Lisa Marie Sexton/Missing since 1981

Indianapolis, IN

#124 Dec 23, 2011
Heather S wrote:
<quoted text>
I am Lisas cousins daughter and I can tell you that was her at 14yrs old and she was way ahead of her time she acted older then she was my mom remembers that well at a wedding one time she flirted looked much older then she was and FYI everyone her family life was normal loving but also had rules that a daughter didnt want to follow she was a rebel and followed the wrong path we want to find her anything something!!!!
I have to believe that she was indeed loved. And it seems well established that she looked/acted older than her age. For the record, many young people do. The question still remains. Why would she not be reported as a runaway at 14? Why did her [family, mom, dad, whoever was close to her] not report her until she stopped calling? This is what troubles the most.

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#125 Jan 2, 2012

Greetings and Happy New Year. I'm sorry it took me so long to reply to you. I've been having some computer troubles! Finally got it fixed and saw your comment of December 5, which is another coincidence since Dec 5 is my mothers birthday and I lost her to cancer in 2003. Weird how those coincidences happen sometimes, eh? I'd sure be happy to help you in any way possible. Lisa is on my mind every day and every night. As I said before, I will personally not rest until we get some answers or some closure. I will do everything I can on this end. I have plenty of theories on what happened to Lisa and where she may be, but theories don't help do they? I am determined to get to the bottom of this case one way or another. After reading through many of the comments on this thread I think there are some good hints and things that ought to be looked into. Someone out there knows EXACTLY what happened to Lisa and where she is. That's my belief anyway. Take care and keep me posted on anything you hear or any new info. I will certainly do the same. If I can be of any other assistance, please do let me know.- Brian

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#126 Jan 2, 2012

BTW, I did copy down your personal email address. If you'd like to talk, please let me know on the board here and I'll send you a personal email and we'll go from there.- Brian

Pittsboro, NC

#127 May 10, 2012
Today's (Well, yesterday now, but I just got home) your birthday.
Happy birthday baby!
I still love you and I've miss you terribly.
no name

Cincinnati, OH

#128 May 11, 2012
TCM wrote:
Today's (Well, yesterday now, but I just got home) your birthday.
Happy birthday baby!
I still love you and I've miss you terribly.
im sure she got your mess it must be realy hard to move on not knowing what happend to her and im sure her mother knows more than what she saying

Avon, OH

#129 May 13, 2012
Man this is so unreal. What kind of parent doesnt freak outand scream that their daughter is missing!!!

Lincoln, MT

#130 May 14, 2012
It really is unreal isn't it? I have nothing to say about her parents one way or another but I'm still dedicated to finding her or solving her disappearance one way or another.
no name

Elyria, OH

#131 May 14, 2012
a mother hiding somthing
A relative

Fairport, NY

#132 Aug 22, 2012
no name wrote:
a mother hiding somthing
You can be sure that her mother isn't hiding anything. She has gone to the police many time and has helped out with every investigation and also hired a private detective and even went to Tijuana Mexico when someone called and said they seen her there. I can still see it in her eyes how she misses her much. Understand this Lisa acted well above her age and know one could stop her not her mother or father, who gave her everything she ever wanted growing up and was so spoiled but when that stopped and she got older she acted out and ran away more then once this wasn't the first time but she always came back. People don't assume everything you hear we would love to find her and bring her home it's been so long :(

Billings, MT

#133 Aug 22, 2012
Greetings to " A Relative ". I am truly sad and sorry for your family's loss of Lisa. As I've stated many times before in these comments, Lisa's case is very close to my heart. I never knew her and in fact when I was her age I was living in Montana where I was born and raised doing the same thing Lisa was. Acting and looking much older than my age and getting away with it. Some of you may find this funny. I used to actually use black eyeliner to darken my teenage moustache and use a little on my eyes and cheekbones too. It gave me that 'older' look and it made me look like I had a five o' clock shadow! LOL! Wasn't I the crazy one? But, it got me into the bars and others places I wanted to be in. I never, ever got carded when I did that. I feel like Lisa and I could have been best friends and likely would have been had we known each other. I certainly would have kept a close eye on her and never let her out of my sight. I don't mean that in a creepy way either, since I'm gay. I'd be more of a protective 'boy' friend if anything. More like a brother to her. I am still working on this case avidly and I as I have also said before, I will not rest until I get some answers. I will see her brought home one way or another before I die. Might sound weird to some of you since I am a complete stranger and Lisa and I never knew each other nor did I know any of her family and friends. But her story has always haunted me ever since I first read about it many years ago. I have had actual dreams of her which is REALLY weird. Don't know how that happens or why. Maybe she's trying to tell me something since I'm so invested in her case. The dream I always have of her is of her somewhere in the south. South of Ohio, anyway and in a kind of rural setting. She is always smiling though and looks happy and as if she has no cares in the world. Don't know what it means but it's not a bad dream. Just odd since I never knew her. Anyway, keep up the positive attitude and hope for the best. I will too and I'll continue to work hard on finding some trace of her. Thanks for listening.

