The Real Brokeback Mountain ,Ennis Del Mar?

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#1 Nov 6, 2010
Hello Room Have you ever herd of a Movie called Brokeback Mountain ever wander how it got its name? Have you ever herd of two people doing the same things at the same time Well this is where something very Interesting starts to happen I want to tell you about a Person i know very well,We will elave it at that for now,( What if Brokeback Mountain was not a fiction story at all, what if it was real and there was real people real life events that brought all this together?( Would not that be interesting? Well there is more after I sware jack,( They was more way before it,( What if you could talk to the person that Ennis Delmars Life was based on? would that be interesting? What you could meet this person the person that went to to back in 1996 and begin to talk and tell a story, Would that be interesting? What if this Real Life Ennis Delmar said He had wrote to Oprah, The New Yorker, , And asked for Help to get the truth out,and had got no responce at all,Could it be that Someone life was followed in a gay chat room telling a story over and over, about two men on a mountain two cowboys, back in 1963, and night after night revisit and told the story he had in his mind over and over, Remember paul Harvey The rest of the story? Two things are a fact at the very same time a uneducated man in his later 30's discoverd a gay chat room and would go to New York rooms late at night with a Idea a story he was very passionate about and say I would Love this story become a movie and start telling his story over and over, a poor boy living in one of the most remote parts of the United States, coincidence???????? One thing is fact My self and Annie Proulx, was thinking of the same story at the same time,I wrote my story in ,starting in 1996, and 1997, I really enjoyed Telling my story, I have had a hard time getting anyone to listen to me, Just one man,One thing is for sure My self and Annie Proulx wrote the same story at the same time, a 37 yo gay man from Middle eastern America On the Kentucky Tennssee borders now 49 years old does Ennis Del Mar have a real name Not a fantacy at all?:) How could He ever prove this? One little man in a very small town, with another story to tell not a fiction ,Kinda in the same fashion as the orriginal,Does human Minds think the same things at the same time write them down at the same time event upon event? I have a topix and the rest of the Brokeback Mountain story to share, could it been that infact that the Brokeback mountain story was very much real life taken from the writeings of a simpleton struggeling to share his art and emotions in a gay chat room, well He is here to share more, Us talk about the story I wrote in I want to tell it and what inspired it , the real names the real faces the real places , of my story us get started.
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Somerset, KY

#2 Nov 6, 2010
I am sure 100's maybe 1000's of people related to the mountain top away from soceity back in the 1960's two men left alone in a wild inviorment, see what happen, Well here Is the real inspireations for for real story I worte, Trying to find reason for same sex Love relationships , bible study, and being a father husband in a very small Kentucky town in the Hills, Fresh out of a three years very abusive relationship,Looking for new relationships in , being a artist and useing as my new canvas and telling events seeking answers along side a passionate story,ECC 4,9 Two [are] better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour.ECC 4,10 For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him [that is] alone when he falleth; for [he hath] not another to help him up. While chatting in someone read this bible verces to me it stuck with me it said His fellow, all it said is better are two then one ,all I found in the bible was verses that condemed homosexuals and I would become very coserned, being a christain and God fearing man, I wanted to do my best to please God,And I wanted to Love also I was so lonley my arms would ach, I had been beat in the face and in the heart, and even now still my heart cant feel romantic love for anyone male or female, Not enough intrest in females and still I cant except homosexuality,and same gender love, So I started to wander how can it be so that two men can love? at what point would God say ok to same gender Love if ever , In my seekings I started to peice together a story from Ecc as part of it a base for it, hopein gnot to be hated by God for the feelings I had,So the search begin in story, I called it isolated men together what would happen to them , so I started to write, Remove it from the gay bar seen, take it back to 1963, take two guys and put them away on a mountain away from soceity , let one get hurt and come to depend on the other and unaware develop feelings, it gets cold and one gets sick and holds to the other and before he knows it they have had sex , then they develop feelings and it goes of for many years, the feelings they have and they cant say that they are not real, so they deal with it, Now the secret of Broke back mountain I never named my story,I talked about me and my x lover and the bloody mouths after slaps and hard knox fights and then 15 minates later be makeing very passionate love, I am being as truthful as I can, I very vaugely remember this part, one night when i was talking in and telling the cowboy story how did one of the men get sick? very lightly this comes back to me, He fell from a horse and hurt him self and had to be taken care of by the other man had to depend on him, someone in said what you going to name this story (Brokeback Mountain?) trying to be funny and make fun of my story I was telling,I dont want any money , I do know one thing is for sure I wrote this story and im not saying that anyone els did not, what i am saying for sure that tow people wrote the same story at the same time Me and Annie Proulx I would not be so brave to post this in Topix if it were not true,
I was surching for answers in my story,what was Annie Proulx looking for , My story was about my life and what had happen to me and how I delt with things that happen to me Im still alive Im not a actor, Im just a seeker and all that I have said is true.
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Somerset, KY

