Sacrifices were made

Stratford, CT

#461 Mar 22, 2013
The Fix wrote:
This means that, without question, the entire Petite family / Komarsijevsky, Hayes capital murder case was a sham and fraud on the court. Richard Blumenthal senatorial election was " facilitated " through multiple assassination attempts, kidnapping, massive fraud and obstruction of justice, among other felonies. Using organized crime as well.
It would be completely obscene, that in their quest for " justice ", violent crime victims, aligned themselves with perpetrators of similar sick felonies against another person and engaged in hindering prosecution. However, to an outside observer, there seems no other explanation.
Fly On Wall

Stratford, CT

#462 Mar 23, 2013
Nepotistic Protection wrote:
Attorney Patrick J. Filan, Westport,CT.( co- conspirator in attempted murder,kidnapping, massive fraud and obstruction of justice ) related to atty. James K. Filan Jr. formerly an asst. atty in the U.S. attys office for the state of CT.; Who would have thought. Also, it appears James K. Filan jr. claims expertise in computer hacking and other crimes. If true, what a shame, because as both Filans know, nothing is for free, especially attempted murder of a client to conceal serious felonies. Probably another fluke.
Not a fluke. Atty. Patrick Filan is also corrupt VNP (vacuous nepotistic progeny). This was the epitome of premeditated attempted murder, kidnapping, massive fraud and obstruction etc. The conspiracy also involves at least on CT supreme court justice.
Guy On Street

Stratford, CT

#463 Mar 23, 2013
Audacious Deux wrote:
Audacious defined. First assassination attempt on Atty Richard King, August 29, 2007, then the Giampas file a complaint, counter suit on September 27, 2007 bitching about being slandered as people engaged in criminal behavior and moreover organized crime. As is their out of control Modus Operandi ( just like the state of CT and Richard Blumenthal ),they "hit" atty King again October 30, 2007.( Dr. Ferris was "hit" again November 4,2007 in the Home invasion / stabbing attack. He had already been Thallium Poisoned). The illegal Giampa deal. The Giampas, Rocco and the other sycophants respoding to the truth as guilty parties would, bristling at any light shone on why it is they walked after 1.8 million in auto insurance fraud alone and multiple attempted murders on an officer of the court, atty Richard King. There is no mystery about hardcore criminal getting a pass, when the evidence is so overwhelming. And anyone who knows this is at risk, including people like Roberta Dean. The SDA church is complicit as well.
All those Yale doctors and nurses knew they were committing felony acts, but felt totally covered under the perpetrators umbrella of corrupt power. They documented, with precision the assassination attempt on Dr. Ferris of November 4, 2007.

New Canaan, CT

#464 Mar 24, 2013
Since the state of CT and the other perpetrators are lying about the home invasion, stabbing assassination attempt on Dr. Ferris of November 4, 2007, then the only rational conclusion is they plan to complete the extermination,defrauding and disappearance. What is the U.S. policy toward terrorists( like Richard Blnmenthal and his cohorts ) who have already ordered multiple assassination attempts on a U.S. citizen and forced disappearance and have no intention of renouncing their conspiratorial enterprise or criminal behavior ?





