Who says Mormons aren't Christians?

Who says Mormons aren't Christians?

There are 32098 comments on the CNN story from Oct 12, 2011, titled Who says Mormons aren't Christians?. In it, CNN reports that:

Editor's note: Dean Obeidallah is an award-winning comedian who has appeared on TV shows such as Comedy Central's "Axis of Evil" special, ABC's "The View," CNN's "What the Week" and HLN's "The Joy Behar Show." He is executive producer of the annual New York Arab-American Comedy Festival and the Amman Stand Up Comedy Festival.

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“Duty is a Privilege!”

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#28952 Nov 7, 2013
Dana Robertson wrote:
<quoted text>
He had good moral qualities. His problem for BYU was that he actually thought for himself instead of just being another Morgbot.
Do you know him personally? How do you know what kind of morals he has?


“Duty is a Privilege!”

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#28953 Nov 7, 2013
Curtis Penfold wrote:
Oh shucks. The comment appeared again. Sorry about that. Just repeated things unnecessarily.
You were not telling the truth then... and asked the SP to let you continue hiding it to steal your discounts.

How can we trust what your justifications are now?

You know the Moral Code of BYU... and you lied. The 10 commandments tell us not to lie or steal. You did both, if you didn't feel like you belonged it is because you were not doing what was right. You were breaking the commandments.

You could have un-enrolled and re-enrolled next semester as a non-Mormon without the discounts. However, you chose to lie and steal instead.

That is not duty. There is no honor in that. You can go to any college you want that doesn't have a moral code, but you chose not to so you could get the discounts.

It's sad really.


“Duty is a Privilege!”

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#28954 Nov 7, 2013
I cannot believe you did not know there would be consequences. That is what the Gospel teaches through and through.

What it all comes down to is you lost your faith, you blogged on the Internet things you shouldn't have without permission from the Church.

If you had these thoughts and concerns you should have went to your Bishop and talked to him about it instead of blogging it and thinking you wouldn't be found out.
We Know He Lies

Gridley, CA

#28955 Nov 7, 2013
If it's queer

It'll molest.

In your non Saint civilization, of your women, ONE in TWO will be raped or molested in her life.



On the other among your MEN, one in THREE have a chance of being raped, or molested in
his life.

THIS done in vast majority by T.W.O. to F.I.V.E. PERCENT of MEN.


They're the molesters of the universe.

Men are revealed to be homosexually molesting H.U.N.D.R.E.D.S. of boys in a lifetime.

They're evil as snakes.

When the devil wanted to make men hate God,

He sent a QUEER
claiming he represented God.


Or else what?

Or else they can try to molest their way past God and the people who stand with Him.


See that's gonna be a problem cause the people they molested
are going to get their turn to set their system straight.

Who's gonna vote for a bunch of simpering treacherous molesting queers,

except weirdos who like child molesters?

Since: Sep 12

Kirbyville, MO

#28956 Nov 7, 2013
Upon further research, I found the following:


There is no mention of serving a two year mission earning you the "right" to attend BYU. They have to apply and be accepted just as everyone else. Furthermore, they are held to the same standards as everyone else. Member and non-member alike.
We Know He Lies

Gridley, CA

#28957 Nov 7, 2013
We certainly know you lie then act like being extra careful about grammar's important after you tried to infest-molest your way in with the guys who can't handle being grown up.

Didn't the Lord tell you not to be ashamed at the way He created all these things? Of course He did, but you thought you had better set the Lord straight.

No, what's going to happen, is time's gonna keep ticking for another several hundred years while you try to molest your way out of your befuddlement with your dope-addled eternal adolescent pleasure seeker pedophile coterie of

what did I say?


Nowadays even your women are becoming molesters so I guess the river of filth you were told about, you can't see that either.

Really what you see is judgemental people you don't understand.

That's the price of being stupid in the evolution of spirits.
You get to go hang with molesters.

They DID TELL you at Church, this IS the EVOLUTION of SPIRITS; and that it's COMPETITION which DRIVES all this energy, and you'll COMPETE
or you'll compete on the OTHER team...

and that CHANGING the COMMANDMENTS in JUDGEMENT on MANKIND is COMPETING on the team that gets to get it's Gollum on...


So you enjoy that long lazy raft ride down the river of filth.

It's going to consume your every hope and dream until it is consumed.

Hang with the molesters in the day of molesting

Hang with them in the day of judgement.

No exceptions granted. Gollumized. Guaranteed.


“Duty is a Privilege!”

Since: Sep 12

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#28958 Nov 7, 2013
Dana Robertson wrote:
<quoted text>
The 1st Amendment is the number one law of this land. Why doesn't the LDS church believe in obeying it? The only "code" the kid broke was thinking for himself.
He broke:
the Lords 10 commandments
Church Policy, and
BYUs Moral Policy

He knew what he did and the reason why he did it... and he chose to do it for profit. He left the Church so he wouldn't get kicked out.

