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The Soder Sisters

York, PA

#22 Nov 7, 2011
It's unfortunate that you have decided to put a lot of your frustrations and blame on her rather than the codes themselves that you are trying to dispute. You should put your sub-par film skills and online hissy fits to better use, in our opinion.

And as for Mr. Whisner, he should consider pursuing continued education in the English language, more specifically grammar and the proper use of commas and backslashes. But his lack of writing ability aside, the things he seems to be promising are idealistic and, for the most part, not something he can just change if elected. In fact, he admits that at the very bottom of his list of "ideas".

Now, we may not be well versed in politics, taxes, building codes, etc and we don't want to take up any more of your time, but there are a few final things we'd like to point out. A few years of studying environmental issues and management would have taught you about the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which is part of the FEDERAL government and was establish in 1970 by Richard Nixon (by the way, Mr. Whisner, creating your own acronyms does not in fact make you sound more intelligent). And any criminal justice major could tell you that our mother is simply doing her job, and your continuous posting of blasphemous statements and videos about her is something many people would consider harassment.
The Soder Sisters

York, PA

#23 Nov 7, 2011
It is interesting that you have decided to bring Michelle Poole's daughter into what can be called, at best, your misguided, uneducated rant.

There are many things that you need to be corrected on, but let's start with the fact that she actually has TWO daughters. WE might not be able to dispute the tax issues or other political problems you have been posting about, but there is a topic we know better than you could ever hope to--what kind of character our mother is and what it entails to take on a job like hers.

Contrary to your 'speculation', and as Bill so smartly put, neither of us have any desire to take over our mother's position. Not only because we have chosen career paths of our own, but because we have grown up watching our mother deal with the complaints and resistance from people just like you. People who feel they are above following the rules or think the rules are "unjust". No doubt these are the same people who would complain if they had to live next to a neighbor with five untagged, uninspected cars in their yard, with grass three feet high, etc. As long as she has been in this position we have watched her deal with these disgruntled people with patience that most people could not manage. So we hate to disappoint, but there is no way that either of us will be taking over her position upon graduation.

On that subject, you might as well be better informed if you are going to bring us into your 'musings'. One of us just graduated Magna Cum Laude in May from Delaware Valley College with a degree in Biology and Biotechnology--more specifically, Conservation and Wildlife Management--and is now working two jobs within the career path she has chosen. Most would consider this a far cry from the career our mother fulfills. The other, now a sophomore at York College, is pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice. Both of us were awarded scholarships upon graduating from Kennard-Dale, and earned/are earning high grades while in college.

Informing you of all this comes as part of our point; while we managed to get where we are so far in life through our own hard work, neither of us could have made it without the support, guidance, and love of our mother. A woman who does not, despite your depictions, spend all her time plotting how to make your life miserable and what rules to impose next. For example, you believe that she saw your pool from our second story window and just "couldn't wait" to send you a violation, when in reality there is absolutely no window that she could have seen your yard from anywhere in our house--we only know this because we've lived there for the past 14 years. Other than that minor detail, she honestly doesn't have the time to dedicate to this tyrannical, egotistical, dramatic plot to "take over the township" that you have so fantastically portrayed.

Instead, she spends her free time not only playing the busy role of a mother and wife, but taking care of her friend who has been fighting cancer and dealing with chemotherapy treatments for the past few years. She drives her to her appointments, helps her with errands and household chores, calls her every day to make sure she's doing alright, and goes over and above her duty as a friend. She also spends hours baking for sales and fundraisers to benefit the church her and her husband attend. When we were growing up, there wasn't a field hockey, soccer or volleyball game that we played where she wasn't in attendance. She's been a cookie mom for girl scouts, sat at the food tent to benefit KD track & field, and headed the PTA for a few years. So you see, her job with Peach Bottom Township is a very small portion of her life. Michelle Poole isn't some diabolical witch up on a "high-horse"...she is an everyday woman doing the job she has been assigned.
[continued on another post]
The Soder Sisters

York, PA

#24 Nov 7, 2011
Our apologies for the somewhat out of order post. Hopefully it is not too difficult for you to figure out.

Have a nice day :)
Bruce Shelton

Airville, PA

#25 Nov 7, 2011
You girls are taking this way too personal. Politics 101
The Soder Sisters

York, PA

#26 Nov 7, 2011
You're telling us that we're taking this too personal, and yet you are the one saying our mother is out to get you. Maybe you should think about what you are posting before you post it; we would not have gotten involved if you hadn't pulled us into this with your false assumptions.