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Jack Meoff University

Stratford, CT

#465 Mar 25, 2013
Unfathomable But True wrote:
Google, Joseph Giampa Massachusetts, insurance fraud, attempted murder. Why didn't people around here know about this. The media emphasizes all manner of insignificant trash and Blumenthal propaganda, but not Giampas' fraud and assassination attempts, when he had multiple scam clinics in CT. An emergency physician with Lyme Encephalitis getting ECTed after no exam or treatment at Milford ER. This is more than just a coincidental "pattern of criminal behavior".
Those Lifestar paramedics and nurses as well as Yale University ER staff and operating doctors and nurses knew they were documenting an attempted murder and cover-up. That is why they were careful to make sure everyone reading the record would not accuse them of removing the assault weapon from Dr. Ferris' abdomen and disposing of it. Again the Paramedics;" The knife had been removed prior to our arrival and reportedly had a four inch blade, inserted to the hilt." Yale ER and operating attending doctors and nurses. " The Clinton Police stated they had removed a knife with a four inch blade from the victims abdomen" ( Cops did not bring it to Yale )." The police removed the knife and stated it had a 4 inch blade". And there is more documentation of same. Then, two days later on November 6, 2007, in a perjured police report, the original weapon morphs into a " Small bloodied paring knife" left on the nightstand. How many more chances are these murderers going to get ? Yale University equals murder university. The medical staff and administration are significant players in this continued criminal enterprise conspiracy. The feds must be deeply involved. All the physical evidence was destroyed and Dr. Ferris became the victim of enforced disappearance, continued thallium poisoning and other torture while sequestered for one and a half years without any medical or dental care. Clearly crimes against humanity by Richard Blumenthal , the state of CT., Yale, Feds and the rest of the co-conspirators.
License to Kill Steal

Stratford, CT

#466 Mar 25, 2013
How many chances to these people get, who ordered the multiple assassination attempts on Dr. David Ferris DO., Milford, CT ? The answer is obviously; As many as they need, because they evidently have license to kill and steal from the top.
The Blumenthals

New Canaan, CT

#467 Mar 26, 2013
" On a few occasions I have misspoken" .. about being involved in multiple assassination attempts on Dr. David Ferris, his forced disappearance,defrauding and the surrounding massive obstruction of justice. The press and his other sycophants ( including those congresspersons and law enforcement ) working feverishly on slime control, are out of time. Richard Blumenthal and his co-felons are classic psychopaths.
Yale Grad

Stratford, CT

#468 Apr 4, 2013
Reality Check wrote:
The real predominant " network " keeping a murdering scab like Richard Blumenthal and his associates from experiencing exactly what they are dishing out, is the same racist network that concocted this psychopathic scheme from the outset. Psychopaths like Blumenthal( and his family ) believe they are untouchable, while simultaneously committing crimes against humanity. The writing is on the wall.
Many people at Yale realize it is a racist institution on several levels. Students and employees refer to it as J.. U. and there is no such thing as free speech.(Free as long as nobody speaks the truth). This is also true of Yale sister institutions like Harvard. The healthcare system is used in this country as a choke-point, taking care of " problems " like Dr. Ferris and done more or less openly. But, I agree, the crimes committed against Dr. David Ferris of Milford,CT. are so inhumane, that the perpetrators will ultimately swing. Especially because of the multiple assassination attempts, including Thallium poisoning, Home invasion stabbing and other near-lethal attacks. The clear-cut kidnapping/ enforced disappearance and torture, while telling a close relative he was dead, Robert D. Ferris, Dallas, TX., shows just how widespread the conspiracy was and how homicidal the intent. The involvement of Richard Blumenthal and the FBI, together with organized crime to exterminate and erase a disabled person who is a loose end and a threat to their continued existence outside of prison. It is difficult for someone from a foreign country, routinely portrayed as oppressive, to see swine in the U.S. commit crimes against humanity, then give interviews on TV or in newspapers, knowing very well that the media, at this point, are complicit. Sickening. Also, there is a Yale and Harvard alumni factor, I am sure is working diligently with the perps, to obstruct justice, using their vast connections. Racist psychosociopaths with their army of sycophants, spending millions of dollars covering crimes against humanity.

Westford, MA

#469 Apr 5, 2013
Go Ferris and Associates. Stick their nose in it and don't stop even when they start to whine about being in a prison cell with pigs just like them.
Former Girl Scout

Stratford, CT

#470 Apr 8, 2013
It was sure nice of the policemen to remove that uncomfortable knife from Dr. Ferris' abdomen, the one with the four inch blade and hilt, that they told everyone had been inserted to the hilt. My seven year old son would not even do that. Murdering tools for the pigs who ordered the assassinations.
Connected Power Player

