Cats poisoned by antifreeze mixed wit...

Cats poisoned by antifreeze mixed with food

There are 439 comments on the South Florida Sun-Sentinel story from Jan 30, 2008, titled Cats poisoned by antifreeze mixed with food. In it, South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that:

The mystery unfurled with nine furry bodies, three of them dead. Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control investigators are trying to determine who poisoned the stray cats by mixing their food with antifreeze ...

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Since: Oct 12

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#345 Mar 31, 2013
Also, don't feed the wild stray cats outside-----all you are doing is increasing their suffering.....
DONT feed feral cats

Glendale, AZ

#346 Apr 1, 2013
Just the other day, I was running late for work, got in my truck and turned the key to hear the most horrible sound as the engine started. Thumping, banging, friction sounds, and smoke!
I shut down the engine to my truck, and opened the hood. There was a large chunk of cat on the top of my engine and cat mess everywhere. It stunk so BAD! Looking at the fur I recognized it, and it was part of the feral population that one of the neighbors attracts by feeding.
I'm SO SICK Of people feeding the stray cats, and all the headaches that come from it!

Talisay, Philippines

#347 Apr 2, 2013
I would just say if the cats were giving u problems then u have to kill them if not who cares
Help wild cats

United States

#349 Apr 8, 2013
10 or more fedal cats two having babies are wild and feeding off tree rats these people don't care for them they are wild an shoul be removed at 5912 Arthur st hollywood fl
Help wild cats

United States

#350 Apr 8, 2013
Help wild cats wrote:
10 or more fedal cats two having babies are wild and feeding off tree rats these people don't care for them they are wild an shoul be removed at 5912 Arthur st hollywood fl
skinny fle bitten nasty
Cats feedin on rats what a mess
Help wild cats

United States

#351 Apr 8, 2013
sensibility wrote:
I also hate cats, but the opinions expressed here seem to miss an important issue - If you love your cat keep it in your own damn house where it cannot offend your neighbors! I don't want to cause any suffering to anyone in this world - especially me. Keep your insufferable shit machine in your own house to destroy your own belongings and don't let it outside where it can be poisoned, or worse yet - inconvenience homeowners with a modicum of pride in their property who are insulted by the thought that your carelessness would cause them harm. I pay plenty for my mortgage and if you value the life of your cat - limit it's destruction to things you paid for!!!
please remember to every human 15 cats are born in the wild
Some are even living a persons house who don't give a dam there should be a cat law to keep them tagged and license if not put a big fine on people who have them on or around their property
Help wild cats

United States

#352 Apr 8, 2013
Cats feeding on rats are nasty and many people let their cats roam at nite and let them back in and sleep with them cat owners and their cats should be locked up and fined keep your cats inside do u know where he or she is and what they ate while u sleep

Rawson, OH

#353 Apr 12, 2013

Since: Oct 12

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#354 Apr 12, 2013
Somewhere around my outter screened patio, I smell cat urine, strong as hell....almost every morning....we dont have a cat....i spent alotta hard work and money on that patio was my favorite thing in the morning to sit out there, with my coffee.......

Oklahoma City, OK

#355 Apr 14, 2013
I would be upset if my dog got out and someone killed him, but my dog doesn't get out nor climb fences. The cats that you cat lovers own you let out to cruz the neighborhood should be the ones held to the fire, not the DUMB cats. They do what is natural. Keep your cats inside or in a cage to protect them. I am tired of smelling your cats urine. If they are feral, trap and extinguish them.

United States

#357 Apr 15, 2013
Google for this complete string, as-is, including all quotes:

"Licensing and laws do nothing to curb the problem." AND "I don't see anyone dumping cats where I live anymore." AND "irreversible consequences"

Therein you'll find an answer that works 100%, is affordable by any individual or size of community, and the cat problem is completely resolved PERMANENTLY in less than 2 seasons. Guaranteed.

People who let cats roam free only do so because they think their cats are going to live idyllic lives chasing and killing birds and butterflies (valuable native species) or someone else will take care of their invasive species vermin cat for them. If they realize that that cat will die within hours or days from them having dumped it or letting it roam free, the dumping and free-roaming of cats stop 100%. They can't just believe it MIGHT happen, they have to KNOW that IT WILL HAPPEN. It worked where I live! I've not seen even ONE cat in OVER THREE YEARS now.

Did I mention that you have to ignore every last thing these deranged invasive species lovers are spewing to the world? That's the most important part. Asking them for advice and help is just as foolish as asking your local career thieves for advice and help to hide your valuables from their daily motives, goals, and activities.

If anyone else is similarly plagued by criminally irresponsible cat-lickers where you live, following is a link describing some of the most effective methods that I invented to accomplish eradicating hundreds of these destructive invasive species vermin, by myself, on large tracts of land, in heavy brush and dense woods. The eradication so complete that I've not seen one cat in over three years. All done in only a couple of seasons, all for less than the price of a couple cups of coffee.(If you too also get your ammo on sale, I got 5000 rounds of .22s for only $15, that's 3 cats per penny!):

In areas where there are firearms ordinances preventing this, then check into any air-rifles with ballistics speeds of 700-1200fps and using pointed vermin pellets. The newer ones even come with their own sound-suppressors built right in, being specifically designed for shooting vermin cats in urban areas, the demand for them is that great.

United States

#358 Apr 15, 2013
I think I also found a perfect solution for those who don't want to take more direct and more effective measures. Anyone who has criminally irresponsible cat-lovers in their area need only plant lilies on their properties. Cat-lickers always want their more responsible neighbors to grow plants around the perimeter of their properties that will repel their cats for them (from the cat-owners' own criminally negligent and criminally irresponsible behaviors and values). Well now you can brighten up your yard AND repel cats naturally!-- PERMANENTLY

Google for: lily toxicity cats

It has been reported that a cat even licking a little bit of Lily pollen from their fur will be fatal in short order. A cat even drinking some of the water in which a bunch of lilies has been kept is also fatal to them.

