scene by morning.

They did fix the dog, and at a fair price. I guess I can understand the skepticism on their part for emergency calls. If not they would be at the office 24/7 for every little thing.

Ardsley, NY

#66 Jul 18, 2012
Kel wrote:
Swank is an idiot. He can't even measure vaccines and wormers properly. He killed two of my puppies by overdosing them on worm medicine when I took them in for their routine visit. I will never go back there again, whether the other vets are any good or not. I go to Summersville now. Much cheaper and more importantly MUCH BETTER VETS.
It it pretty much impossible to overdose a dog on dewormer. At the most all the side effects you would see is maybe some vomiting or diarrhea. Not to be confused with parvo.

Oak Hill, WV

#67 Jul 19, 2012
The Oak Hill area community has made him a very rich man, built him a big fine new home, big savings account, put his kid through college and after all this charges way to much for a emergency call out fee, not everyone can afford the fee.
If you bring in a animal and do not know who it belongs to and is seriously hurt, it will lie there and die before he will do anything to save it's life if it costs more than 50 cents.
A friend of mine had a very expensive dog that he loved dearly, Swank, couldn't tell the difference between a bacterial infection and glaucoma and caused the dog to lose its sight permanently...poor doggie.
From what I understand Swank was not taking his time on the animals that day because he was in a hurry to get out of the office early so he could go to the dog track with some old college buddies
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Beckley, WV

#69 Jul 26, 2012
MrMess, Don't like what he charges - DONT GO THERE. There are other vets in the area (but not Oak Hill) and feel free to open your OWN to, as you seem to imply, SCREW PEOPLE OUT OF THEIR MONEY. Yes, WE have help him build a big home and have money and put his kids through college. It's called OWNING A BUSINESS. As for the EMERGENCY FEE its high for a reason. If you worked all day and then called called out at 2am because somebody THOUGHT that their dog was seriously sick but when you arrived found it to only be a minor injury you would be PISSED OFF! That happens a LOT with vets (and pediatricians). The fee is to DISCOURAGE those unneeded calls. Hell, I've paid for 2 of them. Didnt want to, but I KNEW my dog was in trouble. AND, the fee was actually a little less after it was over (maybe because it WAS serious or maybe because OTHER procedures were done). Anyway, quit picking up stray animals and calling the vet a all hours...

Branchland, WV

#70 Sep 9, 2012
Man wrote:
Since we are taking about the animal hosptial i just took my 6 week old redbone their 2 days ago and she got her 1st shot and worm med's and now she is really sick and can not hold her head up. she is shiting on her self and pissing on her self. what is wrong with her. i called the emergency number i am waiting to here back from them now. but the dog was fine before she got the shot running and playing around and now it's like she is on her death bed.
I know this is a long time ago. I just wanted to say that the same thing happened to me when they gave me revolution for my cat. She was fine and then started doing the exact same thing you described up above. Totally different cat.. It was weird. She ended up dying the next day after I was given the medicine.

Fayetteville, WV

#71 Sep 9, 2012
i wouldnt let this establishment operate or medically treat an apple!!!!!!!!!! all this establishment is after is your money!!!! there is a good animal doctor over at mt hope..

Fayetteville, WV

#72 Sep 9, 2012
they charged me two hundred dollars to kill my healthy active pet. supposed to been a simple vaccination

Branchland, WV

#73 Sep 10, 2012
I hear a lot of good about this vet but I am hearing too many stories of vaccinations incidents about people's already healthy animals dying. They charged me $200 for just looking at my cat and saying she was fine along with blood test. He did not take her temperature X-rays, look in her ears or nothing. The test came back she had high white blood cell count and sent her home that day with de wormer. She got really sick after that de wormer and died. I tried to tell him she was not acting herself and he kept saying she was fine. I am thinking he should have kept her over night, really looked her over and put her on antibiotics or something! I felt rushed the whole time. So if I go back who do I ask for? What do you guys recommend?