#3 Nov 6, 2010
ECC,4,9 Two [are] better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour. ECc,4,10 For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him [that is] alone when he falleth; for[he hath] not another to help him up.but how can one be warm [alone]? At age 37 38, I return home to my wife and son, after a three year relationship with another man, All i had was my family and abroken heart, I returned home on my sons birthday july the 8th and stayed, and still here, he is gone now and im a grandfather,My wife is asleep in the bedroom,my x Lover remarried and we have not spoke for 17 years not one word,He is bitter,He is married with children now, I have no romantic Lovers males or females, about 8 years ago something happen,I stoped loveing anyone,for the first time in my life since I was 13 years old and now Im 49 , I looked across a room and it came to me ( you dont love anyone with a romantic passionate love, my heart is so protected from being broke all i feel is alive in the world with everyone, Back in 1996,97, I discoverd and would tell a story i was still feeling for people looking for a romance but not anymore,It just stoped but I did not die, Sometimes I allow someone to touch me, and deep inside my heart, I feel this behind all the self control , No its more then that more then self control,Its as thow Im waiting for something and someone that is ok and not bad for you I really wander sometimes will I die and not know romantic Love again? I have had people to try to get close to me but I want allow it I find it better for me to not become involved , I am so unsure of same gender Love even still, I cant tell all this story now I will be back I have a lot to tell, faces , places ,events of my Brokeback Mountain story but I never named it Brokeback Mountain, I never really give it a name I just told it, I will tell you more, someone who told the same story at the same time in I wouldnot be so brave a fool to post this in topic if it was not all very true,
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Somerset, KY

#4 Nov 6, 2010
Sitting one night at the computer I thought about the gay cowboy story and I did a yahooo search to see if anyone had made a movie, I had told the story so many times, it had been years, and when i did the search I seen this picture, I thought wow! someone has really did it , A gay cowboy story just like I had told in I was kinda ahh struck, I could not waite to see it, I drove all the way to Knoxville Tennssee because the movie would not be in my hometown even close for a month, I could not waite it was very cold me my wife and my cousin went to see it, and then a month later I went to see it again , I was alone in the theater, The intro came on in the lower left of the screen I seen a small date it said 1963, I thought what this is life my story, as the movie started it started to remember the story I told, I did not feel like someone had stolen anything from me but done something for me, I felt special Like wow they really did it, just me chatting all by my late nights, I knew this was my story , or who ever wrote it we told the same story, I never really watch the movie I already know it but I enjoyed it even still it was kinda boreing nothing new but I felt very touched by it, and thought will anyone ever know that I wrote this or wrote the same story whatever, maybe peoples mind can connect and be inspired to do the same things, I had always painted and always told storys but I stoped many years ago and I thought someone was they comeing in to studying you listen to you and took your story and felt it was there own, then I became cearious who wrote this story? and I found out it was a older female I read the interviews , I tryed to contact her, I called and asked them did they have computer chat rocords, in some kind of memory,does anyone I used I remember my e mail I registerd at with I wander does anyone have a computer from 1996,97 that chat in I told this story for months over and over, I cant seen to let it go I know it sounds outragous yet its very true,even quites, a little gay guy said one time, if you cant fix it get rid of it, and I said if you cant fix it you gotta stand it,And my x Lover said to me I wish i knew how to quit you, In tears he would get upset and say is a song that our friends would play and we would laugh because of it by the lighting seeds
From Kisses to blows In our eyes it shows because we would punch each others and have black eyes , From Kisses to blows it shows Lyrics, it was a joke song for us, I would talk about this and the way he would hurt each other and then kiss and make up.
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Somerset, KY

