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North Versailles, PA

#1 Mar 19, 2009
Does anyone know who the dog catcher is in N. Versailles? I heard it was Ken Ferree, but not sure. My sons 4 month old puppy got loose one night, which has never happened before. His dad & girlfriend called the police & the dog catcher right away to leave their names & number.3 days went by & heard nothing so they called again & was told noone still had seen her. The next day, come to find out that the dog catcher had picked her up the night she went missing, never put their names in the computer & took her to White Oak safe haven who actually had her scheduled to be put down the next day(even though theyre "no kill") because she a pitt mix. We also have another dog whose 3 & have never had an issue with this. My issue with the whole thing is we were looking for this puppy for 4 days, my young son was so upset but meanwhile the dog catcher had picked her up the same day & never told us the 2 times we called? Am I the only one that thinks this is a problem?
blind leader


#2 Mar 21, 2009
The animal control officer in North Versailles is the White oak shelter female, not sure her name but not a killer at all....but again maybe they havent paid her either? North versailles is Evil kingdom of Idiot politicians,and THIEVES....

Mckeesport, PA

#3 Mar 25, 2009
Before anyone posts anything they really should know "FACTS". First off the female officer would never put down an animal, especially a pit, pit mix to the fact she is a pit bull lover. She educates people of pit bulls. The White Oak Shelter is a true no kill shelter that does NOT kill any animals "FACT"! When state law says you that an officer/shelter etc...can in fact put down an animal for not being licensed and having rabies tags to identify the animal, this does NOT happen at the White Oak Animal Shelter. Most officers dislike pit bulls, would love to see them dead, but not her. She tries to get the owners when the owners do the proper things, calling the police giving info and asking for their animal control officer to call them. If this person in fact called the shelter, a shelter VOLUNTEER would have checked to see if the dog was here, called the officer to see if she knew about it this in fact did not happen. If the police department said they had no info, maybe there wasn't a report done or just miscommunication, but this officer gets all dogs back to their homes safely and if not back in their homes do to irresponsible owners, they they are put up for adoption ONLY, they maybe be scheduled for an appointment which would be that being of a spay, neuter, shots, well check-up etc...but NEVER for being PUT DOWN and that my friend is FACT!!!! So before you start any trouble, maybe you should see facts instead of being mad that maybe you had to pay a fine which I am sure was very little compared to if another officer got your puppy that maybe you should of been more responsible in keeping an eye on your PUPPY! Would you let your child be out at a young age and not keep an eye on them? I would hope not, so therefore, don't put a puppy outside without watching it! If you cared so much about your child and the puppy, why would you leave an unattended puppy outside alone in the first place to be hit/stolen or whatever else could of happened to it. Maybe she should have fined you a lot because I know that the shelter "NOT THE OFFICER" gets 50.00 for the day there and 10.00 everyday after. The shelter is fundraising and donation, volunteer ran and the fee that you had to pay is to pay for the kennel space that is used by the officer because she is given the permission to do so. I know this because I have had her to explain all of this to me. I am sure if your animal did not have shots or anything she probably helped you get them etc...If you did not call the shelter and specifically say your dog was lost and did someone bring one in then nobody is going to tell you that a puppy is here because it was not yet available for adoption. People need to smarten up instead of trying to play games and always causing trouble. NO THE FACTS!!!!If the officer knew where this dog belonged, you can be sure that you would have gotten a call to pick up your pet. She doesn't want anyones pets, only the safe return of them. If you ask a specific question, you are going to get a specific answer to that question. If you trying to get information and keep asking questions that have no relevance to each other then no one is going to understand you and what you want. As far as being paid, I am sure the benefits of her job knowing that she has helped keep it safe from dying on the ROAD is the motivation to not harm them once they are safe at the shelter. Now that you have read this take foot turn it sideways and insert in mouth! So the ONLY problem is YOU! An uneducated person that doesn't know much of anything except how to cause trouble.

Mckeesport, PA

#4 Mar 25, 2009
Weather paid or not, all of the animals in her care are safe. Nobody gets put down.
Watch you pets

North Versailles, PA

#5 Mar 26, 2009
First of all, all I was asking was who the officer was. I was not putting down The Shelter because I think they do great work & I actually donate to them thank you. But I also know what we were told by whoever answered the phone. They said she was scheduled to be sent off to be put down. Maybe whoever answered the phone was wrong, but thats what we were told. The lady down there was really nice & helpful & if you would have actually read what I wrote before going off on your little rant (you should really consider getting a hobby!) I never said anything bad about her. I was told Ken Ferree was their animal control. I have a problem with the fact that they left their name & number with him(or whoever it was) TWICE & was never called especially since he got the dog the same night she went missing. They also called 2 days later & he told them he never seen the dog, when he really caught her a few days before. I have a problem with him, NOT the shelter. Also, this wasnt my dog, its my sons puppy over his dads house. My son & my dog are very well supervised & cared for.As for me, i am actually educated just to let you know. Grow up.

Mckeesport, PA

#6 Mar 27, 2009
Just so you know, Ken Ferree has nothing to do with the shelter and he would tell people he will put the dog down. Nobody at the White Oak Shelter would have ever told anyone that the dog is scheduled for a put down "that doesn't happen", scheduled for spay/neuter/shots/well visit the only thing your sons dog would have gotten. Ken Ferree is the animal control officer of East McKeepsortand Wilmerding but not of North Versailles. If the dog is lucky enough to get in her area and not cross into Ferree's they are safe. I am sure their was mis-reading here but it sounded like you were saying the female officer was putting the puppy down and I know that would not happen at all ever. So you have a female officer in North Versailles who loves animals and doesn't do bad things to them ever. Her officers have the same ideals (compassion, save it etc...if you can do so) give it love and hope for their owners. With tags it is much easier to find owners. If you live in North Versailles you are very lucky to have such a kind officer.
Clairton Citizen

Pittsburgh, PA

#7 Nov 10, 2009
In response to Watch your pets...

My dog was chained outdoors (with a dog house etc) when a storm came through...she was scared of the thunder and slipped her collar. When I came home from work, I found her collar lying at the end of the chain. She was not on the porch and I searched the neighborhood for her and could not find her. When she did not come home that night, I called the local animal shelter who told me to call the police station. I called the station and they said that they picked up a dog by her description and called Ferree. I called Ferree and he said he had her. I asked why noone called me as she has a chip in her ear. He said it didn't register. When I picked her up, I had to pay $100.00 and of course show proof she had licenses etc. I had him scan her in front of me and the chip worked. When asked what would have happened if I didn't call, he said she would have been put down. Now I know what happened to my cat that I looked and looked for...also with a chip!
unhappy in E Mckeesport

North Versailles, PA

#8 Dec 5, 2009
Well I got the pleasure of dealing with Ken Ferree back in Oct. He really is an arrogent SOB. Especially if a pitbull is involved. He is NOT an animal person at all. Why can't we get somebody to do this job who is FAIR and actually cares!!!!
Watch your Pets

North Versailles, PA

#9 Dec 6, 2009
Many places have signed petitions to get him out.The way he treats animals is inhumane. Anyone that takes joy in killing helpless animals is a sick unit. Google his family & you can see what we're working with. They all have major issues. You know what they say about children that take joy in harming animals....what about a grown man?
renee bernardi

Liberty, MO

#10 Mar 26, 2012
I understand that the North Versailles dog catcher, Ken Ferree, was sited in the newspaper approximately 1 - 2 years ago. He would break the animals necks and turn on his vehicle and kill the animal with carbon monoxide. I read this in the newspaper.. What kind of township rehires a man like this....

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