Lets stop allowing ourselves to be led in ignorance
the answer to all choices is wisdom. And certainly
the book i trust says there are two (2) sorts of wisdom. One is of the edgucated world, which men think with higher edgucation all things will work
for equality and such. Yet the main factor in worldly wisdom is : selfishness/ greed.
The strength behind all the choices which fails mankind ! From the way the Indians were mistreated
allowed by the Gov. to be looked upon as obsitcals!
also the Black race , which again have been looked upon in then past as no more than obsticals ! And as well the choices which have gotten this Land of
Milk and Honey (so to say) to becom the Land of ?!
A society has been led to the brink of doom ! without answers to solve situations, as if the wisdom of man is based upon that wich cannot know.
However Godly wisdom is that which Solomon had. It was given of God , so is Godly wisdom the ability to see,and Choose and even overcome.
You may have a great military, although with worldly wisdom ; defeat will eventually come. This
has become obvious. For within our own USA we have corrupted. And such corruption will cause collaps.
As a moth eats away at a garment, so undetected, so
has this edgucated, world of leaders , who have not
one oz. of Godly wisdom.
And not one thing i know can be done about it !
For this society has become unable to know .
Even after all thats proven " wisdom just is not there" . Have you hear it said , what are they tinking. And How corrupt , And they dont admit it , althogh its obvious .( I feel much like the Jews must have when they finally figured out , the leaders were out to destroy that part of society).