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Port Saint Joe, FL

#21 Jan 12, 2009
Oh my goodness, those who live in glass houses should not through stones!!!
My family has lived here since august of 2007!
Yes there are some army wives who do not pay attention to there children, but there are some of us who stay outside and watch our children like hawks! Please do not judge all of us based on those few. Stop insulting the police. I myself should have issues with them, after what happened at least that is what I've been told! But I don't they are just doing their job! I would rather they get drunk drivers off the road than to leave them on.
Yeah my water bills high too, but if you don't like it go to a council meeeing instead of complaining on the computor's!!!

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Ames, IA

#22 Mar 25, 2009
wow i have been here three years and have not really had any big problems . I agree i hate the cat west bar its a ridiculous location move it somewhere else only becase i get tired of explaning the damn sign to my kids . And im here to say i go on post EVERYDAY and as soon as spring hits and summer there is kids all over the place none with parents watching some as young as two years old so get real people. Its not just army wives who dont watch their kids either you cant just say all of us do this or that when it happens everywhere everyday!! BTW I do not plan to move here as long as we have the option to stay where we are . Ive been in more unsafe places like clarksville near the walmart ya know the one that had the shooting...so sorry my lil corner doesnt seem so dangerous right now....

Clarksville, TN

#23 Mar 26, 2009
Wasteful spending if you ask me on ampitheatre and community center. We can't even widen Hugh Hunter and Thompsonville light. When the military gets out of work it takes up to 20 minutes just to get home. Oh and that park you are talking about wade's way go on Sunday with all the 30 - 40 ADULT and high school gangbangers playing basketball and try to take your kids to the park. Between the fights and drugs that's a definate nogo. Another rant on kentucky in general we pay the highest taxes yet we can't even get healthcare for poor adults like our neighboring state Tennessee and they don't even have a state income tax. Our sales tax is almost just as high if you eat at a restaurant weighing in at a hefty 6%+ 3% for a total of 9% which is only .5% less than clarksville. The city and state are taking our money and no clue to me where it goes? Which hits home in Oak Grove, because if you aren't military you obviously aren't rich here. Our kids go to a school that is a twenty minute drive away and it's not even on the priority list to build one. The hour drive to and from is TWO hours of lost time could be spent on education could be spent on playtime but whatever shouldn't be spent on a bus. The gas that is used daily by the county for that drive has to be monstrous. Those are just a few things that need to be addressed and fixed. The most common way to fix these problems

Clarksville, TN

#24 May 6, 2009
When i moved here, back in 2001, my neighborhood was like green acres. Every lawn was cut, garbage was policed up and dogs were on leashes. Now I see drug use in the open, crackheads knocking on doors at 0600 asking for a cigarette, speeders, out of control parties, destroyed properties, broke down (disassembled) cars in yards. I have asked for speed bumps in my neighborhood for years and each time im told that the snow plows cant operate well on roads that have speed bumps. Ok, since I have lived here I think we had 3 maybe 4 snowfalls that would require a plow. The police have been doing a great job cleaning up the criminals!! Now the city needs to enact some ordinance against unkept properties, loose Pitbulls, loud out of control parties, wandering crackheads.. and please give me some speedbumps! And oh yea.. see if we can get a chaingang from Christian County Jail to do a police call!

Spring Hill, TN

#25 May 16, 2009
Ken wrote: When i moved here, back in 2001, my neighborhood was like green acres.
Be careful about wanting "Green Acres" right across the stateline in TN is a neighborhood called "Green Acres" and it has a gang problem and a high crime rate.

Ames, IA

#26 May 18, 2009
We all know which green acres im talking about.. ha ha ha.

Des Moines, IA

#27 May 26, 2009
I am writing a paper for an ethics class and I have to write about racial issues in my community. I have tried researching it but come up with nothing. If anyone could help me and fill me in on maybe some different things going on I would greatly appreciate it.

Spring Hill, TN

#28 May 26, 2009
Oak Grove has a mixture of many races and cultures. This is common for any community around a military base. From the top of my head, they have black, white, hispanic, korean, japanese, folks from many European countries like Germany, and there is a growing culture here from India. There are really no large scale race or culture problems or divides. The neighborhoods are all mixed, there are no white areas, black areas, etc. Ask some specific questions and I will try to answer.

Spring Hill, TN

#29 May 26, 2009
Oak Grove, as well as Ft Campbell, Clarksville, and Hopkinsville does have a growing gang problem, but most folks try to ignore it and a lot of the authorities have only recently began to admit it publicaly

Des Moines, IA

#30 May 27, 2009
I guess what I am needing to write about is racial tension if there is any, racial profiling, and common racial issues that the community of Oak Grove has.How has human interactions in the community been racialized? I personally haven't seen or heard of any. The biggest issue that I have heard of is about trying to put a school there and them saying they are trailer trash. I guess it would be more of discrimination on military people considering that is the majority that lives in this area. If there is any way someone can answer some of these questions I would greatly appreciate it. I also have to interview someone in the community such as a community leader but I think that will be hard to do. The people who run this area seem to only really care about themselves. So we will see. Any input would be great.

