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#1 Nov 5, 2012
Party time soon! Everything coming together. And of course you are tooooo stupid. You had been warned. You don't listen. You are about to find out everybody wants you out. Now that your horses will be gone you have no excuse now to stay. Go ahead & believe him but we all want you & yours gooooone. Everybody hates you even him. Don't worry cause he has somebody if you don't believe me check around u will find out. He & his bro are just alike can't do without. I KNOW THIS FOR A FACT! They will do anything for it!

Upper Marlboro, MD

#2 Nov 5, 2012
Keep thinking you have the upper hand and let's see if her n here go ANYWHERE!!!!! I'm staying just for the fun of it. Guess they'll have to escort me out in handcuffs. My mother is going NOWHERE n NEITHER AM I!!! Unless YOU WANT TO COME TRY MAKE ME LEAVE....but then again you've had your chance with me n ALL you do is talk junk on the computer DONNA. Now as I've said before....PLENTY OF TIMES....don't sit at bb house n hide....COME ON UP THE ROAD N DO WAT YOU GOTTA DO!!! Everything you've said thus far has been a lie n you've been getting rid of us since feb....bahahaha....GOOD LUCK TO YOU ON THAT!!! I'll leave when taz co deputy tells me I got to go :-) n not ONE MOMENT SOONER!! But thanks for the concern for my mother n HER FAM!! We truly appreciate it!!:-)

War, WV

#3 Nov 5, 2012
sounds as if meees crap is still the same not woman enough to talk to someone face to face but thinks shes big and bad when she can type her crap.If he wasnt such a wind bag she wouldnt be hiding behind a computer would she.They arnt going anywhere really hate the horses are or is that what meee is so heart broke over.

Richlands, VA

#4 Nov 6, 2012
Okay me you think your the only twat he is getting think again i know better.When he is laying down which side does that crooked thing go to the right or the left if you would like i can tell ya.So if you think hes all yours think again BABY HAHA.Once a ho always ho an im not talking about you me.

Richlands, VA

#5 Nov 6, 2012
I agree not much to work with but he will do in a pinch.
done that

Richlands, VA

#6 Nov 6, 2012
No hes not that good.He just thinks he is.I would not be on here trashing anyone if i was you ME cause you have a HO FOR A MALE FRIEND.If i was you i would go see a doctor or send your HO. SAFETY FIRST.HA HA HA HA

Greenbackville, VA

#7 Nov 6, 2012
The point was not who sleeping with who bc FRANKLY I'm sure that she doesn't care who or WHAT he's doing. Getting on here talking about people's genitalia n which way it hangs is soooo becoming of you WONDERFUL Truly PATHETIC!!!! You were talking about how you are getting her n HERS I again I say to you, WHAT IS TAKING YOU SOOOO FREAKIN LONG TUFF GAL??!!!! Bahahaha....oh yeh...YOU ONLY HAVE GUTS ON TOPIX! BEER BOTTLE HOE....stop talkin about it and be about it!!!!! If you got it like you say you do....Y R WE STILL HERE WHEN THIS IS YOUR WORLD??!!!!bahahaha. When you decide to stop hiding on your Lil computer and do something....YOU KNOW WHERE TO FIND ME. Y u keep talkin Junk to my mother....she's not talkin junk to you I AM. Say SOMETHIN TO ME BEER BOTTLE!!!! Shall I meet you out infront of the house??!!!! Being that you WON'T step up the road 5 ft to say what's on ya mind??!!! Lol....I didn't think so bc the only power you have are the worthless comments you put on topix!!! Good lawd I'm scared of you DONNA...aka TOPIX THUG.....BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! !

