FHP Troop L under investigation by In...

FHP Troop L under investigation by Internal Affairs and Senator Nelson's office

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#1 Dec 25, 2009
I ride motorcycles, but this isn't about me...it's about the depth of corruption that exists at FHP. My dad's friend was hit in his car coming home from work on the back-left side, flush, by a drunk driver who was not only tailng him for a while before slamming into him, but was also seen previously swerving all over the highway, then, and this is the kicker, tried to take off - aka ht and run, only to be chased down a full exit down '95

FHP sent my dad's friend home in his demolished car in this really bad neighboorhood around where he lives, then called call cab for the drunk driver and his friend, and had HIS CAR TOWED!!..No citation, No arrest, no breathalyzer, no roadside test -nothing - for the driunk driver. Nothing but a ride home on the State and a free pass on accepting any blame for the accident!!

So, apparently the final crash report contained language by the responding officer that my dad's friend said he couldn't ID the other driver at the scene so they had to release him. Meanwhile, he saw him twice behind the wheel, and would have said so if a) he was asked by any of the 6 officers who were present at the scene or b) there was any question in anyone's mind who the other driver was as they were both being questioned.

He says not one cop asked him if he saw the other driver behind the wheel and there were apparently numerous instances at the scene where the other driver was clearly recognized as the one behind the wheel (owning the car, with his name on the insurance and registration wasn't enough, I guess) And now 2 of this cop's superiors have backed the his side and allegedly given inconsistent sworn testimonies.

My dad's friend ace in the hole? A recording of his phone call into FHP seconds after he was hit, which, from what I'm told, includes audio of him relaying information to dispatch as the other driver is attempting to leave the scene, reading his plates as he's fleeing, and basically just reliving the entire accident, step by step, how it happened, how he saw him swerving all over the road, etc...I'm told his written and verbal statements match exactly what's depicted in the audio. I'd like to hear that...wow.!!

So I'm told FHP Internal Affairs has reopened the case (alot of good that wiil do), and even Senator Nelson is involved, to what extent I don't know..

My advice: G-d forbid any of us are in an accident, but if you are, and FHP is the responding agency, call a lawyer first and don't say a mother fucking word until he/she gets there. Not a word!!

Be safe everyone...Happy New Year!!

West Palm Beach, FL

#2 Dec 25, 2009
Just a quick comment to add to my thread:

Obviously, I wasn't there, and am just going by what I hear in bits and pieces and read on other blogs, so in all fairness to FHP, I will admit I wasn't witness to the accident and have no information whatsoever on what was or wasn't said during anyone's sworn testimony, or whether or not there were inconsistencies, including that of my dad's friend. I didn't mean to imply otherwise..

My point was: I just know this man, and for him to be kicking and screaming like this can only mean a terrible injustice must have been committed.

Kingston, Jamaica

#3 Dec 25, 2009
I have heard the tape of the recording, and can attest to the total truth of the story. Perhaps one of the facts relating to the ID of the driver was changed tp protect his Identity, but all the facts are true. Cant wait to see the youtube video complete with badge numbers, and license plates and ID of the driver exposed, thank heavens for the internet, a great equalizer.
Go Blue

Lake Worth, FL

#4 Dec 25, 2009
I am a former policeman, and i find this very rare, especially for FHP. Not that it could never happen, but it would have to involve too many troopers, and the dispatchers to some extent. Was the person involved anyone in a political position?

Skokie, IL

#5 Feb 24, 2010
Go Blue wrote:
I am a former policeman, and i find this very rare, especially for FHP. Not that it could never happen, but it would have to involve too many troopers, and the dispatchers to some extent. Was the person involved anyone in a political position?
It was early in the shift.
There was no over-time involved.
Hence, no crime.
No Name Trucker