Spring Hill, TN

#31 May 27, 2009
Oak Grove was originaly a farm community, then came Camp Campbell, later Fort Campbell. A lot of trailer parks, pawn shops, srip bars, porn stores and such moved in to service (no pun intended) the soldiers. This on top of poorly run police and government led to a bad reputation and Oak Grove being disliked by the folks in Hopkinsville and County Government.

Spring Hill, TN

#32 May 27, 2009
Over the years somethings have changed, like most of the Adult businesses and Pawn shops are gone as well as a lot of trailer parks. There is still a lot of controversy over the local city Government and the way they do business. Oak Grove has come a long way, but it still has a long way to go to overcome it's reputation.

Des Moines, IA

#33 May 27, 2009
I have heard a lot of negative things about the law enforcement around the area. I have also heard that the city counsel is shady in that they hoard money that could be spent on widening roads or repairing pot holes. I just think it is terribly sad that you can't even trust those who are supposed to be there to uphold the law and protect you.

Spring Hill, TN

#34 May 28, 2009
The Council may be shady but they really don't have much to do with most of the roads. 41A is a federal highway so the US Govt. is responsible for it, and Highway 911, 115 and Stateline Road are KY state highways so the State Govt. is responsible for maintenance of them. Some others are County roads so Christian Co. Govt. is supposed to work on those. The only roads the City of Oak Grove is responsible for are the residential streets. Those are city roads. As far as the law enforcement goes, most of them are great guys, a few are jerks, and the department definitely needs new leadership.
Common Sense

Poplar Bluff, MO

#35 Aug 9, 2010
The problem with Oak Grove is...Hopkinsville. Since long before the early 1940's, when Fort Campbell was established, Hopkinsville, has always been the commerce center of Christian County and this region of the state. There is a group of men that have wanted to keep it that way. They see Oak Grove as a threat. Just ask the mayor Dan Potter about Oak Grove getting a school. It's absurd that Oak Grove has not flourished. The reason is because Hopkinsville doesn't want them to. They can't control Clarksville, which is blowing Hoptown away in growth. But they can hold their foot on the head of Oak Grove because they are the county seat. They control Pennyrile Electric. They control the water. They control whether or not Oak Grove get's any schools.

United States

#36 Sep 9, 2011
mrsbrownie wrote:
first thing is the strip club called the cat west. it really makes this place look ghetto and attracts alot of drunken trouble. the second is the amount of neglectful disrespectful people. Oakgrove is a miniture ghetto and I lock my doors to my car everytime I get in it to go somewhere.I think there is also alot of trashy people. to fix this 1- shut down the tiddy bar and 2 send half of these people to germany or wherever. you know the people with grown up grass and garbage allover their yards and broken down cars everywhere. maybe the neighbor hoods should have a homeowners association that is active. crack down on these people who dont watch their kids yards or care for anything other than watching tv or playing on myspace. make it a dry county..have curfews. doze down all the houses under 1600 sq ft and start building bigger homes and gated neighborhoods. change whatever crack they add to the water system to make everyone crazy or looney.. and open up a few upper class stores. have neighborhood restrictions. like not having more than 3 cars in your driveway or no broken down vehicles. fine the people when they break the guidlines.
And become a Tea Bagger and if not shut up and sit down and stay out of sight.

United States

#37 Sep 9, 2011
Tell me about Oak Grove wrote:
I am a APSU Social Work student, my group and I need to work in three differents presentation for one of our courses. We would like to ask to any Oak Grove resident What is or are the problems that Oak Grove, as a community are experiencing and how Do you think could it be resolved? We will apreciate any views, or information that can give us a clear picture of what is happening in this community. Thanks.
Remember this is the youngest County in KY age population wise in the 2000 census.
And the ones that are Judging others look at most track records of a coumenty of the average of 21.
miss lee

Picayune, MS

#38 Dec 19, 2011
Tell me about Oak Grove wrote:
mrsbrownie: Thank you very much for your sincere and honest input.Our group will be looking into this information more in detail. Have a great day.
<quoted text>
well my husband drives a truck and I'm no fool. I gps him from time to time. And recently I did and low and behold I tracked him right at the cat west strip club.. and also at another place. It only leaves me to believe that he met someone and went home with them . God help me. I don't live there, but I agree with u all. Close those disgusting places down

Gilbert, AZ

#40 Jan 2, 2012
Wow, if you old man is going to the "Dirty Kitty", you have some serious issues to address!

Nashville, TN

#41 Jul 25, 2012
you want to read my other post on topix... my email is posted. [email protected]

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