Pit Bull Rescue Tia Torres husband ex...
Alejandra Ochoa

United States

#373 Nov 27, 2012
Tia your are a True woman and admire u. We have allot in common... Bless u and all u so!!!

United States

#374 Dec 1, 2012
Dukesdutchess wrote:
I think its great what Tia does for those dogs.I dont know her and her family but I do know she must be doing a hell of a job taking care of those dogs for Animal Planet to pick her up for a show.We need more people in this world who take responsability for animals and people in need instead of just talking about how sad there situation is.I dont care if Tia is a total smartelleck as long as she takes good care of those animals and finds them good homes.I tried rescuing dogs and let me tell you I just had 12 and was ready for a nervous breakdown.After I found good homes for them I didnt take in anymore.Its really expensive and very hard work.She must be a hell of a woman with alot of patients to do what she does.Keep up the good work,Tia.
TIA & family have huge love and hearts for animals even that claim to be human meaning she gives hope and chances to a lot of people probably would to that hater claiming racist do u watch the show. Notice her staff all races not to make light of what some do and get time but there is also a lot that just haven't got caught or had to pay for their crimes or evil. She cares. Can't say it seems the one that seems to be blaming her with all that is most likely guilty of a lot of the crap she says she has issues with most a lot of people. Myself and several friends do rescues of all dogs that are supposedly evil and don't deserve life it's the people that are supposed to be responsible for them that makes them that way. We pay for everything and keep them and place them just as they do vets homechecks just as if they are a child. More people need to get involved doing it or if nothing else have your animals spayed neutered whatever. And our record on re-training.proper vet care is your responsibility not the animals. The animals we have dealt with get it all just as hers do before even trying. If not possible or right for the pets then one of us or friends we know will do right by them. SOME PEOPLE COULD LEARN FROM THESE ANIMALS.THEY LOVE HONOR PROTECT UNCONDITIONAL THOSE THAT ARE GOOD TO THEM. JUST AS IT SHOULD BE!!!!!!PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE. NOT ALL CAN BE SAVED NEITHER CAN ALOT OF THE HUMSN RACE....
Shame on you

Shelby, NC

#375 Dec 1, 2012
Slandering a woman's name who is making an incredible impact on the reputation of such a wonderful breed that has been misjudged and mistreated...you should be ashamed. Making false allegations about her children and her love for ALL of her animals, can you stoop any lower? First off, it takes a lot of money to run even the smallest shelter...Tia runs a shelter for over 200 pitbulls, among other animals, and still needs money to pay her employees, and provide for herself and her family...so 150k may seem like a lot to you, but it isn't when you're responsible for as many lives as she is. I'd like to see you manage you're finances and still make an incredible impact like she does.
Pitbull lovers

Milledgeville, GA

#376 Dec 1, 2012
I think Tia is a good person I'm 15 she is like a role model and shows the world everyone deserves a second chance so I give props to her.
Red Nose Pit

United States

#378 Dec 29, 2012
I'm ashamed to read most of these comments. Do you realize that this woman's personal life has nothing to do with her heart. I am a true believer in her show and what she is doing. She is not the cause of these animals needing a home, she is the solution. That family gives their time and love to this cause. I don't care how they live. If, you don't agree with what they are doing then why aren't you doing something to help these animals and if, you think she is pocketing ALL these big bucks then why don't you quit your day job and take over hers? The girls dress and act like normal girls their age and who care who they date and if, they did date the twins, they are not blood related. So, you bash a woman who takes in children, animals and convicted criminals. Well, I married one, have lots of adopted animals and 8 grand kids and loved by many children..........I don't think she has the problem. Until, you are making a difference in something you believe in...DON'T JUDGE! BET YOUR THE FIRST TO CLAIM DONATIONS ON YOUR TAXES.
gloria martinez

Ceres, CA

#379 Dec 30, 2012
tia i got a pitbull and i can not have here at the house because of the landlord please help me..

Aurora, IL

#380 Dec 31, 2012
i love to watch your show

Aurora, IL

#381 Dec 31, 2012
i reaaly like ur show
becky csstle

Huntington Beach, CA

#382 Jan 5, 2013
people working for the goodness of mankind, and dog kind is to be congratulated teach the criminal some life skills that is a good thing lets not pass judgement because we were all born of sin and if you think you weren't then your momma lied to you.
only one walked this earth with no sin, his forgiveness and God's love will make a greater soul in such bad pasts that addiction and alcohol creates and unless your in the room holding the spoon you don't know who is using drugs believe that truth. YOU DONT KNOW WHAT GOD KNOWS so quit judging so much. Live your life to the best of your ability and try to build the best of things instead if feeding the bad so much.