Stratford, CT

#471 Apr 9, 2013
Nepotistic Protection wrote:
Attorney Patrick J. Filan, Westport,CT.( co- conspirator in attempted murder,kidnapping, massive fraud and obstruction of justice ) related to atty. James K. Filan Jr. formerly an asst. atty in the U.S. attys office for the state of CT.; Who would have thought. Also, it appears James K. Filan jr. claims expertise in computer hacking and other crimes. If true, what a shame, because as both Filans know, nothing is for free, especially attempted murder of a client to conceal serious felonies. Probably another fluke.
Atty James K. Filan jr. was central to coordinating the "Final Solution" for Dr. David Ferris along with Richard Blumenthal, the State of CT. and other co-conspirators. An example of his circle of friends includes Quinnipiac and Yale atty/ law professor, Jeffrey Meyer who "as a friend" advised William Petite jr. offerring to shepherd him through his legal morass.The problem is Atty Jeff Meyer and just about every other atty knew they were concealing evidence and obstructing justice; Fully aware of the assassiantion attempts, forced disappearance, rape and defrauding of Dr. David Ferris.
Outrageous With Impunity

Stratford, CT

#472 Apr 9, 2013
Outrageous wrote:
The original encompasse insurance (allstate) attys withdrew because of threats to their lives and attys from a Philadelphia law firm ( Drinker, Biddle, Reath )were brought in to press forward the attempted murder/ murder-for-hire additional charges (along with the established massive insurance fraud case against Giampas). This apparently was filed August 11,2008 following months of extensive investigation by Massachusetts state police and the MA. US. attys office. Then, it drops off the radar screen ( the entire case dismissed) two weeks later. The Giampas must have had substantial leverage for this illegal deal to happen. Two attempted murders on atty Richard King, August 29,2007 and October 30,2007 and the assassins apprehended November 15,2007 after a third botched attempted, in a high speed chase involving MA. State police. Nobody wanted the Giampas or their crew on a witness stand revealing, among other things, the crimes being committed against Dr. David Ferris and the prominent people responsible( the Blumenthals,Zane Saul MD. Jeff Gross MD., atty Alfred Belinke, Catherine Baird RN., Robert Milstein and Yale. the state of CT. Milford Hospital,Dr. Ferris, attys ( Pacifico and Filan), atty Glenn Coe, Joan Smith-Torrey, Susan Torrey MD and James Riviello and many more, including superior court judges. The Giampa deal.
Dr. David Ferris, Milford,CT. will be constantly in danger of further violent and financial crimes until these criminals are removed from society.
Ex Civil Servant

Milford, CT

#473 Apr 9, 2013
Another crime which will not cease, until the felons responsible are culled from society, is the massive illegal surveillance obviously being committed, demonstrated in this blog. The perpetrators have so much to lose and nothing to gain from discontinuing this violation of civil rights. There are only three basic reasons a group of animals engages in stalking ; to kill, steal or commit some other form of violence. Unless, of course, they are perverts and just like to watch. Because the stakes are so high and from the examples given in this blog, there is little doubt the invasion of privacy is most extreme. From the content I've read, it is only a matter of time before the law enforcement criminals miscalculate again and create, a point of no return, incident.
B O Knows

New Canaan, CT

#474 Apr 10, 2013
Obama knows about the atrocities. Unaware at its' inception, he has now hitched his wagon to Richard Blumenthal and Associates murderous scheme. Multiple assassination attempts, kidnapping / enforced disappearance, massive fraud, obstruction of justice deprivation of rights under color of law, bias crimes, rape and severe abuse of disabled, plus use of a weapon of mass destruction,Thallium, against Dr. David Ferris. A little worse than some clowns talking about "legitimate rape".
Filan Freedman Mania Fix

