ED-REFORM PLAN: Patrick backs tuition...

ED-REFORM PLAN: Patrick backs tuition break for children of ill...

There are 145 comments on the Lowell Sun story from Jun 26, 2008, titled ED-REFORM PLAN: Patrick backs tuition break for children of ill.... In it, Lowell Sun reports that:

Gov. Deval Patrick's education-reform plan would offer children of illegal immigrants living in Massachusetts lower in-state college tuition rates, a politically sensitive topic around the country.

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Boston, MA

#1 Jun 26, 2008
Rewarding people who broke the law?? Spare me the hearts and roses justification.
Hey! Deval,how about a plan to crack down on these illegals collecting citizen benefits as they were a citizen.

United States

#2 Jun 26, 2008
What part of ILLEGAL does that fool fail to get?

Since: Oct 07

Stoneham, MA

#3 Jun 26, 2008

I think people would be less pissed if they were called undocumented citizens.

Lowell, MA

#4 Jun 26, 2008
Last night Tewksbury citizens passed a budget ensuring an increase in class size to about 30 yet Governor Patrick wants to pump money into free Community College and reduced tuition for illegals?? Does this make sense? Give the towns money for all that is mandated by law to be provided so that schools are not decimated before spending money on new initiatives!!

Lowell, MA

#5 Jun 26, 2008
How about a reduced rate for NH or RI children whose parents work in MA? Wouldn't that make more sense than rewarding people who broke the law? And it's the parents who broke the law not the children argument makes no sense, if a man robs a bank his children don't get to keep and spend the money because the dad stole it not them. Stop this nonsense, cut them from all aid and perks and they will not come and stay. PS the article says 10 states do the tutition break, that means 40 don't- where will the illegals go, hummmm!

Gloucester, MA

#6 Jun 26, 2008
How many more years till we vote this jerk out? He is unbelievable including longer school days and year give me a break.

Stoneham, MA

#8 Jun 26, 2008
Time for the citizens of this Commonwealth to get this cartoon character out of office!

Since: Oct 07

Stoneham, MA

#9 Jun 26, 2008
Cartoon character? Amazing.
Same ole same ole

United States

#10 Jun 26, 2008
it is wrong to support illegal citizens getting a break on in-state college tuition - i'm not sure Deval Patrick understands the plight of legal in-state college students who could certainly use more economic support in these rather dismal financial times. Sounds somewhat like Obama wanting to reward fathers who pay child support with tax breaks. my mother waited for elderly housing for 3 years, worked and paid taxes her whole life - meanwhile the woman who got the apartment next door to her happened to fly in from Iran - never having lived here and moved directly into her apartment in Lexington........oh isn't it great to be free ----- free to pay for everyone else and not your own.......i'm disgusted

Since: Oct 07

Stoneham, MA

#11 Jun 26, 2008
I really think the govenor's heart is in the right place with this. It is true that children of illegal immigrants really get the shaft. Their parents come to this country in hopes of a better life and often encounter one that is just as hard or even harder thanks to the current GW Bush economy. It would be nice to help the children to sort of break the cycle of hardship.


The costs of tuition keeps on going up. The value of the dollar keeps on going down. It seems kind of foolish in these economic times to do something like this. As it is most college kids are up to the ears in debt once they graduate. How about offering them some relief first?

Wellesley Hills, MA

#12 Jun 26, 2008
Holy Friggen crap, my own daughter who was born here cannot even get that type of break. I am a NH resident and served in the military,
was put into conflict zones, and am not by any standards wealthy, and yet my daughter cannot even get this type of deal at a MA college. WTH is this country coming to? I think it may be time for a REVOLT!
Billerica Native

Dover, NH

#13 Jun 26, 2008
Is this guy for real? Who are the idiots that voted for this guy? We need to take away their right to vote.
Frustrated MA Resident

United States

#14 Jun 26, 2008
Why is this even a discussion?? If they know the children are here illegally visa vie the parents are here illegally, then send them back to where they belong. No long term tuition breaks, no long term free education, no free health care from the state. One way plane tickets, bus fare, train fare, cab fare, etc... I must be crazy to think if they are here illegally, we know they are here illegally, and we do nothing about it, then why do we have a state government?? This notion that it would cost more to round them up and deport is crazy. It costs the state more in aid to these illegals than it would be to deport. And the to previous comment about "People be less pissed off if they were called undocumented citizens". No, because they are not citizens, no matter what you try to call them. Until they go through the naturalization process, or receive documentation they can be here, then they should be treated as what they are, criminals. They are breaking the law, the same as the previous comment about robbing a bank. The bank in this case is the State, which means you and me.

