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chicks sis

Quitman, MS

#102 Jun 15, 2013
Chick has no friends. I don't who that is yapping yapping yapping about foolishness.
just me

Harrisville, RI

#103 Sep 12, 2013
Todd wrote:
I was there. I was freinds with Kirk. Did you know he was sleeping with his current wife WHILE he was married to his wife still? God calling? doubtfull. Try the other side.
sorry to rebump an old post, but, I knew the entire family before his so -called-calling. I wa shterere when he was rich with amtrol and saw it when he lost it all. Then I saw him self proclaim a calling from God. Got his money back, though, didn't he. From you.
I suggest you go read the bible for yourself instead of listneing to what other "say" it says.
close, but some of your facts are not quite accurate. but i agree with your general sentiment
just me

Harrisville, RI

#104 Sep 12, 2013
Duke53 wrote:
SOMEONE out there is running a harem of clones, that includes Lady AJ, deltadeuce, BatZE, cjshirley, Ljet, SandraJ and others, the people that have posted on the forums and some who have posted on topix. They've been attacking this man throughout the threads, and interestingly when some people tried to put some documentation on the forums that would prove that the things that were being said by these clones was untrue, the documentation was deleted, and the people were banned.
I'm sure you would agree that this seems to indicate that there must be some kind of political pressure, so perhaps the clonemasters or puppeteers are in government.
Obviously, SOMEBODY put pressure on the people from the newspaper to stifle the more factual side of the stories on the forum, since they deleted the factual information when it was posted by people who were trying to help the church.
This is all kind of curious...what is really going on, that we are experiencing media censorship of documentation of fact, yet they are allowing these "moonies" to say all kinds of conjecture that's damaging to some people and a church ministry? And then they stifle documentation showing that indeed it was all balderdash. There's something strange going on here.
After talking to the Demerses and seeing the documentation first-hand, it can't be denied now that Wade Demers is telling the truth. As I said, those clown clones may even be city administration people...that would make sense in light of what has been done in Meridian to this man, his family, and his church.
The people on the Meridianstar forums and on topix who are attacking Wade Demers are lying! Where do they get the audacity to say these untrue things about this man? And who are Fudpucker and Bankwalker? They must be in cahoots with the others also. There would be no earthly reason for all of these people to be so dishonest unless they have malicious intent.
it is easy to be portrayed as a victim when the only docs you share is that supporting one part in a huge story. imagine the info/docs others in the story may have that are being conveniently left out of the big picture. just because demers is the only one squawking, it doesn't mean that he is the only one with a story to tell, i.e. it does not mean that there are not oppositions to his claims that are also documented, experienced, witnessed, etc. can it really be demers against the world? think about it, you cannot have a one-sided war. can there be that many people, hundreds(?), that have all 'attacked' demers without warrant?
just me

Harrisville, RI

#105 Sep 12, 2013
Speaker of Justice wrote:
For now, I just want to state, in closing, that my objective is that the truth be exposed; and my research has proven to me that if this man’s ministry becomes unfettered by all of the nonsense, that many hurting people can get some relief and get some help that they can’t get from government or organized religion. There’s a lot of pain and hurt and misunderstanding out there that is not being addressed, and people and their families are suffering for it. I hope that others of you will join us in our quest for justice here. If you’d like to, please email me at
Here is a little known fact found in our research…decades ago, when talk radio started as just casual chat sessions in New England, it was Pastor Demers who, by his input and questions, turned it, in many cases, towards a tool where people could speak out against things that they saw wrong in government. The greatest serendipity that may come from what’s been done wrong to this man may be that the pervasive corruption of our society can be somewhat diminished or controlled if others take the time to do the research and the exposure such as we are doing in this case. It should be interesting to see where this bus takes us!
This is the end of this installment; look for me to be back here, and also start thinking about: youtube, myspace, chat rooms, and perhaps “The Justice Seekers Blog.” Send us your email address; be the first to receive transmittals in your own email box!
As I sign off, I truly feel like the early journalists in this nation who wrote their articles and then printed them on printing presses hidden from the evil ones whom they were exposing…and then, once the ink was dried, distributed it to those to whom they knew that this new-found knowledge would make a difference. A difference for good. A difference for justice.
do you ever shut up?
just me

Harrisville, RI

#106 Sep 12, 2013
MS Blueblood wrote:
Wade was never thrown out of Weidmann's. In fact, my husband and I see them in there often, and they are quite pleasant people. You must be thinking of someone else.
demers is the most charming, friendly, charismatic, and even funny man until you meet his alter ego..some say you can find this alter ego on the warpath.
just me

Harrisville, RI

#107 Sep 12, 2013
Old Biker wrote:
To everyone who knows about "Wade" and "Lucy" and their CCIA, if you have any solid information on them please post it on this forum. I live in Meridian, Mississippi and I, and many others, are tired of hearing the outlandish lies they spew. I would love find out about their past and about other places they have lived. Especially any info on any criminal activity and the time "Wade" spent in jail. I will try to use this info to get this lunatic and his creepy crew of cretins to leave our little town alone and go somewhere else. Thanks for any help.
i can tell you more than probably most people who have ever engaged with him. my email is away, but only if you are true to yourself and not a, agent.
just me

