AA State Basketball Championship

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#21 Mar 20, 2010
Warrior Fan,
if I'm not mistaken Huggs has already offered him, dunno about schloarships and what not but I know he has been to multiple places on visits and gets mail every day from schools (so much for Rock Citys theory). And I tell ya what you guys do have a lot of talent coming back, thankfully so do we. We have a few middle school kids comin up that are tough but we all know how much pressure that can be in a big game.. I was referring to when Huggins came to watch them at home.I dunno if they thought that Huggins was gonna make a special trip or what lol. Thank you for the victory and congrats on the games you beat us. In the end it's about who wants it more and which team is prepared THAT DAY. After the 1st half I thought it was over.. But totally good game by both teams..

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#22 Mar 20, 2010
Taking a quote of Ric Flair's and tweaking it a little, "To the be the best you got to beat the best!!" Right now, Oak Hill is the best. Whooo!!
warrior fan

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#23 Mar 21, 2010
I am going to copy and paste a reply I made on the Mullens forum and I want to post it here so that I clear the air that my sometimes fast running mouth creates. I know I said on this forum that coach ferri was classless, thats why I am posting my reply here too. Thank you

classless wrote:
Warrior fan, I think you should watch all the interview with Coach Feri. You must have only seen clips, it was 13 minutes or so long, and he does talk about how good wyoming east is. Congratulations on your season and hopefully W.E and Oak Hill can play for it again next year. Here is a link to watch the entire interview.
http://www.wvmetronews.com/mediaplayer.cfm ...

Wow, I stand corrected! In my defense I did just see channel 6's clip. Boy they sure edited out the right stuff! I see the 3 players and this coach alittle differently. Thank you for showing me the clip and not attacking me, probably like most would have. I actually laughed at what Coach Ferri said about we will play someone on tues and wyoming east every friday (haha), and Jack, hearing his whole interview showed him as just a emotional kid playing in a state championship game. I do apologize if i was harsh, coming off a game like that as a fan you dont really see exactly who these kids are. But I liked what Jack said. "There are 26 boys on both teams and we got to play in a state championship game, not many people get to do that in your life" Thats very true. Two great teams, and only one gets to walk away with the win. Heck and they both were southern wv teams. Thats something to be proud of just there! Thank you classless, and if the coach ever sees this I apologize to you too! I spoke to soon.

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#24 Mar 21, 2010
Anyone who is saying Jack won't go anywhere if he doesn't change his attitude, you're an idiot. Obviously you've never played a sport.
Its Me

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#25 Mar 21, 2010
He had two points in the first half. He has no outside game whatsoever. He is not a consistent player.
rollover rock city

Beckley, WV

#26 Mar 21, 2010
I am not a fan of either team. I do agree that there are good players on both teams. I just thought Jack had a very poor attitude and it was not the first time he has done anything like that. I doubt seriously that HE WILL EVER THROW AN ELBOW or anything else at me.

United States

#27 Mar 21, 2010
Champz2010 wrote:
Wow.. U guys didn't see WE physically all over those boys?! You guys are as blind as the refs were! You've never seen anyone from East intentionally knock down another player?! That's why they tackled OH players multiple time when they got a break aways.. And please tell me how Huggins was watching when he's in NY getting ready for another win.. You guys are sooo smart. I'm not sayin that it was right for Jack to do it, but he's what 15, 16 years old?! They wouldn't get off him the whole game and he got sick of it.. He will be ok.. And you doubt Huggins or anyone else will want him?! Bahaha ridiculous.. Also, even though he's extremely cocky I gotta give it to Muscari.. He's good.. Just curious where's he goin next year?
huggins came to ohhs and watched him play!!!!

Varney, WV

#28 Mar 21, 2010

Craigsville, VA

#29 Mar 21, 2010
wow wrote:
<quoted text>
huggins came to ohhs and watched him play!!!!
Yea I know.. I was sittin like 2 rows up from him and Coach Bolen.. I meant yesterday, cuz Huggins was in Buffalo..

