It is clear that Hope Faith Ministries is there to make a change in the community but if the community does not want change and resists
assistance for the betterment and wellness of it,it places all that attempt to bring change in RISK of the HARM we witnessed on Sunday.
Hope Faith is in the HEART of a sick community and is offering medication of healing to patients that want to continue to be diagnosed terminally ill. Therefore measures must be taken to assure that the few that actually come for help and healing(RESTORATION) have an opportunity to receive what they need without THREAT,HARM,or
danger.No one is at fault but the individuals that showed up to Hope Faith with weapons and intentions to do harm. It is a shame now that the Church is being found at fault for the disturbance. I don't believe that the church members came to worship God armed to the tooth. I know that they didn't get up in the middle of Praise and Worship and declare a Gang War outside. So it is FOOLISH to place God's Children on probation for not being able to control youths that come out of a Project Housing Complex with every intention to cause any and everyone bodily harm that gets in their way.It is sad to say that it is not over as long as GRACE is given to people that misuse and abuse the grace that is given to them.And too,we must not forget how these same individual view Hope Faith as invading their turf.Thus,there is an arrogance displayed by these individuals to the degree that they defy all authority and actually feel as though they are the authority and have no problem flexing their muscles,so to speak.