'Puppy Mill' Crackdown with Arrest Made

'Puppy Mill' Crackdown with Arrest Made

There are 293 comments on the Tristatenews.com story from Jan 9, 2007, titled 'Puppy Mill' Crackdown with Arrest Made. In it, Tristatenews.com reports that:

Animal-cruelty charges were filed last week after a large Lancaster County kennel was raided by humane agents who seized 23 malnourished and diseased dogs in what officials describe as the first major effort to ...

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Conowingo, MD

#243 Jul 28, 2012
KATE wrote:
Are there still problems with this lady? My fiance just purchased a puppy for me earlier this year! Im VERY scared
i believe she was shut down once again few months ago not sure what the situation is now

Morgantown, PA

#244 Jul 29, 2012
Why are you scared? Have you had any issues with the puppy? If not, then consider yourself one of the lucky ones. But for the future stay away from this seller.

She moves around a lot and changes her name. Bottom line?

Dont buy from a pet store, from the Internet or big commercial breeder that breeds many dogs...all puppies are from puppy mills! Stay away!


]Are there still problems with this lady? My fiance just purchased a puppy for me earlier this year! Im VERY scared

Delta, PA

#246 Sep 17, 2012
I purchased two puppies from Stephanie- one on December 2010 and one in January 2012.
Awesome dogs with great dispositions and willingness to learn. Just sayin'.
Lonely Rich Man

United States

#247 Sep 17, 2012
Lucy wrote:
I purchased two puppies from Stephanie- one on December 2010 and one in January 2012.
Awesome dogs with great dispositions and willingness to learn. Just sayin'.
Hi Lucy..... are as beautiful as your name suggests?

Morgantown, PA

#248 Sep 18, 2012
We've got a stalker...LOL. Stick to the subject ------ dogs!

Baltimore, MD

#249 Sep 18, 2012
The health and disposition of the puppies are a concern, but so are the living conditions and the treatment of the parent dogs. We have all seen deplorable photos of the awful conditions in which the parent dogs are kept. when we purchased our puppy, there were so many red flags...a reputable breeder will let you see the parent or parents of the pup. We were not allowed to do that. We had no idea about the conditions in which the parent dogs were kept. Also, Stephanie advertised so many different breeds of dogs, that it would raise a red flag about mass producing puppies, without regard for their physical or emotional needs. Do I have any physical proof? No. But, there are a lot of red flags. to purchase a dog from a breeder who is not reputable is to perpetuate the terrible conditions in which the parent dogs are kept.

Morgantown, PA

#250 Sep 18, 2012
Anonymous -- you are so right. I rescued a breeder dog. The conditions she was kept in we're obscene. Cage too small for her, hot spots all over body, splayed feet from standing on wire, broken teeth from her biting wire to try and escape, fear of men,(breeder was man) and bred every heat cycle for 5 years. Then discarded, luckily to rescue organization where I got her. With love and care she is now wonderful but the psychological damage done to her stays with her to this day.

For every puppy bought from the puppy mills in PA, only increases the horror for the breeder dogs because farmer will continue to breed her as long as public buys his puppies.

This has to stop! Stop buying puppies from large scale breeders in PA, there are red flags....don't ignore them!

Rescue, rescue..

Lovaldgs, they need us.
Th cooks

United States

#251 Oct 18, 2012
Your an ass wrote:
Im pretty sure if we knew it was a puppy mill we wouldn't have bought the puppies and we would have reported it.
Thank you captain obvious.
Why dont you put your effort towards stopping these people instead of being an ass to the good people who are just trying to warn others.
. I bought why is supposed to be a yorkie he was sick 2 hours after I bought him he was only to be 5-7 lbs he is 15 pounds she paid vet bills but he has headtroubles he's crazy never saw parents and paid 650.00 papers had different names on them sure s a mixed breed bought him feb 2012
dog lover

Newtown Square, PA

#252 Oct 19, 2012
look up north penn puppy mill watch

contact them
almost fell for them

Lake Orion, MI

#253 Oct 31, 2012
OMGosh...thank you all so much for your posts! Glad I checked before I purchased!

Sussex, NJ

#254 Nov 5, 2012
lovealdogs - are you listening to some of the comments on here? I think it's awesome that you're involved in animal rescue. I too, am involved in volunteering at a state licensed wildlife rehab facility. HOWEVER until some of these ridiculous adoption rules can be changed that many of these places have, please stop just telling people to RESCUE RESCUE!
We also were ineligible because we don't have a fence! Really? We have almost four acres and a dog on a 15 foot retractable lead who's out running with me has PLENTY of exercise!
Why do these places make it so darned hard? A fence - really?? It's better for that dog to life in a 10 by 10 cage....and spend its life alone than to go to a loving family without a fence.
Makes not one bit of sense to me. This is what drives the puppy mill business - rescues that will not cooperate or bend rules!!

Morgantown, PA

#255 Nov 5, 2012
Of course I listen to the comments on here but I can't control how various rescue organizations handle adoptions. Yes many have fence rules because people are very careless and I can't tell you how many dogs get lost and family says oh can't handle dog so they bring dog back. Rescue groups dont want the revolving door syndrome that does happen. Well gee leash them or control them...there is a state law for controlling your dog.
And what drives the puppy mill business is the lack of good regulations not the rescue's strictness. People should buy dogs from reputable breeders if they don't want to rescue. That is their choice but if they look hard enough they will find a good rescue group that will work with them provided they at least leach the dog?