Everyone happy! You get to have the kinds of plants that you want, they get to have the kind of pets that they want -- if they take care of it like any responsible grown-up would. Or are cat-lickers now going to demand that you can't plant flowers on your own property? That would be their next and usual move, wouldn't it.

A perfectly natural solution to an invasive species animal that didn't evolve with Lilium species around. Plus it's a good incentive plan for cat-lickers to finally educate themselves all about ecology, native species, and evolution.:-)

Doing a little research on ASPCA's toxic plants lists (Family: Liliaceae).

Lilies (Lilium species) that are deadly toxic to cats ONLY, in even small quantities (even the pollen will do):

Common Name | Scientific Name

Asian Lily (Asiatic Lily)| Lilium asiatica

Easter Lily | Lilium longiflorum

Red Lily | Lilium umbellatum

Rubrum Lily**| Lilium speciosum cultivar

Stargazer Lily**| Lilium orientalis

Tiger Lily**| Lilium tigrinum

Wood Lily | Lilium umbellatum

(not of the Lilium species)

Orange Day Lily | Hemerocallis graminea

(** see notes below)

Lilies (Lilium species) that may be toxic to dogs if the dog ingests enough:


Be sure they are from the Liliacea Family, has "Lilium" on the plant label or are common N. American Day Lilies. Many plants with "Lily" in the common-name are not of the "Lilium" species, and are in fact toxic to other species of animals besides cats. Double check. On further investigation I also found out that all plant-parts, the blossoms and pollen being the most toxic, if harvested and dried (for year-round use) are just as deadly toxic to cats (if not more-so because of the unknown toxin being concentrated), and the drying makes them even more palatable to cats. What a great mulch for gardens!(Or powdered spice for a special outdoor can of tuna.)**There have been some anecdotal reports of some free-roaming cats that have spent many years around some of these particular species of plants and still survived. So it is best to harvest, dry, and grind-up the plants and mix them into any appropriate bait-foods to be most effective.
Rob 1

Savannah, GA

#359 Apr 22, 2013
People hate to hear the truth, cats running all over the place, pooping, peeing, dead birds, and leaving it for someone else to clean up but their owners.

If these cat owners saw dogs doing the same things in their yard, they would scream bloody murder.

But cat owners want a different set of rules, anything goes as long as its a cat doing it.
Cat owners take responsibility for your cat.
I am sick and tired of cleaning up after them, in my yard, dead cat!! Thanks Sun-Sentinel A++
get down brown

Bakersfield, CA

#361 Apr 26, 2013
I hate cats... and why should I have to put up with my neighbors cats using my flowerbeds as their litter box and not be able to do anything about it, if my dog goes in their yard... boy I hear about that...Just Sayin!

Edmonton, Canada

#362 May 22, 2013
Steve Rosen wrote:
i have wild cats coming onto my prperty harrassing my house cats and little dog. They meow and howl all night? shit in my flowers and dig up everything. They are a pain!
They come from an abandoned old homestead and are multiplying in numbers.
Spca for my area told me to trap them and bring them in. i dont have traps and why should i endanger myself with these vicious animals.
I scared to go outside in dark cuz these things are worse then wolves....smaller yes but damn vicious!
I am an animal advocate but these things must GO!
And go they will to wild cat heaven or Hell in their case.
And all you people who think I am cruel should come on over and spend a night with these howling devils keeping you up and attacking your cat and dog and maybe giving them diseases which your gonna have to pay for at vet.

yah right... poor little kitties...!!!!
With devil tails and ears!!!

San Antonio, TX

#363 May 27, 2013
to those people saying how horrible it is to poison their cats...... stop bitching. If you were a good owner then you cat wouldnt have been on the streets or getting into other peoples yards, you are just as bad for letting your animals roam around freely into other peoples propert.
Antifreeze works great

Poplar Bluff, MO

#364 Jun 3, 2013
Just mix it with some dry cat food and leave it out someplace that's accessible.
Within two days, no more cat problem.
Rinse and repeat, as needed.

Indiantown, FL

#365 Jun 10, 2013
Kay wrote:
<quoted text>How about TNR (Trap Neuter Realease)? Several groups in the area provide the service for free or a $25 fee per cat and that includes shots and testing. The only thing you have to do is keep the cat indoors, in a crate, for a few days to make sure they are ok after the surgery. No cats making kittens really cuts back and the cats are healthy.
Unfortunately TNR doesn't work. Try doing some unbiased research and read why both the Audubon Society and PETA are AGAINST TNR. Feral cats are responsible for killing BILLIONS of native mammals, reptiles and birds. All animals which serve a purpose in the food chain. Why is a wild birds life worth less than a free roaming cat? Just a prime example of Well meaning but misguided dolly do-gooding. Feral cats hunt more when fed as cats hunt for pleasure NOT out of hunger.

Campbell River, Canada

#366 Jun 19, 2013
I have liberated my neighborhood of those vermin.

About 8 in total have dined on my main course of tuna and Prestone. It works like a charm. The best part is once a few of them have the snack the neighborhood goes on cat lockdown. People keep the cats indoors and they piss and crap in their own house

The equation is simple. Keep your cat out of my yard and both of us will be happy.

Cocoa, FL

#368 Jul 2, 2013
Cat Hater wrote:
I was actually looking for a way to poison cats on the internet and saw this, Wow thats great Thanks for the info. My neighbors have at least 20 cats and they urinate all over my patio. Now I can kill them all and no one will know the better. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much.
Buy now, need to get going.
Hahahahahaha....u are so f. Funny! Hahahaha

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