End of story.

Thanks for fetching him to the thread.


“Duty is a Privilege!”

Since: Sep 12

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#28959 Nov 7, 2013
Dana Robertson wrote:
<quoted text>
The 1st Amendment is the number one law of this land. Why doesn't the LDS church believe in obeying it? The only "code" the kid broke was thinking for himself.
The Bill of Rights
Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


“Duty is a Privilege!”

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#28960 Nov 7, 2013
"Freedom of Speech

The right, guaranteed by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, to express beliefs and ideas without unwarranted government restriction.

Democracies have long grappled with the issue of the limits, if any, to place on the expression of ideas and beliefs. The dilemma dates back at least to ancient Greece, when the Athenians, who cherished individual freedom, nevertheless prosecuted Socrates for his teachings, claiming that he had corrupted young people and insulted the gods.

The Framers of the Constitution guaranteed freedom of speech and expression to the citizens of the United States with the First Amendment, which reads, in part, "Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech." Almost since the adoption of the Bill of Rights, however, the judiciary has struggled to define speech and expression and the extent to which freedom of speech should be protected. Some, like Justice hugo l. black, have believed that freedom of speech is absolute. But most jurists, along with most U.S. citizens, agree with Justice oliver wendell holmes jr., who felt that the Constitution allows some restrictions on speech under certain circumstances. To illustrate this point, Holmes wrote, "The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man in falsely shouting fire in a theater and causing a panic" (schenck v. united states, 249 U.S. 47, 39 S. Ct. 247, 63 L. Ed. 470 [1919]).

During the two centuries since the adoption of the First Amendment, the U.S. Supreme Court has held that some types of speech or expression may be regulated. At the same time, the Court has granted protection to some areas of expression that the Framers clearly had not contemplated."


“Duty is a Privilege!”

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#28961 Nov 7, 2013
"Public Forum Regulation

When the government attempts to regulate the exercise of speech rights in traditional public forums, such as parks or public sidewalks, the U.S. Supreme Court examines whether the regulation restricts the content of the speech or merely regulates the time, manner, and place in which the speech is delivered.

If the law regulates the content of the expression, it must serve a compelling state interest and must be narrowly written to achieve that interest (Perry Education Ass'n v. Perry Local Educators' Ass'n, 460 U.S. 37, 103 S. Ct. 948, 74 L. Ed. 2d 794 [1983]). Restrictions on speech in a public forum also may be upheld if the expressive activity being regulated is of a type that is not entitled to full First Amendment protection, such as Obscenity."



“Duty is a Privilege!”

Since: Sep 12

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#28962 Nov 7, 2013
Another-words NOT ALL SPEECH is FREE even though this is America.
We Know He Lies

Gridley, CA

#28963 Nov 7, 2013
I used to wonder somewhat if it were possible for people to simply be so shallow they could tell themselves, past the day they die,

that soon,

any day now,

GOD's gonna SEE the LIGHT.

When you turn the light on

there's your friends with a little boy splayed out being raped.

What is wrong with you that you consider this acceptable behavior?

What's wrong with you is that you haven't been raped enough I guess.

We'll see how you're talking in about 800 years or so.

It's a long time in company with those who were disobedient in their days on the earth, before the later resurrections.

We'll see how much evil you can jam down your insolent gullet and you're the one who admits what's right and wrong is what the good Lord told your molester friends not to do.

Be queer.

Particularly be queer then seek to associate yourself with those who believe on Him; because He said it'd be better if you were drowned in water pal.

That from the Prince of Peace.
The Molester Set
Isn't going to become fashionable
because you're a Molester Sympathizer.

Your friends are known as some of the most evil people who ever walked earth. You can't bring yourself to believe in anything?

Do you think by managing to align yourself with the people who everyone knows, molest 15 times as many people as normal people,

you're going to be feeling pretty prissy marching up demanding the guards of the Most High Throne just allow you onto the grounds to... do whatever it is you thought when you were drunk, you were gonna do?

No, I doubt that, because a lot of people who become Mormons tell us stories about what your kind do to them, and it is enough to make a grown man wish he had a magical curse he could put on somebody who will abuse a child.

Those aren't homosexuals, those men molesting other men and boys, and we don't all understand?

I think YOU don't understand and are going to be taking the same ride down the river of filth as the rest of your dope-addled molester buddies.

Atheist or not: I'm pretty sure when you queers come pounding on the doors of our Kingdom,

we're gonna let the ex Catholic Mormons have at you first, with whatever they see fit, to lay to hand.

Then'll come the rest of us.