Stratford, CT

#475 Apr 10, 2013
Nepotistic Protection wrote:
Attorney Patrick J. Filan, Westport,CT.( co- conspirator in attempted murder,kidnapping, massive fraud and obstruction of justice ) related to atty. James K. Filan Jr. formerly an asst. atty in the U.S. attys office for the state of CT.; Who would have thought. Also, it appears James K. Filan jr. claims expertise in computer hacking and other crimes. If true, what a shame, because as both Filans know, nothing is for free, especially attempted murder of a client to conceal serious felonies. Probably another fluke.
This is not only a tangled web of deadly deceit, the Vacuous Corrupt Nepotistic connections are never-ending. Atty. Susan (Freedman) Filan is ex-wife of James K. Filan and a "celebrated" legal analyst for msnbc. She also has an impressive, influential pedigree eg., father Judge Frederick Freedman District CT., uncle Judge Alan Nevas with many Yale and other Ivy league contacts. Calling what is going on with Dr. Ferris simple obstruction of justice doesn't begin to accurately describe the seriousness and continued lethal potential of the felonies. Law enforcement and the judiciary across many states have been put on notice, to not only obstruct,but if need be terminate Dr. Ferris. The media is completely controlled.

Stratford, CT

#476 Apr 11, 2013
Vacuous nepotistic protectionists, racists, add legal, medical and political corrupt heavy-weights committing serious felonies in a vast criminal conspiratorial enterprise, then stir in state, local and federal law enforcement, media and other sycophants; Extremely lethal. All to save the sorry behinds of people like Richard Blumenthal,Zane Saul, Jeff Gross, Belinke, Milstein, Yale and Harvard waste, Freedmans, Filans and their cronies who consider themselves above the law in Washington DC., Hartford,Boston, New York and elsewhere.
Susan Freedman Filan etal

Stratford, CT

#477 Apr 11, 2013
This is sleazier and more deadly than most can imagine. Susan( Freedman )Filan is a Quinnipiac Law alumnus and was married to Atty Patrick Filans' brother, atty James K. Filan jr. until 2006.( James K.Filan sr. was doctor very political active with the democratic party. All have extensive connections in both major parties). Atty Jeff Meyer ( Yale / Quinnipiac law)absolutely knew he was concealing evidence and obstructing justice. Since he had awareness of the assassination attempts on Dr. David Ferris',kidnapping/forced disappearance and massive fraud ( Zane Saul MD and others ), this makes him co-conspirator. Meyer helped organize the media fraud as well. Jeff Immelt of GE is a classmate of Wm Petit jr. and friend of Susan Freedman Filan (msnbc). Susan F. Filan counts David Axelrod (Obama's chief advisor) a close friend ( also an msnbc analyst). Little wonder these criminals operate with impunity. As "sophisticated" persons, they must realize that unless willing to complete their conspiracy to Kill, defraud, defame and obstruct justice on a disabled person, their fate is sealed. Much worse than Watergate.

Milford, CT

#478 Apr 11, 2013
Since these terrorist criminals seem to thrive in a society which allows flagrant commission of human and civil rights abuses, How about crating up and parachuting them into Syria. I'm certain one side or the other will find something for them to do. Perhaps licking clean the floor of a run down chemical weapons storage facility.
Sounds Familiar

Stratford, CT

#479 Apr 13, 2013
Repeated assassination attempts, kidnapping / enforced disappearance and torture, deprivation of Dr. David Ferris' basic human and civil rights with massive obstruction of justice. The fixing of capital murder cases. Use of a weapon of mass destruction, Thallium. This done, at least in part, to rig Richard Blumenthals' senate election and Obamas' presidential race. Sounds like Haiti, the Balkins or some other out of control region. Time for some organization like, The Carter Foundation. I'm certain former president Jimmy Carter, Rosalyn and their director of human rights Karin Ryan would have a field day.
Neuro Rehab RN

Stratford, CT

#480 Apr 15, 2013
My colleagues discovered that one of Catherine Baird's closest friends, Ann Dempsy RN., was made case manager when Dr. Ferris was admitted to Yale in July 2007 with documented signs and symptoms of thallium poisoning. This, despite Dr. Ferris' apprehensions. Again,clearly inappropriate and planned. Dr. Ferris' mother, who was well known to be a violent near-lethal repetitive child abuser, made conservator of person and his uncle Robert D. Ferris in Dallas,TX. told he was dead. And atty. Clifford Fritzell,a notorious heroin adddict contacted and given 1,100 dollars to sign off on fraudulent papers. Murderous intent and kidnapping.

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