City Data forum sucks!!!

California City, CA

#51 Apr 14, 2012
Anyways, besides the illegal alien problem in Vegas...Water from the Colorado River is diverted to California with help of dams, reservoirs, and miles of canals and other man made waterways. The water from the Colorado River is used throughout southern California as a source of both portable water for area residents and for industrial and agricultural purposes......The history of the Colorado River allocation to the upper basin(Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming)and the lower basin (Nevada, Arizona, and California)states can be traced back to the signing of the Colorado River compact by deligates from the seven basin states on November 9th 1922. The compact came about following fears that California officials were planning to take a disproportionately large amount of water from the Colorado River due to the states rising population and water needs. In putting together the compact, states deligates worked to come up with an agreement that fairly apportioned the river's water among the seven states.

California City, CA

#52 Apr 14, 2012
The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California provides water over an area of 5,200 miles to the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Diego, Riverside, and San Bernardino. The Colorado aquaduct, which runs from Lake Havasu in Arizona to Lake Mathews in Riverside, California, transfers 1.3 billion acre feet of water each year over a distance of 242 miles. The water provided by the Metropolitan Water District Southern California, is primarily used as a source of potable water for water district area residents and businesses...... The Imperial Irigation District is the largest irigation district in the United States. It consists of over 3,000 miles of canals and drains. Water from the Colorado River is used to irigate nearly 500,000 acres, 97 percent of which is farmland. Water is also used for industrial, rural-residential, and municipal non-potable purposes.

California City, CA

#53 Apr 14, 2012
The Coachella Valley Water District, which streches from Palm Springs to the Salton Sea, primarily uses water from the Colorado River to recharge an underground aquifier lying beneath the district and to irrigate the districts nearly 60,000 acres of farmland.....The Palo Verde Irrigation District covers 189 square miles of land in California's Riverside and Imperial Counties. Water from the Colorado River is used primarily to irrigate citrus farms here.....The Bard Water District is located in Southwestern California. The water is used to irrigate 14,676 avres of farmland in Bard Valley, including 7120 acres of private land and 7,556 acres of Quechan Indian Reservation Land.

California City, CA

#54 Apr 14, 2012
This is not 1922, this is 2012. The water officials never planned on a massive population and a drout. California should except blame on draining Lake Mead. The only answer to filling the Lake Mead water project up, is for California to build a desalination plant on the coast and use the water for all of their needs. Hoover Dam can be used to generate power and to fill the lake back up. Nevada's water officials do not have the answer. They will fail if they try and get water from Northern Nevada. It is extremely expensive and would not be feasible. It would be far cheaper for California to build a desalination plant on the coast. Why can't Nevada's Water Officials see this?? Are they that stupid!! Oh come on already, fill the lake back up 5 years ago already. I would slap Jerry Brown in the head on this one. Look, at least talk about it, or step the fck down and let someone else do it. PLEASE, summer time is comming and beer taste so much better at the lake when it's full. NO more talk of bringing water from up north, Nevada is broke. USE THE FRICKING DAM!!!!!!
Rob Kluver

Pittsburgh, PA

#55 May 9, 2012

I am working on a project that will hopefully triumph over city data and this week I am building the base for our forums. We plan to have a forum for every single town in America, each one moderated by someone who has been confirmed to live in that town. We also have a partner sharing program if you are up for the job in your town, you can be the "online mayor" for your own. There is so much more to this project you can only really get an idea by checking it out. I'd like to thank everyone here for posting your opinions about city data because I have been looking at their model and think I can do much better, hopefully. Check us out,

Saint Louis, MO

#56 Aug 13, 2012
I told someone honestly why their reasons for moving did not suit our area- I got banned from posting. Hello- I would WANT someone to tell me the negatives BEFORE I spent thousands moving to somewhere that did not fit what i was looking for!!


#57 Sep 8, 2012
I went to city data trying to decide where to move of a few town choices. Some forums were not helpful at all, one forum, the one for Prescott AZ did not like to see anything negative posted and would ban or delete posts for no reason at all...Nice concept but the entire experience was BS...It is OK for general info, but don't ask for specifics about anything LOL I finally quit posting or asking questions...people had their "cliques" and did not want to help others get info. I agree, it is a lousy forum!!!

New Smyrna Beach, FL

#58 Sep 15, 2012
OK, this post comes nearly a year after the last one, but here goes anyawy. There are 2 BIG problems w/ that website, in my opinion. One - all the realtors and city council members on those forums that will give you one lie after another just to get you in their city and sell you something. It's SO annoying, and even a 10 year old can see this. Which brings me to my second issue- The intelligence of 99% of the other posters (doesn't count the realtors/city boosters who may be smart but are real bad news). You get post after post of things like "I'm 20 years old and want to move from Alaska to Hawaii. Can you tell me what I can expect"? or, "I'm a mother of 2/3/4 GIFTED children in Wisconsin. We're thinking of moving to Florida (god only knows which city, because they never post it). Can people here tell me a great place to shop w/ the children? Any good malls"? It's Idiocracy, all the time. I used to post there in the slim hope of helping people but gave it up. They're beyond help, and like others have said, if you say anything negative, but true, all the boosters will bash you. Let them all sink. I give up.