So you buck up real prissy there Sin-duhrella,

and you come beat down those doors and tell us if we don't LET you in

you'll MAKE us.

We'll see who catches some kind of ghoulish disease and won't be able to find somebody to spit at you if you set your glitter mousse on fire.


“Duty is a Privilege!”

Since: Sep 12

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#28964 Nov 7, 2013
and just as Crazy stated... BYU is a PRIVATE school and they have the right to make their students follow their policy.

Now, you can try to make it whatever you want Dana, but it is Simple:

Nobody did the kid wrong... the kid did wrong doing.
We Know He Lies

Gridley, CA

#28965 Nov 7, 2013
I should have edited but who for? Somebody who already doesn't realize molesting children isn't right, because he doesn't 'believe' it is?

Get sick and die, Homolester.

I mean you will,

I'm just giving my vote considering what I've been told you'll do,

if you don't get sick and die

soon enough.
We Know He Lies

Gridley, CA

#28966 Nov 7, 2013
Oh yeah the queer is exempt from having to answer for his behavior because he believes if you can't catch him molesting in this life,

there's not gonna be a next life, anyway.


Why don't you go to some "homosexual abuse recovery" sites and ask people what they think about the men who molest them.

You don't go there because you don't want answers you want decision without consequence.

I have had more than one man tell me what happened to him once those queers got their hands on them, it's horrible. Peoples' entire lives are ruined, they have their health damaged by the things they have done to them.

It's revolting is what it is, and like I said: although your women are becoming molesters too, the men who are queer are the molesters of everything that can't physically fight off the attacks.

A lot of bisexuals are rapists as well.

Almost all serial killers are bisexual.

Most say they don't really believe in a God, they just went along because it seemed to get them along well with other people,.

Having the entirety of human knowledge opened up to you,

and you wind up aligned with molesters and atheists - that's not coincidence that's one who decided to pray to other gods,

and went insane
so people could watch
and learn.

“Good day to you!”

Since: Oct 08


#28967 Nov 7, 2013
Dana Robertson wrote:
Mormons starting to think cutting off heads is doing the Lords work. They are becoming more and more Muslim everyday.
lol...you're certifiably nuts! That isn't what the article implied at all! And speaking of cutting off heads, Christians preach from a book where the God in it commanded death, murder and mayhem of children, women and old people yet you forgot that? You forgot Peter tried to murder a man that was doing his job as a guard? Those are all actions relative to Muslim extremists and what they do. Even Jesus commanded followers to cut off the hand that was causing offense if they couldn't control their evil desires and you want to get off on the Laban story? Why am I not surprised...

Since: Oct 08

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#28968 Nov 7, 2013
Wow, you all let Sybil be your spokesperson after you have ripped this guy for days??

“Good day to you!”

Since: Oct 08


#28969 Nov 7, 2013
Dana Robertson wrote:
<quoted text>
If thinking for yourself leads you out of Mormonism, than yes, thinking for yourself at BYU is breaking the honor code.
Ummm not. It is quite evident(though you don't fully understand it since you stated it as a possibility though it's a reality of what's done)you have to think prior to doing something like exiting a religion.
He lied to get into BYU and admitted it. He admitted he had been dishonest getting into BYU. He broke the code the moment he signed up the second time by claiming he was what he knew he wasn't. So he already broke the honor code before deciding to renounce his membership and being a student at BYU. What he had to think about was not being dishonest and being honest. That is what he finally came to consider.

“Good day to you!”

Since: Oct 08


#28970 Nov 7, 2013
Dana Robertson wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm sorry you can't follow along. Do you want me to use smaller words? Having trouble comprehending today? Did you take your meds?
You stated two opposite things and you don't have the honesty to say you screwed up.

you stated about the honor code...
"You are just justifying the horrific nature of the so-called honor code. A code that has no honor".... "...but it is a jackass policy.."...you than stated of his morals that matched the honor code you called horrific and having no honor and a jackass policy ..."He had good moral qualities." You can't logically have it both ways. Either the honor code is based on the good morals people like this kid has or, the kid is as horrific and unhonorable and a jackass like the honor code he mirrors as you stated it. Make your mind up.

Now your responding with that small childish mentality. Would the real adult dana come back please and leave the child with a sitter?

“Good day to you!”

Since: Oct 08


#28971 Nov 7, 2013
Dana Robertson wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm only reflecting your posts. This is how you defend Mormonism.
No. Your a liar. If you reflected my posts, you would never speak with a childish playground mentality. If you reflected my posts, you would speak without that morbid habit you have to say things in hope of injuring their emotional well being like children do to each other on playgrounds.
Next put up or admit you're wrong. Paste a single post where I was purposefully defending Mormonism. There is a difference between correcting incorrect statements and purposefully defending something.

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