#5 Nov 6, 2010
What happens now in my life? family members is passing away I move back in with my wife, we love each other very much I would never want to be away from her, but I have never in my life felt so alone at times , I feel used by everyone and useless,And sometimes I think Oh my God what if in fact back years ago this little story that came out of me really made its way to the world and millions has watched it, and been influanced by it, even if it was not by my doings, but just my ideas and story, it has become what it has did i do something good for the world to see? How does God see me, I told a story and its world wide and people weep and cry and look at same gender relations maybe differnt, I believe that god wanted men to be with women, still that is the way i feel, and the death of Heath Ledger just a actor, How strange,was this a good story? I hope so.And what if it were to be found out that I wrote the story that lead to Brokeback Mountain How would it affect my life? its ironic How could have this happen I cant let it go it does not bother me that much really but I just want to tell the truth that I know its not wrong of me to do that.
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#6 Nov 6, 2010
And the biggest part of it that I think about is , i hope it was healing to people somehow helped people,all over the world, I did not want to influance people to have relationships with same genders, I pray to God and say God please if in fact this story that became a movie that millions have seen if the story i told in spread all over the world from one little computer and what i was telling thinking and shareing with people in that chat room please dont let it be bad becasue I told this story what kind of affect is it going to have on humanity and what does that have to say about me ? I pray its good.
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Somerset, KY

#7 Nov 6, 2010
They are so many more details that I have not posted in topix but no one would listen to me and I wanted to tell the truth to someone that might listen to me just because its true...i have a real name a real person and a real life, and I really told the human extreem story in the subject matter that I choose to tell it in if anyone can find the chat history you will see im telling the truth but how would this be done from 1996,1997 and on I dont remember how many years each night more of the story I calt remember each detail but the major parts I remember very well, I hope I dont insult anyone by doing this but its true all of it.
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United States

#8 Nov 10, 2010
I came home on july the 8th 1997, my son was 10 years old, I chated in from July the 8th to October 13, 1997 July 8th august september october, Is when I started chatting and telling the story, it went on in to 1998 when Kentucky won the basketball champions that winter I was still telling , that is the time peariod before the movie screen play was written still I was telling the cowboy story , did people visit gay,com and watch me for years talking about the two men on the mountain all alone away from soceity? was details gatherd and later in 2005 finally Brokeback mountain had become a movie to be released soon. I dont expect anything , but two things are for sure , I wrote a story about the two men alone away from everyone back in 1963, One becomeing hurt and growing to depend on the other and comes to discover that he has feelings he has to deal with , they have to sleep together and be close to be warm, that they were violent at times, and the feelings they have goes on for many years after they are alone together I wrote this I know and if annie Prolux did also , we wrote the same story at the same time this is two things that are very true,I would put so much of my self in to that story real things that had happen to me and fantacy added in and I was being something for my self a artist creating passions for my self a story surching looking to share with someone I would say ( I would want to see a movie Like this and I went to New York chat rooms on pourpose knowing that new york was a artistic city and maybe someone would listen to my story and it would become a movie for real did it? was it my story that really inspired Brokeback Mountain or was me and annie Prolux telling the same story at the same time , Mine in and hers in the New Yorker?
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United States

#9 Nov 11, 2010
I was still chatting in 1998 telling more the story and my life .Well past the Oct 13th 97 publish date I chated all fall winter 98 and on.

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