Indianapolis, IN

#134 Sep 5, 2012
I would never presume to place blame on Lisa's family for her disappearance. I did not know them and was only a childhood acquaintence to Lisa. That said, I stand by the sense that arose in me as a mere child (when Lisa, too, was a mere child; not even a teen yet) that SOMETHING was "off" about her. When a child (pre-teen) has a flat affect about her (and that is how I experienced it), it is unsettling. It was then and still is today. I do not believe that Lisa was a troubled teen simply by bad choice. I mean no disrespect to anyone who knows and loves her. But I still have a sense that family dynamics were involved in Lisa's acting out. Read through my past comments for WHY I sense that. It's been asked before by others here. WHO was the man she left with? Why is this name so secret?(he's deceased). To Lisa's family, clearly there is much concern and interest in knowing what happened to this precious life. Can you prompt the CT or a local news station to again cover her story and include the known drug dealer's name? Maybe a NEW plea for people to come forward with ANY info, no matter how seemingly insignificant, might bring new energy to her case. Lisa, you are not forgotten.

Helena, MT

#135 Sep 6, 2012
Now, there's a great post! Excellent Thar! Since you did know Lisa, you might have a better sense of her and her actions than I do. Well, certainly you do. I am in total agreement with you about the guy she took off with. If he's deceased and even if he is not, a name would really help us investigators. Any names associated with Lisa should be added to this forum. I don't even know her mom and dads names or her siblings names if she had any. I know she had at least one. I know one of her cousins and that's it. It makes it hard and it's very frustrating for someone like me who is invested in solving this case. Someone out there knows exactly where she went and what may have happened to her. Maybe even someone who has posted on this forum in the past. The time is NOW, people! You need to get it off your chest and just tell us. If you had nothing to do with her disappearance you have nothing to worry about. Just do it for her and for her remaining family, please. Reading Thar's post above makes me worry more and makes me think she may have been sexually abused at a young age. Could be something totally different and I'm off, but if that's it, it happened long ago and it's time to talk about it. My cousins gave me drugs and got me stoned out my mind when I was 7 years old and who knows what happened after that. I don't remember. It made me the wild kid I was back in the day and I grew up doing plenty of drugs myself. Not anymore. I quit that kind of life years ago and dedicated it finding and solving missing persons cases. Now I'm getting up there in age and I want this case solved. It's only one out of two that I have left in my 'must solve' list. That may change at anytime but my love and compassion for Lisa never will. As I said, if you know anything. The smallest thing. The time is is log past NOW to say something. You can be anonymous and email me or any of the people on this forum. If you choose me, I'll keep it to myself until and if I feel it is something LE needs to know. Please at least tell us the name of the guy she ran off with and any other names you can think of that are associated with Lisa and her disappearance. The time is NOW.
no name

Coshocton, OH

#136 Sep 6, 2012
i still say her mother knows where and what happend to her

Helena, MT

#137 Sep 7, 2012
Really, no name? I guess I don't understand as I never knew her mother or what the dynamic in their house was. Perhaps you're correct. You're certainly not the only person to say this. Can you possibly elaborate a bit? It would be of great help to us investigators who want this case solved and closed. I consider myself a professional investigator and the more anyone can tell me, even the littlest thing, would be of great help and I will forever be in your debt for doing so. Please do respond and that goes for everyone. Thank you so much!- Brian
no name

Pickerington, OH

#138 Sep 8, 2012
her mother never seemed to realy care or worry about her daughter its like she knows shes safe and if i had a chid lost i would be looking passing out fliers i would be making alot of noie about my kid missing and shes not not even other family membrs dont even talk about her so i think her mother knows shes out ther and for some reason is keeping quietand this is just my opp i may be wrong but i do hope shes safe and happy