Since: Oct 07

Stoneham, MA

#15 Jun 26, 2008
Frustrated MA Resident wrote:
And the to previous comment about "People be less pissed off if they were called undocumented citizens". No, because they are not citizens, no matter what you try to call them.
I was being sort of comical. But I had a point to the comedy too. But since this is a message board my point was probably not obvious.

My point is, people get hung up on the word "illegal" in illegal immigrant. People are equating this to robbing a bank or carjacking which is just insulting. They can't tear their eyes from that damn word. When did we all get so heartless and forget that we are dealing with people?

If I lived in a country and it was awaful and the government was corrupt and the way of life wasn't a life at all, I would do whatever it takes to get out of there.

My wife and her family came to this country illegally. They tried the legal route but it was hopeless. So they came here, worked hard and then eventually became citizens. It was a long tough road but they did it.

The fact that people could look at them and equate their actions to that of other fellons is laughable. This is a hard working family that just wanted a chance in life.

That is why I said what I said above.
Annoyed Lowell resident

Ayer, MA

#16 Jun 26, 2008
Scaught, I applaud your wife & her family's perserverance to become citizens, even though they came here illegally, but how many people come to the US illegally, and have no intention of becoming citizens, yet they want all the benefits of citizenship.

Illegal is illegal, you are breaking a law. By your argument, we aught to pick and chose which laws are ok to enforce and which to break.

If I went to Canada, Europe, Mexico or any other country illegally, I am sure that if I was caught, I would be deported (or worse), but here, forget it, come in, stay awhile, sit down, would you like a drink? That's the attitude we are developing here.

What needs to be done to reduce Illegal Immigrants is to streamline the process to get applications done, encourage immigrants to Follow The Rules.

When you follow the rules, you should be rewarded, right? My grandparents are retired, and they follow all the rules to collect their social security and such, and get shafted. Illegal Immigrants don't follow the rules and get rewarded with reduced tuition. Maybe I should give up my citizenship and become an illegal immigrant, then I'd get more then I get now.

Since: Jun 08


#17 Jun 26, 2008
Don't blame me, I voted for Muffy!
As we look at this idiot's proposals, folks form outside Massachusetts will begin to understand why Obama lost here in the primary. These two share the same ideas, and we can already see that another rich jerk whose kids go to private schools and go to money colleges could give a rat's ass about the rest of us.
Fed Up with Deval

Dracut, MA

#18 Jun 26, 2008
Isn't this the second or third time in the past few months that Deval tried to sneak in a bill that would allow ILLEGAL aliens to get in-state tuition rates?? Each time the issue came up, the residents of Massachusetts spoke loud and clear that they were against it. What is it about the word No that Deval does not understand?? There are a limited number of spots available for incoming freshmen, and they should be reserved for citizens and not for illegals! I can't wait until we get rid of this foolish idiot.

(I voted for Muffy, too.)

Walpole, MA

#19 Jun 26, 2008
scaught wrote:
<quoted text>
This is a hard working family that just wanted a chance in life.
The problem is that there are millions of them and not all of them are hard working or honest. The large number of illegals pushes people on the legal waiting list back so that they may never get here. Is that fair? There are reasons why immigration is controlled. I don't think that illegals should get drivers licenses, in-state tuition, health care, or employment.

Medford, MA

#20 Jun 26, 2008
Why are wasting time with this BS? Who voted for this buffoon? There's some serious issues going on right now. We should be taking care or our own first.
Annoyed Lowell resident

Ayer, MA

#21 Jun 26, 2008
I voted for Patrick, he was better (IMHO) the the alternative (KH), and I consider myself pretty liberal, but when you break the law, you break the law.

I agree with a lot of his ideas, just not any benefits for ANY ONE who is here illegally, except emergency health care. But drivers licenses, in-state tuition, and other social benefits, why should they get them? Take them away, and you'll hopefully see a mass exodus of illegal immigrants go home (though I highly doubt it, they'll just move on to another state/region).

If you don't like the way things are in your country, either leave legally or stay there and work for change in your homeland, make your homeland the land of opportunity for you and your children.

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