Parrish, FL

#6 Mar 23, 2013
on wendsday the 20th of march I was getting on the Flordia turnpike at the Ft Pierce exit 152 ,I noticed a FHP car getting on about 5 cars back and also noticed a unmarked blue car behind him about 2 or 3 cars back behind the FHP car ,
I got up to 70 -72 mph and this tourist from jersey came flying up next to me and saw the FHP car getting out in the fast lane and he got scared and slowed down next to me and wouldn't go on so I slowed down and jersey got over in front of me and 2 florida cars came up next to me and boxed me in so I couldn't move then I noticed the FHP slammed on his brakes and scared jersey in front of me ,I just used my jake brakes to slow down and the next thing I know I saw in the rear view the unmarked hit his blues and so I pulled over ,
I walked back to the car the officer never asked for ID and met me on the side of the car not in front so the camera could see who he's talking to and he said do you know why I pulled you over ????? NOT A CLUE DUH he said I was tail gating ( REALLY ??) WTF I few hot fast and I've never done that in my life but I saw this scam coming just has soon has he said I was getting a ticket for tailgating ( bullshit)
I've been a trucker for 33 yrs and never had a ticket or and accendent EVER and I saw the other trooper that started this whole thing pull over 1/4 mile up the road and when my arms started going I saw him take off and me and MR BROWN FHP had a little talk about he was full of shit and I was going to call a fed marshall for running a scam on a trucker and how I wondered how he was a supperman to be able to see thru 2 steel tanks that where on the back of my trailer along with 45 ft of trailer and a truck that stands about 13'5 high so can anyone tell me how that man can see that far and thru all that steel WOW I MEAN REALLY offier and I use the term very litely ,
this was just one old trucker that just don't give a shit anymore but I do want it known that I do respect all troopers just not the ones that try to run a scam on us truckers ,theres more but I'm tired of typing so be careful people and don't ever be afraid to speak your mine or ask questions cause there not always rite either . be safe all

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#8 Apr 13, 2016
I am dealing with an FHP runaround as well. On March 3, 2016 I was driving on the lane just left of the HOV/fast lane. I was with my wife and 13 year old. I was in Broward just south of sample rd. I was being passed routinely in the left lane and I was doing about 75 because mistakenly, I did not realize it was 65 speed limit. Cars were passing me at 80-90 pretty regularly. In the lane right of me, a car was going back and forth from my lane and the right lane and I got a tad edgy something did not seem right so momentarily, I sped up just to pass him. I have only once in 32 years of driving had a speeding ticket and never an accident. As I passed I see a FHP on the side of the road and he seems to be starting to move on the shoulder. All of a sudden at a near 90 degree angle he bursts out to where he very nearly broadsides me! I had to effectuate a maneuver that some drivers would not have been able to do and might have lost control or veered blindly to the left lane! Before we had time to say.."WTF??" he was drifting me like NASCAR literally maybe inches from my bumper! We had no idea except that surely he was pulling me over for some reason. I was not weaving or driving aggressively that was surely the people passing on my left or the possibly drunk guy on my right I sped up to pass. I got him off my bumper when I signaled right so he knew I was pulling over. When he got to the passenger window I fucking gave it to him (not just my license!!) I asked him how insane and reckless that was to pull me over in such a dangerous and unnecessary way! There is no way he expected a family in the car! He said I was doing 85 and I know that is BS regardless of his "laser pointer!". I requested a copy of the dash cam video. Long story short, after speaking to a SGT that said he watched the video and "i really don;t see anything wrong" and trying to say I was in the left lane, which we were NEVER in. He then spent literally an hour trying to dissuade me from getting the tape! Finally I insisted and he told me "you can request it at any station". After going in person, sending TWO faxes and hearing nothing, I returned. I was told it was "take a couple more days"and "that I would have to pay" which of course I said was fine..not that the records lady could tell me how much... Three days after that trip to the State rd 84 station, I get a call from that same SGT. he tells me I have to now request it again from Troop L and gives me a number and extension. For 7 attempts over a week, no one answers that number and there is no message or extension to press! I then look up Troop L and find the address IS the state road 84 address where I was!!! Clearly, they hope that the 30 days would pass and I would move on. Well...WRONG! My wife and child will accompany me on the court date, as well as all the copies of faxes and call journals to show that this was an attempt from the start to prevent me from my right as a citizen to the proof I wanted to show that any officer (Trooper Del Sol) who so ridiculously and insanely makes a stop like that demonstrates a complete lack of proper judgement and excessive use of force and authority and surely does not follow proper procedure! So that being the case, why the F%$% would I simply believe he knows how to work a radar gun when the circumstances I described point to the fact it could easily have been one of the 5 cars that passed me on my left or the crazy guy on my right???
I have the UTMOST respect for all L.E. and Troopers. But like all of us, they are not perfect and when they screw up, they can really go to whatever length required to avoid admission. Sad. Trooper Del Sol needs to be retained or find a new job before he kills someone!

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