Red light cameras are about money, NOT safety.
1) The case in the Supreme Court should prevail and cities that used cameras prior to the 2010 law should be required to make 100% refunds of all monies collected.
2) The House and Senate bills to ban red light cameras in Florida in next years session must pass. Contact your state Representatives and Senators to insist they support the bills to permanently end the scam of red light cameras in Florida. Contact the Governor to insist he sign the bills if they reach his desk.
3) Every resident in areas using cameras should contact their elected officials to demand that the cameras be taken down and keep contacting them until they are gone forever. Vote out every camera supporter in those areas.
4) NEVER turn right on red with a camera, the $$$$ risks are not worth it.
5) Contact the Florida Department of Transportation to insist they rescind the changes in the yellow intervals rules made in July 2011. Insist they return to the language that yellows are calculated for the posted speed limit or the 85th percentile speeds WHICHEVER IS GREATER.
6) Send letters to the editor and Op-Eds demanding an end to the cameras.
James C. Walker, Life Member-National Motorists Association