Should Mike Beaudet Fox 25 Undercover...

Westborough, MA

#24 Dec 1, 2011
Beaudet is a coward and a puppet tearing down lives and communities. Vague resume? Just a smiley face in a suit? If you follow FOX because they sniff at fear and immorality, redemption is a few moments awy.

Who is this tasked man? Where is he actually from? What is his address? Why is he immune to scrutiny? Is his godfather Ruport Murdoch railroading each community with illegal wiretaps and blackballing? Never? Actually, so often that his media empire and tactics are shut down as an olive branch to average folk who are subjected to papparazzi witch hunts.

Bye, Mike. Justice is a eternal.

odoyle wrote:
Blaming fox or beaudet for DiPaola own decision to kill himself is a joke.
People need to take responsibility for their own actions.
Obviously dipaola didn't want to face the consequences of what he knew was a poor decision and took the easy way out. It's called a loophole not a 'woopsie'.
He knew what he was doing. He knew it wasn't right. And he couldn't face the taxpayers wrath plain and simple.
Mike Beaudet drags these money greedy and corrupt public / state officials out of the safe little shadows of the public walls they hide behind - letting the taxpayers who pay into this corruption actually see what is going on in this corrupt state of massachusetts.
Cheers to Beaudet for doing this job!
Fire Mike Beaudet

Everett, MA

#25 Dec 2, 2011
Facebook groups have already started and Mike Beaudet has already tried to make it sounds like an interesting debate with some negative feedback. Guarantee he'll do a "but some parents arent so sure" as if he really was the moderator for a good debate. But Mike runs assasination campaigns and his targets can't pick up the pieces and get the benefit of the doubt. Rally around his target yet but rally against FOX 25 NEWS as everyone in Malden is doing. Fox never admits wrong, in fact when criticized they just run more of the same to show that they are in power. Well guess what Fox 25? WE THE PEOPLE OF MALDEN are in power, not you. Just watch what a grassroots campaign of Malden students can get done, even against the multibillion dollar Rupert Murdoch empire.

ps - someone is putting together a video of Mike Beaudet lying on video (not the first time but its an obvious one and you can see how he gets nervous just sweet)
Malden HS Family

Malden, MA

#26 Dec 2, 2011
Here's the petition:

It's not about the teacher but about running character assasinations to profit Fox 25 and not giving someone a chance to have a private review of a situation without having to be smeared on trailers for the 10 o'oclock news.

Just about everyone at MV is boycotting Fox 25 News until Mike is gone. No debates about how some parents agree, no spin, no moving to other subjects Mike. GONE.

If you don't like it go cry to Rupert Murdoch (oh sorry he's got his own problems)
Fox Lies

Boston, MA

#27 Dec 4, 2011
What trumps it for me is a lying reporter who alleged that children were at risk for months while simultaneously keeping the alleged risk a secret from parents and the community for a long time so he could snatch the right moment to jump out and conduct an --interview--


#28 Dec 5, 2011
Are people aware of the fact that Fox 25 hired Jon Wells as producer of Fox Undercover in spite of a horrendous history both personally and professionally and that this guy led stories about child safety? I am getting more info about this guy ....

What kind of example is shown to kids by these character assassinations??? Expose someone's past publicly - ostracize them - show no forgiveness. Root it all in fear & hate???

What the f%^$%^ were these guys doing in our schools!!!! Son of a b... Fox 25. You got some explaining to do to Boston.
hate tv has no place here

United States

#29 Dec 6, 2011
its not "feedback" Mike. we want you GONE from television!!!!
Hate Free Media

Cambridge, MA

#30 Dec 9, 2011
Why is Mike Beaudet now on my six o'clock news?!!!! This is a no-trust vote for WFXT....

Newton, MA

#31 Jan 1, 2012
Is it me or has anyone noticed that comcast is stealing from us. I paid $147 last month and now i got a bill of $126 yet i have not orderd anything on demand or bought any movies.When shall we stop this people from stealing from us.
Collin Allcars