Jarrettsville, MD

#27 Nov 7, 2011
Speaking of signs wrote:
I notice Whisner has his signs in the road right of way on Rt. 136 opposite Saubel's in Whiteford Maryland. He might want to remove them before he causes those landowners to be subject to the fine Harford county now has for people that post signs in the right of way. Maybe he needs to educate himself on existing laws.
It is my understanding that the township has reserve the right to come into your home. To inspect the "grey water" drainage while inspecting the septic system. I also think that paying $500.00 fee to challange the township is above most families abilities. Clearly limiting citizens rights.

Jarrettsville, MD

#28 Nov 7, 2011
Terri B wrote:
After we saw Mr Whisner's signs, and visited his website, we found this forum. It sounds to us like that there might finally be some change coming to our neighborhood for the better. Instead of the same-ole, same-ole. Good luck to him! We'll vote for him. Terri & Rob B.

Jarrettsville, MD

#29 Nov 8, 2011
Carl M wrote:
I figured out how this post thing works. Speaking of signs thank you for the information. Does that mean that mrs pool is not running for office? I hope not. Because we got a letter from her about our sons car who is in iraq. She said that we had to pay $100.00 because the license plate was expired. We ended up selling the car for him because she said we would be fined. Why do you and bruce shelton say something about public sewage and septic tanks? Is public sewage in the election? We just had ours drained about a month ago with no problems. One of the people up the road said thay charge $50.00. We paid $175.00 to the septic people. Do they mean that the town will drain it for $50.00? If so how do we get that for next time? Any how just wanted to say thanks. I have made my mind up.
Every 5 years each septic tank must be inspected by the township. The inspection fee is $100.00. If you need a riser (a new requirement) you must by one. Ours coust about $80.00. I don't see the purpose of putting in a riser.

United States

#30 Nov 8, 2011
Onlot inspections cost $50 and riser costs vary depending on the depth of your tank in the ground. So that could range from zero to however tall they need to be. The $100 inspection is only for real estate transfers...check out Shrewsbury's cost and be glad you don't live there.
Bruce Shelton

Airville, PA

#31 Nov 9, 2011
The Soder Sisters wrote:
You're telling us that we're taking this too personal, and yet you are the one saying our mother is out to get you. Maybe you should think about what you are posting before you post it; we would not have gotten involved if you hadn't pulled us into this with your false assumptions.
I have gone back over the statements which I made along with the statements you have made. I at no point questioned the character of your mother. I did however question the manner in which she performed her "public service" job. I as a resident am fully entitled to voice my opinion on her actions while serving in a public service capacity. I believe in property owners rights so long as they do not infringe upon their neighbors rights to peace and safety on their own property. Referring to the untagged cars, I would agree that 5 untagged cars on a 1/2 acre property is excessive but why not 1 car? What about residents with more acreage? With this ordinance, the property owners rights were eliminated. As far as posting your resumes, it really has no bearing on the subject at hand which is the abuse of power demonstrated by public officials and current codes and ordinances. The reason I wrote of your possible replacement of your mother in coming years is because it was in fact speculated by multiple sources that this was possible. You set the record clear on that issue and now that fire is put out. Forums such as this help put that information out so that questions can turn into answers. I do however take issue with the attack on lesser educated people. Just because a person may not be as competent in literacy or as educated as you may be, it does not make them less of a person or remove their rights to express their opinions or even participate in their government. While being competent in those areas does give you advantage, it does not give one the right to discriminate against them that are not. I am not willing to debate yours or your family private life however, I welcome you to debate me on public issues.

Forest Hill, MD

#32 Nov 17, 2011
I can't wait to find out who won the towship auditor race >:)

Brooklyn, NY

#33 Nov 30, 2012
I had been considering moving to the Peach Bottom area. I think I've changed my mind after reading your posts and seeing the ridiculousness your govt pins you under. Best wishes to all who live there. May you find some peace and privacy.

Chicago, IL

#34 Apr 16, 2016
Bill wrote:
It would help if you had any idea what you are talking about. The tax is the same 1% earned income tax that you currently pay. The ordinance is being passed to conform to changes in the state law. It will not change by 1 cent the taxes you now pay, but is required by state law. As to the part about Michelle Poole coming into your house, what planet are you from? That of course is ridiculous. No one has that right, and Michelle certainly does not want it. Honest, the 4th amendment is safe from Peach Bottom Township. As to your final uninformed nonsense about her daughters, you could not pay them enough money to put up with ignorant, uninformed blowhards.
If you ever see this, you are the reason for this world going to hell you disgusting stupid brain dead bag of flesh.:)

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