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Mariah Pyatt

Fairfield, VA

#48 Mar 7, 2011
I'm sick of reading about people talking about my twelve year old brother. I don't know who you are talking about the karate tournament but I'd love to know because most of the tournaments are out of state and Noah has always done beyond amazing in karate as someone has said, he has more trophys/medals/plagues around here than any twelve year old, bet on it. Every tournament he has attended he's won grand champion. I'm not just saying this because he's my brother but if you'd see the trophies he has which are taller than himself, I'm sure you wouldn't have shit to say.

Oak Hill, WV

#49 Mar 7, 2011
he has all those trophies bc his lil daddy orders them for him to make it look like hes something... pathetic much? yeah..... id say
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rick pyatt

Fincastle, VA

#51 Mar 7, 2011
haha wrote:
he has all those trophies bc his lil daddy orders them for him to make it look like hes something... pathetic much? yeah..... id say
Ok haha I've sit and listen to enough from my wife to now my son this is supposed to be about basketball league but now it about my wife and son and me . I understand the comments about wife cas of Ms Kidd and for whatever about me but my 12 son who's done nothing if you want to talk trash about me that's fine, the basketball league again ok but to try and bring down a twelve yr old who's done nothing to you talking crap about his karate trophies he's won and everything he's accomplished in that sport you are now acting just like Mrs Kidd trash talking a child matter of fact the same child . How grown up are you? But you're more than welcome to come see him anytime how assinine are you to honest make a comment that I buy his trophies are you for real
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United States

#53 Mar 8, 2011
Im not bad mouthing your kid, Im just saying you and your family want to be somebody and act like you can beat everyone up and it is hilarious. Nobody cares.
Mariah Pyatt

Fairfield, VA

#54 Mar 8, 2011
I'm pretty sure you was bad mouthing my little brother. But now it's my whole family, lol.
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United States

#56 Mar 8, 2011
I def agree....... With haha
Mariah Pyatt

Fairfield, VA

#57 Mar 8, 2011
We don't think we can beat up everyone. We just been raised to never back down and always defend ourselves. & since my little brother is twelve years old and getten trashed talk because my dad owns the school ya think we order trophys for him. Well, newsflash my little brothers instructor is Master Jim Grubb. Not my father, because there is people like you. My brother has worked hard for every accomplishment he has made. Its beyond pathetic to talk about a kid like that. This topic was about basketball now its turned around on my family, and my little brother not being good and my mom throwing a fit at a tournament which never happened, considerering he's won every grand championship he's been involved in. If you don't think he's good, and gets sh*t handed to him.. your more than welcome to come to the karate school and check him out yourself. If not, SHUT THE F*CK UP! Nuff' said.
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United States

#59 Mar 9, 2011
You all make yourselves look dumb. Not anyone else. U have to do something to make people tall about you in the first place

United States

#60 Mar 10, 2011
Watch out everybody! They will kung fu judo chop u! Lol

Rocky Mount, NC

#61 Mar 10, 2011
wth wrote:
Watch out everybody! They will kung fu judo chop u! Lol
I can't believe the way people allow their children to talk on a public forum or anywhere else. Sad.
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United States

#63 Mar 11, 2011
Pyatts-Dont feed ino these peoples negativiy and they will quit posting. There is no use going back and forth with ignorant people, believe that!!

Dunbar, WV

#64 Mar 11, 2011
grow the hell up

Charleston, WV

#65 Mar 11, 2011
Does anybody know when the iddy biddy gets there trophys
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Lubbock, TX

#67 Mar 11, 2011
Who was the parent talking shit to one of the piston players yesterday after the game?

United States

#68 Mar 11, 2011
If Im not mistaking Iddy Biddy trophies are handed out at 12pm. You might want to contact your coach.

Mount Hope, WV

#69 Mar 11, 2011
Joe Aiello awards day schedule 3-12-11:
9am Semior League tournament championship
11am Iddy-Biddy Trophies
12pm Iddy Trophies
1pm Biddy Trophies
2pm Buddy Trophies
3 pm Senior trophies
3:45 Senior All-Stars
seen her in action

United States

#70 Mar 13, 2011
I wasnt refering to the 12 year old son. It was the older one about 17 or 18 and thats funny you mention the ohhs tournament. Thats the one I am referring to. I dont question the motive or intentions of the Pyatt family as He and his family do a great service to oh kids. However thats where it should end. Do good for ALL THE KIDS and leave it there. As a former baseball coach PARENTS are the worst ones to deal with. Not all kids are going to be superstars and those that are blessed with exceptional atheletes should be humbly thankful. Period
David Harvey

Cedar Grove, WV

#71 Jan 9, 2013
I played in the league in the early 2000's. I'd like to say "Hey" to my old coaches Doug and Jeff but I forget their last names. I went on to play high school at Mt.Hope my senior year but I had a lot of fun in this league.
Where's my refund!!

Fayetteville, WV

#72 Jan 10, 2013
My wife & I took our son on the first day of signups for the 2012-2013 season. We had all the necessary paperwork, including his birth certificate, and we paid the fees. There was a second day of signups and we even received a note from the school stating that the JAMBL was having an additional day or "bonus day" to recruit more players.
During this time we had not received any communication from JAMBL about practice times, team placement, practice locations, or any information period. We spoke with friends who have children playing & they had already spoken with coaches and were getting ready to start practicing. We attempted to contact JAMBL numerous times to find out what was going on or our kid had gotten lost in the shuffle. A few days later we received a call from someone representing the league. He notified us that too many children had signed up so they did not have room for 18 kids to play basketball. At first he stated that all children 5 & under didn't make the cut but he quickly changed his story after I pointed out the fact that our son was 6. So, the parents of 18 children had to deliver disappointing news. The overall reason we were given was "not enough gym time". When we asked the gentleman about a refund for the $30 signup fee, we were told that he would have to talk to the board. Needless to say, we haven't heard back from anyone at JAMBL since!
Fortunately, we are pretty resourceful people & know plenty of folks around Fayette County and we were able to get our son into the Fayetteville League. The Fayetteville League immediately made room for him on a team, even after they had split into teams and started practices. They were even generous enough to waive the signup fee because we never got our money back from JAMBL.

Here are my questions:
1. Why didn't the JAMBL put more effort into locating gyms? There are plenty in the Oak Hill area between all the schools and churches.

2. How exactly did they determine which 18 kids did not get to play? My child was signed up within the first hour of the first signup day!

3. Why is it that the parents of the 18 kids not allowed to play have not been refunded the $30 per kid fee? That is $540 which could have been used to rent gym space and pay refs.


To any and all board members of JAMBL:
I would really appreciate a quick response to this. Otherwise, I will pose these questions in a "Letter to the Editor" of the Register Herald, the Fayette Tribune, and any other news & social media outlets that will listen. Thank you.

Fairmont, WV

#73 Jan 10, 2013
give me a break if someone said they hated my kid and they're an adult they deserve punched in the face. she better be glad it wasnt me i wouldve beat the brakes off her and taken that huge hair of hers down a few inches.

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