Harrisville, RI

#108 Sep 12, 2013
kim lefebvre wrote:
Hi Wade. Do you remember me and me family which you totally screwed up? You are the only man in my life which I have completely grown to hate for your stupid cult in RI which put me and my family through the worst complete shit I have ever had to deal with. I can say this for all who want to follow him....;please think twice because all he will do is steal your money and your soul.
kim, regardless of what people are posting to negate your experience, i know what you say is true. i sympathize with you and all the other families he has victimized.
just me

Harrisville, RI

#109 Sep 12, 2013
just me

Harrisville, RI

#110 Sep 12, 2013
Berachot Levine wrote:
The Lefebvres, when the persecution increased, and Pastor Demers was falsely imprisoned, acted cruelly towards Patti Demers and left her with nothing and no support.
It is my hopes that you will see that a girl who was only in a church for 3 years when she was little, to be posting such false information and perceptions as above, is sadly a victim of being sorely misled by her parents and others who don’t want to face facts about what they did wrong. Pastor Demers never stole a dime from anyone; to the contrary, he gave up a fortune and his future to help people like Kim’s dad.
To Kim Lefebvre: ironically, prior to the church’s formation, Wade Demers helped your dad with the things that ultimately helped your dad to become successful in his own business. And remember, your dad was one of the ones who encouraged Pastor Demers to continue being a pastor when Pastor Demers wanted to quit, and also your dad was one of the strongest proponents of spending money on a building.
As for your comment on “stealing souls,” do you have any idea what Pastor Demers preaches? I am an atheist, but I have read the Bible from cover to cover. Pastor Demers only preaches what is in there. If you, like me, are an atheist, perhaps you think he is wrong for saying that the Bible is true. Your dad is one of the ones who says that the Bible is true. Obviously, being an atheist, I don’t agree with Pastor Demers, but I certainly would never say that he “stole my soul” because he preaches what the Bible says.
Kim, dear, perhaps as an adult now you may want to seek out the truth regarding Pastor Demers. Suggestion: go to and read what he says. While you are on that website, read some more of the letters and articles he has written. It is clear to see that Pastor Demers only believes the Bible.
His detractors are many, but the truth is the truth. Don’t judge on hearsay or the sour grapes of those who are filled with hate; you will only harm yourself.
blah, blah, blah. it must be scripted by now, eh?
just me

Harrisville, RI

#111 Sep 12, 2013
Enlightened Watcher wrote:
And now he claims that his hateful website is to be closed. Berachot Demers aka the Tall Follower must be tired, spreading his blasphemy, lies, and accusations and may be abandoning the cult. Has the Tall Follower repented for her numerous sins as she sits downtown, where all are watching, making notes, and pitying. She is watching from high, through glass barriers through which the false prophet can not see. And She will continue to watch.
i recall lucy to be over 6' tall. that's pretty darn tall ms. tall follower. you were sloppy to put your signature on this alias.
just me

Harrisville, RI

#112 Sep 12, 2013
Bear wrote:
<quoted text>
Enlightened Watcher, wanted to let you know that Wade and Patti remain in Destin, Fl. Unsure why they haven't returned to Meridian. I think they are still trying to recruit people to help them build Zion. I'm certainly not a follower. I'm a survivor!!
they have a daughter (from his replacement family) that lives? lived? in destin.

Greenville, RI

#115 Apr 9, 2015
Old Biker wrote:
To everyone who knows about "Wade" and "Lucy" and their CCIA, if you have any solid information on them please post it on this forum. I live in Meridian, Mississippi and I, and many others, are tired of hearing the outlandish lies they spew. I would love find out about their past and about other places they have lived. Especially any info on any criminal activity and the time "Wade" spent in jail. I will try to use this info to get this lunatic and his creepy crew of cretins to leave our little town alone and go somewhere else. Thanks for any help.
Wade Demers is a complete nut job. He screwed up his family in RI, along with many others. His son, is registered sex offender, who while a grown man and responsible for his actions, was royally messed up by his Jim Jones-wannabe father.

Greenville, RI

#116 Apr 9, 2015
Speaker of Justice wrote:
What happened here was that, because of what was being exposed with objective documentation from government and other objective sources,(the documents which were being suppressed by government and media—which, of course, were indisputable evidence), and because Pastor Demers was not only talking about them but was showing the documents on the air, the center of influence people behind the scenes who controlled the political machine knew that Judge Fay, Mattie Smith, and Joe DeAngelis carried too much political baggage that was being revealed to the public, and so as to not jeopardize the whole political machine, they allowed/caused them to be dumped.
Morally and ethically and according to the laws, of course Governor Sundlun should have pardoned Pastor Demers and done much more, such as bringing the perpetrators of the framing to justice, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work that way except in the movies. No one seems to have enough guts to do the right thing, because they’d have too much to lose personally. And that’s another reason that we are doing this; we’re not going to be like them. Lots of people both in government and public offices and the like, as well as people in the private sector, should have stood up and done something, and they didn’t. We’re not going to be like them… Just viewing the television shows that Pastor Demers made, inspired us to stand up and tell the truth where others won’t.
As time permits I will be including the text of the documents I have referred to, as well as many other documents from both Rhode Island and Mississippi, so that all of the lies which have been told (and those that are still being told) will no longer be able to stand. Over time they will all be exposed for just what they are—lies. And, the people who are telling them will all be exposed for what they are—liars.
And also, all of the crimes that have been committed by government officials and by clergy of organized religion will be clear.
You are just as bat s--t crazy as the"pastor." But, then again, it is you isn't it Wade-boy???
Watch out for demers