United States

#59 Oct 2, 2012
Same with Ohio forums. A person may ask if a city is for them. If you give an honest opinion. The gang comes with abusive tactics to make the person look delusional. I stopped using city data after seeing these things happening.

Chicago, IL

#62 Dec 12, 2012
Same with the Chicago and Illinois forum.

Pretty much a bunch of whiny transplants who hate the state and city. All they do is trash majority of neighborhoods.

Drover from the Chicago forums is one of the worst. You can't take anything he says serious. Chett Everett is a suburban realtor who tries to steer customers into buying in the suburbs.

The forum definitely has an agendy, to trashy the cities and promote the suburbs
TheyWishTheyHadA Friend

Los Angeles, CA

#63 Dec 30, 2012
Yes they suck and just want some power since I'm sure they're powerless in real life. They love banning people and making them have to beg or be nice to get their accounts back cause I bet nobody wants to be nice to them in real life!!! Total LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!

Since: Jan 13

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#66 Jan 7, 2013
Just an FYI, Just Julia is a stupid b*tch and is supposed to be the Mod for the relationship forum but she is useless. Perhaps if another woman would flirt with her on there then maybe she'll be happier ;)

Chicago, IL

#68 Jan 25, 2013
Trollista wrote:
Trolls ruin it, here are some of the worst offenders, can't name them all because they are too many
Smittyjohnny - racist, closet gay who might hook up Harrier
Kuchief - White power idiot, sock puppet of one of the moderators
tim666 - White power idiot
Harrier - Christian fundamentalist who is thought to be a closet gay, might hook up with smittyjohnny offline
plwhit - another racist troll
Roysoldboy - suffers from dementia, thinks Glenn Beck is a prophet for the White race
EdwardA - White supremacist who pretends to be black
jt800 - paid troll who works for the Romney campaign, can't wait till the election so he can disappear
MrClose - retard
Californiajewel - skank
Sanrene - neglectful mom
Chicagonut - hates Hispanics, especially Mexicans
You forgot Some Random Guy, A&M_Indie, OldGlory/MrXXX/Old Army Guy/All American NYC = stormfronters

Since: Jan 13

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#70 Jan 26, 2013
Harrier wrote:
<quoted text>
You liberals make me sick, if you hate America leave it, let's see how much you love Africa, take your beloved leader Obama Hussein with you, he can show you his childhood town.
I'm not a Democrat by an stretch and if you claim to be Conservative then you should be all about the First Ammendment, which I have continually displayed my dismay for CD calling it what it is; Shitty Data.

United States

#71 Jan 29, 2013
Arrogant POS bully who now posts as LVOC.

You should go **** yourself you pompous ass, sorry excuse for a realtor "Jim"

Chicago, IL

#72 Jan 29, 2013
Olecapt wrote:
Arrogant POS bully who now posts as LVOC.
You should go **** yourself you pompous ass, sorry excuse for a realtor "Jim"
Worst members tend to be the underemployed realtors, Informed_Consent and ChettEverett come to mind

San Gabriel, CA

#74 Feb 7, 2013
When I first joined they called me a troll. I also received two infractions just because they thought I was being too rude to one user.

People there are waaaay too dramatic, and often misinterpret what you say. It's not uncommon to go through page after page of people battling each other over petty, incomprehensible comments. Trivial...
Ron Paul 2016

United States

#75 Feb 10, 2013
Las Vegas sucks! Boycott all of them! Stay away of all of them and let them starve to death!
Ron Paul 2016

United States

#76 Feb 10, 2013
inthewest wrote:
Have you ever been a member of this site or are you currently?
This site is trash. I joined a few months ago and really thought it was cool until I realized how much favoritism the moderators have. I gave an honest opinion about a city on the City vs City board and I got an infraction for "starting a fight" and "insulting" I also got infractions for calling someone a troll who was being a troll! I hate how some posters can get away with name calling and others can't. All the city/state forums are a big mess. People come in with only a few posts and just start bashing the city etirely and the people that live there. I hate how there are "star parties" for whenever people get stars. Finally, I hate how certain cities are overly praised(San Francisco, New York City, Seattle), and how other cities are constantly bashed (Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Las Vegas) I have not been banned from this site as of yet, but I am done with that site. The site seems to be filled with 40+ year olds who sit on there a*ses all day and just bash entire. cities and regions. what are your experiences with the site?
I disagree!

Kenosha, WI

#77 Feb 28, 2013
city data = Stormfront light

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