Jamaica Plain, MA

#32 Jan 2, 2012
Forget Mike Beaudet

Attleboro, MA

#33 Jan 8, 2012
Bear 2 wrote:
Its not just Mike Beaudet, its the bottom feeders who run the Fox network 24/7 news manufacturing machine and the empty-headed public that keeps them in business.
Running for for cover by having Beaudet defend veteran's rights and a late cop's wives benefits? Come on Fox 25. How DUMB do you rely on your viewers to actually be?------
You know that Beaudet is nothing but a shiny barbed spinner trolling through an ocean of slick Fox shows to your weak news whose biggest selling point is that there isn't much competition at 10pm ----obviously your news simply can't survive without Fox Undercover and Mike Beaudet-------I suppose you certainly don't seem to be able to find anything else that works----lets check it out---- Nov 09 Butch Stearns is gone (WFXT wouldn't comment on why), March 2010 Doug Meehan gone (kind of a nice guy for Fox... maybe because he shared a helicopter with WBZ) and Keba Arnold who citied that she "wanted to be closer to family", August 2010 Jim Armstrong and Alison Bologna gone, Sept 2010 Erin Hawksworth gone (WFXT refused to say why again), July Sara Underwood gone after only 3 years, Jan 2011 after 2 decades Frank Mallicot aims for higher ground at a CBS station, and April 2011 Ryan Asselta and news director Lisa Hall --> to pursue other opportunities. These are young people, not retirees------
--- If the only way you can get viewers is by chasing the next high, youíll have to one up the previous ones forever. The only other way to do news is, oh I donít know, long term trust, integrity and stability which its probably too late for, especially given the little wire tapping issue up at mission control...
Eastie Alex

Chicago, IL

#34 Jan 20, 2012
...first off it was phone hacking, not wire tapping. get your news corpse privacy invasions straight.

Second off, AJ Burnett now gone. Kim Carrigan (who was pretty good actually) gone. Maybe they can put on their resumes that they had nothing to do with Mike Beaudet.

How's Mikey working out for ya WFXT?
lucky number 5

Baltimore, MD

#35 Jan 24, 2012
Jvd was an alcholic never spent time with his family was always drinking. Had a split personality hair trigger temper was mean to his employees. A true psyco path

United States

#36 Jan 26, 2012
Alcoholism is a disease which with the support of family, friends and community can be overcome. I do suppose that bullying and stalking an alcoholic might just make them feel that no matter what they do in the future, there will never be any hope. For more information on helping someone who is struggling with alcohol this is a good place to start:

To help rid Boston of an abusive narcissistic reporter start here:

United States

#37 Apr 11, 2012
Eastie Alex wrote:
...first off it was phone hacking, not wire tapping. get your news corpse privacy invasions straight.
Second off, AJ Burnett now gone. Kim Carrigan (who was pretty good actually) gone. Maybe they can put on their resumes that they had nothing to do with Mike Beaudet.
How's Mikey working out for ya WFXT?
People who spend their lives showcases the shortcomings of others eventually get caught with their own secrets. Whether its Jerry Falwell, or former Fox Undercover reporter Charles Leaf in New York who is accused of fingering a four year old girl, not to mention being brought up on child porn charges as well.

I hope he's innocent...

Milton, MA

#38 May 1, 2012
According to UK authorities Rupert Murdoch is unfit to run news corp.

If it weren't for the work done in the UK by Murdoch, people like Mike Beaudet would not be calling themselves reporters in the US. Very similar crap and an unhealthy disconnection from journalistic integrity.
Occupy JRC


#39 May 4, 2012
The Occupy JRC issue is an important one for autism parents but the issue has been public for years, on CNN and also ruled by the UN. I think the mother just got Beaudet to give her some publicity because her suit was coming to a head. Occupy JRC has been around for a while. It's not a Fox thing. Appreciate the help but generally I don't like Mike Beaudet and get nervous with him involved with schools and kids.

Springfield, NJ

#40 Feb 5, 2013
I'm totally blown away by all of this info I read about Mike B's investigative work. I definately will not be watching his show anymore. He sounds so concerned & convincing. Guess I got "suckered ". Hope he can sleep good at night after the pain & damage he has caused people. I agree that he should be investigated.

Concord, MA

#42 Mar 16, 2013
"Jim took advantage of a legal loophole, just like plenty of others might, and while it may have been ethically unsound, he was no more corrupt than the average cop. "

That's hardly a ringing endorsement. Either the guy was a crook or he wasn't; either he broke the law or he didn't. If the law was so vague that he got away with crooked behavior, Beaudet was correct to point that out. If being outed as a legal or illegal crook drove Dipaola to suicide, that's a sad thing, but it's Dipaola's fault for engaging in such behavior, not Beaudet's.
My my my

United States

#43 Mar 18, 2013
Beaudet didn't point it out. It was already out. Diapola admitted it and that was published in the town papers. Beaudet stalked him mercilessly after the fact, trying to find something that might get pinned on his sister as well.

Taking advantage of a legal loophole is legal and makes you not a criminal. Given the percentage of people who did something against the law out there, caught or uncaught, I guess we'll have to hope that neither you nor any of your family have ever broken any law. After all, either you are a crook or your not. Right?
X con

United States

#44 May 2, 2013
That sheriff knew he was about to get a taste of what its like to be in one of his cells! Mike B. does his job well! He killed HIMSELF !! Now I hope Mike B. and fox uc head on over to Essex and help frank cousins through those doors too!! Stop standing up for these crook Sheriffs!!!!

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