Bronx, NY

#117 Jan 28, 2016
Speaker of Justice wrote:
Also, the following is explained in an extensive article that was in the Providence Journal about Governor Sundlun. Governor Sundlun was a democrat coming into a democratic administration but he was a Jewish man who was a social outsider to the Italian Catholic Democratic machine that was in control of Rhode Island. In this article it was made clear that Bruce Sundlun couldn’t really be his own man because the people that he was dealing with were all Italian Catholics, such as former Governor DiPrete, Joe DeAngelis, the speaker of the house of representatives (who happened to be Pastor Demers’ arch rival from when Pastor Demers was chairman of the Republican Party in his hometown to DeAngelis’ being chairman of the Democratic party there), and John Bevilacqua, who was the head of the RI Senate. Also, John Cicilline was the governor’s lawyer, and the brother of Jack Cicilline who was the lawyer for the Mafia. Governor Sundlun was trying, as a Jewish man, to fit in, so he didn’t want to take a chance on offending anybody with anything. The article explained that he would cow tow to them and compromise because he didn’t want to offend them; he was trying to fit in, not alienate.
Also Judge Fay had been set up to be the “golden boy” of this administration to control the courts to the political machine’s advantage. Judge Fay, who was one of the persons who framed Pastor Demers, was one of the people whom the people who controlled the political machine had illegally set up to be in a position to do whatever they asked him to do, instantly being promoted from being a nobody Family Court judge to being Chief Justice of the Rhode Island Supreme Court.
It should be further noted that ultimately after Pastor Demers did 46 expose television shows on statewide cable TV interconnect, concerning statewide corruption, that Mattie Smith and Judge Fay were caught in some illegal activity, and were expelled from their respective positions with the state. As a result of this, Judge Fay was disbarred and is now a convicted felon. Mattie Smith was exposed as being one of the “kingpins” controlling the democratic political machine, and Judge Fay was one of his pawns, and of course, this information is all readily available in public documentation.
There was another dramatic result from one of these expose television shows done by Pastor Demers: On one of the shows, Pastor Demers exposed that Joseph DeAngelis illegally got himself put on the Commission for Judicial Tenure and Discipline, and that he was then illegally involved in getting Judge Fay appointed as Chief Justice. On this particular show, Pastor Demers held up the documents proving this, on the air, looked into the camera, and said,“Joe DeAngelis, I want you and your cronies to resign, NOW!” And within a week they all resigned.(I have viewed this and other television shows produced by Pastor Demers from the archives…they still exist.)
The tactic is to overwhelm the forum with this type of writing so anyone who use search engines will see this first. All the people who wrote in favor of Demers all sound the same, the same writing style. So I think it's either Demers writing this or dictating it to his three followers .
Watch out

Bronx, NY

#118 Jan 28, 2016
Sam wrote:
Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not Wade. Thank you for the compliment, though! I'd like to have his commitment and guts.
You may noT be. But sounds like Demees is dictating to you what To write.

Toledo, OH

#119 Feb 5, 2017
Sam wrote:
I've seen the documöents. It is actually true that this guy Wade Demers
WAS can't be denied when you see these documents such as the one talked about above, which I saw and is as described, prepared by the now Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, and signed by then Governor Bruce Sundlun.

From my own curious investigation, it appears that anyone who says anything negative about these people, Wade and Patti Demers, must be some kind of agents for the people who have been hurting them all along, and the obvious motivation would be to cover up what they've done against this couple, in an effort to distract people from hearing the truth from these nice peope..

I have actually talked to Wade and his wife Patti. It appears that what happened to the old time preachers like in the Bible, is happening to these people. I'm just a concerned person in Meridian Mississippi who wanted to see for myself instead of listening to talk and blindly believing the stuff on the internet.

Sure enough, as they say, the proof is in the pudding. Seems to me like the people who are saying bad stuff about him have not taken the time to actually look at any of the evidence he has, or to even talk to him and his wife to find out their side of the story. It also appears that his allegations of a coverup by government are all too true. And it is really strange that these people who bad-mouth him almost seem to delight in just tearing this guy apart, instead of listening to what he's saying and trying to find out if it might be true.
I knew this family in the 80,s, he wade is a mind controling,man who wants what he thinks is right for the moment,and uses god as his savior,a sad persin who preys on society
innocent one

Pensacola, FL

#120 Mar 23, 2017
just me wrote:
<quoted text>kim, regardless of what people are posting to negate your experience, i know what you say is true. i sympathize with you and all the other families he has victimized.
Kim, I know how ur feeling..I hope ur life is better now that the nut job is gone. He tried to mess up my life also.

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