Oak Hill, WV

#30 Mar 21, 2010
I play for Oak Hill and JF is a great basketball player East has good players also but ive read some of these comments n some of them are really ignorant you all do not know a single thing about Jack or Kalif.
East Fan

Welch, WV

#31 Mar 21, 2010
I know W.E beat ya'll 3 outta 5 times and it would have been 4 outta 5 if our coach hadn't switched his strategy in the most important game. The one time you did beat us was in your little crackerbox of a gym and you gave us like 3 bleachers for hundreds of fans and we wont even talk about the refs since no one believes refs can throw a game these days. But us on the other hand- the 3 games we beat u- we WHOOPED YALLS A$$. You shouldnt have even been at state cause we beat you in sectionals. I mean really? So congrats oakhill on your 2 outta 5 wins against us!
Be nice

Beckley, WV

#32 Mar 21, 2010
All of you listen up and grow up!!!!!!
Either way you slice it someone had to win. Both ball clubs are great. I think WE thought they had it in the bag and they relaxed a little and then OH found their groove. I know it's a hard loss but if I could place bets it will be OH and WE next year again fighting for the Championship. No, Jack shouldn't have done what he did but DID YOU SEE the way he was being totally hacked on before that. WE was riding his "you know what" all day. The game was TOO physical until Jack did what he did. The refs THEN decided that they had better tighten up and I think that after happened the refs did a good job. It was the best and most meaningful "FOUL" of the whole tournament. Those refs were doing a terrible job up until then. What a game! I was ready to leave at half because I was sure WE was gonna win and I didn't want to see it.
I'm glad I didn't!
Yes I am from OH, no I am not a teenager, and see ya next year!!!!
warrior fan too

Welch, WV

#33 Mar 21, 2010
be nice, thats exactly what I was saying, i dont know about the part of WE thinking they had it in the bag my opinion on that is that they let the refs tightening up get in their heads and they backed off their defense. You can not beat a team like East or OH without a super aggressive defense. We had played each other so much there was no way OH and WE could ever play a calm game. East let the refs mess with them and they were afraid of fouling out and they let OH get a run on them and they couldnt get it back. Plain and simple OH and WE are the 2 best teams out there (AA) and it was gonna be a fight no matter what. Great game i think, it had to go in someones favor and OH wanted it more 2nd half.

Makes me excited for next year
Oak Hill Babyyyy

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#34 Mar 21, 2010
Well, the whole thing with Jack is ridculous. He is 15 years old. We all get fusturated at some point. I know Jack personally and he is not a ''Jerk'' at all so you guys can get over the fact that he puched one of your playuers. What comes around goes around. Did you people not see the player all over Jack.? Well we sure did and im glad Jack got up and pushed him thats what he gets. You Wyoming East people just need to get over the fact that you guys LOST and WE ARE AA STATE CHAMPIONS.(:
Oak Hill Babyyyy

Oak Hill, WV

#35 Mar 21, 2010
Its Me

Tarboro, NC

#36 Mar 21, 2010
I was over it before I left the civic center. There's a difference between PLAYING DEFENSE and ACTING LIKE A WILD ANIMAL. I guess he learned that from some of his chest thumping teammates!!
Oak Hill Babyyyy

Oak Hill, WV

#37 Mar 21, 2010
If there is a difference then maybe you should tell the WE boys that, they act like wild animals.!
East Fan

Welch, WV

#38 Mar 21, 2010
Jack is only 15- but he does something out of line everytime. Its way beyond wild defense. Pushing someone down or cussing out a fan- I mean really? If I was from oakhill Id defend him to. You guys won the last game but we beat you 3 outta 5- once in sectionals!!! Anyone who can count knows East is number one. Im not saying Jack doesnt have talent. If one of our boys intentionally shoved one of your guys down or cussed out an oakhill fan youd be upset to. He'd he a much better player if he'd stop letting his temper get away and thinkin he can tell the coach what he's gonna do.....
warrior fan too

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#39 Mar 21, 2010
Oak Hill Babyyyy wrote:
Well, the whole thing with Jack is ridculous. He is 15 years old. We all get fusturated at some point. I know Jack personally and he is not a ''Jerk'' at all so you guys can get over the fact that he puched one of your playuers. What comes around goes around. Did you people not see the player all over Jack.? Well we sure did and im glad Jack got up and pushed him thats what he gets. You Wyoming East people just need to get over the fact that you guys LOST and WE ARE AA STATE CHAMPIONS.(:
We were all having a nice conversation about the talent between both teams and you come in here acting that way. I was hoping the majority of OH fans knew how to act like adult.

The saying is, What goes around comes around. If your gonna make quotes they should at least be accurate. I still stand by what I say that your coach showed class. You on the other hand, not so much! A rough game is expected in championship basketball. But theres alo a line players are expected not to cross. Thats why there is such a thing as technical fouls.
the truth

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#40 Mar 21, 2010
I Get It wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm sure your a Wyoming East fan. Well, JF and company whooped your team and you can't stand it. There is nothing that you can say to take away from Oak Hill's win. The refs did great, WE played hard, but Oak Hill wanted it more. WE shoved OH, OH shoved WE. That is championship basketball. I don't support poor conduct, but it happens.
I have to agree with u east is always blame the refs or some boil shit. they can't take the lost and go they got to blame somebody.

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