Milton, FL

#384 Jan 11, 2013
I love what u do Tia and I wot to follow in you'r foot steps

Bound Brook, NJ

#385 Jan 29, 2013
I do not know Tia but I wish I did. She is one strong woman and I think many people who feel they have to judge her, use that strength against her. I find the remarks against her are childish, ignorant and reek of jealousy. How can you judge her? You have no clue who she is, how she feels nor is it any of your damn business. She rescues the most maligned breed of dog on the planet. Funny thing though, the dogs are not the ones attacking her. You try and get off your butt and take care of 200+ dogs, it is not easy. She is also helping people that are judged by their past not by their
ability....the parolees. Tia has done more in 10 years that all of the naysayers on this sight Combined, so my suggestion is if you can not say anything constructive then say nothing at all. Or, get up and go volunteer at her shelter and see for yourself..you can't have cameras around you 24/7 and maintain a phoney facade, the cracks will show. She has maintained the same personality, attitude and air of kindness as long as I have been watching. So if you feel the need to rip someone apart, go after someone or something that deserves it. For example the GOP and its vote rigging scam

Castle Rock, CO

#386 Jan 30, 2013
Haters are exactly that. People that are filled with hate. They obviously weren't raised with enough love or compassion as children. Yet alone have morals & values to respect/care for all living creatures, not just people.

I admire Tia & the good she's putting back into this UGLY world. Watching her show makes me realize how terrible society can be. It opened my eyes that these crucified, evil parolees are better people than these holier than thou law-abiding citizens. Perfect example would be the Kern County community! Terrible people.

Tia- No matter what happens, you NEVER get beat down & roll with the punches. You are a true inspiration! I admire your strength in everything you have gone through, and continue to go through. I thank you for all you do for people & animals! You've made a forever supporter!
Jennifer M Terranella

Covington, GA

#387 Jan 31, 2013
I just want to say tht I don't think tht the twins are going out with Tia's daughters, I watch all the old Pit Bull & Parolees shows on animal every week, I know the twins help there mom & sisters around the house & they some times help the parolees too. I Love wht Tia does for the dogs & the parolees as well. I think I remember when I watched on animal planet tht Mrs.Tia was helping the wolves & the big cats as well.As for Tia's daughters I think they are pretty & I really like the way they do there hair, I also like the tattoo of Duke on Tia's arm.

Brighton, UK

#388 Feb 2, 2013
I watch the show in the uk and have a lot of respect for tia and the guys. They are great all the time and effort that goes into what she is trying to achive, let them be stop being bitches... So what if her husband is in jail there's plenty more people in side doing time for things far worse!! Get a grip and leave the family alone. God have you got nothing better to do. Respect to the guys your doing a great job keep it up!

Leesburg, VA

#389 Feb 3, 2013
I just read all of these blogs and was appalled at the ignorance of some of these people. Tia Torres is a woman who follows her heart and stands by the man and family she loves, it doesn't matter if they first met as pen pals or not. She is giving jobs to men who can't get one otherwise being the mother of someone who was once on parole I know first hand how they are judged and not even given consideration for a position no matter how well qualified they are. It takes courage and fortitude to stand up in front of not just her community but the entire country and tell the whole world to take a flying leap cause she is doing what her heart and conscious tell her is the right thing to do. I sure hope none of you naysayers ever have to face the obstacles and hurdles you are judging Tia and her family for facing and overcoming, I don't think you stand a chance and this brave lady not only survives but helps others thrive. YOU GO TIA

United States

#390 Feb 4, 2013
For u to even say something like that shows u aren't a very carding understanding person. Just cuz she gives people second chances doesn't make her a bad mom or human being. U should count your blessings who knows one day someone you no may need her n then what.
Melanie Carey

Nottingham, UK

#392 Feb 9, 2013
I think tia is wonderful

Graham, WA

#393 Feb 10, 2013
I love the TV show, and think Tia and her family is
simply wonderful! People who say nasty things about
her having money, should be ashamed, as if any of
you have ever had a dog (or other pet), you would know that it costs a lot to feed, house, and do the
medical care that they need. A 28 pound bagof dog food for my Shar Pei, costs me $64.00, and he goes
through it in one and one-half months, so add it up. Also, someone mentioned how the dogs all love
Tia, and she knows all their names? I have owned
dogs for over 50 years, and if you are a good person, a dog can sense it. Every Pit Bull I have
ever met, is all over me, even though I do not know
or have met them before. I am praying for Tia to
get the legal help to get her husband home with the
family; and I plan to continue to watch this very
wonderful show.

Graham, WA

#394 Feb 11, 2013
I forgot to mention my reply to someone else's
comment about Tia. This person referred to Tia
being rude or bossy. I see that Tia was once in
the military, and she does come across with that
military attitude at times. It is natural to be
that way with military in her background. You
have to be a little 'rough' on the troops, and she
does that, but only to be strict and getting the
job done. Again, I hope and pray she soon will have
her family all together. Those four kids are all
great. They usualy do things that need to be done
without being told. Good kids.

Omaha, NE

#395 Feb 15, 2013
I have been watching p&p since it aired,I love this show,can we agree that this Lady fights like a pitt for those dogs,if you don't like her or her family turn the damn channel!!! Stop the hating and bitching!!! Tia and her family will deal with their family issues without your input.the show is about rescuing those beautiful dogs.I love you and your family for what you do.keep your head up and GOD bless you.

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