Helena, MT

#139 Sep 8, 2012
Wow. That's certainly interesting. I agree with you and I think 99% of parents and/or family members would agree with you too. If anyone else had a child missing they would surely not just sit and do nothing. I know I've read in some of the comments that her mother seemed very concerned for a while. Passing out flyer's and such. I know most parents either accept what info the police can give them and leave it at that until they hear something new but almost all parents just won't accept only the info from the police. They get out there and make a lot of noise about their child and do whatever it takes to find an answer. No matter if it takes the rest of their lives. One does have to be the squeaky wheel, so to say, in order to get any real answers. I have found this to be the case in most missing person/missing child cases. Thank you for sharing your insight with me, no name. Perhaps you're correct and Lisa's mother actually does know that her daughter is safe but does not want to be found. I mean, it could be. Anything is possible. Either that or she may have given up hope and convinced herself that her daughter is no longer living. Well, it's food for thought for me. Thanks again for sharing your insight into this case. It does help and it's hints and comments like yours that really help us get a picture of what Lisa's life was like and what may have happened and where she might be, etc. Take care and we'll just keep hoping for the best. As I've said, someone out there knows exactly what happened to her and where she or her remains are.
Isit Possible

Nashville, TN

#140 Jan 4, 2013

Billings, MT

#141 Jan 4, 2013
Helena wrote:
<quoted text>
I was looking through some online photos of the missing when the photo of Lisa Marie Sexton caught my eye. Something stood out as familiar. I inquired about her on the Elyria forum since she disappeared from Elyria, just to see what the circumstances were, thinking maybe some information would give me an idea about why the face looked so familiar.
I was 15 once and I can't imagine not being in my bed under my quilt, safe and sound every night.I also can't imagine that my mother would not have called in the military to find me if the sun set and I wasn't in that house.
Helena, I wish you and I could talk about this case some day. I don't know if you're still interested and looking for Lisa, but I am and have never stopped. I know I didn't find this site until way after you were already posting and showing your concern for LMS and her disappearance. I've been again reading all the comments on this link and seeing if anything really stands out. Perhaps some things do. If you're still around maybe we could compare notes. I can tell you this. I'll never stop looking for her either. I have all the same questions you do and I'm still not satisfied with the answers that have been provided so far. If you ever do want to talk with me about this case please email me or contact me through this website/link. Take care and I'm glad you're just as concerned for LMS as I am.- BRMc
Prayers for Lisa

Knoxville, TN

#142 Jan 23, 2013
private wrote:
<quoted text>I apologize for upsetting anyone with comparisons. I am not comparing Lisa Marie Sexton's mother TO any individual as a person. The comparison is of the cases themselves and the similarity of the details we are aware of.

Let me see if I can give you a few examples:

-Caylee Anthony Case: child not reported missing immediately

- Lisa Marie Sexton Case: child not reported missing immediately

-Caylee Anthony Case: Cindy Anthony is deceitful/Casey is deceitful by not offering accurate information to authorities that would help find the child right away.

-Lisa Marie Sexton: Whomever was legal guardian/parent of this child was deceitful by not offering ANY information to authorities that would help find the child.(That I am aware of.)

-Caylee Anthony Case: The Anthony family is originally from Ohio.

(George Anthony has a direct connection to Elyria, Ohio.)

-Lisa Marie Sexton Case: Lisa disappeared from Elyria, Ohio.

{Note: The Anthony's were living in Ohio back in 1981.}

-Caylee Anthony Case: Caylee disappeared from Florida.

-Lisa Marie Sexton Case: Lisa was reported to have last been seen in Florida.

-Caylee Anthony Case: allegations of serious dysfunction in the family, as well as obvious dysfunction we have seen with our own eyes

-Lisa Marie Sexton Case: we've read right here on this forum that there was suspected dysfunction in Lisa's family or home.

-Caylee Anthony Case: We really have no idea what happened to Caylee.

-Lisa Marie Sexton Case: We really have no idea what happened to Lisa.

-Caylee Anthony Case: The child's mother claimed to have received a call from Caylee during the time span of her UNreported disappearance.

-Lisa Marie Sexton Case: Lisa's mother claimed to have received calls from Lisa during the time span of HER UNREPORTED disappearance.