Lititz, PA

#256 Nov 18, 2012
A few were asking about puppies bought from J & L pets in New Holland, We just bought one yesterday, are picking him up next Saturday and will be taking him to the vet but he seems perfectly healthy to us! They were a very nice "plain/Mennonite"cou ple and they only had a few breeds of dogs not cages and cages full of dogs. The dogs were beautiful! Healthy looking, you can tell them bathe them and feed them well and take care of them. They even had a special play area they built for the dogs and my kids were able to take the dogs they wanted too into the play area with them. They were very kind and answered all questions. We stayed as long as we wished no rush. They were ok with us picking up Sam after the holidays so we don't have to leave the poor pup at home along while we go away. The entire experience was wonderful and we were so impressed with how good the dogs looked. How clean they were and groomed nicely. You can tell they really care about them. I'm not sure if anyone was trying to say J & L pets is a problem but I would argue against it. They told us about a surgery our dog had to remove a hernia and so I feel they are very honest. Anyway, that is my experience with J & L pets in New Holland PA. Not sure what other places are being brought up here. Thanks!

Lititz, PA

#257 Nov 18, 2012
Michelle wrote:
I rescued a dog, it was supposed to be a lab mixed dog aprox a year. Turns out it had pittbull in it, exactly what I didn't want. How is it I did the right thing and adopted a dog and it turned out to be the worst mannered dog ever. And then when I told the shelter about it they acted as if it was my fault. I have young childen and it was aggressive around its food and didn't like my baby. I thought dogs were supposed to be screened before being adopted. I will be buying a puppy from a reputable breeder, how do you suppose I go about doing this? I don't want to buy someone elses problem dog again, any help is appreciated.
Hi there, we just bought our dog Sam from J & L pets in New Holland PA. Wonderfully family , only a few breed of dogs. I would recommend checking them out. I wouldn't recommend a breeder unless we had a fantastic experience and we did! Our dog is fantastic. We couldn't be happier. Good luck!! And we also were hoping to purchase a rescue shelter dog but had a bad experience there. Thankful we found J & L Pets.

Morgantown, PA

#258 Nov 18, 2012
To Meghan:

Ok Meghan, be prepared to argue against me, but I can stand it...:-)

J&L is a big commercial breeder licensed to breed 151-250 dogs a year and is inspected a lot by the Dept of Agriculture. He has obviously downsized or did not show you where dogs were bred.

Red flags: at inspection of May 2012....had ONLY 18 puppies but NO adults on premises. Where were parents of these puppies?

October 2012 inspection -12 puppies but again NO adult dogs. Where were those parents?

Sounds like he can't keep up with regulations so he has downsized like I said or he is having someone else breed for him and he sells puppies like he bred them. Many Mennonite and Amish families are doing that now. They are called "front families" for the puppy mills. Kids playing with dogs, sellers just so sweet.....etc, etc.

First rule when purchasing puppy? See and interact with parents of pup. Good thing you didn't see where mother dog is kept because I can bet it is awful. That's why many of these breeders don't want you to see it!

And he told you puppy had hernia operation? Who did it? Did you see health certificate and call vet to confirm health of puppy you are buying BEFORE buying?

Promoting this breeder is doing a disservice to many people who will unwittingly be snared by these breeders in Lancaster county. Your good luck is outweighed by many many people who were not so lucky.

And you don't purchase a rescue dog, you rescue one! Don't judge all by experience with just one.

And my feelings? You are somehow affiliated with J & L pets...:-)

Sad ending

Conowingo, MD

#259 Nov 27, 2012
My husband and i bought a shorkie from stephanie in august and 2 months later she died of a heart condition. We dont regret purchasing her because we love her but are devastated her life was cut short and have had to learn by heart break that we should have done more research. Im so sorry for these animals

Manteca, CA

#260 Dec 4, 2012
I purchased a dog from Sharon Thompson in Conowingo MD. The night i took the dog home it was shitting out worms. I took the dog tot he vet the next morning and after a 200 bill i got all the medication needed. I flew with the dog in the cabin on 4 Dec 2012. The dog died on my drive home after the flight. The dog was in the cabin for the flight with food and water.

I took her to the vet when she started to seize on my drive home and he said it was an acute iinfection the puppy had for a long time.

i called sharon and ask for some of my money back she refussed, her hubsand cursed at me and my father then hung up on us.

To good to be true

Dearborn Heights, MI

#261 Dec 9, 2012
Hello today my husband and I went to the store front of stephine designer dogs. I had a few reservation about this place.1) it was a store front not a house.2) as you walk in on the right side is all the accessories you need for a new puppy a leash ,dog food and other things a red flag went up in my head this look more like pet store...so then ask i the lady stephine "is this a pet shop she states no I breed at home and rent this place out and all the dogs here go back home with me" . My red flag keeps going up because nexr thing I notice is the puppy's water bowl had wood chips all in it.. Me and my husband interacted with a few puppies and had chosen one but once I got the price I said that not what you quoted me on the phone is she a malti-poo for 300.00...She walks us over to the three hundred dollar puppy who which look sick and under weight and not very active..I look at my husband and he's upset and wants to leave at this point .she said to me wll if you have a credit card I can take 300.00 and you can do payment on the rest..I then reply no I will wait and I asked her how often does she have puppies she relays all the time..that was my final red flag.. if your a geniune breeder you only have two at the most liters a year and one breed of dogs not many like this plAce..guys I did not know the name of this place before hand so after leaving I came home a stumble across the website and my husband and I are forever grateful that we didn't purchase a puppy from this place..and will continue to search for a good breeder.

Baltimore, MD

#262 Dec 10, 2012
Good for you!!! I am so glad that you saw the red flags and did not purchase a dog from Stephanies. I wish that everyone were that perceptive. It would be great if she were forced to shut down. I can only imagine the conditions under which the parent dogs live!!

Hyattsville, MD

#263 Jan 13, 2013

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