Richlands, VA

#8 Nov 7, 2012
Im sorry i dont know who you are speaking of hahaha i am speaking of TAZ an he is a ho

La Plata, MD

#9 Nov 12, 2012
You have a surprise coming!!!!!!!!!!
To Donna

Newport News, VA

#10 Nov 13, 2012
Meet me DONNA!!! Stop posting on topix and meet me!!!!!! My mother has NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT I REPLY TO YOU!!! So handle Taz my act like a guard dog when it comes to my MOM, but he DOES NOT SCARE ME!!! Sooooo now run and tell THAT ONE!!!!! You are a punk. You've had opportunities and instead of doin wat you say.... You run to your computer. Well let's see when you face to face with ME....if you can bck your threats up... I know I can :-) So when's a good time for you topix queen???!!!! Bahahahahaha

United States

#11 Nov 25, 2012
You are pathetic really. Can't wait til u catch him then u will see the truth. I am going to make sure u do catch him.

United States

#12 Nov 27, 2012
Why don't you 2 grow the f up!!!!! Either beat the crap outta each other or get a life. Honestly your both pathetic you both act so dang immature. You both need to worry about your own homes. Get off the dope and get a life. Your both to stupid to see that TAZ doesn't care for either one. He laughs at you both behind your pathetic backs. You both need to get checked 1 of you do have hep I want say who but both need checked. TAZ has both of you dangling from strings like to little puppets. So dumb so pathetic GET A LIFE AND IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE A LIFE THEN YOU 2 NEED A DAMN REALITY CHECK!!!!! Your not the players your both been played that's a FACT
So stupid

Charles City, VA

#13 Nov 27, 2012
I am not with taz haha! So I guess we know who has hep. Never have been. This is just a trouble maker who likes to run her mouth and then hide behind her guard dog (taz). We have begged her to meet us anywhere anytime. She is chickens----t. But her day will come when she least expects it.
Excuse me

Rockville, MD

#14 Nov 28, 2012
No one is fighting over a man!!!! And if she would come out of my grandmothers house then it would be settled so until she does ill talk crisp where she likes to come n that's topix bc that's the ONLY place she has balls to say anything!!! I stood outside my granny's house begging her to come out n do what she said she was going to do n she did NOTHING!!! Donna if you're going to tell Johnny about topix, then tell it ALL!!! STOP crying saying my mother is putting things on here!!! You know better!! You comment and then I'm the one that talks smack to you....HER DAUGHTER....THE OLDEST....not her or ANYONE ELSE!!!! Be a woman n come face to face with me instead of being a topix bully!!!! Until you grow a set n handle you.....STFU b stop being a crybaby. NOW comment all you want bc everyone knows TOPIX is the ONLY PLACE you gonna run that [email protected]@@ sucker of yours. Go find another beerbottle, but hey, try n stay out the ER this time........hahahahahahahahaha !!!! You have been eliminated. You proved all you do is threaten on this site. I've begged you n yet you just come here. You know I'm not gonna disrespect my granny so we know who the coward is!!! Continue your reign of terror on topix!!! Good luck and hope you have a wonderful day!!! The END!!!!:-)

United States

#15 Nov 28, 2012
Why don't you go meet her if she's called you out and you've done nothing, then why do you still bully this person?
why are you bringing up a beer bottle? You get on here and act like a bully to so don't act fn innocent? Your just as retarded as the next bully -Topix troll

United States

#16 Nov 28, 2012
Let me spell this out for you backwoods hillbilly...the beer bottle bitch has been making threats since last feb on topix!!!! I HAVE TRIED TO GET HER TO MEET ME!!! Can you NOT READ????!!!!!! Bullying???!!! ASKING HER TO MEET ME N DO WHAT SHE IS SAYING SHE IS GOING TO DO IS NOT BEING A BULLY DUMB AZZ! You must be beer bottle or one of her clones bc can't two ppl be that STUPID that you can't READ!!!! She has been making topix threats forever so YES I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO CALL DONNA OUT!!! Now as I said learn to READ before you comment so you can at least look like you know what you commenting about....btw DONNA....YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN ABOUT THE BEER BOTTLE!!!!!!

United States

#17 Dec 5, 2012
Wonder where mr.Mullins was Tuesday? Did you wonder what took him so long? He had to make a pu___y stop! LOL! Ruff & rowdy! Haha!

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