-Caylee Anthony Case: There are references of Tampa, FL in this case.(Cindy said Casey went to Tampa, George's parents retired to that area, etc.)

-Lisa Marie Sexton Case: Lisa Marie Sexton was reported to have last been seen in Tampa, Florida.

{Circumstances of Disappearance: Lisa left her Ohio home on May 1, 1981 with her boyfriend, a known drug dealer. He later returned without her and is since deceased. Lisa was last known to be in Tampa, Florida}

-Caylee Anthony Case: Cindy and George Anthony are said to have been married in Ohio in the year of 1981

-Lisa Marie Sexton Case: Lisa Marie Sexton disappeared in the year 1981.

-Caylee Anthony Case: Casey Marie, Caylee Marie, Cynthia Marie all share the middle name of Marie. Cindy has red hair & blue eyes.

-Lisa Marie Sexton Case: Lisa's middle name is Marie. She also has red hair and blue eyes.

Those are just 10 similarities that I can think of off the top of my head.
There is no doubt that if Lisa Marie & Caylee Marie had been reported missing immediately, there would be nothing to compare or discuss here.

Basically, the overall theme of the 2 cases is the delay in reporting a missing child.

The similarity of the details you mention between the two cases really stands out to me after reading through all the comments. It's actually kinda eerie!! Private, Helena, and Brian: I hope you help solve this case soon and can offer peace of mind to Lisa's friends and family. This was such a heartbreaking thread to stumble upon!

Has the following theory been ruled out? If for some reason she did in fact change her name and doesn't want to be found, as in FBI aided witness protection cases, would police have been made aware of that and closed the case?

How likely is it she could have accidentally overdosed on drugs or otherwise committed suicide? Did anyone ever witness her actually using hard drugs? Did she ever voice any personal opinions about suicide or talk about future goals in her life?
Prayers for Lisa

Knoxville, TN

#143 Jan 23, 2013
I agree it doesn't add up to wait so long before reporting your child as a runaway or missing!!! No matter if they did or didn't run away before, it would be normal mother/father behavior to immediately report your child as missing~ especially if you really believe your underage daughter is with an adult drug dealer! If you thought your daughter had run away and was with any male of any age, it seems the parental instinct would be to want to find and rescue her immediately! If you really thought your child ran away, wouldn't you immediately want police to find her to prevent all the horrible things that can happen on the street? What explanation has the mother given for not immediately getting police involved? Is or was the mother afraid of someone if she came forward to police sooner? There's just no way I'd wait to notify police! Did police interview any of Lisa's friends/boyfriends? Is anyone aware of any jealous or abusive companions she may have had? Was Lisa's mother/father, step parent(s) interviewed by police as a possible reason for or accomplice in the disappearance? Did police take the parents' word for the details and supposed phone calls? Were the parents (mother father step parents) cleared of any wrong doing? Had too much time passed before Lisa was reported missing to be able to verify any supposed phone calls made? Has the home Lisa lived in with her mother ever been thoroughly checked for evidence (blood) of a crime to at least rule out foul play? Have vehicles of the man (drug dealer) she was supposedly thought to have been with been checked? Is it too late to do that now? I'm talking checking cracks and crevices, along the tub, sub flooring under carpet, grooves between hardwood flooring, etc etc, the way they solve some old cases on true life crime shows. Forensics has come a long way since the 80's. What's the harm in ruling out every possible scenario? Has the mother/father and all other members of that household at the time, close adult family friends taken a polygraph? Were neighbors from the time interviewed? No disrespect is intended toward Lisa's friends and family on here by the questions I'm asking. I sincerely feel for all those that miss her. I'm just asking these things because I don't understand how anyone could delay reporting their child as a runaway/missing person regardless of their age or past teenage behavior. I also don't understand why any parent wouldn't be grilled by the police for NOT reporting your child as a supposed runaway early on. Or were they? Seems like it would only be a matter of time before something happens to a runaway child....that's why you would report it immediately! To prevent it! What proof is there that someone in that household didn't harm Lisa? Is there any proof that she really ran away? Did she ever call any other family member? If Lisa were my family member, I would have wanted to clear myself with a polygraph and asked other family, my spouse, other children, adult family friends, and neighbors to do the same, so the police could rule out suspects and look in the right direction, wherever that may be. Did the drug dealer take a polygraph?

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