Sorry about your pet Benny

Springfield, NJ

#74 Sep 10, 2012
The doctors at OHAH are trained professionals. They must do something right because the place is always packed. I've paid the emergency fees too, and glad to do so. Try calling around. Everywhere is much higher. At least these people are willing to get out of their beds at 4 am & see a pet.
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Crystal Lowery
#76 Sep 13, 2012
Just because a dog receives a vaccine doesnt mean that its instantly protected, as most vaccines take 7-10 days to take full effect.
A dog can carry Parvo for up to 2 weeks before any signs show, && by that time it may be too late to save them && vaccines will not help. Even with treatment, its a 50/50 chance of surviving Parvo.
Id suggest to research symptoms your pets are having, come up with possible illnesses it may be && then ask for them to be tested for those possible illnesses when you bring them in.
I personally have no complaints about OHAH or Dr. Swank..
My 5 month old kitten was attacked by my cousins dog on the 7th && I wasnt able to get her broken leg seen or treated until the 10th. Wild and Wonderful Pet Pantry paid $150 towards the bill, && Dr. Swank told me not to worry about the additional fees due to the time I had to wait to get her seen, since the incident happened over the weekend && there wasnt enough people there to work on her leg.
Not to mention, when my dogs intestines prolapsed while she was in labor, the woman gave her a shot that I had to pay $14 for. Then, when it was time to go she gave her another dose, to be on the safe side, for free.
I have numerous good stories about this veterinarian hospital, but these 2 are just the most recent.
I wouldnt hesitate to recommend them to Anyone, but for those who would still prefer a different vet. Id suggest Dr. Jarrell in Bradley.

Fayetteville, WV

#77 Sep 13, 2012
dr jarrell is the best, this place isnt fit for my pets
NC Law

Sanford, NC

#78 Sep 13, 2012
so sad!

Sumerco, WV

#79 Feb 16, 2013
wow wrote:
<quoted text>
It it pretty much impossible to overdose a dog on dewormer. At the most all the side effects you would see is maybe some vomiting or diarrhea. Not to be confused with parvo.
You are an IDIOT!! It is very easy to overdose a dog on dewormer. You obviously have no idea what you're talking about.
They suck

Beckley, WV

#80 Feb 18, 2013
I've had several animals since I was a child that probably shouldn't have died but they did. It always seemed to me that Dr. Swank didn't really care about his job at all. Now that I'm an adult, I know there were several times he could have saved them and didn't, maybe he wasn't up on modern animal medicine and didn't know there were simple fixes, maybe he could charge more for putting the animals down than giving them medicinee, I don't know but I will never take another animal there again. The last dogI took there started loosing his hair and Swank said there was nothing that could be done. That dog had bald patches for 3 years before someone suggested Dr Swank was a quack and I should get a second opinion. I took him to the Beckley vet. They gave him a simple allergy medicine and all his hair came back. I've also known people who used to work there and they told me that they've seen some people taking diseased bloody sheets off of one dog after surgery and placing it on the next dog. How sanitary is that? I've also heard that Dr. Swank put down his daughters dog when she went on spring break because it barked too much, REALLY??? I will never go back there.

United States

#81 Feb 19, 2013
I've taken all my animals here and had a great experience every time. As of master of fact i paid 350 for a Boston terrier pup from a breader who claim all shots were given,a week later she was vomiting and crapping blood, took her here and she had parvo, he was very up front with me and said he can do his best but didn't want too waste my money or time she more than likely will die. And she did that day, never charged me anything. And i 3 weeks ago had to put my Pomeranian who was 17 down they were so gentle and so sympathetic for me. Thanks to all
On another note read all the scandelous things that were written, shame shame. Get each others fb or email or addresses and fight it out there. I personally now will go there thinking about things that were said and plus how do you think his gf is reacting to these comments. Have a blessed day

Oak Hill, WV

#82 Feb 19, 2013
That place is a 3rd rate outfit. If they call back on emergency calls its hours later and they talk like ur really putting them out. The doctors in beckley are more up to date with new procedures and medicines. Shame this topic got started because the doc couldn't keep his junk in his pants.
former employee

United States

#83 Apr 9, 2013
RSF wrote:
I am looking for a vet to take my dog to, is oakhill animal hospital a good place to take her to?
its great now that swank is gone!!!!

Beckley, WV

#84 Apr 9, 2013
tortured artist wrote:
wtf does that got to do with the hospital and you probly knew he had a girlfriend in the firstplace oak hill animal hospital is the best vets around i swear by swank hes the best and as far as jeremy hes helped me too so has the women so go f*ck yourself . and why would you go as far as tellin everyone you got played like a fiddle lol go jeremy sorry you got c
aught bro
swank is not there np more, i know because i went there a few weeks ago, and the dunb vet that i was gave my dog an other rabbie shot after i told her he a;ready had one..this makes 2 big mistakes, the other report i got once that my dog had tumors on each side of his mouth, and it was worts, after a second opinion, keep your pets away if you love them..i was scared to death my dog was over dosed..he'd just has a rabbie shot a couple mo.s ago for 3 years..they are just after money, since swank left..he was a good vet..

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